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“I’ve traveled a long way too,” the man Silaedya was closest to said. “And after sampling the wares I’ve decided I want THIS one first,” he added, slapping Silaedya on the ass.

* * *

“This should be enough,” the man said, slamming a handful of coins down on a dresser in the bedroom Silaedya had led him to.

Silaedya quickly counted the coins in the pile then nodded. “Aye, ser, enough for all the time you’ll need. But,” she added, coming up to him and pressing her breasts into his chest, “I’m good at what I do,” she whispered as she slid her hand down the front of his pants. “I promise you won’t last long,” she told him, stroking him and giggling as she felt him harden in her hand.

She slipped her hand out and turned her back to him, opening a drawer in the dresser the pile of money sat on. The Elven whore turned around with a bubbling potion in her hand, holding it up for her client to see. “A few extra coins and you can have a swig of this virility potion. It will make you harder for longer and ensure when you do finally cum there will be ample seed.”

The last part was what excited Silaedya the most. The inn’s owner encouraged his girls to upsell the clients, but for Silaedya this potion was a way to help sate the magical curse she was burdened with: an addiction to being cum inside of.

“I know you’re just trying to upsell me, you wily whore, but what man with the coin for a swig of that potion could say no?” he asked, digging into his pocket and pulling out another handful of coins.

Once the extra money was on the nightstand Silaedya handed him the potion. Her eyes twinkling with eagerness as he swallowed a huge gulp. “You’ll be more than ready by the time I undress you,” she told him, barely containing her excitement.

A minute later the two were naked on the bed, their limbs intertwined. Silaedya fucked the man with the skill of a whore who both loved her job and who had fucked more men than she could count. The man, on the other hand, fucked her like a selfish brute who cared only for his own pleasure and who knew he didn’t need to even pretend otherwise because his partner was one he’d paid to be with.

Yet as unskilled as the man’s clumsy thrusting into her was, Silaedya managed to grow closer to climax with every push of his manhood into her. She could feel him getting closer to his release and that was what she desired most, to feel him explode within her.

He’s going to cum soon, she thought, feeling his body tense and his thrusting increase speed.

The man started to pull away from her. Panicked that he’d not cum inside of her she wrapped her limbs around him and held him tight with all her strength. “Please,” she whined, knowing she sounded like the pathetic addict she was, “in me. I NEED you to cum inside of me.”

“Gods yes,” he moaned as her begging pushed him over the edge.

Silaedya went limp, cumming as she felt his ample seed flood her insides. He kept fucking her, the virility potion ensuring he kept cumming for an unnaturally long time allowing him to pump enough cum into her that it overfilled her pussy.

His seed squelched messily and noisily out of her cunt as he thrust a few more times into her. Then, spent and exhausted, the man rolled off of her and fell asleep almost at once.

Silaedya, however, was far from done. She spread her legs wide open and dipped her fingers into her cunt, pressing the leaking cum back inside her and shivering in delight to have her addiction sated. She used her other hand to rub at her clit, coaxing another small orgasm from her body. A moment later she pulled her cum-covered fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean, savoring the taste and thinking about how her addictive curse had once been for the taste of cum before the goddess Lorallana had altered it.

It’s still so satisfying to taste cum, she thought, shivering in delight again as she kept playing with herself. But having it here is even better, she mentally added as she pushed the cum that had started leaking out of her cunt-hole back in.

* * *

Few men bothered to pay to spend the whole night with Silaedya. Most who came to the Fertile Angel Inn were there to stay for days or even weeks and were in no rush to spend the extra money to keep a whore in bed with them for their slumber.

Being allowed to return to her small, private bedroom for the night was something Silaedya always relished, at least if she’d gotten a fix for her addiction. As long as she’d had a man cum inside of her during the last half a day or so she would be content to be alone, for when she was alone she could pray to the goddess that had changed her life for the better.

As Silaedya knelt beside her bed, head bowed in prayer, her mind wandered back to that night her goddess Lorallana had freed her from her former life. She remembered the perverse card game she’d played with the old wizard Hadley. She remembered the way he’d used the game to crush her will, how in the end she’d disavowed her sister Protectors of the Voidforest and happily awaited the freeing of the ancient “evil” that they had worked to keep imprisoned there.

Only it hadn’t been evil. It was a goddess, a wonderful goddess who only wants to see the Elven races multiply and grow great again.

When Lorallana, Goddess of Elven Fertility, had been freed she’d appeared to those in the inn. She’d given her blessing to those present who deserved it and punished those who had earned her wrath. Silaedya had been both of those things, punished for helping keep the goddess imprisoned yet blessed with fertility because she was an Elve. It didn’t even matter that her Elven blood was diluted and that she was just a Common Elve. Lorallana had blessed her and by the end of the night Silaedya had been pregnant.

The child was gone now and she had yet to become pregnant again, something she grew more frustrated with every time a man finished inside of her. “My most precious goddess, Lorallana,” Silaedya whispered, “I pray to you tonight that you see fit the seed I’ve taken in my womanhood find root. I wish to show my faith in you by birthing another Elven child. I am a faithful Elve now, I wish only to help multiply the Elven race.”

A strange sensation came over Silaedya then. It felt as though the world around her was twisting and warping in response to her prayer. She opened her eyes and saw flitting lights dancing around her, some pulsing white some sparking red.

“Turn and stand,” a kind, lyrical feminine voiced said from behind her. Silaedya did as commanded, turning to see the glowing image of Lorallana standing in the room with her.

No, not standing. This is not the goddess in the flesh as the gods sometimes appear on Alaria. This is but a vision of her.

“You have done more to redeem yourself than any of the women that worked to keep me imprisoned. You are the only one who has truly taken my worship into your heart and soul. And that faith has helped, in some small way, to repair your broken mind which is something that has not happened to the others.”

Silaedya nodded. She knew all the whores who worked in the Fertile Angel Inn had once been her sister Protectors of the Voidforest, but it wasn’t something she thought about often.

“That faith shall be rewarded further than it already has been. But more than that it is time for you to, once more, take part in important events. Come closer, Silaedya, and kneel before me.”

“Of course, my goddess,” the Elven woman said, falling to her knees before the vision of her goddess.

She then felt the power of the goddess begin to flow into her, felt that power begin to change her. Her body was jerked up into the air and held there as divine power swirled around and into her.

Silaedya looked down as she felt heat spreading on her upper chest. She could see a blue runic tattoo being etched into her skin. She had no idea how to read the runes yet instinctively sensed they were a powerful fertility blessing of some kind.

Once the rune was fully etched into her skin it became a tattoo that glowed and pulsed with blue energy. She felt power radiating out from it, spreading through her body and changing who and what she was.

Her pale skin began to grow paler, slowly turning an icy-blue hue that made her look as though she would be cold to the touch, yet she was certain her skin would remain as warm as it had always been. As her skin changed color so did her long blond hair. It floated in the air around her, as if gravity no longer affected it. She could see the color drain from it till it was left vibrant white.

Then, as suddenly as it had all begun, it was over. Silaedya fell to the ground and Lorallana was gone. The only power that remained was what the goddess had left inside Silaedya, radiating into her from the blessed and glowing fertility tattoo on her chest.

She stood, looking at herself in a mirror, marveling at the physical changes she’d undergone and wondered what they meant.

Lorallana had said it was time for me to take part in important events again, but she didn’t say how or when…

What happens to Silaedya next? (Choose up to 7 options from this poll) poll closed working on new entry

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