Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

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“Very good, my loyal worshipers,” Otyx told them, sighing in post-orgasmic bliss. “You’ve done an exceptional job today. I think I shall reward you.”

The two women pulled apart, sticky cum dripping from their chins and their breasts.

“Which of us shall receive your blessing first?” Ryvlull asked.

Otyx looked from one woman to the other. Ryvlull was visibly eager and excited while Eiael looked apprehensive and turned away from his gaze when he looked to her.

“Eiael shall be the first to receive her reward,” Otyx said as he got up from the bed. He held his still hard cock in one hand, stroking it lightly and using the cum dripping from it as lube.

Ryvlull slid off the bed and stood nearby, impatiently waiting for her turn. Meanwhile, Eiael got up on all fours then repositioned herself so that her ass was above the edge of the bed. Once in position she stretched her wings out slightly, pressing them down onto the bed so that they would not get in Otyx’s way.

Her expression was still one of apprehension. Ryvlull watched her lover’s face, wishing it didn’t have to be this way every time Otyx bestowed his blessing on them. Eiael was happy to worship Otyx with her mouth and hands and breasts, but when it came time to let him enter her with his manhood she always came close to telling him ‘no’. So far she never had, but Ryvlull always worried this would be the time and worried what Otyx’s response would be.

Otyx was caressing the Angel’s pussy, rubbing his fingers up and down through her fleshy folds. Eiael looked at first repulsed by the fingers on her most intimate place but as the moments passed her expression lightened and her cheeks began to blush. The skill of the youth’s hands was undeniable.

All signs of unhappiness disappeared from Eiael the moment Otyx entered her. At first as he began slowly fucking her, standing at the edge of the bed and keeping tight hold of her curvaceous back end, her expression was one devoid of all emotion. Before long, however, the woman began to warm to the feel of her god’s cock inside of her.

Ryvlull watched as Eiael arched her back, pulling her head up as high as she could. Although it couldn’t be seen, thanks to her wings pressed down on the bed on either side of her, Ryvlull knew that Eiael had done this so that her huge breasts could move more freely below her. As Otyx fucked her harder and harder her breasts would swing and jiggle more, a sensation Eiael enjoyed immensely especially when their motion made them rub against the sheets of the bed.

Once Eiael began to moan in pleasure her features became more animated. The closer she got to climax the more like herself she seemed.

Ryvlull could tell they were both nearing their climax. It was always like that with him, cumming together. Ryvlull didn’t know why it was that way but she suspected it was thanks to Otyx’s control of the world around him.

Otyx growled with carnal hunger, bending over Eiael’s body and grabbing her wrists. He pulled them back, lifting her body higher off the bed as he pounded her harder. She let out deep gasps of pleasure every time he slammed into her back end, her eyes rolling up into her head as she began to cum. Otyx joined her and together they moaned in the ecstasy of sexual release.

As Otyx let go of Eiael and pulled out of her he smirked at the sight and of his seed flowing out of her pussy. “My blessing has been bestowed upon you, Eiael the faithful.”

The Angel rolled off the bed, wrapping her black feathered wings around her as she stood. Once on her feet she unfurled her wings from around her body and stretched them wide. She glowed with renewed vibrancy and began to float a few inches of the ground. Otyx’s blessing had infused her with power that would take a full day to dull.

It was Ryvlull’s turn now. Otyx sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back and nodding for the Night Elf to come to him. Eagerly she moved to him, climbing up onto his lap and straddling his body with her legs. She lowered herself onto his hard shaft, shuddering in pleasure as it entered her. Ryvlull sat in his lap facing him, wrapping her arms around his small frame and pressing her huge blue breasts into his naked chest. She held him tight and started bouncing her ass up and down, working his cock with her pussy.

Otyx willed his dick to grow thicker inside of her, pushing it to the limit of what Ryvlull’s body could handle. She let out a long shuddering moan of overwhelmed pleasure, holding him tighter as she fucked him. He reached around her body and slapped her ass then grabbed hold of it, helping lift her body every time she bounced up his cock.

By the time she neared climax she was almost in tears from the pleasure she felt. She was shaking, holding off as long as she could before she came.

“With me,” Otyx whispered to her. Together they came, Ryvlull slamming her pussy down his cock one last time and clenching her cunt tightly around it. She reveled in the feel of his manhood pulsing, in the pressure of his seed shooting into her and feeling the little space remaining around his overgrown cock filling almost instantly with cum.

“My blessing has been bestowed upon you,” He said with a satisfied sigh.

Ryvlull was exhausted. She rolled off of him and collapsed on the bed beside him, grinning with contented bliss. She too now glowed with renewed vibrancy and when she opened her eyes they shimmered with bright orange light. The winds of magic came flowing into her till the magical might within her was almost bursting.

Both women felt renewed. The sense of change still hung about them but now they felt confident they would be able to face whatever was coming their way with the power of their god within them.



What happens next now that their morning prayers are done? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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