New Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

Below the break you’ll find the newest entry in this ongoing poll driven story. Not a huge entry, but long enough to have a complete sex scene in it! If you are looking for the story in its complete entirety you can find it HERE.



After reading the card that had just been dealt to her Eldrida had reread it then reread it again. She glanced up at Vicelor’s crystal then back down at the new card. She bit her lip and furrowed her brow. “I could nearly win with this card,” she muttered. “But is the cost worth it?”

“What was that?” Vicelor asked, leaning in over the table. “Speak up, Human!”

She winced at the way he said “Human” as if she was nothing more than an animal that only briefly had his attention. Eldrida knew that she wanted to be done with this game as soon as possible, to be away from Vicelor no matter the cost.

“The game will soon be over,” she said confidently, staring him straight in the eyes and trying to convey the loathing she felt for him at that moment. While still staring him down she slammed the new card onto the table.

It began to glow and float up into the air, turning so that its text faced Vicelor. He looked away from Eldrida’s gaze to read the card.

At first there was shock on his face and she knew that was in response to the beginning of the card. It would drain all but a sliver of the energy from his crystal, almost certainly ensuring she’d be able to win on her next turn.

But as the Elf kept reading the look of shock melted away, replaced by a cruel, sneering grin. “You really chose to play this card?” he asked, looking past the card at her. “The deck has not done something like make all the cards in your hand read the same thing? This truly is your choice?”

She nodded. “Yes,” she said defiantly. A moment later she thought about what he had just said. He knows more about this deck then he’s let me know, she thought angrily. He knew from the very beginning how evil and perverse of a game this was going to be!

“Well then,” Vicelor replied, clapping his hands together and getting to his feet. “Let us begin! The energy will not drain from my crystal till you let me do what this card says you must let me do.”

Glaring hatred at the Elf she slowly stood, pushing her chair to the side and out of the way. She reached up into her short skirt and pulled her small clothing off, tossing the dainty garment onto the nearby chair. Then, while still glaring at Vicelor, she braced her hands on the table and bent over, lifting her small perky ass up into the air.

“Come do it,” she snarled. “Come enter me and have your way till you spill your seed in me.”

Vicelor walked around the table until he was behind Eldrida. She looked over her should, still glaring at him, and watched as he undid his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles. The Elf kicked them off and grabbed his cock which she saw was already hard in anticipation. To her surprise she saw that his manhood had no hair on it. She had known Elves were far less hairy than Humans but had never thought about what that meant for their privates.

“You need me to stick this in your pussy?” he asked her, waving his cock at her.

She glared and nodded, then turned around and lifted her ass up higher, opening her legs slightly. “Yes. Just put it in me and get it over with as quickly as possible.”

“But I don’t HAVE to get it over with quickly,” he told her, laughing evilly. “No, little Human, I’m not sticking my dick in your filthy little Human cunt. Not yet, at least.”

Then, before she had time to react to his words, he stepped forward and pressed his body into hers. He had let go of his dick and it ended up wedged between her firm ass cheeks. Even before he was pressed all the way into her his hands had snaked around her body, one reaching into her top to begin playing with her small, perky breast while the other slid between her legs.

As he groped and massaged her breast her cheeks flushed and a surprised moan slipped from her lips. She’d known her breasts were more sensitive thanks to the game but had not realized HOW much more sensitive they were! By the time his fingers found her nipple she was already so wet she felt the moisture leaking from her pussy and starting to run down her thighs and once he started pinching and rolling the swollen nub of her nipple between his fingers she only grew wetter.

The confused gasps and quiet moans she was making as he played with her breast ended the moment the hand between her legs reached her womanhood. Vicelor placed a single finger gently on the hood of her clit causing an explosion of sexual pleasure to wash over her body. She screamed in shocked delight, her legs shaking weakly under her. Vicelor quickly slid the finger past her clit, dipping it down into her moist hole, then sliding it back up to spread the slippery wetness he’d collected from inside of her onto her clit. When his finger returned to her clit he didn’t simply touch it, this time he began rubbing it.

