General Update & Subscribestar Return

Good hello fellow perverts! As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I suffered an injury and for a while lost functional use of a hand. I’m still going through PT and need to keep my typing to a minimum, which means I’m not going to be trying to write any ebooks for a while.

As use of my hand has returned I’ve been busy working on photomanips (check out my Discord to see them), but I’m hoping to do more. I’ve decided for at least the next few months I’m going to lean back into working on the CG comics.

My Patreon is still up and it is still a great way to show support of my smutty creations, but I am unable to actually post content directly to the feed. With that in mind I have re-activated my Subscribestar account, where I CAN post things directly to the feed. My plan is to post new stuff there, then at the start of a new month be slowly posting that new content other places such as my discord.

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