New Entry for the Untitled Archbaroness Story

You can find the new entry below the break, or you can read the story in its current entirety HERE.

* * *

“Look, viewers! She’s giving birth now,” the alien voice of The Game Master called out. “That’s one hell of a way to wake up! But she doesn’t need to worry about pain. As you know, this goo helps hijack her body so it can incubate the eggs. But it does MORE than that. It eases the pain of labor, morphing it into a euphoric high that the women of some races find addictive. Let’s watch and find out if humans are one of these races.”

Archbaroness sat with her legs spread open, arms braced behind her as she birthed the eggs. Her eyes stayed rolled up into her head and she moaned in delight all through the labor. When she was done she lay on the ground for a short time, eyes closed and grinning madly.

“The birthing process leaves the females of most species drained and most need days or even weeks to recover. But these superpowered humans are not only tougher than most and they also have an unnatural ability to heal quickly that is rarely seen in their home universe. As you can see, the blissed-out slut already looks like she’s recovered!”

Archbaroness stood, still grinning. She had a dazed, vacant expression on her face that made her look like an addict that had just gotten a fix.

“Need more,” she mumbled, turning about searching for another Pussy Hugger. Disappointed that there was none in sight, she simply stumbled down the hall calling out for a Pussy Hugger. “Please, give me more! Come impregnate me again, I need to birth more eggs!”

It wasn’t long before one found her. There was no fight this time, no struggle. Archbaroness simply laid down on the ground and spread her legs. She bucked and howled in delight as it ravished her, implanting two more eggs in her. She passed out, woke to birth them, then went looking for another Pussy Hugger. She hunted the Pussy Huggers down, letting them impregnate her over and over again.

“This is really something,” The Game Master said. “We’ve never had a contestant that could handle being impregnated by these horny little parasites so many times! I know we’ve been broadcasting this challenge for days now but I’m interested in seeing how far this hardy slut can go. But don’t worry, we’ll pull her out of the challenge if her life ever seems in danger.”

Archbaroness was eventually impregnated by every Pussy Hugger in the ship. By that point some of the initial eggs she’d birthed had hatched. She began hunting these down, letting them impregnate her as well.

“This is incredible,” The Game Master declared. “I can hardly believe it. We knew these human superwomen were strong but this is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. I am starting to suspect if we left our contestant here she’d birth generation after generation of Pussy Huggers till the derelict spaceship was overrun by them! As it is she’s more than doubled the population, and trust me we’ll put them all to good use, but I’m sure by now even our most devoted fans into impregnation are beginning to get bored.”

“It’s time we put an end to this,” The Game Master declared. “We shall consider this first challenge completed. We’ll be teleporting Archbaroness away so that she can recover before starting the second challenge. And stay tuned, multi-dimension viewers, cause the next one is gonna be a lot of fun!”

* * *

If not for the advanced medical technology The Game Master had access to Archbaroness might never have recovered from her ordeal with the Pussy Huggers. Her body and mind had become deeply addicted to being impregnated by them and that addiction would have been the only thing she cared about, perhaps for the rest of her life.

Her body was healed and her mind was repaired so that when she “woke” after her recovery she had only vague memories of her time being a blissed-out brood-mother. But even with the healing the advanced technology had accomplished the shadowed, half-memories would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She vowed she would not suffer such a devastating and complete defeat during her second challenge. And I will not allow myself to be sexually used for this alien mastermind’s perverted audience, not again!

Our next entry will start her second challenge and feature a group of alien “space truckers”, fat and crude. Their race exudes a stinky pheromone that lets them easily dominate females of other races and their cocks and cum are particularly potent pheromone sources. We need to set the encounter up a bit more before we begin.

What will the “studio” the challenge takes place in be? (choose up to 2 options from this poll)

Are the space truckers a willing part of the show or have they been snatched out of their lives like Archbaroness was?

How will her encounter with the alien truckers begin? (choose up to 4 options from this poll)

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