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By the time the second alien sat in front of her Archbaroness was drooling with eager anticipation. She wrapped her breasts around the alien’s throbbing cock and began working it. The pheromone-dazed heroine flopped her cum-covered tits up and down the alien’s shaft, moaning and rubbing her thighs together as the friction sent waves of pleasure cascading down her body.

When the alien came she struggled between opposing desires, one demanding she try to gobble up as much of the cum as she could to feel the delicious way it warmed her insides, and another need to let the messy goo run all over her breasts so they would grow larger and more sensitive.

Archbaroness ended up not having to decide. Each load of the alien’s cum was so big there was no way she could slurp or lick even half of it up before it had begun messily oozing down her breasts.

Watching Archbaroness pleasure his friend had left the second alien more worked up than the first one and this seemed to influence how many times it could cum and how much it came each time. Each messy spray of alien semen grew larger, each one filled with even more potent pheromones melting her mind and each working its way through her body and into her skin, making her breasts increase in size and her body grow more sensitive.

“In case you viewers at home lost count let me share the score now that the second alien’s turn over,” The Game Master declared when the second alien was finally drained. “Where the first one managed to cum four times this one got off SEVEN times! What a truly amazing testament to this race’s glorious biology. And although it is not part of the game we are counting the human slut’s orgasms. Last time she only came once, but this time the little cum hungry tit-slut came a whole four times!”

The third alien took the seat Archbaroness was kneeling in front of, eager to begin his turn. He was so worked up from watching the other two that he began to ejaculate a fountain of cum almost as soon as Archbaroness had her breasts wrapped around his throbbing alien cock. By that point Archbaroness’ breasts had grown so large that they completely enveloped the alien’s oversized member. The huge blast of cum bubbled and oozed up through her pressed together tit-meat, filling her cleavage with a rising lake of alien semen that quickly overflowed and cascaded down the soft meat-mountains resting in the alien’s lap.

By the time the third alien was finished Archbaroness was so exhausted from multiple orgasms that she would have long ago passed out from exhaustion if not for the alien semen acting as a stimulant that forced her to remain conscious. With the alien finally drained she fell to the ground, landing with a wet plop in a pool that was a noxious mix of alien semen and the sticky sludge that covered the orbital truck stop’s floor. Her tits had swollen till each was the size of her torso and their massive weight pinned her to the ground where she fell. She lay panting, eyes barely open, lost in a haze of pheromone-induced madness.

“Stunning,” The Game Master declared, sounding shocked and awed. “Thirteen ejaculations and more semen than I may have ever seen come out of one being! I think this final alien won without a doubt. And how many times did the human slut cum? The truth is, even our advanced censors don’t know. Orgasms had started beginning before her last was finished and counting became impossible.

“And now that the aliens are done with her it is time to send them away. Goodbye, boys, take your joyous memories of this sexual extravaganza away with you as a consolation prize for having your lives interrupted!”

* * *

When Archbaroness began to come out of the pheromone-induced haze she’d been blissfully floating in she had no idea how much time had passed. The ordeal of pleasuring the alien truckers with her breasts was a foggy, fractured memory her overwhelmed mind couldn’t fully recall. Her memories were so unclear that she didn’t even remember her breasts had grown.

Their change in size was not something she noticed till she came out of the haze enough to want to shift her body for comfort. She groaned, confused by all the weight on her chest. She had to struggle for a few moments, piecing together what she was seeing and feeling. “Goddess!” she gasped when she understood, horrified by how large her breasts had grown.

“Your biology is interesting,” the voice of The Game Master sounded around her. “You’re physically and genetically hardy in ways I’ve rarely seen. And your body seems to amplify anything that affects it.”

She struggled, trying to get up on her elbows but slipping in the disgusting mix of semen and sludge she was laying in. Whimpering in disgust and closing her eyes to try and shut the world around her out, she asked The Game Master how long it would be before her breasts returned to their normal size.

