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“Fine,” Archbaroness declared defiantly as she got to her feet. “If this is what I’m up against so be it, but I’m still going to win and no ‘Tit Puncher’ is going to stop me.”

“Thirsty?” Tit Puncher asked.

“Sure,” Archbaroness replied, circling her opponent as they both prepared to strike. “Thirsty for my fist in your face!”

Archbaroness leaped at her opponent, acting as if she would come at him from his left side. As soon as she saw him move to block the attack she used her flight to change direction and instead go to his right. Her fist slammed into the side of his face, slamming him back into the ground hard enough to crack the pavement where landed.

She thought she’d daze him but quickly discovered she was wrong. As Archbaroness moved in to pin him to the ground he sprung up, punching her in the gut and sending her reeling back with the wind knocked out of her. As she stumbled back she also felt her breasts balloon again, growing larger and gushing milk that made the wet stain on her costume grow.

“Enough,” she shouted, kicking off the ground and flying at him with all the speed she could muster. Her fists were out before her but she didn’t fly them into him, instead, she grabbed the villain by the neck when she reached him. Once she had him pinned on the ground she began bashing the back of his head into the pavement, screaming, “Enough! Enough! ENOUGH!

Anger was all that existed for her. She raged at the villain, raged at being taken away from her life and forced into the perverse game she was being made to endure. The red heat of the anger burned away some of what The Game Master had been doing to her mind, searing away the blocks on her memories. Flashes of sexual abuse and humiliation came flooding into her mind, fueling her rage further.

She screamed and bashed the villain’s head into the pavement till he stopped moving. Only when she felt his body go limp under her did the red heat of the rage that had overtaken her begin to clear

When it was over she found herself sitting on top of him, panting heavily. “It’s done,” she whispered then looked down and discovered what she’d missed while the anger had fogged the world around her.

Archbaroness realized that the villain must have been punching her the entire time, trying to break free and failing. Yet even in failure he had attained a kind of victory over her: her breasts were more than double their normal size, her purple costume stretched and strained and threatening to rip open.

Worse than the size was the dense, unfamiliar weight. They felt full, painfully full. The pressure, now that she was aware of it, was maddening. Milk was leaking from her nipples, further soaking her costume, but it wouldn’t be enough. She’d need to go somewhere private and express the milk.

She got to her feet and looked around then remembered the fake city was abandoned. “Anywhere will do,” she muttered as she held her swollen, leaking breasts in place and dashed to the nearest door. It was locked but that didn’t stop her, she simply kicked it down and entered.

The inside of the building was dark, only the illumination from the doorway lighting the interior. “Empty,” she said, looking around and reminded again that this was all fake. That, however, made her remember that although she felt alone she really wasn’t. Countless eyes from creatures in unknown dimensions were watching her.

But there’s nothing that can be done about it, she thought bitterly. Still, it would be nice to FEEL like I have privacy. Even though she doubted it was likely to make a difference she stepped further into the dark and turned her back to the faint light coming in from the doorway.

Archbaroness looked down and was happy to see she couldn’t see anything. She reached up and carefully began pulling the front of her sopping-wet costume down, wincing when she first touched her breasts. So full and tender!

When she finished carefully exposing her breasts she stood for a few moments, pondering what to do next. Her impulse was to grab her breasts by the base and squeeze them, pressing out as much milk as she could all at once.

But I can’t imagine anything that would make me feel more like a cow, she thought. A memory pushed at her mind, something recent and related to feeling like a cow. It slipped away, something deep in her mind preventing her from calling up that specific memory.

The mental conditioning that had suppressed the memories of her previous milking left her temporarily disoriented, her mind muddled for a few important moments when she would have otherwise heard someone coming into the room with her. Her mind remained muddled as the figure moved into the shadows, stopping right behind her.

Just as she shook off the mental haze the figure behind her reached around, grabbing each of her swollen breasts and whispering, “Thirsty,” into her ear.

Archbaroness screamed as the villain began squeezing her tits with nearly all his strength. Huge thick jets of make began spraying out of her nipples while Tit Puncher pulled her in close to his body, pinning her arms at her sides and keeping her from breaking free.

He was squeezing her tits tight enough for it to hurt, but at the same time the relief of the built-up pressure felt so good it outweighed the pain. The breast growth had also made her already highly sensitive breasts even more so, the painful squeezing lighting up pleasure receptors that confused her as they made her cunt gush with arousal.

