New Entry for the poll driven story “A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness”

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Before Archbaroness was fully recovered an alien approached, their body obscured by a black cloak. The healing heroine moaned and rolled over, struggling to stand but knowing even if she managed to get to her feet she’d be too weak to put up any kind of real fight.

“Stay back,” Archbaroness said, hating how weak she sounded. She managed to get onto her feet but almost at once collapsed.

The cloaked figure rushed forward, throwing the hood of its cloak back and revealing a female face. “I’m here to save you,” the red-skinned alien hissed as she grabbed Archbaroness and kept her from falling.

“Thank you,” she sighed, too weak to question the woman’s intent. She leaned on her for support.

“Come with me,” the alien whispered, beginning to lead Archbaroness away. “We must move quickly. The feed that vile beast The Game Master is broadcasting is filmed in a way that makes it hard for those of us trapped here in the Under-Slum to recognize where you are, but the longer you remain in one place the more likely men are to find you.”

“Then nowhere is safe,” Archbaroness moaned.

“That’s what The Game Master thinks,” the mysterious alien woman responded. “But his technology is not as supreme as he thinks. I’m using a jammer right now that is scrambling his cameras and his ability to track you. Eventually he’ll be able to override my jammer but by then we’ll be in the safe room I’ve set up. Once we’re there he’ll NEVER be able to locate you.”

“I’ll be safe?” Archbaroness asked, her voice shaking with disbelief.

“You’ll be safe,” the alien woman replied, patting her arm reassuringly. “Stay with me and man will never hurt you again.”

With the promise of safety filling her mind Archbaroness eagerly let the woman lead the way. They moved quickly through a confusing series of corridors then out onto a larger “street” before entering a home that was the largest she’d seen in the alien slums. Not just large, the “building” also had an intimidating array of automated security measures guarding its outer walls.

“Who are you,” Archbaroness asked once within the alien’s home.

“We’re not safe yet,” the alien hissed. “Come, even my home isn’t enough to protect you. When we reach the safe room I’ll explain everything.”

She led Archbaroness deep into the large home then down into a basement. From there she opened a hidden door that led to a steep stairwell leading to a subbasement. She pushed Archbaroness ahead of her, turning and closing the door behind her and activating a mechanism that sealed the inside of the door with a rippling energy field.

The only lights were dim red ones in the stairwell and once in the room they led to Archbaroness found herself standing in near darkness. She couldn’t tell how big the room she was standing in was and before she had the chance to wonder about it her alien savior joined her.

She threw her cloak off revealing a tall, slender body with thin feminine curves. She wore a skimpy outfit of black leather that left much of her bright red skin exposed. It was covered in ornate black markings that looked like tattoos but Archbaroness knew she could be wrong about that. The woman’s body appeared to be hairless, the top of her head smooth but covered in more of the ornate black markings.

“Thank you,” Archbaroness sighed.

“Here, let me help you out of that torn and soiled clothing,” the alien woman said, stepping up to Archbaroness and ripping her costume off.

“T-thank you,” Archbaroness said again as she threw her hands up to cover her breasts and pussy once she’d been stripped naked. The forceful way the woman had torn her clothing off disturbed Archbaroness and she began to grow nervous. “Could we turn a light on?”

“Of course,” the alien woman said, holding her arm up and typing something into a small device she had strapped to her form arm. “I do so want you to feel… safe.”

The way the woman had said the word “safe” made Archbaroness’ skin crawl and she was painfully aware of how weak she still was. For a moment she nervously watched the alien woman, not liking the devious smile she had on her face.

She only looked away when the lights in the room behind her began to turn on. Archbaroness turned and gasped, shocked by what had been revealed. It’s a sex dungeon! The devices are alien but I can guess what most of them are for.

“What is the meaning of this,” Archbaroness demanded, spinning around to glare at the alien woman.

“Truth now,” she replied, taking a menacing step closer to Archbaroness. The naked heroine took a step back, trying to keep the distance between them. “I never intended to save you, only lure you here so that I can keep you for myself.”

