Updated Patreon and Subscribestar backer rewards

If you are not already supporting me on Patreon or Subscribestar please think about doing so.

Now that my health is doing better and I’m writing regularly again I’m hoping to get a much more steady flow of work out. Sadly, I’ve had some issues with Amazon. I had a book get banned and it looks in the aftermath of that I’ve had most of my other books dungeoned which has pretty much erased all sales there. I’ll be publishing most things on Smashwords only going forward.

Because of this I’m slowly pulling almost everything out of the Kindle Unlimited program, which means all those books will be able to go up for sale on Smashwords. And THAT means I can go back to offering books as backer rewards.

With that in mind I’ve made some alterations to my backer rewards on Patreon or Subscribestar:

1$ – At the one dollar level you get access to most things I write for a limited time, published chapter by chapter on a password protected page. You’ll also get early access to any visual stuff I get done either through the feed on Subscribestar or via discord if you back on Patreon. I won’t be doing a lot of visual stuff, but there will be some that gets done here and there. 

3$ – At this level you also will get a copy of any new Ebooks I publish. Most of this will be content that will have been posted chapter by chapter as I wrote it, but having a finished Ebook is always better. The book will usually be delivered via a coupon code for a free copy on Smashwords.

5$ – At this level at the beginning of the month you will get to choose an Ebook from my back catalog on Shamshwords and I generate a coupon to pick it up for free. Right now the back catalog is small, but as books come out of KU they’ll be posted to Smashwords. A TON will be getting posted in December and January. 

15$ – This level is still the same as the 5$ and is just a way to show extra support. 

Any of the backer levels do a lot to help support me financially and most of them are a great way to get my published works cheaper than it would be buying them each individually.

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