Tit Puncher didn’t let go till he’d drained every drop of milk from Archbaroness’ swollen tits. When he finally let go she fell forward onto her hands and knees, gasping and sobbing then reaching under with one hand to feel her poor abused breasts. She wanted to wail when she felt how saggy and deflated they felt but held back as she felt her body’s enhanced healing abilities working to return them to their normal size and density.

The process was a draining one and kept her weak and on the floor during the time she could have turned and struck the man who had been squeezing her breasts so intensely. Long before Archbaroness felt she had the energy to begin to stand Tit Puncher grabbed her short black hair and pulled her to the feet, turning her around in the dark and dangling her an inch off the ground.


A fist slammed into her gut. Her tits ballooned, milk beginning to fill them again.


Another fist into her gut. Another ballooning of her tits. More pressure building up. He punched her again. And again. And again, till her tits were so large and full of milk that the pressure felt like it was going to drive her mad.

Tit Puncher finally let go of her hair, letting the battered superheroine drop to the ground. “Have to escape,” she gasped, crawling weakly towards the light coming in through the distant doorway. Her body ached from the beating and the breast growth then draining then more growth. Her swollen tits were sore and heavy and sensitive. She yelped in pain the first time one of her leaking nipples dragged across the floor. The pain was intense enough to cause her to collapse. She rolled onto her back so she could hug her pained breasts protectively.


This time Tit Puncher got on top of her, pinning her to the ground and leaning in to begin sucking on one of her nipples.

“Goddess, no,” Archbaroness wailed before her whole body began to quiver as the intense and overwhelming feeling of the villain beginning to suck her tit dry sent waves of pleasure cascading through her whole body.

Each intense suck on her tit removed a mouthful of milk, deflating her breast while he noisily gulped the fluid down. He quickly drained one tit then moved to the other, locking his lips around her nipple and quickly draining that one too.

The pleasure of having her tits so forcefully and quickly drained pushed her over the edge and she came. After the first orgasm each following orgasm came easier, faster, and harder than the last.

Tit Puncher had been held prisoner by The Game Master for a long time. His genetics had been toyed with and his powers enhanced. They had ensured that he’d crave the milk of human women, milk he knew his fists could summon but with no human woman around the thirst had slowly driven him mad. With his thirst partially quenched Tit Puncher’s fractured mind was finally able to think of things other than that thirst, he was able to recognize other desires that had long gone unfilled.

Archbaroness moaned as she felt her drained breasts slowly healing. She groaned louder when she realized the villain’s large, floppy cock had begun to swell and stiffen. “No,” she gasped. “No, please.”

“Thirsty for fuck now,” Tit Puncher replied, shifting so he could hold her hands down with one hand then reaching under himself to rip the crotch of Archbaroness’ costume open. “Thirsty for cock in pussy but also still thirsty for milk!”

He let go of Archbaroness’ hands and sat up then began pummeling her with his fists. The blows were not hard now, not impacts made to harm or win a fight. They were just what he needed to do to balloon her tits and fill them full of the delicious milk he craved so bad.

Sitting on her, punching her and watching the outline of her breasts swell and grow in the dim light, helped him harden fully. “Enough tit big,” he grunted, shifting so he could ram his cock in Archbaroness’ pussy then leaning down to begin sucking on her tits while he fucked her. He came multiple times, only pulling out of Archbaroness once he’d drained her tits by hungrily sucking all the milk out again.

“More,” he gasped, pummeling her with his fists again till her tits were swollen, overlarge, milk-leaking balloons again.

When he next fell on her he pinned her to the ground, sitting on her chest and fucking her tits. He squeezed her tits, making milk spray out and cover her tits in a slippery mess he used as lube. When Archbaroness began to moan in objection he simply shifted, ramming his cock into her mouth so he could fuck her tits and her mouth while silencing her.

And so it went, him fucking her while draining her milk then punching her till her tits were full again. He used her over and over again till the heroine’s mind broke.

“Looks like the challenge is over,” The Game Master declared. “In a moment our broadcast will end so that our horny, thirsty man can be pulled off her as it seems he’s not about to run out of steam anytime soon. But don’t worry, viewers, once her mind is repaired Archbaroness will be back for her fourth challenge!”



Challenge Four: The Workers of the Space Station’s Under-Slum


Just two more to go. That was the thought that had been running through Archbaroness’ mind since she’d woken up after her reparative treatment between challenges. Just two more to go and I’ll be allowed to go home. But what is it going to be next?