“Ah, yes, on Earth growth like this is always temporary, isn’t it?” He paused then began laughing. “Well, you’re not on earth. You’ll remain exactly like this forever without my help. But don’t worry, I’ll give it to you. It is important to the show that our contestants start each challenge physically and mentally returned to the state they were in the moment they were snatched from their homes. But I must warn you,” he added, “the ‘draining’ process might be one you may struggle with.”

With that ominous last note, Archbaroness felt her body begin to tingle, knowing she’d soon be teleported away.

At least none of this is being broadcast, she thought. The Game Master hadn’t spoken directly to her like this during broadcasts, nor had her previous time in recovery been broadcast. She was certain that no matter what she suffered during the forthcoming ‘draining’ it would be something she’d suffer mostly in private.

She was, of course, wrong.

* * *

“This may be the most humiliating, dehumanizing thing I’ve ever had to endure,” Archbaroness muttered to herself as she hung suspended from the “draining” contraption, her body positioned flat and face down leaving her massive mammaries dangling below her.

“Draining,” she scoffed. “More like milking. I feel like a dairy cow,” she moaned.

She did not know if the little beings that had helped her into the draining device were small aliens or simply robots, but regardless she was glad that their smooth metallic faces had no eyes. She did not want ANYONE seeing the disgustingly massive mounds of flesh her enlarged breast had become dangling this way.

The Game Master was watching, she assumed that. And the evil, perverse inter-dimension monster is probably recording this for his sick amusement, she thought bitterly. But I think I might die if this was being broadcast. Me hung like this. My tits left dangling below my body. These vile suction cup devices being attached to my swollen nipples and the tanks they are hooked up to. Just how much do they plan on draining from my breasts, anyways? Those tanks are huge!

Just as she was beginning to grow impatient for the ordeal to begin the devices attached to her breasts turned on. They were, as she’d assumed, suction devices. And even though it was what she had expected she was still mortified seeing jets of white milk shooting from her nipples and pooling up in the cups before being drained down the tube to be collected in the tanks attached to them.

What she hadn’t been prepared for, hadn’t even expected, was the intense and ever-increasing erotic pleasure the suction caused her. She moaned and writhed, confused at first about what was making her feel so hot, not understanding where the pleasure radiating out into her body was originating. The “milking” being so sexually pleasing was such an impossibility to her mind that it took a while to both recognize it as a possible source of the confusing pleasure and then accept it as the source.

She struggled not to moan, painfully aware of how much the guttural vocalizations of sexual delight echoed through the milking room sounded like the mooing of a cow. The dehumanizing wrongness of the thought ate away at her mind, twisting the sounds she made till they sounded even MORE cow-like.

“Won’t cum,” she muttered between moans. “Won’t cum, can’t cum, not from this,” she gasped. Looking down she saw that at least her breasts were slowly, but steadily, shrinking in size.

“I can make it till this over, I can keep myself from cumming that long,” she gasped, knowing it would soon be finished. Her breasts were shrinking fast, and even though she was holding herself at the edge of climax she KNEW she could make it till the end without the shame of getting off.

Then The Game Master spoke and ruined everything.

“As you can see,” he began, quickly adding, “and as you can hear, our plucky human is trying not to let the milking get her off!”

Archbaroness knew what those words meant. She had been wrong: it was ALL still part of the show. The disgusting size of her breasts, her wallowing in the filth in a daze at the truck stop, her being attached to this awful device, and finally her being milked like a cow: it had all been broadcast.

The humiliation was too much to handle. The shame was so powerful her mind could barely process it. The feelings of humiliation, shame, and swelling despair mixed inside of her. And then her body, already overstimulated, betrayed her at that moment in the worse way possible. Archbaroness moaned in despair, shaking as she came from her milking knowing beings in countless dimensions were watching her.

“And there we have it,” The Game Master declared, “a perfect ending to our second challenge! And although the realization of her ordeal being transmitted seems to have pushed her mind past the breaking point you need not worry. We shall repair her mind and help ease the pain of these memories so that when she begins the third challenge she’ll be as naively defiant as she was the moment we snatched her from her home dimension!”

