Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

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* * *


Ryvlull smiled and moaned happily as the feel of Eiael’s hand slowly caressing her side woke her from sleep. The Angel moved in closer to Ryvlull, pressing her huge breasts up against the Night Elf’s bare back.

“Good morning, my dearest,” she whispered into Ryvlull’s ear.

“Any morning I get to wake to the feel of you next to me in bed is a good morning,” Ryvlull replied with her eyes still closed.

“Let’s make it an even better morning,” Eiael replied, placing a hand on the side of Ryvlull’s bare ass then gently running it up her side. Her hand shifted, wrapping around her body to find Ryvlull’s massive blue breasts. Eiael began caressing them, slowly tickling her partner’s sensitive flesh with the tips of her fingers.

When Eiael’s fingers reached one of Ryvlull’s nipples the Night Elf moaned and pressed back into Eiael, rolling over slightly. Eiael took the hint and kept her fingers focused on Ryvlull’s nipple. She ran her fingertips in circles around her areolas, waiting for them to pebble in response. Then, continuing to move her fingers in circles, slowly moved in closer to the nub of her nipple.

It was already hard when her fingers reach it. She gentle pinched it then rolled it between her fingertips. Ryvlull moaned softly in pleasure. Eiael nuzzled her face into Ryvlull’s neck, continuing to play gently with her nipple.

Ryvlull rolled over a bit more till she was laying flat on her back. One of her hands began to snake down the Angel’s body, her fingers tracing the rises and falls of the woman’s naked body. As her hand moved ever southward she turned and kissed Eiael. Their kisses were soft at first but the longer their lips remained in contact the more passionate and sloppy they become.

The moment Ryvlull’s hand found Eiael’s pussy the Angel moaned and rolled over, spreading her legs wide open for her partner. Ryvlull’s nimble blue fingers caressed and rubbed at her sex, her fingertips eventually easing into her partner’s moist folds.

Eiael shifted, lifting her body slightly to tuck her wings under her then laying on her back as well. Her hand left Ryvlull’s nipple and quickly moved down her partner’s body. Ryvlull spread her legs open in anticipation, wrapping a leg around one of Eiael’s.

Soon both women lay side by side, legs intertwined as they fingered each other. They turned their heads and leaned in so they could keep kissing. They moaned and wiggled as their fingers worked each other’s pussies with the practiced skill of years spent together.

“Cum with me,” Ryvlull gasped, pulling her mouth away from Eiael’s for just long enough to say the three words.

She plunged her fingers deep into Eiael’s sopping wet hole, curling them up to rake the insides of her pussy. The Angel moaned and arched her back, beginning to cum at the same time Ryvlull did.

They fingered each other and kissed passionately as they each rode the waves of sexual climax. As their orgasms began to fade they slipped their fingers out of each other, turning and rising onto their knees. Ryvlull had to get up higher on her knees than Eiael as both their breasts were so large that pressed together they would not be able to kiss. Once Ryvlull’s massive breasts rested on the top of the Angel’s equally massive breasts she leaned down and licked Eiael’s face before kissing her again.

Eiael reached around her partner’s body and grabbed her small, firm ass cheeks. She groped them, digging her nails into their blue flesh. Ryvlull hissed in pain and delight, pulling her mouth away from Eiael’s for just a moment. “I love you so much,” she said before leaning back in and jamming her tongue into her partner’s mouth.

“I love you too,” Eiael said between passionate, sloppy kisses. She stretched her wings out then wrapped them around Ryvlull’s body, pulling her in closer.

“Our little hiding place,” Ryvlull whispered as they kissed in the privacy provided by the Angel’s wings wrapped around them. They kissed one final time before Eiael unfurled her wings. They pulled apart, each moving to the opposite side of their bed.

“That was lovely,” Eiael said happily. “But now it is time for our morning prayers.”

As they rose from the bed Ryvlull looked at Eiael, smiling. “You look as excited as I feel.”

Eiael nodded. “I look forward to the morning prayers as much as I look forward to waking up next to you. I need both but each plays a very different part in my heart.”

As they left their bedroom they held hands. “As with most things, we are of the same thought.” She stopped, holding Eiael’s hand tightly and holding her back. “But tell me, have you had a sense of change coming?”