“You don’t have to do this,” Archbaroness pleaded, painfully aware of how little the phrase had helped her the last time she had uttered it.

“But I WANT to do this,” the alien woman replied, activating something through the device on her wrist.

Two humanoid robots dressed in bondage gear that Archbaroness had mistaken as mannequins sprung to life behind and on either side of her. One of them picked up a long rope and tossed it to the other robot. It grabbed it and quickly ran around Archbaroness, wrapping the rope around her neck before returning to where he had been standing a moment before. Both robots pulled the rope, choking Archbaroness.

The naked superheroine began franticly clawing at the rope wrapped tightly around her neck. The robots pulled on it harder, tightening it so that she was unable to dig her fingers under it. Choking, eyes bulging from her head, Archbaroness dropped to her knees as the lack of air began to make the world fade to black…

* * *

Archbaroness woke with a muffled gasp, consciousness returning so fast it left her disoriented. Stinging pain in one of her ass cheeks left her assuming some kind of stimulant had just been injected into her, forcing her awake.

But why can’t I move? Why can’t I see?

A moment later she realized she was gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a bondage device. Her body was positioned as if she were on her hands and knees like an animal, except her arms were painfully pulled behind her back, her wrists cuffed together and pulled up. This left her torso lifted slightly, her large heavy breasts hanging heavily down below her.

“It is so good to have you awake again,” her alien captor said from nearby.

Archbaroness tried to reply, but the ball gag in her mouth ensured her muffled words couldn’t be understood.

The alien woman laughed. “Oh yes, my lovely little human fuck-toy, keep protesting. I love the pathetic mewling sounds my toys make.”

From the sound of her voice Archbaroness could tell the alien woman was slowly walking around her. Even when she wasn’t speaking Archbaroness could easily track her by the sound of the alien’s bare feet slapping onto the hard floor.

As she continued to talk the alien woman touched Archbaroness with something that felt very much like a riding crop, dragging it along exposed skin as she continued to circle Archbaroness. “I’ve all the time in the world to play with you, I hope you know that. The Game Master will NEVER find you here nor will any of the other vile, pathetic beasts that inhabit this slum. But do not worry, I am not a member of the filthy servant class that was chasing you. No, I come from what is ABOVE the Under-Slum. I leave the safety of the upper levels because I can have unrestrained fun down here. Down here there are no laws for the rich like me and no judgment about what one does away from the eyes of high society.”

She paused, running the leather tip of the riding crop across Archbaroness’ neck then sliding it onto her chest then down the front of one of her dangling breasts.

“Down here I can play with my toys,” she said, caressing Archbaroness’ nipple with the crop. “And I can play as rough as I want with them,” she added, pulling the crop off her nipple then slapping it.

Archbaroness yelped through her gag, thrashing against her restraints as a stinging pain shot through her body. A moment later she regretted this as she felt her heavy breasts dangle and sway under her, fearing she’d only made them a more enticing target. Her fears were fulfilled almost at once as the alien woman began slapping her tits with the riding crop over and over again till Archbaroness was sobbing in pain.

“It’s almost disappointing,” she said when she finally stopped striking Archbaroness’ tits. “I’ve watched the pervy little show you’ve been staring in. Did you know before the first challenge we were all given the chance to watch a short documentary about you? We all saw how heroic you are, how STRONG you are. With each challenge you’ve seemed less like that woman who protects her home so heroically.”

She knelt, placing her face next to Archbaroness’. The helpless heroine could feel the woman’s warm breath on her cheek, feel her move in closer. “You know what I think?” she whispered in Archbaroness’ ear. When Archbaroness didn’t respond she licked her ear then bit her earlobe. “I asked you a question,” she hissed.

Sobbing back tears, Archbaroness asked her what she meant knowing her words would be incomprehensible through the gag. It was clear to Archbaroness what she responded with wasn’t important to her captive, only that she show her subservience to her by doing as she was told.

