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Imeyr grunted and groaned as he came, the pleasure of his orgasmic release making the world around them shake. Novaoa felt her insides quickly fill with cum and for a moment the pressure of his cum shooting into her was so intense she thought she’d explode then the cum started noisily squelching out of her cunt around the god’s cock. He still groaned in pleasure, the sound growing louder and louder as he kept cumming. The world around them shook so intensely that Novaoa felt as though reality itself was starting to come apart.

Just as the world felt as if it was about to fall apart Imeyr finished cumming. His massive body went limp then he rolled off of Novaoa, his already softening cock sliding wetly out of her. Cum poured out of her pussy as she too fell to the bed, exhausted.

She was already fading, so worn out that there was no power that could have kept her awake. Imeyr lay beside her, already asleep. She could hear him snoring and feel him breathing there beside her. As she drifted into a deep sleep only one thought ran through her mind: What would a god’s cum do to her?



Chapter Twenty-One: Corruption Takes Root In The Shadow Mountains


King Teddem sat on his throne, the purple runes on the halo built into the throne glowing at the same brightness as the runes etched into his bald scalp. His throne was unchanged but the dais it sat on had been altered recently. The dais had been replaced with one that was much wider, making it so a chair could be placed on either side of it.

On that day a simple stone chair had been placed to his left. His new royal adviser, the priestess of Ynara Julianna, sat in the chair. She no longer wore the simple green traveling garments she had arrived in. Instead, the royal couturiers had fashioned garments for her that looked much more fitting of a royal adviser, and much more Dwarven, than what she had arrived in. At her insistence the outfit still left an almost indecent amount of her massive cleavage exposed.

Since being appointed his adviser she’d barely left the king’s side, advising him on almost all of his actions. At first he’d kept her close by so that he could “pray” to her goddess as often as possible, something the priestess often insisted on doing before the king made any major decisions. But the Dwarven king had quickly discovered she had not lied about having been an adviser to kings before. Her advice had, so far, always led to a much better outcome then he would have managed on his own.

The Dwarves of the Shadow Mountains had grumbled about a foreigner being appointed adviser, especially one that wasn’t even a Dwarf. Those close to the king had quickly discovered, just as the king had, that Julianna was a true boon to the fledgling kingdom. It was rumored that those outside the royal household still complained and muttered about her appointment but the king was certain that as time went on even the common folk would come to see Julianna in a positive light.

“Who is next to come before me?” King Teddem asked his Arms. He raised an eyebrow when it was not them that answered but his royal adviser.

“The next supplicant is here at my request,” Julianna replied as a tall, curvaceous Human woman sauntered into the room.

She immediately caught the king’s eye. The woman walking towards his dais was like no Human he had ever seen before. She was young and beautiful with pale skin and flowing silver hair that ran down her back all the way to her ass. She was a thin woman but with curves so thick they seemed almost unreal: she had huge, perfectly round breasts and a wide, plump, bubble ass.

Her outfit left almost all of her body on display. Golden jewelry with glowing red gems interlinked with golden chains made up the frame of her outfit, forming a necklace and band just under her bust and under her belly. Sheer black cloth wrapped down from the front of this jeweled frame, wrapping snuggly under her large breasts and holding them up while more of the sheer cloth extended down from her waist, thin and barely covering her privates and back end. Because the fabric was so transparent even the parts of her body that were covered up were still visible, her pink nipples and the white silver hair of her pubic mound tantalizingly visible.

She wore shoes the like of which the king had never seen as well. They were golden and like the rest of her outfit inset with more glowing red gems. The top of the shoes were simply more wrapped gold chains and gems but the bottom of them was thick, lifting her up half a foot. The heels were even higher and the way the strange shoes made her stand left her large perfectly rounded ass sticking out even more prominently than it would have been.

If not for the massive golden staff she carried one might have mistaken her for some kind of high-class whore. The staff stood nearly two feet taller than the woman, topped with a pointed glowing red spear-like stone. Beside the stone were two large golden horns that formed a kind of semi-circle around the pointed gem between them.

The stone at the top of her staff glowed and pulsed in a seemingly random manner. The rest of the red gems inset on her outfit flickered and glowed at the exact same time as the stone in the staff, implying that the randomness was not what it seemed. Even from across the throne room King Teddem could feel the power radiating from the woman, although he struggled to tell if the feeling of power radiated from her or from her staff and her outfit.

