Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

You can find the new part of this story below the break. If you want to read the story in its current entirety go HERE.


Eldrida looked at her new card and quickly decided it was better than the others she already held in her hand. She played it and watched as some of the energy in Vicelor’s crystal was siphoned off and put into hers. A moment after the transfer of energy she felt her enlarged breasts tingle then felt them shrink down a bit. She breathed a sigh of relief at the lessening of their size and weight, welcoming the slight decrease in sensitivity as well.

She watched Vicelor as a new card was dealt to him, the annoyance clearly visible on his face.

“You are determined to lessen my fun,” he said, irritated. As he shuffled his new card into his hand he asked, without looking up, “And how is the urge to masturbate coming along?”

She glared at him. “I haven’t noticed.”

“Liar,” he replied quickly.

He was right. The need had grown, although only a little. It was only a small compulsion she felt, one easily ignored but unmistakably growing.

“It’s fine, though,” Vicelor continued. “Lie all you want, I expect pretty soon you won’t be able to hide it. But I am miffed you made your breasts shrink. Even that much smaller will be less fun to play with.” As he spoke he pulled one of his four cards up from his hand as if preparing to play it then pushed it back down. “No, I think I’ll wait on this one till they are bigger again. In the meantime, I think this card will help punish you for trying to ruin my fun.”

He lazily pulled a card out from the others and tossed it onto the table. It landed and slid towards her, beginning to glow. Fearing what the card would do to her she quickly looked down to read its text.

“No!” she gasped. “That’s not possible!”

“Why not?” Vicelor asked. “You’re breasts have already changed sizes drastically in both directions. Why is THIS so hard to believe?”

She stared at the card, still not wanting to believe its magic would do as it said. The glow around it shot into her chest and she felt the magic soaking into her, all disbelief melting away.

Eldrida felt her breasts changing. Not growing bigger or smaller, but denser and sore. She wanted to reach up and grab them protectively but fought the urge, refusing to give Vicelor the satisfaction.

“It will take a few turns before anything noticeable happens,” he said, grinning lecherously at her breasts. “But I have faith the card will do what it says: your breasts have now begun to lactate and with every turn your udders are going to make more and more milk!”

She balked at the word ‘udder’, glaring then looking away. “You’re a foul, disgusting villain. What is the point? Simply to humiliate me?”

“Oh, no,” Vicelor replied happily. “Not JUST to humiliate you. There is something deliciously perverse in playing with a woman’s breasts as she lactates, in sexualizing something most women don’t see as sexual.”

Eldrida pursed her lips and glared at Vicelor as a new card was dealt to her.


What happens next in Vicelor and Eldrida’s perverse card game? (Choose up to 11 choices from this poll)

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