The Angel furrowed her brow. “Yes,” she said bluntly, “but Otyx hasn’t. Why bring this up now?”

Ryvlull shrugged. “Things can’t go on like this forever. If he ever wishes to attain proper godhood again he’ll need more than just the two of us praying to him. Perhaps we need to work harder to make him see that.”

“Perhaps,” Eiael replied, “but now is not the time. Come, he’ll be expecting us.”

They opened the door into Otyx’s room and saw the youth lying in bed, still sleeping. He was naked and on his back, his black wings under his body. He never used a blanket when he slept for he never seemed to feel the cold or heat of the world.

The two women stood for a moment, staring at the slumbering boy. As always they felt his presence as soon as they saw him, felt the power within in radiating out into the world near his body. It made both of their hearts swell with devotion.

Together they turned to face each other and bowed, touching their heads together and mutter the words to a prayer. “May Otyx bless us. May he enlarge our life, our spirits, and the pleasure we seek.” No one had taught them the words. They had never discussed them. The words simply felt natural and correct.

With their spoken prayer finished they turned and climbed up onto the bed. Otyx shifted, moaning slightly as their presence on the bed disturbed his sleep. They’d done this nearly every morning since beginning their lives together in the small cabin. They knew before he woke they’d need to wake his manhood.

They took up positions on either side of him, each leaning in and resting their breasts on one of his legs. They then leaned in close to his manhood, staring at it with religious reverence. They moved their faces closer to it, breathing heavily on it. They stared as it began to swell, growing thicker, feeling his spiritual presence swell as his manhood swelled.

“I do love the look on your faces when you savor the moments spent with your god,” Otyx said sleepily as he opened his eyes and watched them watching his cock grow hard. “Show it your devotion, begin the proper prayer.”

Both women moved their faces closer to his swelling manhood, opening their mouths. Ryvlull licked his cockhead then sucked it into her mouth while Eiael began licking his shaft, their heads awkwardly close.

His cock swelled in response. It grew larger, not just from the swelling of blood into it as it hardened but by Otyx’s will. He seemed to have total control over the size of his cock and enjoyed slowly growing its size as they prayed to it with their mouths. It was soon so large that the two women had little trouble working it with their mouths at the same time. Ryvlull was busy sucking on his cockhead while Eiael had her lips suctioned to the side of his shaft and was sucking and slurping along much of its length.

Otyx moaned, arching his back slightly. “Yes, just like that,” he told the two women, reaching down and running his hand through their hair. He moaned louder, shivering in delight. It was not just from the physical pleasure he moaned. As they worshiped his cock their faith flowed into him. The power he radiated grew more intense and the orange glow in his eyes grew brighter.

He grabbed their hair and pulled them away from his cock, willing it to suddenly double in size. “With your tits now,” he growled, the lust their mouths had awoken in him making him greedily eager for more.

They shifted and grabbed their huge breasts. Ryvlull grabbed the base of Otyx’s cock and pointed it up. They then both pressed their breasts together around his cock till it disappeared between their oversized tit-flesh.

Otyx moaned happily and made his cock grow larger till the cockhead pocked out between the two pairs of breasts pressed together around him.

The two women grabbed their breasts and pressed them tightly around his enlarged cock. Otyx began moving his hips, thrusting his cock up between the two pairs of tits. The saliva they had left on it provided plenty of lubrication as he began fucking both their tits.

Their breasts were both unnaturally sensitive. They were soon moaning louder than Otyx was, enjoying him fucking both their tits with immense joy. The pleasure swelled in them and they both began to rise towards climax.

“May Otyx bless us,” Ryvlull moaned as she watched the gray flesh of Otyx’s cockhead pop out from between her and Eiael’s breasts.

“May he enlarge our life,” Eiael added, pressing her breasts tighter around his thrusting cock.

“May he enlarge our spirits,” they both moaned in unison as they began to cum, “and the pleasure we seek!”

The leaned in as they came kissing passionately over their breasts. Otyx grunted, thrusting his cock up through their breasts one last time and joining them in orgasm. Cum exploded from his cockhead, shooting up and spraying all over the women’s chins. It quickly dripped back down, gathering in a growing pool around his cock and between their four breasts.



What happens now that they have all cum together? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

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