“This is Taya, priestess of Azel,” Julianna proclaimed. “She is someone I’ve worked closely with in the past and, like me, has been led by her god to advise various rulers. As I have said many times, I sense you and your burgeoning kingdom to be a place fated to prosper but only with the blessing of the gods. Taya has skills and experience I lack and can help advise and aid in situations I might falter in.”

As Taya walked up to the dais and King Teddem got a closer look at the priestess’s face he found Julianna’s words hard to believe. The Human woman’s pretty features made her look so young he hardly believed she had any worldly experience. Then there were the details of her facial features: her full lips, large eyes, and the strange distant look on her face left her looking as if she had been permanently brain-addled by some curse.

Bimbo, the king thought, remembering a word in the common tongue that referred to a dumb, overly horny woman. Looking at this Taya he thought there was no other woman who embodied the word in existence better than her.

“Do not let my visage fool you, King Teddem,” Taya said as she approached the bottom of the dais. “I’m sure to your Dwarven eyes I look barely to have reached adulthood but I promise I am far older than you would even think possible. I have served my god well and he has showered me in blessings, one of which is a refrain from aging as long as I remain true to him.”

King Teddem nodded, the magic in his runic crown revealing the truth in her words. Beyond that, there was the overwhelming raw power he felt emanating from the woman now that she was standing so close. He knew some priests and priestesses could channel the power of their gods into spells that could rival the greatest wizard but he had always known such men and women were rare. The power these two foreign priestesses had already displayed left him realizing how lacking the local Dwarven gods of the Shadow Mountains truly were.

“Tell me of your god, Azel,” the king said, eager now that he felt her power to hear more.

Taya bowed to King Teddem, smiling slightly when she saw the way his eyes moved to her breasts and lingered there. “Azel is the god of cock. All men who value their dicks should worship him, for his favor brings enhanced size and pleasure. All women should worship him for a man’s manhood is the purest and holy thing in Alaria. Azel is one of the most powerful gods as nearly every sexually active man or woman on Alaria worships him whether they know it or not.”

The last proclamation made the king raise an eyebrow skeptically. “How can this be so?” he asked, the tone of his voice letting the woman know he doubted her claim.

“It is really very simple,” she began. “Think of yourself, think of how you think of your own cock. Do you not view it as a blessing you thank the gods for? Because of how much pleasure it brings you, because it is THE symbol of your manhood. It is the thing you use to lay claim to women and it is the tool you use to continue your line. A man knows no truer love than the love he has for his own cock. Without even realizing it every man showers their cock with intense faith and adoration and Azel is able to feed off of that.

“Women provide faith as well. A woman who truly loves a partner, or who simply desires his body, thinks much the same of his cock. Every time she shudders as it enters her, every time it helps bring her to climax she feels faith in its might. Every time a woman kneels before a man and uses her mouth to pleasure him she is submitting to the might of cock, a submission that feeds Azel. Azel would be a powerful god whether his faithful priests and priestesses existed or not.”

What the priestess was saying made sense to King Teddem yet something seemed to be missing. “How come I had not heard of your god till Julianna mentioned him to me? Why is Azel not worshiped openly all over Alaria? Surely such a powerful god would be known by all. And I’ve read all the history written down within the Shadow Mountains, surely if he is as great as you say there would have been some mention even here.”

“There are two answers to your question,” Taya began slowly. “Long, long ago, before the Great Collapse, there was a mighty war between the gods and many of them ended up either imprisoned by their foes or had their powers so exhausted that they nearly ceased to exist, taking a great many ages to come back into their power. I know not what happened to cause Azel to be gone from the world for so long, but I do know his might has returned at a speed that astounds even the gods.”

“I see,” King Teddem replied, stroking his beard and uncertain what to think. There were Dwarven legends that spoke of such things and he knew stories that seemed to echo those tails existed in other cultures and lands. His runic crown told him that the priestess thought she was telling the truth, but it was possible she had been misled. “And what is the second reason?”

