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As Archbaroness’ mind wandered her mouth worked the alien woman’s feet, licking and sucking. At one point she accidentally nipped the woman’s big toe and discovered she liked a little pain mixed in. Should have been obvious, she thought as she worked it into her routine.

Before long the woman’s toes curled and her body shook as she moaned in pleasure. “You did a good job,” she sighed after she was done cumming. “But you could be even better with the right training.”

She sat up, her eyes open wide. “Yes,” she said, looking intensely at Archbaroness. “Yes, you will be more than just my little fuck-pet. I’ll train you to be a panting, eager doggy fuck-slave. Why when I’m done you’ll be so ‘loyal’ all you’ll need is a simple pet’s collar and leash to keep you from escaping!”

* * *

Knowing the alien woman’s intentions for her had left Archbaroness more willing to endure pain and humiliation. She would NEVER allow herself to be turned into the kind of “pet” this woman wanted her to be. She’d NEVER stop resisting.

“You’ll stop resisting eventually,” the alien woman told Archbaroness as she finished strapping the naked heroine down to a table. She was left on her back, legs and arms secured down. “But right now you need to be punished for your defiance.”

“Do your worse,” Archbaroness snarled. “You’ll never break me.”

“Oh yes I will,” she replied with a sinister smirk. “Oh, maybe if you were back on your home planet you’d be unbreakable. But I’ve told you, The Game Master has weakened your mind and body. He does the same to ALL his contestants, enhancing the weaknesses already there. So, Archbaroness, what weakness did you have that he’s enhanced?”

“Even if I had one I’d never tell you, you psycho alien bitch,” Archbaroness snarled.

She glared at the alien woman who simply smiled back. “Such a mouth on you,” she said after standing in silence for a moment. She turned to a nearby table and picked up something that looked like the alien equivalent to a leather riding crop. Holding it in one hand, she pointed it at Archbaroness. “You will address me as Master.”

“Never,” Archbaroness declared, glaring.

“You will or you will regret. What is my name?”

“Alien bitch,” Archbaroness spit out.

“Wrong,” she replied, pulling her arm back then swinging the riding crop down towards Archbaroness.

The helpless heroine howled in pain as the leather landed in the middle of one of her breasts, the intense biting pain so overwhelming it made her head spin.

“What is my name? What is your weakness?”

Archbaroness was panting heavily, surprised by just how much the strike to her breasts had hurt. “You’re just some alien bitch,” she gasped, “and even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you.”

A moment later the riding crop came down, striking her inner thigh with stinging pain.

“What is my name? What is your weakness?”

Archbaroness pulled at her restraints, trying to sit up as she glared at the alien woman. “I’ll never call you what you want. And I’ve no weaknesses!”

The way the alien woman smiled at her did more to terrify her than the riding crop she held. It’s like she already knows my weakness and this is just a sick game. Could that be what’s happening? Does she somehow know more about my body than I do? What if she’s right about what she claims The Game Master has done to me…

“You can’t see it, can you?” the alien woman asked. Archbaroness, confused, gave no response. “So much more defiant that second time, like where I struck hurt you less. But maybe it was just a fluke. We must experiment further.”

The alien woman spent the next hour meticulously testing Archbaroness’ body for the “weakness” she claimed she knew she had. She’d ask her two questions then, when Archbaroness did not give the answers she wanted, she’d bring the riding crop down on another part of the naked heroine’s body.

Every stinging slap of leather into her flesh left her feeling more helpless and abused but none had affected her as much as the first strike. Slowly Archbaroness began to accept something MUST have been done to her. Her breasts had always been highly sensitive but never to this extent.

“It’s your breasts,” the alien woman finally told her, caressing their flesh with the tip of the riding crop. “They are your weakness. I’ve known from the beginning, and I am certain you now know this as well.”

Archbaroness winced, shaking in fear as she expected her captor to begin striking her breasts.

“See, a dog must learn fear first. THEN it can be trained. But that is enough for now. I have business to attend to in the upper levels. But do not worry my pet, I will be back before long. And then we will continue your training.”

* * *

“You’ve regained some of your strength,” the alien woman hissed as she rammed the electric prod into Archbaroness, pinning her to the ground as the naked heroine screamed and convulsed. “You almost hurt me, almost escaped, but that won’t happen again. And now you’ve ruined your training for the day, now there will be only punishment.”

A few minutes later Archbaroness was strapped to a device that restrained her on her knees, arms pulled uncomfortably behind her back and secured there. The front of the device had a board that her breasts rested on. She wondered why but was certain she’d soon find out.

The alien woman held up the device she had strapped to her forearm and began typing something. The board Archbaroness’ breasts were resting on began to shift, the material it was made from rippling and beginning to change shape. A few moments later it had become a vice, gently squeezing her breasts from above and below.

“You can’t,” Archbaroness gasped. “This is madness. This is too cruel!”

“What is my name?”

