New Ebook Release “The Cam Girl’s Secret”

A brand new Ebook is up on Amazon and ready for you all to get your pervy little hands on. It is exclusive to Amazon, but if you are a Kindle Unlimited member it’s “free” for you.

Izzy has lived a life of plentiful and abundant sexual relationships with men and women, knowing from personal experience how enthusiastic those who are into her body type can be: thick from top to bottom. But it’s her breasts that draw instant attention.

After spending years of her life having to get used to every man and woman staring at them she decided why not make them pay? She’s been a cam girl for years now, with a loyal following obsessed with her overlarge breasts that provide a comfortable living.

She’s even settled down with a partner she hopes to spend the rest of her life with. The problem is that Emily is not very comfortable with the fact Izzy is bi. But since they hope to spend the rest of their lives in a committed relationship it isn’t a problem. Izzy doesn’t even cam for men anymore!

Or does she?

Izzy has a secret, one that she fears would ruin things between her and her beloved Emily. She has allowed Emily to think she only cams for women, amazed her partner doesn’t realize how unbelievable that is. But it’s a secret Emily isn’t likely to find out. She’s supportive of Izzy’s career, but not very interested in it.

Emily will never find out the truth, not unless someone tells her.

That’s where Alden comes in. He’s the slightly older, handsome man that’s just moved into the apartment next to theirs. When greeting him Izzy sees a flash of recognition in his eyes. Could he know her secret? No… of course not. Unless… he’d moved into the apartment a day earlier than she thought and heard the conversation she’d had on the deck about it.

Izzy will do anything to keep her secret. ANYTHING.

What starts as a desperate attempt to keep Emily from finding out the truth about Izzy’s work will quickly turn into something more, something that leads Izzy to discover secrets about herself she didn’t expect to discover.

This 19,000+ word one-handed read contains content of graphic sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only!

If you can’t tell by the description, this one is a little different from stuff I’ve written recently. It’s almost fully grounded in reality with the only fantastic element being an exaggeration of a medical condition. There isn’t any mind control, but the DOM/sub relationship hits pretty much all of the same notes.


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