She looked about the throne room as if checking for spies. When she spoke again it was in a lowered voice, making it seem she was sharing a great secret. “Because there are forces at work in Alaria that are trying to suppress the gods like Azel and Ynara. Some are led by jealous gods and goddesses, some oppose them because they view sexuality as something shameful or even outright evil. In many ways the war of the gods never truly ended, it was only put on hold as the two sides recovered from their last great battle.

“The gods that Azel and Ynara are aligned with know that the Shadow Mountains will be important and they know that the forces that oppose them shall try and stop what is fated to happen here. Heed our advice, keep us close in counsel, and tragedy for you and your people can be avoided. If you refuse us and choose to spurn our advice a dark fate will surely befall you and your people.”

King Teddem sat in silence for some time thinking about the woman’s words. If she had been the first to arrive making these proclamations he’d have sent her away. But he’d seen that everything Julianna had promised him had so far come true. He’d seen the power her god of breasts had and when compared to the traditional gods of his people he saw how lacking they truly were. If this woman’s god was even more powerful than Ynara he wanted his support.

“I accept,” the king said, using his most authoritative voice. As soon as he was done with his serious-faced proclamation he smirked at the woman standing before him. “And I suppose that if I am taking Azel as one of me and my people’s gods I’ll need to be taught how to pray to him.”

Taya smiled. “Of course, Your Majesty. I assume that Julianna has already taught you how Ynara prefers her faithful pray to her?”

“Indeed she has,” the king replied, glancing over at the priestess of Ynara’s overlarge breasts and grinning lecherously. “I’m hoping the god of cock has a manner of prayer that is equally… enjoyable.”

“I believe you will find that to be true,” Taya replied, cautiously placing a foot on the bottom step of his dais.

The Arms of the King immediately took a step closer to their monarch, reading the giant two-handed axes they wielded. King Teddem waved them back, letting them know the new priestess had permission to approach his royal body.

Taya began slowing walking up the dais, speaking as she did. “As I said, I believe you will find this just as enjoyable, but before we begin I want to illuminate you on a few holy matters. Azel is the god of cock, and as such he expects very different things from his male and female worshipers.”

As she reached the king she started to kneel before him. The Dwarven king spread his legs open to make room before his throne. After the priestess was on her knees she was left with his lap right before her.

“A woman prays to Azel by worshiping cock, by treating each and every cock she feels and tastes and lets inside of her like it IS a god. Men, on the other hand, show their devotion to Azel by treating their own cock as if it was the god of any woman giving herself over to it. Does this make sense to you, my king?”

“Indeed it does,” he said, leaning back in his throne a bit and fumbling with his garments then beginning to pull his dick out. “I can assure you that I’ve been showing my faith to Azel for nearly all my life without even knowing it.”

Taya smiled up at him, nodding. “I find most men of power have shown their dev-” She stopped mid-word and gasped as the king pulled his half-erect cock all the way out. “I’d heard Dwarven men’s members were larger on average when compared to Human’s but this has shocked even me. With Azel’s blessing Human men can get this large, even larger, but I’ve never seen such a long, thick, majestic cock be what naturally hangs between a man’s legs!”

Julianna chuckled. “I did tell you in my letter that his cock was the most kingly cock I’d ever beheld. Is it not clear now why our gods have favored this particular king?”

“Oh yes,” Taya said in hushed tones. She was staring at the king’s dick as if transfixed by it and the longer she stared the less it seemed she was aware of the world around her.

The sight of the powerful priestess transfixed by his manhood helped the king finish growing erect. The harder his cock got the longer and thicker it looked, only increasing how enthralled the priestess was by it. By the time his dick was fully erect she had begun to lean in as if magnetically drawn to it.

As she drew nearer to his cock her mouth began to slowly open. When her lips were almost to the king’s cockhead her tongue began to snake out of her mouth. She stopped as the end of her tongue touched the tip of his manhood. They both shivered as they touched, the king moaning in surprise at how intensely he felt just the tip of her tongue while Taya moaned with intense carnal hunger. A moment later the priestess grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and inhaled it with a wet greedy, slurping sound.

She began sucking him off with such sudden vigor that King Teddem gasped. “God’s above, woman! You truly are sucking my cock as if it were your god!”

“That’s because it IS an aspect of her god,” Julianna replied with a soft, amused laugh.

