Project Shift

I’m preparing to take a week or to break from most things (will probably be doing some manips/captions and posting them every couple of days, though). I’m a little burnt out and need to recharge my creative energy, but I also need to step back and decide where my energy is best going to fit to actually be productive.

Regardless to what I work on when I pick back up again I am going to be taking a break from the poll driven stories for a while. The site I use to do the polls for the poll driven stories has made some updates recently and it now shows me IP address/country of each voter. I’ve noticed that whenever I post a story there is usually a flurry of 5-8 voters almost right away that tend to only vote for two options, all of them the same two options. These all have different IP addresses in different countries, but pretty much always vote for just the same two options and get logged right after each other which has me suspecting someone us using like a VPN or something to skew the poll results. I don’t really know what I could do about this or if I’m even right, but it does kind of suck seeing each poll get a ton of votes right away on just two options and seeing them remain ahead the rest of the poll’s run.

It’s pretty much ruined the enjoyment I get doing those kinds of stories and I need to step away from them for a while. Maybe I’m wrong and most people voting are only choosing two options and there is always just two options people like most, but that just doesn’t seem likely when I’m throwing 14+ options out. If I AM right and you’re the person doing this, please fucking stop when I return to those kinds of stories. You’re ruining part of the fun for both other readers AND for me.

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