“Welcome to Station Zetax-19,” the voice of The Game Master called out as Archbaroness was teleported into the next challenge. “Or more specifically the sprawling Under-Slum that most of the orbital station’s workers live in. The filthy, ill-maintained space slum is also home to a large number of impoverished aliens, most of which ended up trapped on the station with no hope of ever affording transport off of it.

“It is a place of rampant poverty. A place where crime goes unchallenged by station security, which sticks to controlling the upper levels where the wealthy live. In the Under-Slum anger and resentment for those that keep them oppressed simmers always under the surface, ready to boil over at any time. It’s also a place where entrainment like the broadcasts of my Great Games is some of the few pleasures its citizens have.

“What’s that mean for the human heroine Archbaroness? Well, to begin with it means most of the male citizens are already intimately familiar with her as they’ve been watching the last three challenges. She’d be certain to be recognized before too long, but we won’t leave it to chance. No, this is a LIVE broadcast and right now all over the Under-Slum beings are thrilling to the excitement of a challenge happening in their home.

“I will speak directly to you now, men of the Under-Slum: YOU are the challenge Archbaroness will be facing now. Archbaroness is somewhere in your home, hiding. Find her. And when you do? Well, as long watchers of the show I don’t need to tell you what the audience will be expecting!”

Archbaroness groaned. “What the fuck do I do now,” she muttered. She’d been teleported into a garbage-filled side corridor and remained hidden behind a pile of detritus while listening to The Game Master.

“What am I SUPPOSED to do?” she quietly asked herself. “Am I supposed to escape this place, make it to the upper levels?”

She closed her eyes and tried to remember what she’d needed to do during the last three challenges. The memories were so foggy… and trying to remember any of them clearly made her head hurt. Frustrated by the mental block and feeling she had no choice, Archbaroness abandoned the attempt to remember clearly what she’d had to do in the past.

Okay, she thought, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. But I can make some guesses and escaping this place seems to be the goal I should at least be working for first. But why? Well, that’s obvious isn’t it, you dumb bitch? To avoid the people that live here. I don’t remember much but what I do remember makes me certain of what will happen if the citizens of this space slum get a hold of me.

Cautiously, and trying to remain as hidden as she could, Archbaroness left her hiding place and began to search for a way out of the space slum. She discovered it was a confusing mix of cold, filth-covered corridors and rooms that left her feeling claustrophobic. Occasionally she’d encounter larger open spaces that contained improvised buildings, shacks, and taller structures slapped together out of scraps and garbage discarded by whatever occupied the upper part of the space station.

While in the open areas remaining hidden was easy. There were plenty of actual back alleys to hide down and with open space above the buildings she was able to leap from the tops of the structures. She couldn’t outright fly, as she’d already seen many of the aliens searching for her often looking up.

They’ve been watching the show, she reminded herself. They know I can fly.

She’d managed to keep her distance from the aliens for a while, not getting a close look at them, but she was able to tell a few things. The citizens of the slum came from a dizzying number of species, nearly all of which were human-like. She’d also seen that either the Under-Slum had no women in it or, more likely, it was only the men out searching for her.

What worried her most were the objects her searchers were carrying. None of the alien devices were familiar to her but she felt it was safe to assume they were all weapons of some kind.

With every minute that passed more and more of the Under-Slum’s male citizens took to the “streets” and halls in search of Archbaroness. Avoiding them all became increasingly harder and eventually she was spotted.

“There she is!” one called out, pointing to her. “Quick, let’s get her before anyone else shows up!”

Archbaroness saw that the man spotting her was leading two other alien men. She thought about attacking them but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Even though they were hunting her they were still just civilians, she couldn’t bring herself to attack them before they attacked her. She turned and ran, hoping to lose them in the twisting corridors she’d been spotted leaving.

She was faster than them but she quickly realized that turning back into the corridors she’d been coming from had been a mistake. One of the first turns she’d taken led to a dead end, a passage empty except for the garbage that seemed to litter the ground everywhere in the Under-Slum.

“We’ve got the slut cornered!” the alien called out.

Archbaroness whipped around and saw the three alien men standing at the end of the passage, blocking the only exit. Two of them held cudgels that sparked with sizzling electricity of some kind. The one who had been speaking held out something that might have been a gun of some kind, but it was so alien in its design she wasn’t certain.