The king glanced at Julianna and saw that the priestess of Ynara had opened the front of her clothing and had pulled her overlarge breasts out. She was playing with them, groping and massaging them and pinching and pulling at her hard nipples.

“It always turns me on to see other priestesses at work in such a way,” she said as she played with her tits. “I can feel the power in such acts, feel the power of our gods flowing through the room. It’s sexually thrilling and a feeling we hope to teach you to one day sense.”

King Teddem DID feel something. He felt Taya’s mouth, felt her lips and her tongue and the suction as she sucked and slurped at his cock; but there was more to it. There was a strange warmth where her mouth touched his manhood and there was a pleasure that was more than physical, a deep pleasure that at first he couldn’t describe. Only as he crested towards orgasm did he find the right word for this new pleasure: spiritual. She was sucking him off with such skill and devotion that it brought him spiritual as well as physical pleasure.

As he came the world around him faded, the pleasure both physical and spiritual all that he felt. It was as if he was in a void of pleasure that seeped deep into him, changing him forever. He gasped as his seed started to spurt into the woman’s mouth, the world around him returning. He blinked, looking down at Taya as she pulled away from his cock, grinning as she swallowed then wiped her mouth clean with the back of her hand.

“You felt it, didn’t you?” she asked, looking up at him. “I can see it in your face. You felt the power that binds our gods together. You felt it and it has changed you.”

“Yes,” King Teddem replied, sounding awed. “I felt it and am… changed.”

He was silent for a moment then looked down at her and began speaking with all the authority he had. “You shall join Julianna at my side as a royal adviser on all matters.” He started tucking his now soft manhood away and looked to one of his Arms. “The people must know of this. Have proclamations posted in all the keeps, let my people know of my new adviser and let it be proclaimed that I officially encourage the worship of both Ynara and Azel.”


* * *


The man standing before King Teddem’s throne looked about the throne room in awe. It was a very specific look he wore on his face, one that every Dwarf who dealt with members of other races recognized. The man had never been inside a Dwarven city before, never seen the unique glory of their finely crafted subterranean cities.

Both Julianna and Taya understood. Both women had felt overwhelmed the first time they had entered a Dwarven city. Before entering the city they had expected it to feel like being inside a large castle but the halls and lanes that connected different parts of a Dwarven city felt totally different. Even the finest-crafted Human or Elven castle felt like a purely utilitarian place when compared to a Dwarven realm. The Dwarves crafted everything with such skill and artistry that even a simple hall was stunning to behold, and their use of space carved from living rock was like nothing found in the surface world.

The king’s throne room was even more stunning to behold, for unlike a simple hall or home the throne room had been crafted to intentionally make people standing before the king feel overwhelmed. Everything about the room was designed to make a supplicant feel small and give the king on the throne an otherworldly sense of largess.

“Small” was a good word to describe the man standing before the throne. He wasn’t physically small as he stood much taller than even the tallest Dwarf. No, his smallness was one of character and importance when compared to the king.

“Tell me again who this Human is,” King Teddem whispered, not bothering to look at the man waiting to address him.

Julianna and Taya sat on either side of the king, patiently waiting to be consulted for their advice. Once asked for both women leaned in and began whispering to the king.

“His name is Egmont Drezen,” Julianna whispered. “He’s come from the lands to the east of the Great Forest.”

“Remind me again what is there,” the Kings whispered back.

“A large swath of land filled with rolling hills and farmland,” Taya began to tell him “There are many small towns spread through the region, a few of which have begun to grow into proper cities. The population is mostly Human, although there is a significant minority made up of pretty much every race in Alaria.”

“And who rules these mostly Human lands?” the king asked.

“If you had asked me yesterday I’d have said no one,” Taya whispered, looking to Julianna to continue.

“But it appears things are changing in that land, or at least that seems to be why this man is here,” Julianna said then added, “he should be given the chance to explain his business here.”

The king sat up and looked down at the man. He was dressed in what passed for finery for a Human. He looked to be younger, but as always the king had a hard time telling with Humans. “Tell me why you have come calling to my court,” the king finally asked.

