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Before Archbaroness had a chance to respond she felt the air around her begin to tingle. A moment later she disappeared, teleported from the small room.



Challenge One: Pussy Huggers in the Derelict Spaceship


“Greetings inter-dimensional viewers! The mighty human superheroine from the planet Earth is about to begin her first challenge!”

Archbaroness was disoriented from the teleportation, so dizzy she could barely see the world around her. But she could hear the alien voice of The Game Master clearly as the evil master of ceremonies narrated the sick game she’d been conscripted into.

“The current challenge will be taking place in the studio we like to call ‘the derelict spaceship’ because it is, well, a perfect description! But what threat have we filled this fan-favorite location with today? Well, I am happy to tell you all we’ve populated the derelict spaceship with another fan favorite: the dreaded alien species known throughout their home dimension as ‘Pussy Huggers’!”

“Some kind of nightmare,” Archbaroness whispered weakly as she stumbled and had to use a nearby wall to keep herself on her feet. The world around her was coming in to focus and she was seeing that it did seem to be a derelict spaceship. The cold metallic corridor she was in looked as though it had been left abandoned for some time, although on closer inspection she could see the dust-covered floor showed signs that things had moved across it, she just had no idea how recently.

“You viewers at home, and now Archbaroness herself, know that the threat she’ll be facing in the derelict spaceship are the Pussy Huggers. But how many will she face and what is the task she’ll need to accomplish to move on to the next challenge? Those will be mysteries that Archbaroness will need to discover herself. Of course, those of you watching at home can see the answers displayed on your screens. Now enjoy as our pan-dimensional recorders broadcast the challenge live!”

Archbaroness glanced around, not seeing anything that could be a camera. She wondered if they were cloaked and invisible to her. No, she thought, the technology behind this all is vastly beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. I probably can’t even comprehend the way this is all being recorded broadcast. And I need to stop thinking about it, I just need to complete this challenge so I can get one step closer to getting home.

Since what, exactly, she had to accomplish was still a mystery she decided to simply begin by cautiously exploring. She first decided to test if she was able to fly and found, after hovering a foot off the ground for a few moments, that her powers seemed unhampered.

She normally only flew in short bursts and very rarely used it to “hover” since it quickly grew tiring but decided for now she’d remain in the air. She had no idea what the menacing “Pussy Huggers” were but wanted to avoid them if she could and she’d already heard that the place was so eerily quiet that even the softest of steps echo through the still, dead air.

There were plenty of doors in the long hall but she decided she wanted to see where the hall led before investigating them. She floated quickly, but silently, ahead till she came to a turn. Cautiously she peeked around the corner.

She gasped, forgetting all about her desire to keep quiet as she dropped to her feet. She dashed around the corner and looked on in wonder at the sight before her. She was in another corridor, with a large grime-covered viewing port looking out into space in one wall. Archbaroness stepped closer, using her arm to wipe a large swath of the grime clear to get a better look.

“It seems our plucky heroine has discovered the truth about the ‘studios’ we use,” the alien voice of The Game Master echoed around her. “Each one is actually just a location plucked from the limitless options of the multiple dimensions we have access to!”

The vast emptiness she saw expanding out before her awed Archbaroness. There were countless stars, but their dim twinkling lights were so distant they felt insignificant. She had no idea how far from anything resembling civilization the derelict spaceship was, she didn’t even know if the dimension she was in was her own.

It might not even have any native life remaining in it, she thought, looking out and realizing wherever this was had far fewer stars than her home. I could be looking out at a universe that’s nearing the end of its existence, a universe collapsing as it nears to the point of inevitable heat death with all intelligent life long extinct.

A faint skittering sound made her look away from the viewing port as she remembered that there was, in fact, other life in this universe besides her that she wasn’t alone on the spaceship. She lifted off from the ground and flew back away from the direction she’d heard the faint noise come from. Her body tensed and she balled her hands into fists, preparing herself for a fight.

She was just starting to relax when she heard the sound again. She flew further back, staring down the corridor before her for any sign of the skittering sound she could hear. It was getting closer. It can’t be very big, she thought, keeping her eyes on the hall before her.

The sound stopped for a moment. Her heart was pounding. She thought about turning and fleeing but refused. The vile beings watching me want to see me terrified. I won’t give them the satisfaction, she thought. I will stay here and fight whatever is coming for me.

Almost as if in response to her thought the skittering began again, faster and closer now. But as it drew near and there was no sign of its source she began to panic. It sounds like it’s right here, practically on top of me!

Far too late Archbaroness looked up. She saw a metal grate in the ceiling being lifted open as something crawled through and jumped down at her.

Archbaroness screamed, throwing her arms up to protect herself from the revolting alien creature projecting itself at her face. Its body was about the size of her head and it had eight large bony, finger-like legs that gave the creature a disturbing arachnid quality. Yet it clearly wasn’t, for it had no bone-like exoskeleton, instead it was covered in leathery yellow-brown skin. She could also see it had a long, strongly muscled fleshy tail-like appendage at its back.

It slammed into her upraised arm, its bony legs franticly scrambling at her head, trying to grab hold of her. The tail lashed about wildly as she tumbled to the ground on her back, struggling to keep the surprisingly strong creature off her. It seemed to be trying to adhere itself to her face and was driven by a single-mindedness that terrified her.

During the struggle she became aware of two large bulges at the base of the thing’s tail that was disturbingly reminiscent of giant testicles. For a brief moment her eyes darted to its underside, fearing it was trying to adhere to her face to shove some kind of alien penis into her mouth. She felt a moment of relief when she saw the underside of the creature was smooth.

A moment later its long, fleshy tail flicked past her face and she realized she had been looking in the wrong place. The tip of the long, densely-muscled appendage had a bulbous tip that was frighteningly cock-like. And taking a second look at the length of the “tail” she realized it might be a giant prehensile cock!

