Poll Driven Story “The Freeing of Otyx”

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Ryvlull slept deep and long, her tired body greedily taking as much time as it could to recover. She would have slept even longer but a sound, at first but gradually growing louder, woke her. At first it was just distant background static in her muddled and confusing dreams but the sound grew steadily louder and more pronounced till there was no escaping it even in her dreamscape.

When her eyes finally fluttered open she was at first confused, for the irritating sound in her dreams was still there. She rolled over slightly, her massive breasts shifting with her body, and realized the sound was real. Ryvlull started to sit up, expecting her body to still be sore and weak but happily surprised to find herself refreshed.

“How long was I asleep?” she muttered, forgetting the sound for a moment. The sound, however, didn’t stop and only got louder, asserting itself back to the front of her mind. She sat up, listening. It sounded like something heavy and maybe metal being slowly dragged across the stone floor of the dungeon. It was clear it was coming from the nearby passageway. Hesitantly, she stood and looked down the hall hoping to see what was causing the sound but looking down the passage before her she saw that it ended not far off in a t-junction.

She grabbed her gear, only vaguely aware that she had been asleep long enough for all the cum covering her to completely dry. As she put on her pack she made momentary note of the cum stains covering it, shrugging as she realized she couldn’t do anything to get rid of the stains. What she COULD do was brush off all the dry, flaky cum covering most of her skin. Naked, except for her gear-filled pack and cleaned up as much as she could manage, she grabbed her staff and began cautiously creeping down the passageway.

Torches ignited as she moved down the hall, revealing that those on this side of the chasm were different. Igniting into life was not green mage flame, but instead bright crimson flames that sparked with angry red magic. The light they gave off was red as well, coloring the hall in reddish tones. “I’m getting closer,” she whispered, aware now that red was the color of The Corruption.

As she drew closer to the t-section the dragging sound grew louder, as if it was drawing near her at the same speed she was approaching it. She could even tell which of the halls before her the sound was coming from. She slowed, wondering if she should hold back and await whatever was approaching. But as she slowed so did the dragging sound, as if whatever was making it was matching her speed. She had a sense that if she stopped so would it, so she simply pressed on.

Ryvlull moved on but did so with caution. She held her staff out before her, muttering softly to prepare a protective spell. The blue crystal atop the staff started to glow, its blue light looking strange in the red light of the magical torches all around her. With her spell ready she took a deep breath then stepped out into the t-section, turning to see what was causing the dragging sound.

What she saw when she stepped around the corner made her gasp and step back in fear. Coming down the hall, almost close enough for her to touch, was a massive figure that loomed above her. It wasn’t just the things size that made it so intimidating but that fact that even though the hall before her was lit with red flamed torches it seemed to be standing in shadow.

It was many feet taller than her, so big its horned head nearly touched the ceiling of the passageway. It was wide with huge monstrous muscles that left it looking so large that at first she didn’t register the thing as having a humanoid shape. One of its giant arms hung at its side, the large hand gripping the handle of a gigantic doubled headed axe that it was dragging on the ground behind it.

Ryvlull blinked, taking a few steps back. The shadowed thing took a few steps forward as if copying her movements but in reverse.

It moved oddly… slow and clumsy. Her first thought was that it was some kind of reanimated corpse, moving with the unsteadiness of the undead. That thought died in her mind almost as once as there was no scent of rot or decay about the creature. In fact it smelt very much alive, a heavy overpowering male musk hanging about the thing.

She whispered a quick spell, holding her staff out before her and sending a beam of icy blue light forward to penetrate the shadow that hid the figure. The light shone brightly but as it hit the huge beast the shadow covering it consumed it, turning into only darkness. Ryvlull gripped her staff tighter and willed the spell to become more intense. A moment later the blue light shone ever brighter and it began to force the shadow back, blasting away the obscuring spell.

As the monster’s true form was revealed Ryvlull took a few further steps back as she processed what she saw. It was clear that at one point the thing had been a Minotaur, probably enchanted to walk these halls as some kind of immortal protector. But the ages it had spent in the dungeon had twisted it and by the strange, animal look in its eyes it seemed that it was no longer a fully sentient being.