Egmont Drezen bowed and took a step closer, nervously fidgeting with the sleeves of his shirt. “Thank you for allowing me to come before you,” he began then paused before adding uncertainly, “Your Majesty.” King Teddem nodded and the man continued, less nervous now. “I represent the newly formed Merchant’s Guild of Arkiam and I am here-”

“Guild of what?” Julianna asked, cutting the man off.

“Arkiam,” he replied loudly and clearly. “It is the name the guild has, uh, given to the area making up the lands to the east of the Great Forest.”

“Very interesting,” Julianna muttered, waving for him to continue.

For a moment he looked confused, as if uncertain the woman had the authority to interrupt him.

“These are my most trusted advisers,” the king proclaimed. “When they speak it is as if I am speaking to you.”

The man nodded and continued. “The Guild has been busy organizing trade between the towns and cities of Arkiam since forming. Since we’re the only authority in the region we’ve taken it upon ourselves to name it. And now that steady trade routes have been established within Arkiam we have begun to look outside its borders. I’m here to ask for our guild members to be granted access to your kingdom and have been given the power to negotiate a formal trade deal.”

He looked to the king for an answer but it was Julianna who answered. “Well then, we shall begin our negotiations now. But first, give us a moment to advise our glorious Dwarven king.”

Both women leaned in close and began whispering quickly to the king.

“We must make as much use out of this offer as possible,” one began quickly.

“It is a sign of your kingdom’s status that such a representative from a foreign land comes asking for such a deal,” the other added quickly. “But this guild is new and they will need this deal much more than your kingdom does. We must press our advantage.”

“I know very little about trade and commerce,” the king whispered back. “You may take the lead from here.”

The three figures sat up and looked at the man standing below them.

“We will agree to open our kingdom’s borders to the members of your merchant’s guild, but only if you are willing to agree to a few conditions,” Julianna said authoritatively.

“Please, tell them to me. If they are reasonable I’ll happily add them to the agreement. Once we finish our negotiations I’ll write it all up for His Majesty to sign.”

The man’s face was easy to read. He was clearly overjoyed and thought he’d already won the terms he came for. The fact that his expression was so easily read told both Julianna and Taya how little experience this man had in negotiations like these. They realized he’d be willing to negotiate almost anything away to get what he wanted, even things he didn’t even realize he had to give away.

“First,” Julianna began, “your guild will agree to open the borders of Arkiam to the traders of the Shadow Mountains.”

The man nodded eagerly. “Of course. There is good money in commerce coming and going.”

“Second,” Taya quickly added, “only official Merchant Guild traders will be allowed past our borders and they will ONLY bring in merchandise and goods, NO craftsmen. All goods brought into the Shadow Mountains must be sold to royal accredited merchants, no direct sales to our citizens.”

Before the man could reply the king held a hand up and leaned in to whisper to Taya. “I trust you know what you are doing, but please explain this demand to me.”

Taya leaned in even closer and whispered her reply so quietly the king barely heard it. “If we let foreign craftsmen into the kingdom they could potentially take the jobs of locals. Such a thing would weaken your kingdom’s economy and lead to potential unrest. If only goods are allowed to enter the kingdom and moved through local traders your native merchants will get a cut of every item sold. That will strengthen the economy and suppress any likelihood that this foreign guild might gain some sort of influence over you and your people.”

“I see,” the king replied quietly, stroking his beard. “Do we have more demands?”

“Maybe,” Taya whispered. “First let us see what he thinks of our demands so far.” She sat up and looked at the merchant and asked him what he thought so far.

He shuffled about nervously. “Those are, uh, harsher terms then I had expected,” he said, looking uncertain.

“If the terms seem harsh to you,” Julianna said, “let us offer something to help soften them. In exchange for our trade terms the king will offer Dwarven mercenaries at drastically reduced costs to your guild. I know little of Arkiam but in my experience that the more prosperous the regain gets the more you will attract bandits, especially on the roadways between towns and cities. Your merchant caravans will need protection. We’d even be willing to offer prices low enough for you to hire extra mercenaries to serve as road wardens for the country and watchmen for your growing cities.”

It was clear by the look of surprise on the man’s face that he had not expected such an offer. “That… is a most welcome offer, actually,” he said, nodding to himself. “I admit we have had some of the issues you mentioned and had planned on hiring mercenaries for protection. I’m certain the forces you could provide would be much better trained and equipped than any locals we might find.” He paused and thought for a moment then threw out a suggested number of mercenaries and the price the guild would be willing to pay monthly for them.