“You don’t have to do this,” Archbaroness called out, hands lifted in a placating gesture. She had to let them strike first, only then could she bring herself to hurt these men. Still, she prepared herself for the fight she was almost certain was about to begin.

“But we WANT to do this,” the man with the gun replied, grinning at her. He pointed the gun at her and fired it.

Archbaroness moved to dodge the attack, hoping to twist and roll out of the way while building momentum to move towards them. She’d expected the gun to shoot some kind of bullet-like projectile or maybe a laser beam. The expanding, ring-like pulses that it fired caught her off guard, as did the size they quickly grew to. Even with her trying to move out of the way they slammed into her body, sending her reeling as the world began to spin around her.

The pulses had left her completely disoriented. Her sense of direction was lost while everything seemed to spin and her eyes blurred. For a few moments she wasn’t even sure if she was standing on her feet or laying on the ground and any sense of up or down was lost.

When the world came into focus she discovered she was on her knees, the three aliens standing around her.

The alien with the gun stood directly before her, the weapon now tucked into a holster on his hip. He had opened the front of his clothing and pulled his dick out and it hung inches away from her face. It was fleshy and long yet looked like there were cartilage-like ridges running under its surface. The smell wafting off it was a rank mix of gross and familiar unwashed dick mixed with a dizzying array of spice-like alien scents.

“Suck it,” he commanded, his alien phallus starting to swell and grow rigid. “Suck it or you’ll regret it,” he added.

Archbaroness looked up at him, glaring. “I’ll never—”

A scream erupted from her, cutting the words off. The other two aliens had slammed the ends of the electrified cudgels into her sides sending pain shooting through her body. The wave of pain left behind a numb emptiness that enveloped her body and she soon barely felt anything. Her mind was numbed as well and for a time it was like she was a distant observer looking through her eyes and hearing through her ears but feeling nothing her body felt.

Although she had no control over her body she remained on her knees. Her arms hung limply at her sides and her head lolled to the side till one of the aliens grabbed at her and repositioned her body. Her limbs and head stayed where they were left once the alien let go as if she had been turned into a living poseable doll.

“Knew those would work on the human slut,” one of the men wielding the numbing shock batons said. “From what we’ve seen on the show should keep her numb and helpless for a long time, too. Plenty of time for us all to have some fun and get famous fucking her!”

The alien with his cock out grabbed Archbaroness’ hair and rammed his cock into her mouth. He held her head in place and started fucking her face. “God damn her mouth feels amazing! And her throat’s so soft and wet. Wish we knew what planet these humans came from, most fuckable alien women I’ve ever seen!”

Archbaroness knew she was choking and gagging on the alien’s dick but she didn’t feel it. She was too detached from her body, unable to control or feel it. Being so easily defeated had already shamed her, the extra level of helplessness the detachment from her body left her feeling that shameful defeat all the more intensely.

When the man grunted and then pulled out of her mouth Archbaroness couldn’t even tell if the alien had cum down her throat or not. What she could see was that his member was still hard. A moment later she became aware of the other two aliens having pulled their cocks out too, each of their dicks having a different alien shape to it.

“Come on, let’s see how accommodating the rest of her holes are,” one said.

The one that had been fucking her mouth got down on the ground and held his cock up while the other two grabbed Archbaroness and lifted her off the ground. “I want to see how tight the human’s asshole is,” he said eagerly.

As they lowered her onto the alien’s rigid member she was glad she was so disconnected from her body. The subdermal ridges on the alien’s cock might have felt good in her pussy but the thought of feeling the thick ridged length of a cock that long pressed into her asshole made her want to scream in terror.

Once she was impaled anally on the alien under her the other two began positioning her body and themselves so that they could BOTH fuck her pussy at the same time. With her body limp, laying back on the alien under her, one knelt with his dick in her cunt while the other squatted over her, ramming his cock in her pussy as well.

They fucked her human holes, pounding her cunt and asshole till they each had cum inside of her.

Only after they had finished with her and left her abandoned on the garbage-covered floor did the numbness that had her feeling detached from her body begin to fade. The painful feeling of her stretched pussy and asshole healing and re-tightening were all she could concentrate on, barely aware of the aliens leaving her behind and happily talking about needing to get a recording of their time fucking the star of the show.

The pain would be gone soon and not long after that she’d be recovered enough to move from the ground, but for a little while she had no choice but to lay there limp and helpless.

What happens next to Archbaroness in the Under-Slum? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

What will the fifth and final challenge be? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)

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