Eldrida’s howl of pleasure intensified as she started to cum. Her legs started to give out from under her but Vicelor held her up body up, keeping her from collapsing.

“Such a sensitive little clit you have thanks to our little game,” he whispered in her ear, continuing to play with it. “And your howls of pleasure are such sweet carnal music to my ears. Surely the rest of the party can hear you. I wonder what they think we are about in here, unable to enter and discover the truth.”

As he fingered her clit and played with her nipple he started humping her ass. His cock was leaking enough precum that it was soon sliding with ease up and down between her butt cheeks. He was so worked up that it didn’t take him long to cum. He moaned into her ear, groping a small breast hard in one hand and sliding two fingers into her dripping wet cunt as he creamed in her ass cheeks.

“No!” she gasped, quickly coming down from her own sexual climax. “You finished! You were supposed to do it in me! Now you’ll grow soft and my turn will—”

Vicelor pinched one of her nipples hard enough to make her squeak in surprised pain. “I will not grow hard,” he told her confidently. “The deck will ensure I remain erect and my balls full until I fuck your pussy and cum inside it. I can cum a thousand times outside your filthy wet little Human cunt and I’ll still remain hard.”

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and moved that hand up to her breasts, playing with them with both hands. He no longer groped and massaged her plump little tits, instead, his fingers remained on her nipples. He rolled them between his fingers and pinched and tugged on them, playing with the swollen nubs till she was moaning and cresting towards climax again.

Meanwhile, he started humping her ass cheeks again. The thick load of cum he’d left there allowed his cock to slide up and down between her cheeks with smooth, wet ease and the longer he humped her ass the messier things got.

Shuddering in pleasure and trying not to cum again, Eldrida turned to glare back at the Elf humping her backside. “How can you keep doing as you are behind me with your seed there? The mess you are making must surely disgust you as much as it disgusts me!”

Vicelor laughed then said, “If you were an Elven woman surely I’d agree. But you are not but a filthy little Human slut. Your gross, hairy body is already so disgustingly filthy to my eyes that no amount of cum slathered across your body will make you any more disgusting to me. Instead, I choose to embrace the innate grossness of your lower race when I fuck one of you. The dirtier you get and the more humiliated I leave you feeling the more I shall enjoy myself.”

He grunted and came again, making it feel as if he was showing her how little he cared if he soiled her body. Then he let go of her nipples and stepped back away from her.

She stood, braced on the table and whimpering as she felt his seed oozing between her butt cheeks and imagined what her messy back end must look like. “Will you enter me now?” she asked, almost certain what his answer would be.

“No,” he replied just as she had feared. “But I will clean you up a bit.”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him wave a glowing hand over her back end and felt the cummy mess covering her ass disappear.

“Thank you,” she sighed in relief, thinking perhaps he’d at least give her a moment to recover from the sexual humiliation she felt. Her illusions, however, were quickly shattered.

Vicelor dropped to his knees behind her and wrapped his arms around her thighs, pulling her body back into his. She tensed and balked in horror as the man buried his face in her pussy. “What are you doing?” she bleated, confused and ashamed at having someone’s face pressed into her most private of parts.

A moment later she felt him open his mouth and snake his tongue out to begin licking her dripping wet slit. Eldrida opened her mouth to protest but her words were cut off by a surprised moan. She shuddered, nearly cumming from the pleasurable sensation of his tongue moving up and down through the wet trench of her pussy. She felt every strange, rough bump of his tongue as it dragged across her most private of parts, amazed and overwhelmed at how good the slimy moistness of his tongue dragging through her own moist slit felt.

Her body tensed and she struggled not to moan aloud, leaning forward and burying her face in one of her arms braced against the table. As she’d started to pull away Vicelor had tightened his grip around her thighs, pressing his face tighter against her sex. He even moved his face from side to side, using not just his tongue but also his nose and lips to stimulate her. The pleasure of it was so unexpected she ended up howling in confused delight into her arm.