Archbaroness glared. “I— No! NO! I will not—”

She groaned in pain as the vice began to close tightly on her breasts then stopped.

“What is my name?”

“I will never call you that.”

The alien woman shrugged. “So be it.” She tapped the screen on her wrist and lowered her arm. “I’ll be back tomorrow. Enjoy your punishment. And as you endure the pain please think about how you’ll do better tomorrow.”

It wasn’t until the alien woman was gone that she understood what was happening. The vice was slowly tightening, but so slowly that she could barely feel it. Yet now that she had noticed she knew it would not be long before it began squeezing her breasts tight enough to cause discomfort.

How long would it take before that discomfort becomes pain? And how long before that pain becomes unbearable?

She had her answers by the time she passed out from the pain. When she woke the vice had loosened fully but it didn’t take her long before she realized it had begun slowly tightening again as soon as she’d woken up. Whimpering as she wondered how many times she’d have to endure this before the alien woman returned, she began for the first time to begin thinking about giving the woman what she wanted.

* * *

“What is my name?”

“M-master,” Archbaroness stuttered, sweat dripping from her face. The last few days had been exhausting, the training intense. “You are my master and your name is Master.”

“Very good,” her master replied, smiling with pride. “But you have a long way to go, my sexy little fuck-pet. It is time for a new lesson. On your feet, hands behind your back.”

Archbaroness did as she was told, knowing she was too weak to resist. Much of her training had been sexual and since her last escape attempt her captor had been using that kind of training to ensure Archbaroness had enough orgasms to keep her superpowers drained. But even as weak as she was the alien woman was not willing to give her any more chances to escape. As soon as her arms were behind her back the alien woman used a device to bind her wrists together.

“Good. We will now start a new lesson.” When she saw Archbaroness looking around in fear at the devices around the sex dungeon she chuckled. “We’ll not be needing any of those for this lesson. All we need is my hand and these,” she said, caressing Archbaroness’ breasts.

When the heroine tried to pull away from her touch the alien woman grabbed her bound wrists and jerked her body back towards her. “You will keep your feet where they are,” she barked. “And you will keep your back straight and your chest pressed out. Move or pull away and the lesson is over. If the lesson has to end early you’ll spend another night in the tit compressor.”

“I’ll be good,” Archbaroness gasped. She’d grown to fear the pain of the tit compressor more than anything she’d ever feared. She’d try to endure ANYTHING if it meant not having to spend another night in that vile machine.

“Good,” the alien woman said, shifting so she stood beside Archbaroness. She caressed her breasts again then stopped, the back of one hand resting on the side of the breast closest to her. “What are you?” she asked.

The question caught Archbaroness off guard and she simply gave the answer she’d have given anyone. “I’m a superheroine.”

“Wrong answer,” her captor said, the displeasure clear in her voice. She pulled her hand away from the superheroine’s breast then swung it back, slapping the side of her tit with the back of her hand.

Archbaroness winced in pain, gritting her teeth. Her breasts were so often abused by the woman and her many cruel devices they were now always tender and sore. The simple, almost gentle slap, hurt enough to nearly bring tears to her eyes.

“What are you?” the alien woman asked again, moving to the other side of Archbaroness and resting the back of her hand on the side of her other breast.

Archbaroness began breathing fast and heavy. She didn’t want her breast slapped again but she’d already given in so much over the last few days. “You can’t take this away from me,” she said quickly, holding back tears. “Torture me, fuck me, turn me into a sex slave. But PLEASE, leave me this. I AM a superheroine!”

The slap this time was harder.

“What are you,” her master asked after moving back to her other side. This time she rested the palm of her hand on Archbaroness’ breast, not the side but the front, just above her nipple.

Knowing the next slap would hurt more she still refused to change her answer. “I’m a heroine,” she declared, her voice shaking in fear.


Archbaroness whimpered in pain as the alien woman changed sides, resting the palm of her hand on the front of her other breast.

“What are you?”

“A h-heroine,” she stammered, fearing what she knew would come next.

The slap was harder than she expected and left an angry red welt on her skin. I can’t take much more of this, she thought. I’m too weak… there’s been too much pain, no hope of escape…

Before asking the question again the alien woman moved so she stood facing Archbaroness, both her hands resting palm down on her breasts. “What are you?” she asked.

Shaking in fear, unable to meet the woman’s eyes, she whispered, “A whore…”

“Better,” the alien woman replied without removing her hands or stepping away. “But not exactly what I want, but we’ll return to that question tomorrow. Now tell me, whore, what will you do when you are given commands by your master?”

The way she’d said the word “whore” caused a sharp reaction in Archbaroness. I’m not this thing she’s trying to turn me into, I WILL resist this! She looked up, met her captor’s eyes, and glared at her with fresh contempt. “I will refuse,” she snarled, defiant once again. “I will refuse and you will never break me!”

“Wrong answer,” the alien woman replied coolly, lifting her hands high then bringing them down to slap the top of both of Archbaroness’ breasts at the same time.