It had once worn some kind of fur-lined leather armor, but only tatter bits remained leaving the thing functionally naked and allowing her to see every inch of its body in perfect detail. It looked old and as though it had fought, and perhaps lost, a great many battles. But although it looked aged its muscles were still thick and there was a sense of freakish strength bound within the creature. The patches of black fur-like hair it was covered with were peppered with gray. One of its horns was broken off, now only a jagged stump. Across one side of its face was a deep scar that had left the eye on that side milky white. It was clear the eye was blind, yet there seemed to be a flickering red light where the pupil should be.

The red in its blind eye made Ryvlull pause, holding back the protective spell she had readied. The Corruption and the power of the god she was trying to free had clearly mutated this Minotaur. Perhaps it had altered it into something that would help and not hinder her advancement.

Cautiously she raised her empty hand, looking up into the beast’s one good eye. “I’m here to free what is imprisoned ahead,” she said, cautiously waiting for a response.

The Minotaur simply stared at her, its good eye fixed on her with animal intensity. It showed no sign of having understood her words.

She took a step back and the thing growled slightly, taking a mirrored step towards her. It dragged the axe behind itself, the sound it made causing her eyes to dart down. As they did she really took in the lower half of its body. It held something in its other hand, a long whip that was being dragged behind it as well. But it wasn’t the second weapon that shocked her, it was what hung between the beast’s legs: a massive cock.

Now that she noticed it she realized it was growing thicker, harder, slowly standing to attention. Her eyes darted up and realized that it was not staring at her but rather her massive blue breasts.

She threw her free arm protectively up around her breasts, hugging them to her body. The Minotaur grunted in displeasure at having the sight of them even slightly obscured. She responded by holding her breasts tighter, taking a step back and turning away from the beast slightly.

This angered it even more.

The moment she saw its huge muscles tighten she knew it was about to attack her and as soon as she knew this had become a fight all fear left her. She had a staggering amount of mana to draw on and knew any spell she cast would be far more powerful then it would have been before she entered the dungeon. The beast was huge but her magic was mightier.

Or at least that’s what she thought.

As soon as it started to lunge at her she released the spell she had at the ready. An explosion of blue frosty energy blasted out before her, like an expanding shield. The Minotaur had just enough time to haphazardly swing its axe up before the blast hit it with enough strength to send the towering beast staggering back. It grunted in pain, dropping the axe.

Ryvlull acted quickly, turning and grabbing her staff with both hands and conjuring another spell. She sent a blast of thick frost-filled magic at the beast’s feet. Ice began to form on its lower legs and on the floor around it, growing thicker and thicker till glacially thick ice-encrusted it from the ankles down.

The Minotaur roared, trying in vain to pull its legs free of the ice blocks freezing it in place.

Ryvlull kept pouring more of the icy magic at the creature’s legs, slowly building up the ice around it. Soon its knees were encrusted and then it’s thighs. It wouldn’t take her long to trap the beast completely in a block of magical ice that would keep it alive but frozen for as long as she chose to hold the spell.

She was so confident that she barely paid attention to the Minotaur as it roared and thrashed about. Its giant axe was on the ground far out of reach, the blade unable to harm her, but she’d forgotten about the whip in its other hand.

It flung the whip back then sent it cracking towards her staff. Even having forgotten about it she was able to react in time, stepping away and pulling the staff out of the whip’s reach.

Her confidence faltered as the creature pulled the length of the whip back then sent it flinging towards her staff again. If it could get the end wrapped tightly around her staff the Minotaur could easily use its massive muscles to wrench the staff from her hands.

She acted fast, shrugging her pack off and dropping it to the floor while holding the staff with one hand as far behind her as she could while still sending the blasting magic that now had the Minotaur sealed in ice up to its waist. With her newly freed hand she started tracing symbols that burned into the air as floating blue runes. They began to form circular patterns that rotated around her hand as she prepared a second spell that would disarm the beast.

It flung its whip at her again and she moved once more to keep her staff out of reach. If it had been aiming for her staff the move would have kept it safe but the Minotaur didn’t aim for the staff this time. The whip lashed out then was pulled back, its tip cracking into one of her giant blue breasts.

She screamed in pain as the tip of the whip bit into her overly sensitive breast-flesh. The sudden, intense, and unexpected pain, as well as the confusing intense pleasure that came with it, was enough to interrupt her new spell. The rotating runes sizzled and disappeared from sight.

