Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing Of Otyx”

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* * *


The breakfast the three ate was simple but enjoyable, as it had been every day since they had begun their secluded life together. The three ate in silence, both women thinking about the fact this meal would be their last in their cabin.

“Our time in the wilderness is over,” Otyx had declared. “We will leave this place today. I need to be near more people. I need new worshipers.”

And just like that their peaceful life was over.

After the meal was finished the two women did what they could to prepare themselves for the journey out of the wilds.

The first thing they needed to take care of was their lack of clothing: the three couldn’t simply walk into a village nude. Neither woman had worn clothing since leaving the dungeon, something they knew had to change so Ryvlull used her magic to form clothing for the three of them.

Forming the clothing was easy, hiding their physical peculiarities was not. There would be no way to hide Otyx and Eiael’s wings, they were just too large. Fashioning some kind of cloak to cover them seemed like a useless effort, for the unknown bulk would draw just as much attention as the exposed wings. Ryvlull ended up fashioning their tops so that the back was open, allowing their wings total freedom.

The next challenge was the two women’s breasts. Their size was unmistakably unnatural and magical in nature: any normal woman would have struggled to even stand with breasts that big and heavy. Through Otyx’s blessing the two were able to stand as if that weight didn’t exist, but this would only make the magical nature of their breasts more obvious.

Eventually, Ryvlull simply accepted there would be no hiding their breasts. She also discovered, after donning her first attempt at clothing for them, that both she and Eiael felt immensely uncomfortable when their breasts were covered up in any way. She altered their outfits so that their clothing left as much cleavage visible as she thought they could get away with.

With their outfits made and their meager supplies gathered the trio said goodbye to their home and left its steps, aware that they would probably never return.


* * *


They had followed the road Ryvlull had taken to get to the dungeon, going back the way she’d come all those years ago. There were larger settlements far down the road but before they reached any of those there would be a few inns spread about a day’s distance apart on horse. On foot it would take them a few days of travel to go between the inns but luckily the nearest was close enough for them to reach that day.

Darkness had already fallen by the time they reached it. The inn was not large or fancy but it was busy. As they stood outside watching from a distance they could hear the voices of those in the common room; boisterous laughter and muffled conversation.

“I haven’t been around this many people since I left to enter the dungeon,” Ryvlull said, her voice shaking.

“I’ve never met anyone other than you too,” Eiael added, sounding afraid.

Ryvlull turned to her and saw the fear on her lover’s face. Have I ever seen her show fear before?

“Neither have I,” Otyx said, his voice perfectly calm. “But I am eager to change that. Come, we will enter now.”

He started to take the lead but Ryvlull reached out and gently placed a hand on his shoulder. “You should let me lead,” she told him. “We want to seem as normal as possible…”

Then, with Ryvlull in the lead the three moved to enter the front door of the inn.



What happens after the three enter the inn? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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