Taya smiled at Julianna and both women nodded. “Double the number of mercenaries and halve the cost,” she said to the man.

The king sat up and began to object but stopped himself. “I’m trusting that you two know what you are doing,” he muttered to his advisers.

“I accept,” the guild representative said quickly. “I shall go and write up the agreement now and return as soon as the ink is dry for His Majesty to sign.”

King Teddem waited till the man was out of the throne room before speaking. “Please explain to me why we’ve just agreed to a trade deal that seems to be giving away half my armed forces as mercenaries for a price that seems to be a great loss. That amount of coin for that many men might not even pay their wages.”

“Oh, it certainly won’t,” Julianna said happily.

“In fact, I would advise we pay the Dwarven mercenaries almost double what they would expect to be paid,” Taya added.

The king looked at her, his mouth falling open in disbelief. “That would drain the treasury within months!” he protested.

“No it won’t,” Julianna said firmly. “You’ll make up every single coin needed for the mercenaries with taxes on the goods the Human traders will bring into the kingdom. That man should have insisted on getting such taxes agreed upon ahead of time. Without that as part of the agreement he brings back we’ll be able to tax as we please. And even if those traders and their guild find the prices too high they will have no choice to accept less the whole deal be thrown away.”

“And this deal will potentially earn us far more than these people’s coin,” Taya said with a sly smile. “This merchant’s guild will quickly become dependent on our mercenaries and even if one day they wished for a different force they will almost certainly not be able to find a replacement for even double the price they will be paying us. And since profit is their driving force they will keep the deal even once they realize the mistake they’ve made.”

“What mistake,” the king asked, sounding confused. “I still don’t understand.”

Taya continued explaining. “It will be your forces protecting their caravans, patrolling the lands between their towns and even policing the streets of their cities. They will have no need for armed forces of their own. As they grow more and more dependent on you and your men for their safety we will be able to demand trade terms even more beneficial to us.”

“But even that is nothing compared to the true potential of such a deal,” Julianna added quickly. “With enough time, and with the right actions and demands on our part at the right moments, those mercenaries and the locals’ reliance on them could lead to you effectively making this newly formed Arkiam into a vassal state. And then, once they’ve accepted that fate, you could even annex the whole territory and add it to your kingdom.”

“Imagine it,” Taya added, “your kingdom doubling in size without even needing to go to war. And should war come, either from jealous neighbors or through a need to expand in other directions, you’ll have resources outside the Shadow Mountains to use.”

King Teddem thought for a moment then grinned eagerly. “I can see that I’m not likely to regret appointing you two as my advisers.”

Both women smiled proudly, each placing a hand on one of the king’s arms.

“We have more than counsel to offer,” one of them said softly.

“Our gods can bless you and your kingdom to ensure it grows ever stronger and richer,” the other added. “There is a ritual we can perform with you, one that will ensure our god’s blessings protect you and your people more than they already do.”

“Just tell me what I need to do,” the king quickly replied, his eyes flashing to both women’s breasts.

“We’ll meet you in your bedchambers tonight,” Taya whispered, caressing the king’s muscular arm.

“And I suspect you’ll find the ritual as enjoyable as you’ve found praying to our gods.”


* * *


“I am very eager to see if this enchantment of power is as strong as you both hint it to be but I must admit I was surprised by the location you insisted it be cast at,” King Teddem said to the two priestesses as he opened the door to his personal bedchambers. “I thought a spell to strengthen my kingdom would be cast in my throne room, the seat of my power.”

“The power of your kingdom resides in you, Your Majesty,” Julianna said as she followed him into the room. “Your throne is but a visage of that power for the lesser people to see.”

“At least that is how it shall be with our gods supporting your reign,” Taya added as she entered the room as well.

The two priestesses were followed by the heavily armored and armed Arms of the King. King Teddem trusted the two priestesses as much as he trusted anyone, yet he couldn’t help remember the last assassination attempt and how it had happened in this very room. If these women had somehow been fooling him all this time his Arms would be there to protect him.