Before she had recovered the Minotaur flung the whip again, its tip cracking into her other breast. Again she screamed in pain, barely keeping the blasting ice spell going. Her instinct was to throw her free hand up over her breasts to protect them but the act was nearly pointless. She was more breast than woman now and had no hope of protecting them that way. The Minotaur lashed the whip at her again, this time managing to snap one of her nipples.

The confusing mix of pain and pleasure was too intense. Ryvlull screamed, letting go of her staff. As soon as it was free of her hands the spell blasting from it died. A moment later the block of ice around the Minotaur’s lower half began to crack. A moment later the beast howled, breaking free.

Ryvlull staggered back, both arms wrapped around her massive breasts, looking up at the towering Minotaur as it advanced on her. It lifted its free arm. She thought it meant to grab her but once it had its hand held up it swung at her breasts, backhanding them and sending her stumbling back as the impact of the blow made her see stars.

When her vision cleared the Minotaur was looming above her, growling lecherously down at her breasts. Slowly she realized it wasn’t just animal growls coming from the thing’s muzzle. It growled again and this time she was able to understand what it was saying. “Fuck.” The creature was growling the word fuck at her. “Fuck big blue tits,” it growled, its speech more clear with every word. There was more intelligence in its one good eye now, as if the sight of her huge breasts and the arousal they were causing were waking its mind.

Her own mind raced, trying to think of a spell that she could cast without the aid of her staff that could fend the monster off.

Before she could act its arm reached out and it grabbed a tight hold of one of her nipples, gripping it so hard she feared for a moment it would rip it off. The initial pain was soon forgotten as the Minotaur started pulling her nipple up and down in quick succession, painfully making her overlarge breast jiggle and bounce.

The intense mix of pain and pleasure was so intense she wasn’t even able to scream. When the Minotaur let go she felt so much relief she was unable to take the opening to try and escape. Then, pulling its arm back, it slapped her tit from the side. It kept its hand flat, slapping into her breasts hard enough to send her reeling to the side and slamming into the ground.

It was pain unlike any she had ever felt. But under that there was pleasure. Her enchanted breasts were so sensitive that even pain sent powerful waves of pleasure shooting up through her body, even though she had barely been aware of this at first. The last slap, however, caused so much pleasure that it overwhelmed her. Instinctively, using a power she hadn’t realized she had, Ryvlull turned the pleasure into a raw blast of magical energy that cleared her mind of the pain her body felt, leaving only the pleasure.

The blast knocked the towering Minotaur onto its back as Ryvlull scrambled up onto her knees. The moment the Minotaur was on its back it kicked its legs up, wrapping them around Ryvlull and tightening its thickly muscled thighs around Ryvlull’s head and pulling her down towards his body.

She had her mouth open, screaming in terror. The Minotaur was staring at her mouth, taking advantage of her open maw and pulling her towards it so that it’s huge erect cock lined up with her mouth. Her scream was muffled as its cock entered her. It tightened its legs around her back, pulling her closer and forcing the huge cock deep into her mouth then down her throat.

Ryvlull punched and pressed against its legs but the Minotaur was so much stronger than her that there was no hope of breaking free. It tightened its legs even more, forcing her head closer to its body till her face was pressed up against the base of its cock, only its balls not inside of her open mouth. It held her there, grunting in pleasure.

She could feel the bulging veins on its cock pulsing in her throat. She choked and gagged, unable to breathe around the huge thick cock being held inside her. As the moments passed she started to see stars, her body starved for oxygen. Only when she went limp and stopped fighting did the Minotaur loosen its legs and let her pull away, gasping for air once the massive cock was free of her mouth.

The Minotaur rolled over and leaped to its feet while Ryvlull, still gasping for air, tried to get up as well. She managed to rise to her knees before the beast flung his whip out then sent it lashing towards her neck. The tip slapped around her neck, coiling tightly.

She gasped desperately for air as the beast tightened the whip around her neck but her breathing was only constricted for a few brief moments. The end of the whip sizzled with magical energy as it shifted, turning into a leather collar. A moment later the Minotaur was standing above her, its whip now a leash attached to the magical collar tightened around her neck.

Ryvlull began to reach up to try and pull the collar off but the Minotaur interrupted her, grabbing its throbbing cock by the base and slapping her across the face with it. Its cock was so meaty and dense that the blow nearly knocked her senseless. She would have been knocked over but the Minotaur yanked on its whip-leash and kept her upright only to bludgeon her face with its cock again.

