Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

You;ll find the final entry of this story below the break! If you want to read the story in its entirety go HERE. It will remain up in the free section till it’s packaged in a future volume of Alarian Tales of Perversion.

Vicelor felt Eldrida’s body tense under him as she contemplated her fate. She quivered and moaned. Her cunt tightened around his cock every time he thrust into her. And then, finally, she made her decision. “The fourth one,” Eldrida said, her body going limp and her voice filled with utter demoralized defeat. Vicelor slapped the chosen card on the table while throwing the others to the side then leaned into the young Human, grabbing her by the midsection and slamming hard into her one last time. Once his manhood he was buried balls deep in her he grunted and filled her with his seed.

The Enchanted Duelist’s Deck glowed with red energy, pulsing then shooting out into the two of them. Vicelor grunted and moaned in pleasure as the magic of the deck extended his orgasm. As his pleasure stretched on Eldrida whimpered, her body growing limper every moment. Vicelor felt what was happening and so did Eldrida: the Elf’s extended orgasm was draining the young Human girl off all independent thought in her mind, robbing her of her agency and turning her into a thing that would happily remain a devoted slave.

The game was over. The woman young Eldrida had been was gone. All that was left was a devoted servant, one eager to pleasure her new master with her enlarged breasts.

Although the game had ended the deck protected Vicelor and his new slave for a few more minutes. They were both able to clean themselves up and dress while the deck continued to hold the party of adventurer’s at bay outside the small treasure room.

Once ready to leave Vicelor had a moment of doubt. How would he get past the rest of the party? How would he explain their time in the treasure room alone? He could lie… but he feared Eldrida would make that much harder than it should have been. They would notice the changes in her body and they would certainly be alarmed by her new subservient attitude.

Vicelor looked to the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck, watching its cards float back into the ornate box along with the now empty crystals. The lid began to close and he feared the field holding the party at bay would disappear the moment the lid sealed. To his great surprise, it didn’t. Instead, a portal opened up next to the small table he’d used his magic to create when they began their game.

“Thank you,” Vicelor said to the deck as he grabbed it from the table and stashed it safely into a pocket. “Come, Eldrida, we must be off.” He turned and jumped through the portal, confident his devoted servant would follow.

As soon as the portal closed the table Vicelor had magicked into existence disappeared. A moment later the field holding the party of adventurers at bay dissolved.

They rushed into the small room, their weapons drawn. They had been worried about their fellow party members. They feared the two had set off some sinister trap of encountered one final guardian of the treasure horde. What they found was a small room full of treasure and no sign of their two partners.

The grouped searched the dungeon for days of any sign of Vicelor and Eldrida. They searched the area surrounding the dungeon for a week. They traveled to the last town they had visited on their adventures and continued their search for even a hint of what had happened to the two. They never found a single clue, never even heard a rumor of the two. With nothing to go on the group soon moved on, the mystery something they shared over ale in dimly lit taverns.


Sometime Later


“I gave up the life of an adventurer about, oh, three years ago now?” Vicelor said as he sipped some Elven wine before placing the golden chalice on a small table beside his throne. He directed his question not at the man standing before him in his audience hall but at the figure kneeling before him. “Does that sound about right?”

The woman on her knees peered up at him and thought about his question. She was topless and was pressed up between Vicelor’s legs. His robes hung open and his manhood was exposed to her. She, in turn, had her large breasts wrapped tightly around his Elven cock and had been bouncing them up and down to pleasure him. She’d only stopped when he’s asked his question, pondering the answer for a moment.

“Almost three years to the day,” she replied. Her voice was filled with ecstatic joy as she continued to answer him. “It was the day my life truly began, the day I became your devoted titty-slut!”

The expression of devotion on her face as she spoke was not something one normally saw on a Human. Something about the gleam in her eyes made her look more animal than Human. She looked up at her master with the same devotion a dog gave its master.

Vicelor took a moment to appreciate that look then patted her on the head and told her, “Good girl. Now get back to your task.”

The man standing before Vicelor smirked as he saw the Human girl had returned to pleasuring her master with her breasts. “The girl must have been central to your decision to retire from that life,” he said. He was an astute man and the assumptions he was making were fairly accurate. “Perhaps a parting ‘gift’ from the group of adventures you had been traveling with?”

Vicelor nodded. “A perfect way to describe her,” he answered. “Of course, I gained other treasures the day I claimed her. That, however, is something you surely already know.”

The man nodded, his eyes glancing at the wand resting on the arm of Vicelor’s throne. “Oh yes,” he said, “the wand of Vicelor. All in the region knows of its power. Some say the wand corrupted you, that it made you into what you are today. That it is responsible for turning you into the cruel man that rules over this small fiefdom so firmly.”

“Evil some call me,” Vicelor said with a shrug. “Happy I call myself. I’ve power, why not use it? This life is one I enjoy so much more than the life of an adventurer.”

“I’ve seen as much,” the man replied. “I’ve seen how your subjects fear you, how the power you wield and the wealth you’ve amassed have bought their loyalty. But not her, not your most faithful of servants.”

Vicelor narrowed his eyes. “Why so many questions about the girl? I was under the impression you were a trader of rare magical items.”

“Indeed I am,” he replied with a wide grin. “And I’ve long been tracking one particular kind of rare magical item. A powerful item that leaves a certain linger taste of perversion where it’s been used. I sense it in her and I am now certain it is in your possession. A deck. An ancient deck that allows two people to play a very special kind of game.”

Vicelor’s hands moved to his wand, his fingers wrapping around it.

The man held up a hand. “No need to fear, I am no thief. I come to purchase or trade, not to steal. I’ve many items in my possession you’d be interested in and riches that even you might desire.”

“If I have the item you think I have what makes you think I’d be willing to part with something that powerful?”

“Because I know these decks. I see you are a happy man, a content man. The Enchanted Duelist’s Decks do not work for happy and content men. It has worked its wonders for you and it is ready to move on, to find a new owner so that it can spread its perverse corrupting touch. I only wish to help the deck accomplish its goals.”

Vicelor was silent for a long time, looking appraisingly at the man before him and running his hands through his devoted titty-servant’s white hair as she construed to pleasure his cock with her breasts. “You are more than you seem, ser,” he finally said. “And you know what you speak of. Yes, the deck has not worked for me since the day I gained this,” he said, patting the woman kneeling at his feet on the head. “I can’t even open the damn box.”

The man took a step closer to Vicelor’s throne. “The deck found you. The deck gave you what you wanted in exchange for helping it get to this place. And now it’s ready to move on, to find a new owner so that it can continue to spread The Corruption.”

Vicelor had no idea what the man was talking about and didn’t really care to understand. The deck was useless to him. He’d thought maybe its magic had been spent when he’d used it but now he saw that was not true. It was time he passed the item along. It was time the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck found a new owner.

“I’ll sell the deck,” he finally said. “And once it is yours?”

The man smiled. “That I cannot say. These decks, they aren’t used by us mortals, we are used by THEM. It shall decide where it goes and whose lives it changes, not me.”



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