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Good hello everyone. I’m back after a short break but my output is probably going to stay low. My eyes are having issues that probably won’t get better (although I’m working to make the best of things) and going forward I’m going to need to restrict my time spent in front of a screen.

Since writing can be done in dark mode (which I’m finding is a lot easier on my eyes) I’m going to shift back to trying to get some regular writing done and anything I finish will get posted in some way for you to read. I’m going to start by continuing some projects I have started but don’t want to say which till I actually get something to post. These will almost certainly be fantasy stuff as I need a bit of a genre shift right now.

For visual projects I’m going to be cutting down how many projects I’m working on to just 3 comics and 2 “other” which are:

1) “Fucktoy Mansion” – This has been really well received and started as a custom so I want to at the very least finish the 1stissue. I don’t know if I’ll continue it past that, we’ll see how I’m doing when I get to that point.

2)  The Pink Obsession Comic – Of all the new stuff I started this is the one I’m most proud of and even if I drop everything else I’m going to keep plugging along at this one.

3) T.A.R.G.E.T. Experiments comic – Like the Fucktoy Mansion one this started as a custom and I want to keep it going for at least a little while. And since it gets done in small parts its not going to be hard to get a little bit done each month.

I also plan on working on two game/visual novel things. These will let me do some stuff that feels like one-offs when I have an idea I really want to do but package it all together. The heroine stuff I was doing as Psychia’s guide is going to be re-organized and I will hopefully have a very early, simple version to release publicly soon. If will contain content you backers will have seen (some of which will get posted soon). I am also going to tinker with a fantasy one, but the superheroine one will probably get more time put into it.

As for the photomanips I’m probably still going to do some but not as many and most will just get posted to my Discord.As always, I fully understand if any of you want to drop your level of backing or cut it all together. Hopefully my level of output will be a lot higher than I expect, but I want to try and set realistic expectations for me and you all.

  • EDIT

I’m taking a break for a few months for health.

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