“Big blue tits submit,” it growled angrily at her, pulling up on the leash to keep her on her knees while slapping her again and again with its cock. It quickly cock-slapped all fight out of Ryvlull.

Once it saw she was no longer fighting it grabbed her, one hand large enough to cover the top half of her head, then pulled her in towards its cock forcing it into her mouth and down her throat again. Instead of holding its cock in place it started pumping her head up and down its shaft, causing her to gag and choke. It kept its hand held tight on her head and kept the leash attached to her collar pulled tight, ensuring it could use her as it pleased. Its huge balls slapped into her face every time it whipped her head down its shaft and she was left gagging and choking so much that thick strings of oozing saliva were soon dripping from its balls.

The Minotaur abused her throat this way till it had worked off some of its pent-up frustration. Once it had calmed a bit the beast-man pressed Ryvlull to the ground, squatting over her face with its cock still rammed down her throat. It seemed more level headed now yet it still kept pounding her mouth and throat-fucking her.

It grunted in pleasure then pulled its cock all the way out of her mouth, allowing her to gasp a few desperately needed mouthfuls of air. The Minotaur then began shifting its body, growling, “Lick!”

Ryvlull stuck her tongue out and started to lick the underside of the beast’s cock. As soon as her tongue was pressed up against its throbbing member it started dragging its cock up over her face. She licked the underside then licked its balls as it dragged those across her face as well. It ground its cock on her face, dragging its filthy puckered asshole over her tongue.

It pressed down then, wiggling as it ground its asshole into her tongue and her nose. She let out a muffled sound of disgust that the Minotaur ignored the began dragging its member back the other way till its throbbing cockhead fell into her open mouth where it thrust hard and deep into her.

She gagged and choked on it again as the beast returned to fucking her throat. Her body was limp by that point, any ability to resist fucked out of her. She lay on the ground, letting the beast-man have its way with her mouth.

After a bit it pulled its cock all the way out of her and shifted again, kneeling beside her and holding it’s thick girthy cock over her face then letting it drop down onto her face. It landed with a wet, meaty “thwud” sound that echoed through the empty hall around them.

“Tongue out,” it grunted.

Ryvlull let her tongue loll out of her mouth.

The Minotaur grabbed its cock and lifted it above her mouth and let it drop again. It landed on her tongue this time, the meaty “thwud” now moist as it landed on her tongue. The Minotaur made a sound that she thought might have been a chuckle then lifted its cock up and once more let it drop down onto her tongue. “Good mouth,” it grunted, lifting its cock and letting it drop again.

While the Minotaur amused its self dropping its cock on her tongue Ryvlull was able to start to recover but even as she did she felt no desire to fight the man-beast off of her. The feel of its meaty, saliva covered cock falling heavily onto her tongue over and over again had woken the insatiable carnal hungers that were now always with her thanks to The Corruption. With every wet slap down onto her tongue she felt hungrier for cock.

“Yessssss,” a voice hissed in her mind. “Cock is good for you. It is right to huger for it. It is good to be used sexually. Being used is bliss.”

The next time the Minotaur lifted its cock off her mouth she quickly whispered the last words to run through her mind. “Being used is bliss.”

With a grunt the Minotaur stopped when it heard her words. It stared down at her, confused for a moment. “Being used is bliss,” it repeated in an almost incomprehensible growl. “Must use blue woman with huge tits,” it said clearer, still sounding confused. “It is what Otyx wants.”

Ryvlull’s head swam as the name “Otyx” echoed in her mind. It was a powerful name, one not spoken aloud in this place for a great many ages. But what was the name? The answer came to her at once: it was the name of the god imprisoned here.

It is Otyx that I am here to free, she thought.

“Here to free Otyx,” the Minotaur said as if it had read her thoughts. It blinked, confused, then shook its head and growled at her. “Must fuck!”

It grabbed Ryvlull, pulling her up then flipping her over and pulling her up onto her hands and knees. A moment later it was kneeling behind her, yanking on the whip-leash and pressing its cock into her pussy.

Ryvlull moaned as the Minotaur’s thick, long cock pressed into her wet cunt.

It felt immense as it entered her. She remembered the Lust Demon and how impossibly huge its cock had been, the feeling of reality bending as it had entered her. It had felt immense inside of her as well but this was different. The Demon had only ever half existed in the physical world.

