New Entry for Untitled Archbaroness Poll Driven Story

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As she neared the ground Archbaroness could see it was a simple mugging. Nothing challenging, but getting to help an average citizen of Megatropolis is always a good warm-up, she thought.

Once on the ground Archbaroness had disarmed and knocked out the mugger practically before he realized she was there.

The woman she’d save was nearly in tears as she thanked her. “This city is lucky to have women like you protecting it,” she sobbed. “I don’t know what we’d do without you!”

Archbaroness smiled. “Neither do I. Luckily, no power in this universe could take me away from Megatropolis. I love it here and I’d do anything to protect it.” She started to open her mouth to say more but stopped, reeling back as a spell of disorientation overcame her.

“What’s wrong?” the woman asked.

“I don’t know…” Archbaroness replied, confused. “Something isn’t…” She interrupted herself with a moan and began rubbing her thighs together. “Can’t you feel that?” the superheroine whimpered to the woman.

“N-no!” she replied, starting to back away.

“In the air all around me!” Archbaroness moaned, reaching up and grabbing her large breasts. “Energy running through me… making me so hot!” Her nipples had become so painfully hard that she had to begin pinching and twisting them through her costume to try and relieve the intense sensation. “What’s happening!?”

The woman she’d just save screamed as she watched strange distortions in the air around Archbaroness appear. Sparking, pulsing energy erupted into life, swirling around the heroine and enveloping her in a cloud of glowing plasma. A moment later the swirling energy contracted then disappeared with a pop, all traces of Archbaroness gone!


* * *


It was the strangest thing Archbaroness had experienced till that point in her life. Somehow she knew innately that some strange, raw, sexually infused energy had pulled her through a crack in reality then sent her tumbling through the nothingness that existed between dimensions. It felt like she tumbled through that nothingness for both years and mere moments before being pulled through the walls of reality again.

She fell to her knees, panting and disoriented. Even as she struggled to focus her senses on the world around her she knew this reality was not the one she’d come from. “Different dimension…” she gasped.

“How very astute,” a strange alien voice echoed around her.

Archbaroness got to her feet, looking around for who, or what, was speaking to her. She was in a small room with metal walls and floors. There appeared to be nothing else in the empty room with her, nor could she see any doors. There wasn’t even any visible speaker for the voice to come from.

“Do not worry, mighty human champion, you will not be in the room for long,” the voice echoed around her.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”

“You can call me The Game Master, for that is what I am,” the alien voice replied. “As for where you are, well, that’s not easy to answer. Let us just say you are in a place I have complete control over, a kind of pocket dimension between all others where I broadcast my Great Games from!”

Archbaroness narrowed her eyes, wishing she knew where to point her glare. “I will not compete in whatever ‘game’ you intend me to be part of.”

“So astute! But I must apologize, you really have no choice. You will only be sent back to your home dimension AFTER you’ve completed all the challenges you’ll face. But know it is for a good cause. Your endeavors will be broadcast live to countless dimensions. During your time here you’ll entertain more beings than live in your entire dimension!

“Now prepare yourself, in just a moment you will be teleported to your first challenge. But I warn you, do not try to escape the ‘studio’ you find yourself in. And remember, you will not be able to move on to the next challenge, and get one step close to being allowed to return home, till you’ve accomplished this challenge!”

There’s a few polls this time as we set everything up!

When Archbaroness starts each of the encounters will she know what she needs to do to move on? (vote for up to 1 option in this poll)

How many encounters shall Archbaroness have to go through before she is allowed to go home? (vote for up to 1 options from this poll)

What will the main threat/antagonist of Archbaroness’ first encounter be? (vote for up to 6 options in this poll)

What is the challenge Archbaroness has to actually accomplish to move on from each encounter? (vote for up to 2 options in this poll)

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