After entering the room the Arms closed and locked the door then took up places on either side of it. They were silent and dutiful Dwarves, speaking only when necessary. It was easy to forget they were even in a room with you, something the king was thankful for. He’d “prayed” with the priestesses in his throne room multiple times, but only ever when it was empty of all but the priestesses and his Arms.

“The first thing we must do is undress you,” Taya said, setting her staff against a wall then turning to face the king.

He was surprised to see the red gems fastened to her revealing outfit glowing more strongly than normal. Her eyes had begun to glow too, also with a slight red hue. Looking to Julianna he saw that her eyes had begun to glow as well.

Before approaching the king both women began to chant in unison, quietly at first but gradually their voices got louder as they approached him. The language they spoke in was unfamiliar to him, but even so he could tell they were chanting the same short phrase over and over again.

By the time the two women reached him it wasn’t just their eyes that were glowing. Everywhere that he could see exposed skin on the women it glowed with a faint red light. As they neared he felt the power causing that glow, slight at first but stronger as they began to undress him. In fact, as they peeled his clothing off piece by piece, he felt the power growing stronger and stronger, only slowly realizing what he was feeling was the power being infused into his body.

He’d never felt anything like the energy soaking into his body. It was vibrant and left him feeling a strange kind of satisfaction, like the satisfaction from a hearty meal and the restful energy a good night’s sleep left one feeling. But it wasn’t just a physical feeling, it was something deeper, something spiritual.

As they peeled off the last of his clothing he felt the power soak into the core of his being. He was aware of aspects of the world around him he’d not even known were there. There was a glow and power that came from the two priestesses that was so strong it left the rest of the world around him seeming diminished.

There was something else he saw in the room, although he barely knew how to describe it. At times it seemed to be a faint red shimmer that occasionally sparked and grew more prominent. It looked and felt as if it was something that was soaked into the objects and people in the room but not evenly so. The two priestesses seemed soaked to the core by the essence and looking down he saw that he had much of the stuff soaked into himself, although not nearly as much as them. Glancing at his Arms for comparison he saw that there was almost none of it in them.

Then there was the wind. He saw and felt it blowing through the world around him. He knew it was not something of the physical realm, it was a wind of magical power. Occasionally it would blow stronger and sometimes it would nearly disappear, but no matter its strength it seemed to always grow stronger and denser around the two priestesses, looking and feeling as though it strengthened as it drew near to them even as they pulled it into their selves.

“You can see it all, can’t you?” Taya whispered into his ear. “The winds of magic, the essence in all of us, our faith that we can feed the gods with.”

“Yes,” the king replied. When he heard himself speak voice didn’t sound like it was his, it sounded more like an echo from a far off room. “And there is something else… Something soaked into the world around me…”

“You need not worry about that right now,” Julianna whispered in his other ear.

Both women began caressing his naked body, running their soft hands over his thick muscles and through his dense body hair. They pulled him towards his bed, cooing softly that he should sit on the edge of it.

Once he was sitting they began chanting again. They stood before him, staring at him and smiling as they chanted. Then, slowly, each woman began pulling their breasts out of their clothing. For Taya it was as simple as pulling the semi-transparent fabric barely covering her breasts to the side. Julianna had to open a few clasps in the front of her ornate Dwarven dress, but soon her gigantic breasts were free of her clothing.

Once both their breasts were free the two chanting priestesses took a step closer to the king sitting on the edge of his large bed. They both grabbed their breasts, sensually massaging and groping them than playing with their nipples. They looked to be immensely enjoying what they were doing yet there was no doubt in the king’s mind that it was being done for his benefit and as a way to arouse him in preparation for whatever was about to transpire.

He could see and feel the red essence soaked into the priestesses intensify as they kept playing with their breasts. It began to spark more, the power of it radiating out into him with an alluring sense of purpose. The more intense the essence got the more each woman’s breasts seemed to grow in importance. Gradually he began to feel as if their breasts, and the arousal they were causing in him, were the center of the entire world.

He stared, thinking only of his desire for their breasts. Lost in his carnal cravings he watched as each woman grabbed a breast and lifted it towards their face. They each leaned down, licking their own nipples before starting to suck on them. The sight made his most manly of parts feel even more manly. He grew painfully hard as he watched and strongly desired to grab his cock and start jerking off but something held him back, a sense that any pleasure he received at that moment needed to come from these two women.

