Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

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“So satisfying,” he sighed, watching Eldrida slump down onto the table.

Across the table his cards lifted up into the air and began floating towards him, a new card from the deck joining them. “I guess it’s my turn,” he said happily. As the cards floated towards him he realized the deck was trying to tell him something. He opened his senses and connected with the magic of the deck, letting it speak to him.

He had planned on dragging the game out as long as he could, thinking the deck’s magic would make it possible for the game to last days. He was realizing it wasn’t to be. He was starting to grow tired and it seemed the deck was too. He didn’t need to look at the cards to know that they had all been altered so that now, no matter which of the four in his hand he used, the game would be over with his next play.

Accepting this, and wanting the game to end in the most glorious way possible, he held off on grabbing his hand out of the air.

Instead, he grabbed Eldrida. He lifted her up and turned her body over, tossing her up onto the table face up. He pressed her down onto her back and grabbed her legs and spread them open. She put up no resistance, so beaten down by perversion that she let him do as he pleased.

He grabbed his cock and lined it up with her pussy. Once his tip was in her he let go of his dick and grabbed the girl’s legs, holding them up as he entered her.

Eldrida shivered and moaned, pressing her head back into the table and looking up at the cards floating above her head. “W-what is happening?” she asked.

“It’s my turn,” he replied as he started fucking her, moving in and out of her pussy with slow smooth moves of his hips. For a few moments he watched her tits jiggle and bounce as he fucked her, reveling in the gross way they looked almost deflated after her milking. When he finally let go of her legs he reached out and grabbed the cards out of the air.

After quickly reading through the four cards he grinned down at Eldrida as he continued to fuck her. “No matter which card I play I will win and our game will be over,” he told her.

She shook and moaned. “You are telling the truth?” she moaned as he kept fucking her.

The look on her face was pathetic, it was clear to Vicelor that she WANTED to believe he was telling the truth. For a moment he wished he wasn’t, wished to see how much it would break her if he’d been lying and the game kept going.

“I’m telling the truth,” he huffed as he thrust into her. “Any of my cards will end the game. But which to play?”

He kept fucking her as he grabbed one of the floating cards and looked at its text. “This one will end the game by sending you to another dimension where you will be made immortal but forced to endure thousands of years of sexual torment before you are returned to Alaria.”

Eldrida gasped, then gasped louder as Vicelor slammed hard into her. “What, you think the cost to gain immortality to high? Well, there are three other cards.”

He put the first card back and grabbed the next one out of the air. “This card will make your breasts double in size and grow ten times as sensitive. For the game to end I’ll need to titfuck many orgasms out of you. And from the number suggested here I fear your mind might break from the ordeal.”

Eldrida moaned and whimpered in response, reaching up to grab her breasts protectively.

“Well, if that is not to your liking how about this one,” he said, putting the second card back and grabbing the third. Before he read it he slapped her hands away from her breasts. “I want to see them shaking and jiggling while I keep fucking you,” he barked.

“Now this one would be a true delight for me! When I play it the card will make your udders bigger and make them produce even more milk! The game won’t end till I’ve managed to milk your teats dry, but the card suggests the task will be a very hard one and that your udders might produce milk faster than I’ll be able to express it out!”

This time he didn’t wait for a response. He quickly put the card back and drew the last one. “And finally we have one different from the others. This card will end the game without any further sexual acts.” He waited for a moment till a glimmer of hope crept into Eldrida’s eyes. “But the cost is a heavy one. The deck will magically bind you to me as my ‘devoted titty-slave’ for the rest of your life!”

He laughed as he saw the glimmer of hope in her eyes die. “All such perversely humiliating endings to our game. So which will it be? Which will I choose?”




Which card does Vicelor end the game with?

The next entry will end the story. What project will I replace this story with in my rotation of projects? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)


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