New Poll Driven Untitled Silaedya Story

We now begin a new poll driven story featuring Silaedya, picking up some time after “A Game of Cards at the Growling Haven Inn”. You can find the first entry below the break. Also, I’ll be taking the previous story down soon and publishing it as an Ebook. 

“Jeeze, I’ll get embarrassed if you stare at me like that,” Silaedya said, her pale Elven features blushing as she coyly looked away from the man staring at her.

“Oh, now come on,” the man replied with a big grin as he looked her body up and down. “A hot young Elven beauty like you? Surely you are used to men looking at you this way. Or are you a new employee here at the Fertile Angel Inn?”

“You’re too kind, ser. But I am no new arrival. I’ve been here since the inn became what it is now. And even before it became this,” she said, waving at the main room full of men drinking and grabbing at scantily clad Elven whores acting as serving wenches. “I knew the old Growling Haven Inn well.”

The man’s eyes had glossed over once she began talking about the past. He’d nodded polity then reached out, grabbing her and pulling her towards him. Silaedya let out a mock scream then giggled girlishly as he grabbed her ass and groped one of her breasts.

“You’re such a sexy young Elven slut I can’t keep my hands off of you. Why don’t you bring me a drink that will make me think of your hot young body and maybe when it’s time for me to take a slut upstairs I’ll choose you.”

She pulled away, giggling again. “I know just the drink. I’ll bring you a ‘blushing bride’. It’s a peach-flavored liquor that will bring a delicate flush to your cheeks and remind all that see you of a blushing bride. Oh, no, do not react so, kind ser! Even the manliest and most heroic of warriors delight in a glass now and then.”

When she returned with the drink he took a small sip. His eyes lit up and he took a larger drink. “This IS good.”

“But she was right about your cheeks,” a nearby man said, laughing.

“Bah,” the drinking man replied. “If I must look like a blushing bride to enjoy such a drink so be it.” He grabbed Silaedya again just as she turned to move to another table. “The burning in my cheeks only makes me think of this young Elven maid once more. A man would be lucky to call you his bride.”

Silaedya giggled, flinging her long blond hair back and flirtatiously running a hand through it. “For the right price I COULD be your bride, for the night at least. But I must be honest, despite my looks I’m older than you’d think. And although I’ve never been any man’s bride I’m no maid and have even given birth.”

“So what you’re telling me is you’ve got a pair of big milf titties under here?” he asked, grabbing the front of her low-cut top and pulling it down.

She squealed and giggled as she let her large breasts spill out. A moment later she bent forward and moved side to side to gently slap him in the face with them. Silaedya then pulled back, reaching up and squeezing one as she aimed it at his face. A small jet of milk squirted from her nipple, splashing the man in his face.

“You could say that,” she giggled. “As you can see, I’m still lactating.” He doesn’t need to know I’ll always lactate and it has no connection to how recently or not I gave birth, Silaedya thought, her mind momentarily flicking back to the card game that changed her life.

“Fuck the goddesses! A lactating Elven slut? Can’t get better than that.”

A nearby man leaned over from his table and grinned. “What do you think brought me here?” he asked. “I’ve traveled over a month to reach this glorious brothel masquerading as an inn just to have a taste of milk-leaking Elven tit! Almost ALL these whores are lactating. Hell, half of ‘em are knocked up!”

“A lot of that nowadays,” another man proclaimed. “Wasn’t long ago a Human man, even a well-traveled one, could go their whole life without seeing a pregnant Elve.”

And I know exactly why, Silaedya thought before thinking a quick prayer to Lorallana, Goddess of Elven Fertility.

For new readers (or old ones who need reminding) this is how these polls work: the highest voted option on each poll will be used to determine what happens next. The more options there are the more choices you will be able to choose, that way you can vote for many options you want to see, not just one. Results will be hidden till the poll is closed and I start working on the next entry. I aim to get a new entry started every couple of days so don’t ever hesitate to vote!


Our starting point is rather simple and open ended. At some point I plan on tying the goddess Lorallana (Goddess of Elven Fertility) heavily into the story, but I don’t feel I need to force it. Wherever we end up going with the story I plan on it remaining focused on Silaedya and staying from her point of view. I also aim to keep entries short.

What happens next with Silaedya? (Choose up to 6 Options from this poll) poll closed, working on next entry

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