In the Pipeline!

I haven’t gotten to post anything in a while and just wanted to put a quick post to let everyone know where I’ve been/what I’m up to now.

I had to move fairly suddenly and it required going somewhere that my stuff took a while to get to. I’ve got my computer and internet up and running again and going forward I’m going to have a LOT more time to put towards working on smutty projects. I’m going to be trying to work a balance between getting half finished projects done and getting a steady flow of work out.

Right now, as I get my creative muscles back in shape, I’m working on a lot of new photomanips. They get posted a few different places but your best bet to catch the most of them is my Bdsmlr. I alternate posts between new things and reposts. Stuff is auto queued to post every few hours, so check back every day or two to check new stuff out!

Writing wise I’ve been putting more work into the Wasteland Slut choose her peril story I’ve been working on here and there for years. I have no idea if I’ll actually get it finished this pass through at it, but when it is finished it will be hands down the largest, most complex interactive fiction I’ve ever done.

I’ve also been putting a little work into the Brain Master visual novel game. Hopefully I’ll have an update to post in the next few weeks, but its the project I’ve currently been struggling the most with getting work done. But as I get my creative muscles back that should hopefully change soon!

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