Challenge Three: The Tit Puncher in Studio Earth


For a few brief, sweet moments Archbaroness thought her ordeal was over. She was home, she was back on Earth and back in Megatropolis city! The perverse game she’d been taking part in could become just a terrible nightmare she’d do her best never to think about again.

Then she realized there was no one in sight. No one. Not a single person. No one walking down the sidewalk she stood on. No one driving the cars that seemed to have been abandoned in the middle of the roads. It was like someone had snapped their fingers and the city had come to a complete stop, every single person in it simply erased.

The city was silent, disturbingly so. There was no sound of people, no sound of cars, there wasn’t even the sound of birds. The only sound was Archbaroness’ breath, which started to grow heavier as panic threatened to overtake her.

What happened while I was gone? Did some calamity befall Megatropolis or maybe even the whole planet? Has every human died? Even though it seemed unlikely she knew it was possible as she’d helped prevent events that might have caused the extinction of the human race from happening.

She leaped into the air, flying up to get a bird’s eye view of the city from above to try and better figure out what was happening. As she flew skyward she noticed it didn’t look right. The clouds were unmoving, the sky oddly curved as if it were a dome not far overhead…

“No,” she gasped, flying faster before stopping and reaching a hand out and touching the “sky”. “It’s fake. This isn’t real!” She spun around and looked down and saw she was in an enclosure, just a very large one. It seemed to be a perfect reproduction of a chunk of Megatropolis. A quick count of the roads below her and she saw that it was about twenty blocks wide in both directions.

“Looks like our contestant has realized she’s still playing the game,” the sound of The Game Master rang out, echoing through the empty city. “Has she simply forgotten she’d need to finish five, not two, challenges before she would be allowed to go home? Or is the reproduction of her home just that convincing? Who knows, but I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed her confusion and the delightful crushing of hope it has caused.

“Now these reproductions of our contestant’s homes are always a popular location for a challenge. And as is tradition she’ll be facing a threat taken from her homeworld as well! Of course, we’ve taken the time to ensure this threat is an enhanced one, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for Archbaroness or you at home by explaining further.”

“Fine,” Archbaroness snarled, turning and flying lower, “I have this and two more challenges to complete. I have no choice about playing this sick game but this time it’s going to go differently. I can handle ANYTHING from Earth, no matter how ‘enhanced’ it is.”

It didn’t take her long to find what she assumed was the threat facing her. Standing in the middle of an intersection in the center of the fake city was a man dressed as a superhero. She floated above him for a moment, trying to size him up before getting closer.

He wore a tight blue costume with an emblem she couldn’t clearly make out from that distance printed on the chest, although she thought it might be a clenched fist. A red cape hung from his back, something that made her chuckle. Capes haven’t been in fashion for decades, she thought. The costume seemed to be made of thin, skintight fabric that had also long been abandoned as both unfashionable and impracticable because of how fragile it was.

As she flew closer she wondered if the outfit suggested that the man had been snatched from Earth long before the present day. If he had been taken decades ago did that mean the alien controlling this game have been snatching humans to be part of it for that long? Or is the power that allowed the showrunners to pull things through different dimensions a power that lets them also reach back or forward in time?

Knowing she might never know the answer to her questions she pushed them out of her mind, landing only close enough to her opponent so that she could speak to him without having to shout.

As she touched down and got a clearer look at the man she forgot what she had intended to say. His costume had no crotch. A deliciously large cock hung free, thick and long even while flaccid. She had to force her eyes away from it, cursing how aroused the sight made her.

I shouldn’t be this easily aroused, should I? Not if I’ve gotten off as much as I think I have recently… but maybe the time between the end of the last challenge and this one is longer than I thought.

She clenched her fists, flexing her muscles. She felt strong, strong enough to suggest it had been a long time since she’d had sexual release. In a sense that was good, the longer she went without an orgasm the stronger her powers would be. The downside was that the longer she went without any kind of sexual release the more she’d crave that kind of release. If the mere sight of a flaccid cock was enough to make her this hot she might be in very big trouble.

“We don’t have to do this,” she said, loud and clear while trying to meet the man’s eyes. She took a few steps closer, preparing herself, and wondering what was wrong with him. He hadn’t moved since she’d seen him and he was staring off into nothing, as if not awake.

