Monthly Update

((I’m copy/pasting this from my Patreon/Subscribestar page))

Good hello, perverts! I’m writing this a little early so people can make a more informed decision on whether they want to keep backing in the coming month.

My output this month was not nearly where I wanted it to be. I have various health issues often have heavily affected the amount and type of smut I create and especially because of that history I like to try and be very transparent with my paying audience on what is going on and what to expect. This last month I had some med changes that really left my brain foggy and were knocking me out most of the day. I’m NOT on that med any more so hopefully May’s output will look a lot like March’s if not better.

I tried at one point this month seeing if I could render a full comic in one “sitting”. Although I got a lot of stuff rendered the experiment was not a success, so I am going to continue cycling through projects doing a little bit at a time with the aim of trying to get something new posted about five times a week.

I’m shelving two of my ongoing projects for the time being: The Breaking of Xanthippe and the Hypnotherapy one. I’m just not creatively in the right place for those and I’d rather use that creative time and energy getting more stuff I’m more excited done. Eventually I’ll come back to them, but if you are here for either of those two be aware there won’t be anything new for a while.

I’m continuing all the Heroines Perilous World stories I’ve been working on and might add a couple new stories to the mix. But again, my goal is to be doing smaller but more frequent updates to everything.

Although none of it has made it all the way through the creative pipeline yet you are all going to start seeing some new one-off/not long form stuff. I’ve had a lot of little ideas I’ve wanted to toy with without having to commit to a full story, as well as using them as an excuse to use all the newer models I’ve worked on. But these aren’t going to be exactly like the one off stuff I’ve done in the past. When I go and look at jumble of one-off stuff I used to do I just… want to do better. For those who weren’t around when I was doing most of that I was mostly writing them with the visual stuff as a side thing. Those one off pics were not meant to be the “main show”. Now that the comics ARE my main show I want them to be better and make a LOT more sense.

So any new one-off stuff is going to look and feel a bit different. I’m going to try stitching together any new one-off stuff with a visual novel game creator. My hope is to have this “game” play out kind of like a visual encyclopedia of heroine smut and very short story snippets. I don’t want this to turn into another game I’ll never finish, but rather a framing device to fit all these little ideas into so they aren’t just random bits.

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