Projects Update

Good hello everyone! Wanted to throw up a quick update on what projects I’m working on.
Opal Enchantress CHP – Because this has a more linear story, and because of what the plot is, I need to get the whole thing outlined before I start writing any of it. I’m about 50% done with that editing but the second half of the book is a little more complex so the rest of it might take a bit.
The Megatropolis Amazons Volume 3 – While I’m working on the outline for the CHP book I’m going to see if I can pound out the next book in this series. Right now I need to re-read the first two books to refresh my mind on everything, and I’ll do an editing pass on stuff while I’m doing that (hopefully there isn’t too much I’ve missed). I have like 2 full books of content fully outlined so it will be just a matter of properly writing all that out which hopefully won’t take to long.
Occasional Photomanips – Still going to try and do a batch of photomanips at least once a week, although I’ve been being able to write a LOT which feels so f’n good.

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