The Minotaur’s cock, however, was completely real. There was no warping of reality as it pressed into her tight vaginal canal. There was no magic that stretched out the proportions of her insides. As the Minotaur pressed its cock into her there was pain, her body had not meant to take in something so large.

Yet the beast’s cock was not so large that it hurt her. The pain of its entry only lasted for a moment. Once the Minotaur’s full girth was inside her there was only pleasure, pleasure and a feeling of her cunt being more filled than she’d ever felt it before.

“Tight,” the Minotaur grunted happily, leaning down and pressing its furry body into her back while reaching its hands down to grope grab at the sides of huge breasts. “So big,” it added as its hands slid under her breasts to pinch and twist her nipples while fucking her from behind.

Ryvlull had to struggle to stay up on her hands and knees. Having the huge Minotaur’s body resting on her small frame combined with just how good it felt being fucked by it left her limbs weak and shaking. She might have already collapsed if not for her breasts. They were so large and dense that they filled most of the space under her torso meaning she could rest the full weight of her dainty Elven body on them.

When the Minotaur had entered her it had done so slowly and calmly. When it started playing with her breasts it had started fucking her a bit faster. The longer it remained pressed over her body playing with her tits the faster it fucked her. Faster and faster till it roared in delight and let go of her breasts, pulling its body up off of hers and grabbing her tiny waist as it pounded into her so hard and fast her knees were starting to be rubbed raw against the stone floor of the dungeon.

Then, without warning, the Minotaur roared even louder, gripping her waist tighter to hold her in place as it got to its feet. Even as it rose it kept fucking her and once it was standing all the way up it held her body tight, pulling her body up and down its huge hard shaft.

Ryvlull moaned in delight, her arms hanging limply and flopping all about as the Minotaur pumped her cunt up and down its cock. It didn’t feel like it was fucking her anymore, it felt more like it was using her body to jerk itself off. When that thought ran through her mind she found the idea so deliciously perverse that it pushed her over the edge and she started to cum.

The added tightness of her vaginal muscles clenching as she came was enough to push the Minotaur over the edge as well. It joined her in orgasm, pumping her up and down its cock one last time then grunting in release.

Ryvlull came even harder when the beast’s huge load of thick semen started shooting into her. The pressure was immense as its cock quivered and pulsed, sending blast after blast of cum into her. With as big as its cock was there was little space inside of her cunt for the cum so it quickly started squelching out of her, oozing and dripping down both their bodies.

The Minotaur had stopped pumping her body up and down on its cock after starting to cum. It held her in place till it finished cumming then let go of her, stumbling back weakly a few steps as the post-orgasm laze hit it.

For a moment she hung in the air, supported only by the huge cock her body was impaled on. Then, as the Minotaur’s cock began to soften, she slipped off its dick and fell to the ground. She landed on her hands and knees but they quickly gave out under her and soon she was laying limp atop the huge mound of tit-meat hanging off her chest.

She was pleasantly exhausted from the intense fucking, contently laying on her tits and smiling happily as she concentrated on the feel of the Minotaur’s seed running out of her cunt-hole. She liked how warm it felt running down her thighs, reveled in the perverseness of the fact there was so much it started to build up in a pool under her.

Ryvlull was so warn out and so content that she started to drift off into what would have been a peaceful slumber. The Minotaur, however, was not done with her yet.

Once it had shaken off the lazy contentment of its orgasm it got to its feet and tugged on the whip-leash, the collar it was attached to choking Ryvlull slightly and waking her up. Seeing it had her attention it reached down with its free hand and grabbed her hair then started pulling her along as it turned and began walking down the hall it had emerged from.

At first Ryvlull tried to crawl after the Minotaur but found her breasts were too large to do that. They were so big that even up on all fours they were left pressed into the floor and when she tried to crawl they ended up being painfully dragged. So she quickly got to her feet and even though she felt exhausted she remained upright, sensing the Minotaur wasn’t going to stop even if she passed out.

Once on her feet the Minotaur grunted and let go of her head, using just the collar to make sure she kept up with its huge strides.

Where is it taking me? she wondered. She looked back over her shoulder and saw her pack and staff on the floor. She wanted to go back for it all but was certain the Minotaur wouldn’t allow it.


What happens to Ryvlull next? (Choose up to 12 options from this poll)

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