“Can you hear me?” she asked, taking a few steps closer. He gave no hint that he could hear her and if not for the fact she could see him breathing she might have doubted he was even alive.

“What have you done to him?” she yelled, looking up at the artificial sky.

Archbaroness looked back at the man when there was no answer and noticed how strange his skin looked. It was far too pale and oddly discolored. She took a few more steps closer and saw that his pale skin was covered in purple veins, making him look half-dead.

“What did they do to you,” she asked, moving closer. “It looks like they’ve drained the life half out of you.”

She was almost close enough to reach out and touch him when his body jerked. His eyes met hers and his face twisted in pain. “Thirsty,” he gasped, his voice breaking. It sounded as if he hadn’t spoken aloud in years and that doing so now hurt him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any water,” Archbaroness replied, beginning to let her guard down. She’d decided this man needed her help, he wasn’t an enemy. A moment later she realized she was wrong.

THIRSTY!” the man bellowed, lunging at her.

If the attack hadn’t been so sudden her reflexes might not have kicked in as fast as they had. She acted on pure instinct, leaping out of the way and up into the air.

“Thirsty,” the man snarled again, leaping into the air after her.

Archbaroness flew back, keeping out of his grasp but only barely. He seemed able to fly just as fast as her. He seemed able to move just as fast as her. And once the crazed man, who seemed only able to speak one word, started throwing punches she began to suspect he was just as strong as her too.

It’s like they’ve grabbed or created a man who is my exact mirror image power-wise, only male and insane, she thought, trying to plan her next move. She decided she’d use his apparent lack of sanity to her advantage and outsmart him.

Archbaroness turned and flew away from him as fast as she could, taking a sharp turn around the nearest building then coming to a stop and swinging around. She intended on striking the man as he came around the corner, taking him by surprise, but it was him that surprised her.

Instead of flying around the corner of the building he’d simply flown through it, exploding out of the wall beside Archbaroness as he bellowed, “THIRSTY!” She barely had enough time to turn and brace herself for the attack when the man’s fist slammed into her chest, landing just above her breasts.

The super-powered blow sent her tumbling back through the air, slamming into the side of another building. The impact dazed her and she fell to the ground, landing on her hands and knees as the world spun around her.

“Definitely can hit as hard as me,” she gasped, trying to catch her breath and knowing she only had moments before he caught up to her.

She jumped to her feet and looked up, seeing him flying down at her just as she’d suspected. He was bellowing the same word, one arm out before him as he flew down to continue his attack.

Archbaroness waited till just before he reached her then leaped up and to the side, intending on letting him smash into the ground then gaining the upper hand while he recovered. The plan would have worked but as she jumped out of the way her breasts shifted in a way she had not expected, causing her to stumble and fall onto the ground.

As the crazed man smashed into the ground beside her, sending a shower of pavement flying in all directions, she scrambled back to her feet. She looked down, trying to understand what had just happened.

“My breasts!” she gasped. They were LARGER. Not just larger, but on the front of her costume were two large stains as if her nipples had been leaking moisture. “What the fuck?” she asked, staring down in disbelief.


A punch impacting into her gut sent Archbaroness stumbling back, bent forward as the wind was knocked out of her. Doubled over like that she was able to FEEL her breasts grow in one sudden burst like they were balloons that had been given a single pump of air. Along with the short, sudden swelling came an explosion of moisture from her nipples, more milk shooting out and soaking into her costume.

Yes, his powers were like hers, only he had another one, she could see that now. His punches would make her tits grow, and from the feel of it each blow would increase the amount they were lactating.

Quick side note: I’m not sure how obvious it us but I reuse “idea eggs” that haven’t been used yet. Since this a pretty focused project that’s very open to that process I’ve decided to start deleting some of these idea eggs to help keep some of the list from growing to large. I’m paying attention to which choices consistently get few or now votes and deleting those.

What happens next now that Archbaroness knows what her opponents punches will do to her? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

What will the threat be in the fourth challenge once we get to it? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)

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