Is it growing more rigid, fuller, and denser like it’s getting erect?!

Archbaroness had her answer when it lashed close to her face, rubbing its tip on her face and smearing thick moisture across her cheek. She snarled, trying hard to throw the alien off.

Its cock-tail flew back towards her mouth again. Archbaroness closed her mouth and sealed her lips but the thing forced its way past them into her mouth. As soon as it was past her lips she felt the fleshy cock-tail pulse then felt an explosion of gooey moisture blast into her mouth.

The Pussy Hugger suddenly let go of Archbaroness and she was able to toss the alien creature away from her. Before she had a chance to begin to puzzle out why the Pussy Hugger had let go of her she felt a rush of heat spread through her body. She had intended on doubling over and spitting out the mouthful of goo the alien had ejaculated into her mouth but now found herself on her knees, throwing her head back and compulsively gulping down the mouthful of alien spunk.

As the goo ran dawn and stuck in her throat the heat pulsing through her body intensified. She felt her cunt gush moisture and felt her nipples harden so fast she gasped in alarm. Her tits felt so hot and overheated she felt the need to yank the top of her costume down. Her large, full, heavy breasts fell free. The cool air of the spaceship felt amazing on the burning heat of her breasts.

“N-no,” she gasped as she began groping at her breasts and playing with her nipples. “Have to… get control…” She forced her hands away from her body and moved to stand but discovered she felt too weak to get up. “What did it do to me?” she whimpered, not accustomed to feeling so enfeebled without enduring a forced orgasm.

Archbaroness fell over, rolling onto her back. “Feel sleepy…” she whispered.

The sound of skittering helped shock her back awake, although she remained too weak to do much but pathetically try, and fail, to roll over. “Must get away,” she whined, wanting but unable to crawl away from the alien quickly coming for her.

She was only able to lift her head and look up just as it jumped towards her. The helpless heroine screamed and tried to get away from it, weakly lifting her legs to try and push herself back but all she managed to do was give the creature a clear target. It landed on her crotch, attaching itself there.

Archbaroness screamed again as she heard a hiss and felt a warm release of steam into her crotch. She screamed louder as she felt the vapors the creature had expelled into her crotch dissolve her costume there, exposing her pussy. It shifted up, its cock-tail lashing under its body and pressing its tip against her cunt.

She was so wet the alien appendage slid easily into her. She shuddered and arched her back as it entered her, hating how good it felt. It’s the goo it blasted in my mouth, she told herself. That’s the only reason this feels so good. The only reason I don’t want to fight it anymore, the only reason I want it to keep fucking me with its cock-tail!

But Archbaroness knew she was lying to herself. The mighty heroine had always enjoyed being fucked after being defeated, although she did all she could to hide this shameful secret from the world. The degradation of being used that way always got her uncontrollably hot, and being used by an alien creature was an intense degradation she’d never imagined enduring. It was too much and she began to cum almost as soon as the thing’s cock-tail began pumping her cunt.

“Noooooo,” she wailed, sobbing as the pleasure wracked her body.

“Do you see how the human seems to be growing weaker as she sexually climaxes?” the alien voice of The Game Master called out. “Most of these human superwomen are weakened when they cum. It is an interesting bit of biology that will surely lead to more of them becoming contestants in our games!”

Archbaroness whimpered, remembering her humiliation was being broadcast into multiple dimensions. Her mind flooded with the images of aliens of countless species jerking off to the sight of the creature fucking her, a degrading thought that only made her cum again and further weakened her.

She was barely holding onto consciousness and might have passed out to the pleasurable rhythmic pussy pounding if not for a sudden change. She felt something thick slamming into the outside of her cunt, a bulge had appeared in the creature’s cock-tail. Weakly, she lifted her head and saw that the two testicle-like sacks next to the base of the thing’s tail were now empty and deflated.

“No,” she gasped, trying to push herself up onto her arms and failing. The Pussy Hugger pressed tighter against her body and she realized it was trying to fuck the round things now in the cock-tail into her. “No,” she gasped again. “I will not be impregnated by some alien creature while perverted aliens watch!”

Even as she made her declaration the first of the round things were forced past her vaginal opening. She felt her insides floor with moisture as if it was cumming in her and knew the ball, or egg, had been deposited inside of her. A moment later the second was fucked into her as well.

The revulsion she felt pushed her over the edge and she came again, barely awake enough afterward to feel the Pussy Hugger pulling out of her and letting go of her body. As she struggled to remain conscious she concentrated on the sound of The Game Master’s alien voice.

“In case this is your first time seeing a Pussy Hugger in action I’ll explain what to expect next. The cum-like substance it ejaculated into the helpless human along with its two eggs will help alter her body as they incubate over the next few hours. She’ll soon pass out as the parasitic eggs hijack her body and steal nourishment to help them mature and grow. When they are nearly too big to still fit in her the goo controlling her body’s functions will induce labor and she’ll wake just as she ‘births’ the eggs.

“As you can see, the Pussy Hugger that has impregnated Archbaroness has lost all interest in her. It has doubled the number of its race and will now slink off, hiding as it recovers and produces two more eggs. But even after it does it will not return to Archbaroness. An individual Pussy Hugger will NEVER impregnate the same female twice.”

Knowing what was in store for her, Archbaroness lost her struggle to remain conscious but she heard one final, terrifying thing The Game Master said before passing out.

“Of course, other Pussy Huggers will still be interested in impregnating her!”



Here are the polls for what happens next:


What happens during the rest of this first challenge? (choose up to 3 options from this poll)

What will the main perverted antagonist of the next challenge be? (Choose up to 8 options from this poll)

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