Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

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As soon as her hands reached her pussy she began jilling off, acting on pure instinct. With one hand she began rubbing her clit, three of the fingers of her other hand plunging deep into her wet hole. She finger-pounded herself as hard as she could, pushing herself into climax almost at once.

The orgasm washed through her body and up into her mind, bringing relief unlike any she had ever experienced. She kept fingering herself, coaxing the orgasm to continue as long as she could make it last. When it had run its course her hands fell from her sex and she sighed in relief. The mental pressure to jill off had been maddening intense and only after being relieved of it did she understand just how strong it had been.

But with her mind clear she became aware of how full her breasts still felt. Her nipples were no longer spraying milk, only a small steady trickle of the white liquid dripped from them. Yet they remained so full there was still painful pressure built up in them. As her mind had cleared of the need to get off it had only made room for the maddening fullness her breasts felt.

Every second that passed left her feeling as though the pressure inside of her breasts was only increasing. The pain and discomfort were maddening. The unwanted change to her body was maddening. The helplessness if made her feel was maddening. The madness brought her mind to a screeching halt, leaving her unable to think clearly enough to figure out a way to solve the issue.

“Help me,” she whined pathetically. “My breasts… to full! The pain, it’s driving me mad!” She was too addled minded to understand that Vicelor was the only person that could hear her. In her frantic mind she was begging for help from ANYONE but in reality it was only Vicelor that would be able to respond.

Which he did, with great glee.

“I’ll be more than happy to help,” he said as he stood and walked around the table to where Eldrida sat. “I know exactly how to cure what ails you, how to lessen the discomfort your breasts must be giving you.”

“Yes,” she gasped, wincing in discomfort. “Please, do whatever you must!”

“You must stand,” he told her.

She groaned in discomfort, grabbing her breasts after rising to her feet. “Please, do what you must and do it fast!”

“I will. But on one condition: you must let me fuck you as I do.”

She paused for only a moment before answering. “Fine! Do as you wish, just please, help me!”

He grabbed hold of her and bent over with her hands braced on the table. “Stand like this, keeping your breasts hanging below you so I can empty them.”

She was panting, droplets of milk falling from her nipples. “Please, now, drain them!”

Vicelor laughed. “The cow begs for her milking.”

She balked at what he’d called her but a moment later was whimpering pathetically. “Call me what you will, just please begin!”

“In one moment,” he told her, grabbing hold of his cock and stroking it as it grew hard. He took a step back, staring at her back end. “Oh yes, we can begin very soon.”

Once he was hard he stepped closer, grabbing her small perky ass and spreading her cheeks open. He then grabbed his cock and aimed it at her cunt as he pressed into her backside.

She moaned as he rubbed his cockhead against her pussy then moaned louder as he slid into her.

“Dirty little perverted cow,” he told her, “all wet and horny as she waits to be milked!”

Eldrida sobbed. “Don’t call me that… Please just milk my breasts!”

He pressed deep into her, wrapping his arms under her body to grab her hanging breasts where they met her chest. “Only cows beg to be milked,” he said as he squeezed the base of her breasts then worked his hands towards her nipples.

Eldrida moaned and shook, thick jets of milk spraying out of her nipples.

“What a dirty whore of a cow you are. You just came from being milked, didn’t you?”

She gasped then moaned then sobbed. “Don’t stop. Keep milking me!”

Vicelor started fucking her as he moved his hands up to the base of her breasts again. Once more he worked down their dangling length, expressing more milk out of her. As the milk sprayed out of her nipples her body convulsed wildly, the milking making her cum so intensely her legs almost gave out under her.

“What a pathetic sow you are,” Vicelor said with gleeful cruelty as he fucked and milked her. “Your cow cunt is loving this. Every time I squeeze your teats to work more of the milk out your cunt squeezes my cock. Perhaps as I milk your udders your pussy is eager to milk my cock?”

“N-n-no! I didn’t want you to fuck me,” she whined.

“Liar,” Vicelor barked back quickly, slamming into her backside hard to punctuate the word. “You practically begged me to fuck you if it meant I’d milk your cow tits. No card is making this happen, you’ve CHOSEN to let me use you as I milk your teats dry.”

“N-n-no,” she sobbed then gasped in pleasure as he started milking her again. “I had n-n-no choice!”

“Liar,” he barked again. “You wanted this. Admit it or I’ll stop.” As he said this he let go of her breasts, grabbing hold of her waist and pulling his cock nearly out of her.

“Fine!” she howled. “I wanted it, I WANT it! Fuck me, ram your big elven cock deep inside me and fuck me till you fill me with your seed. Don’t stop till you’ve milked me dry!”

Vicelor slammed back into her, his cock pushing deep into her cunt. As he did he began squeezing her tits again, expressing as much milk out of her as he could. Getting her to say she wanted this had nearly pushed him over the edge. He kept pounding her, rocketing towards climax. He came just as the milk being squeezed from her nipples started to run dry. He grunted happily, giving them one last pulling squeeze before letting go and taking a step back, admiring the sight of his cum dripping out of her pussy as soon as his cock fell free of it.



What happens next in Vicelor and Eldrida’s perverse card game? (Choose up to 7 options from this poll)

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