Vicelor finally pulled his face away from her body, but only far enough so that he could speak clearly. “From the way you have reacted,” he said, chuckling derisively, “I must assume none of your sexual partners have ever gone down on you.”

“I never—” she began then pressed her face back into her arm, sobbing slightly. She felt more humiliated by the man pressing his face into her womanhood than by anything she’d ever endured in her life. She was no virgin but her few sexual encounters had been brief and simple. She’d enjoyed them but they had still left her feeling ashamed. She’d grown up in a place where sexuality was not a public thing, it was something to be kept private. Even when she had taken up the life of an adventurer she’d bashfully excused herself from any conversation that delved to openly into sexual manners.

“I never imagined such a thing,” she finally got out. “Surely you are doing it just to humiliate me. I can’t see how a man would enjoy… THAT.”

Vicelor chuckled again, the feel of his hot breath on her pussy enough to make her bury her face in her arm again to muffle another surprised moan.

“So young,” he said, still laughing softly. “And so sexually naive! I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. The way you flirt with the other party members and the way they dote on you. I figured you were spreading your legs for all that would have you, just discreetly. I suppose this is a rare case where I was wrong.”

“I’d never,” she said, beginning to sob again. She felt ashamed that he thought that of her. People liked her because she was kind and happy and helpful, not because of what lay between her legs! He was talking about her like he thought she was some kind of whore!  And he did so speaking directly into her womanhood, his foul moist warm breath sending confusing tingles of pleasure into her. “I’m not like that at all…” she added softly, needing to deny his accusations a second time.

“Perhaps not,” he replied slowly, moving in a bit closer so she felt his breath more intensely. “But I assure you, this game will leave you changed. You might have entered this treasure chamber a naive maiden but you’ll leave a sex-hungry slut whose life will be defined by the worth of your cunt.”

She had to sob into her arm for a moment before she managed to regain enough composure to respond. “Why are you being like this? Why are you tormenting me so? Please, if you must continue saying these awful things at least move your face. I can’t stand to have you—”

“Sitting with my face pressed into your filthy Human cunt?” he asked, cutting her off and starting her sobbing in shame again. “Oh yes, such a nasty, smelly, foul cunt you have. Like all Human’s it reeks! Always so humid and gross smelling. Rank and vile and the smell only gets worse when you Human sows get aroused.” He paused and moved his face a bit closer then took a long, slow breath, inhaling her pungent scent. “So fucking disgusting,” he said, sounding as if nothing pleased him more than the rank smell of her cunt.

“Please,” she sobbed, “just stop… Just stand up and… fuck me! Fill me with your seed and be done.”

“No,” he said, laughing again. “No, I think you need to hear more about how filthy and repulsive your body is. Where were we? Oh yes, the disgusting smell of Human pussy. So foul. But what about all this hair here?” he asked, licking the tips of her pubic hair and making her quiver in shame. “Thick and course like an animal’s mane. You don’t find pubic hair on Elves. No, we are too developed of a species. But you Humans, you’re nearly animals.” He paused again to inhale her scent. “I can smell it on you, the filthy musk of an animal in heat. And the smell soaks into the gross hair covering your sex. It’s disgusting, revolting, a smell most foul.”

Eldrida fought to stop sobbing so she could ask him a question. “Then… why… are you kneeling… behind me… with your face pressed… into my… my…”

“Cunt?” he asked, breathing the word out as moistly and warmly as he could into her pussy. “Because it’s so disgusting and revolting! That’s exactly what excites me when I’m with one of you Humans. It brings me a perverse joy almost like fucking an animal, for you Humans are so far beneath us Elven men that you are little more than annoying, prattling cattle to us.”

“Please,” she sobbed. “No more… I can’t…”

“Oh, you can,” he said happily then pressed his face back into her pussy with his mouth open and his tongue out. He began eating her out with all the skill of his centuries of life, using his tongue in ways she didn’t have words to describe. He didn’t even need to stimulate her magically enhanced clit to quickly bring her to orgasm. And even after she started cumming he kept going, licking her then shoving his tongue deep into her wet cunt hole even as it clenched tight as she came.