“What will you do when you are given a command?” she asked, taking a step back.


Before Archbaroness could finish the word the alien woman’s hands were slapping her tits. She slapped them from the sides, from underneath. She slapped the tops of them then slapped them from side to side, both hands at once then one at a time then both at once again. Each slap was harder than the last and she did not stop till Archbaroness was sobbing from the painful red welts that covered her large heavy breasts.

“What will you do when your master commands you?”

“I will obey,” Archbaroness sobbed.

* * *

“You’ve been being a very good girl these last few days. Following all my orders, learning how to pleasure me. But I can tell at this point your obedience is only to avoid pain. That’s not good enough. I’ve been letting you rest when I’m not here giving you lessons when you’ve not needed to be punished, but now I see that’s time I’ve wasted. From now on when I am not here you will spend your time in this device.”

Archbaroness had wondered when she’d be placed in the alien bondage cage. As she’d suspected, once strapped in she was left standing with her legs held open and her arms secured behind her back. But it was clear there was more to the cage than the simple bondage.

Her master opened small internal compartments, pulling small devices connected to wires from them. She attached them to Archbaroness’ nipples then opened another lower compartment. This had a device that strapped to her leg and left a bulbous end pressed up into her pussy.

“This is no simple vibrator,” the alien woman said, patting the device strapped to her thigh. “Oh, it vibrators, but it also sends relaxing P-waves of pure pleasure into your body. And these things attached to your nipples will do the same, the energy they send coursing into your body ensuring you spend your time in this device in perfectly restful never-ceasing pleasure.”

“Why?” Archbaroness asked, perplexed. The device seemed like a treat, not an instrument of sexual torture like every other one she’d been made to endure.

“To teach you,” her master replied, smiling playfully. “To teach you that when I am not around your only reason to exist is to wait till I return. And to help you learn that waiting to pleasure me IS pleasure for you.”

* * *

Archbaroness lay facedown on the table, her back end raised high in the air so her master could insert the device into her pussy. She wasn’t strapped down, there wasn’t any need for that anymore. And she was wet in anticipation for the device being slid into her. She knew her training was nearly complete, knew that pleased her master and pleasing her master brought her pleasure. Just thinking about hearing her master say the words “good girl” made her wet in anticipation.

“What are?”

Archbaroness shook with anticipation. With fear. With excited hope.

She knew what would happen if she gave the wrong answer. The device in her pussy would zap her insides with a confusing burst of pain and pleasure. She both feared and looked forward to it.

“A piece of meat,” Archbaroness replied, hoping she’d finally found the right answer.


The blast of energy that send pain and pleasure coursing into her body told her she had the wrong answer. As always it also forced her to cum but her orgasms had long ago stopped mattering. Yes, they felt good, but the only pleasure that mattered was pleasuring her master.

“What are you?”

“A set of wet holes and a pair of fat tits?”


Archbaroness had known the answer was wrong but as the device sent a fresh blast of pain and pleasure into her body she thought she’d finally figured out the answer.

“What are you?”

“A dog! A loyal little fuck-pup, obedient to my master and eager to please.” When her master did not turn the device on immediately she thought she had answered right.

“Better,” her master told her. “but still not right yet.”


Archbaroness understood her master was giving her a treat by blasting her with a much longer wave of pain and pleasure. As she came she realized she’d had the right answer, she’d just given it in the wrong way.

“What are you?”

This time Archbaroness didn’t answer by speaking. Instead, she barked. She barked loud and excitedly then barked louder when her master said the two most beautiful words in existence.

“Good girl.”

* * *

“Sit up, my precious little fuck pet,” the alien woman said.

Archbaroness, naked and on all fours, panted happily and got up on her knees. She held her hands up by her shoulders, her wrists bent down so her hands looked like paws. She barked happily and smiled at her master, waiting. This was the moment she’d been working so long for, the moment her training was finished.

“What a good girl you are,” her master said, patting her on the head then reaching down and stroking her pussy. “I’ve got a gift for you now that your training is over.”

Archbaroness panted eagerly, hoping the gift was what she thought it would be. When the alien woman pulled out a black collar from a sleek box she began to hop and bark excitedly.

“Calm down so I can put it on,” her master said. As she bent down to put the collar on Archbaroness she explained that it was more than just a symbol of her training being completed. “The technology in this safe room that has kept you hidden from The Game Master is also in this collar. It’s taken a small fortune to get that technology refined and shrunk down, but it’s worth it. As long as you wear this collar he’ll never be able to find you. And he IS still looking for you.”

She stood up and attached a leash to the collar. “Now come, it is time to leave this place. But not just this lovely little dungeon you’ve been educated in. I’m going to take you out of the Under-Slum and bring you with me to the high society in the upper levels of Station Zetax-19. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Archbaroness panted excitedly, wagging her ass from side to side.

What happens to Archbaroness after she’s taken out of the Under-Slum? (Choose up to 8 options from this poll)

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