Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

You’ll find the new entry below the break. If you want the story in its current entirety head HERE.


A card floated up from the deck and into his hand. Vicelor read it then shuffled through all of his cards, deciding which to play.

“You won’t get away with this,” Eldrida said, glaring at him. “Even if the deck is rigged I’ll find a way to win!”

“Of course you will,” Vicelor replied, his tone making to clear he though no such thing. “In the meantime we must continue our game. I think I’ll play…. THIS card,” he said, slamming the card down on the table between them.

Eldrida winced as the table shook then flinched as a beam of energy shot from the card and into her chest. “W-what did you do to me now?” she asked, her voice quavering in fear.

I didn’t do anything,” the Elf said, smiling at her. “The card did. Go on, read it before it’s wiped clean and added to the discard pile.”

She hesitated, fighting between the need to know what the card said and the desire not to give him what he wanted. Her curiosity quickly won out and she grabbed the card and began reading it.

Vicelor watched the expression on her face as she read, laughing cruelly as the hand holding the card began to shake. “Should make the rest of the game a lot of fun,” he said.

“I won’t give you the satisfaction,” she replied, angrily tossing the card onto the table.

It said that she would slowly grow hornier and hornier every turn, the need to cum growing more and more intense till she jilled off. It made clear that any orgasms caused by her opponent would do nothing to quell the growing need to cum, only SHE could stop it.

“Never,” she said, glaring at him. “I’ll never do such a thing here where you can see it. I’ll never touch myself in that manner for your pleasure! I’ll never give you the satisfaction!”

“How marvelous,” he replied, laughing happily. “I’ll enjoy watching you struggle as the pressure builds. I’m certain that eventually you will reach your breaking point and that you WILL end up jilling off before me. And I will very much enjoy the sight of you debasing yourself in such a manner for my pleasure.”

The writing on the card disappeared. A moment later it lifted off the table and floated to the discard pile. A new card was drawn from the deck and floated to Eldrida’s hand.

“Looks like it is your turn,” he said, placing his arms behind his head and leaning back in his chair.



What happens next in Eldrida and Vicelor’s perverse card game? (Choose up to 12 choices from this poll)

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