“I think The Game Master does something to the women he abducts for his glorious games. I think he weakens the women before each challenge, just enough to ensure they will fail that challenge.” She began caressing Archbaroness’ ass, tickling the skin with her fingertips then gently massaging the thick plump meat of her large ass. “I think he made you particularly weak for this challenge since you were going up against ‘normal’ people. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe you really are the useless slut countless dimensions have been watched be sexually humiliated over and over again.”

She slapped Archbaroness’ ass and laughed as she pulled away. “And do you know what useless sluts deserve?” she asked. “They deserve to be PUNISHED.”

Archbaroness yelped in pain as the woman spanked her bare ass with a wooden paddle, the brutal impact making her body tense in response. Her cheeks stung, the pain seeming to grow more intense with every moment that passed.

“They deserve to be punished and suffer,” she added, spanking her again.

Archbaroness’ body tensed as the paddle impacted her ass again. She howled then went limp, gasping in pain and unable to tell whether the woman had spanked her harder this time or whether her ass was just sore after the first brutal ass-smack.

“Look at this big fat human ass,” she said, pausing so that the meaty SMACK of the paddle impacting Archbaroness’ ass could echo through the silent room.

“A wide…”




“Fat ass!”


Archbaroness was sobbing in pain, begging for the alien woman to stop through her gag.

“What’s that?” she asked.

Archbaroness begged her to stop again, trying hard to make her words understood.

“You want me to stop?”

Archbaroness nodded her head, sobbing harder.

“Okay,” the alien woman replied. The sound of the paddle being dropped onto the floor echoed through the room, followed by the sound of her dragging a chair to Archbaroness. “But if you want your punishment to stop for now you’ll need to earn the respite.”

Archbaroness could tell she’d sat in front of her. She flinched when she felt something cold stroke her cheek. What is it? Cold… but soft. Almost like a finger, but too big…

“Do you human women have sensitive feet?” she asked.

It’s her toe! She’s sitting there, stroking my face with her toe.

“My race does, although in my culture the sexualization of feet is a shameful taboo. But that only makes it all that more exciting to make some little helpless fuck-pet suck on your toes while you play with yourself.”

She tried to force her big toe into Archbaroness’ mouth but the heroine defiantly sealed her lips and turned her head away. I can endure pain. Humiliation. But I will NOT suck some alien woman’s filthy fucking toes!

“Bad girl,” the woman growled. “I’m going to have to take your breathing privileges away.”

With skill and strength that caught Archbaroness off guard the woman grabbed the helpless heroine’s nose with her toes, pinching her nostrils closed. At the same time she pressed the underside of her foot into her face, pushing her head up and covering her mouth to prevent her from breathing. Archbaroness struggled to break free of the woman’s foot-grip on her face but was unable.

“Open your mouth and suck my toes and you will be allowed to breathe,” the woman told her, using her other foot to help hold Archbaroness’ head in place.

Beginning to grow desperate for air, Archbaroness opened her mouth. She gasped for air as soon as the foot pressed into her face was pulled away. A moment later her open mouth was invaded by a cold, dirty toe.

“Suck it,” the alien woman purred. “Lick it. Suck on all my toes. Make my feet feel good while I play with myself. The longer you keep me entertained, the longer you keep me happy, the longer it will be before I return to hurting you to pleasure myself.”

Disgusted and ashamed she’d given in, Archbaroness did as she was told with as much skill as she could muster to prolong this moment of relative “peace”.

That “peace” was anything but peaceful as the freedom from pain gave her mind the time to process her situation. If the woman is telling the truth there is little hope I’ll be ‘saved’ by The Game Master. And what if she was right about The Game Master depowering me? If THAT is true I’ll have even less hope of escaping on my own…

What happens next to our captive superheroine? (Choose up 9 options from this poll)

The last challenge is the same for every contestant: they must spend time as The Game Master’s live in servant and fuck toy for a time.

Who/what is The Game Master? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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