He finally let go of her legs and pulled away, laughing cruelly as she let go of the table and collapsed to the floor, sobbing and convulsing as her orgasm continued. Vicelor stood and looked down at her, still laughing. “See,” he said, his voice full of cruel malice, “nothing more than a nearly worthless Human slut. Your only true worth is the brief entertainment you’ll bring my cock. Once you’re done cumming stand up so we can continue. I’ve no desire to actually fuck you on the floor, even though that’s where a filthy animal like you deserves to be.”

Once her orgasm was over she lay in a heap on the dungeon floor for a few moments, sobbing and struggling to regain some semblance of composure. As soon as she could she reached up and grabbed the edge of the table, pulling herself up onto her feet. She kept her back to Vicelor, unable to look at him. “H-how much longer do I have to endure this humiliation?” she asked, struggling not to start sobbing again. “When will you just put it in me and deposit your seed?”

“Eager for it, are you?” he said with a laugh. “Well then, let’s get to it. Lean back over, brace your hands on the table and bare your cunt to me. I’ll give you my cock.”

Shaking in humiliation but thankful it would all soon be over she did as she was told.

“No, no,” he muttered, grabbing her legs and pressing them together. “I want your body like this,” he said, pressing down on the small of her back to make her back end stick up more. Yes, like that!”

Eldrida was confused for a moment. She was trying to imagine what her body looked like from his perspective but had a hard time imagining how he’d be able to enter her with any kind of ease this way. Even with her ass raised up that high her womanhood was nearly hidden by the way he’d pressed her legs together.

Her heart sank when a truly awful thought ran through her head: she had another hole back there, one that was left far more accessible by the position he’d put her in. She’d heard whispered tales that some men tried to make use of that hole on women but had always thought such a thing impossible. Even if a man’s thing could be made to fit who would be perverse enough to want to stick their member in such a filthy hole? But if Vicelor thought her as gross as he said he did would her asshole really be any dirtier to him? And wouldn’t shoving his manhood in that hole leave her even more degraded?

When he started to press his manhood between her thighs she felt immense relief. He was going for her proper hole, not THAT hole. A moment later, however, she was left just as confused.

“What are you doing?” she asked, annoyed. “You missed”

“No I haven’t,” he said, pressing his body into the back of hers and wrapping his hands around to grope her breasts.

She inhaled sharply, having forgotten how sensitive they were. Then she asked, “Well, what are you doing?”

“Having some fun,” he whispered into his ear.

His “fun” seemed to be slowly thrusting his manhood between her tightly pressed together thighs. At first the movements had been full of uncomfortable warm friction, but the longer he thrust between her thighs the more smoothly things went. This confused her for a moment before she realized the lubrication must be coming from his dick.

Is he cumming as he fucks my thighs? She thought. No… It’s not wet enough. He must be leaking some kind of precum. How disgusting!

She opened her mouth to ask him if it felt good but stopped, realizing it must feel good to him or he wouldn’t be doing it. It certainly doesn’t feel good for me, she thought. A moment later he adjusted his body, pressing his manhood higher up between her pressed thighs and making it so it was then rubbing into the underside of her womanhood.

“Ooooh,” she gasped quietly, surprised by how good the movement of his hard, warm thing felt rubbing up against her wet slit. She felt his thrusts become even more smooth as the moisture leaking from her pussy added to that leaking from his dick.

“See,” Vicelor whispered in her ear, thrusting a bit faster, “not bad at all. Just admit you like everything I’ve been doing to you. Admit you want to be treated as my living sex toy and I’ll put it in you.”

“N-no,” she said, her voice quavering. “Never! I could never enjoy being treated like… like… a thing!”

“Alright,” he said, pulling his head back and holding her body more tightly. “Have it your way.”

He started thrusting even harder between her legs, pounding hard into the back of her body. The heavier thrusts felt even better as his cock slid back and forth under her pussy. She bit her lip and tried to keep from moaning, not wanting to let him know how good it felt. But it was no use, it didn’t take long for her to throw back her head and moan.

“Just do it already!” she screamed in frustration. She was ashamed this was feeling as good as it was and just wanted it to be over.

“Then tell me you like it. Tell me you like being used as a living sex toy.”

“Fine! I like it! I like the way your manhood feels rubbing up against my womanhood. I like the way you are using me as a living sex toy!”

As soon as she finished the word “toy” he pulled back, grabbed her waist to reposition their bodies, and rammed his cock hard and deep into her cunt. Eldrida’s eyes crossed and rolled up into her head and her tongue fell from her open mouth as the unexpected pleasure of having him enter her after being worked up for so long overwhelmed her. She came almost instantly, the added sensation of orgasmic release adding to her sense of being physically overwhelmed. He pounded her hard and fast, shoving her body down over the table. She lay pressed into it, her head limp as his pounding kept her climax going.

Then, as suddenly as it all had begun, he was done. She felt a flood of moisture filling her insides then felt him pull back away from her. For what felt like an eternity she lay face down and bent over the table, panting and trying to gather her thoughts. She could feel his seed trickling out of her, dripping down on to the table.

“I need you to get off the table if I’m going to take my turn,” Vicelor told her calmly. When she didn’t respond he grabbed her and rolled her over so that she was laying on her back and looking up at him. “I said you need to get off the table.”

She blinked, slowly remembering what was going on. “I’m going to win,” she whispered, still feeling dazed after cumming so hard and for so long. “Just… give me a moment. After you take your turn I’ll be able to win, just be patient.”

Vicelor began to laugh, laughing even harder when she looked up at him in confusion. “Don’t you get it?” he asked. “I can still win. I almost certainly WILL win!”

“How,” she asked, confused and wondering if her mind had become so orgasm-addled that she had misremembered what the card she played would do. Looking up at the crystal floating beside his head she saw that it was almost empty and knew she was remembering correctly.

“You really are stupid,” he said, grinning down at her in a way that made her skin crawl. “You’re not playing a fair game, you idiot! It’s rigged in the owner’s favor, and I became the owner the moment I picked it up. Now get up off the table, you’re leaking cum all over your cards,” he added as he walked back around to take his seat.

When Eldrida got off the table she saw that he was correct: his seed had leaked out of her and onto the cards making up her hand. As she stood and righted her clothing, wondering how she would clean them up, she saw the fluid begin to shimmer with red magical energy. A moment later the cum was gone.

She had only an instant to feel relieved. Her cards floated up into the air and turned flat, facing towards the ceiling. A beam of glowing red energy projected out of them and words began to appear as if being written by an invisible hand.

“For soiling the game Eldrida shall suffer a penalty,” the words read. Her stomach sank as she began to fear what it meant. A moment later she saw the energy in her crystal start to flow out into Vicelor’s till they were both about half full.

She fell into her seat, staring blankly ahead. I thought it was over. I thought I was going to win and it was going to be over. But I can’t win…

As the despondent thoughts ran through her head she felt her breasts begin to warm then tingle. Then they burned and her top started to feel too tight as if growing smaller and smaller with every breath. Before long her top was biting painfully into her breasts and she had to reach up and start untying the lace that bound it closed. But even as she loosened her garment it kept feeling tighter and tighter as if it was continuing to shrink.

No, not shrinking, she thought, suddenly realizing what is happening. My top isn’t shrinking, my breasts are growing!

By the time she had her top off her breasts were done growing. She looked down at them, astonished at how large they’d grown. Her tiny, firm breasts were now huge, heavy, sagging mounds of soft flesh. Each one was nearly the size of her head! And they were so sensitive now that even the slight breeze blowing through the small treasure room made her want to moan and made her pussy, still wet from Vicelor’s seed, even moister.

“You look much better with those sagging udders hanging off the front of you,” Vicelor said with a lecherous laugh. “I think our game is going to be a lot more fun with your gross Human tits that much bigger. Why they might provide enough fun that I’ll try and keep the game going for DAYS.”



What happens next as Vicelor begins to take his turn? (Choose up to 13 choices from this poll)

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