The more his desire built up the stronger he felt. There was power in sexuality, in desire and pleasures of the flesh. It was a power he’d never recognized before but knew from this day forward he’d forever be aware of it. The power of raw sexuality flowed from the women before him then flowed into him. The more he wanted these women to pleasure him the stronger he felt. And then, slowly, he felt that power radiating out from himself, radiating out…

“To my people,” he whispered, realizing their ritual was already working.

Both priestesses let their breasts fall from their mouths with a final wet sucking sound. As soon as their mouths were free they began chanting again and started moving towards him with driving purpose in their eyes and clear desire for his body.

When they reached him they began to once more run their hands sensually over his body, caressing and enticing him to stand. Once on his feet Julianna peeled away from him and sat where he had been seated a moment ago.

Taya continued to caress the naked king but moved around his body till she stood behind him. She stood much taller than him so as her hands began to move south down his body she had to lean over slightly, leaving her large firm breasts pressed into the top of his back. The feel of their soft yet firm warmth made him shudder in anticipation.

As Taya moved her hands ever southward Julianna sat up on the bed’s edge, grabbing her overlarge breasts from the bottom and hefting them up as if presenting them to the Dwarven king.

No, he thought staring at them, not presenting to me, presenting them to my mighty cock!

Just as the thought ran through his head Taya’s hands reached his manhood. She cupped his balls with both hands, running her fingers through the thick coarse hair covering them, then slid up his shaft to wrap both hands around its thick girth.

Both women stopped chanting.

“Ynara desires your kingly seed,” Julianna said, staring intensely into the king’s eyes. “If you give it to her through her earthly vessel she shall reward you and your kingdom. But you must give yourself and your seed willingly to her.”

As she spoke Taya gently squeezed the king’s cock then began to stroke it. He was so turned on and worked up that his cock was oozing a thick, steady stream of precum, more than enough to act as a lubricant as the priestess started jerking him off.

He moaned in delight then gasped, “I do! I will give my seed willingly to Ynara!”

As he uttered these words he felt the winds of magic blowing through the room intensify then felt them blowing through him and taking something out of him. He realized then that the price Ynara was asking was for far more than his seed, yet even seeing this he was willing to give it willingly.

By then Taya had begun to jerk him off, causing him to moan and grunt in pleasure. “Ynara waits for your seed,” she whispered into his ear, pressing her tits harder into his upper back, “but it is Azel that brings you pleasure now. It is through Azel’s blessing that your cock is so mighty, so big and thick, and with your devotion to the god of cock your manhood shall grow even more impressive. To you give yourself to him as well?”

“Yes!” the king gasped. “Anything, I give your gods whatever they want!” Her hands were working her cock with such skill that he had long ago felt his body ready to cum. Yet something was holding his body back, keeping him from getting off and attaining the ultimate of pleasures. At that moment he felt as though he’d give anything to cum!

“Azel accepts you,” Taya said, pointing his cock at Julianna’s tits as she kept jerking him off.

“Ynara awaits your seed,” Julianna added.

King Teddem groaned deeply from the delight of orgasmic release as he began to cum. It was an orgasm that he felt not just physically but in his soul. His cock quivered and spasmed as huge spurts of semen shot from his cock, arcing and splattering on Julianna’s huge tits. The amount of cum coming out of him was staggering and the length of his orgasm more astounding. Taya kept stroking him and aiming his cock so that his cum eventually covered every inch of Juliann’s tits. Only then did the king’s orgasm end.

The king had never felt so drained, both physically and spiritually. He felt as though everything he had to offer had been given, leaving an empty husk behind. Dwarves were renowned for their near physical tirelessness but at that moment even his legs felt weak, a feeling totally unfamiliar to the king. He wanted desperately to collapse onto his soft bed but Taya still held his cock and still stroked it lightly even as it began to soften.

“You can rest soon,” she whispered in his ear. “But first watch and see if our gods have accepted your offer.”

He looked at Julianna’s cum-covered tits and watched as his semen began to glow red. The glowing energy began to spark as it grew in intensity till eventually the energy was so blinding he had to look away. When he looked back every drop of his semen was gone.

“Ynara has accepted your offering and shall bless you, your people, and your kingdom as long as you keep faith in her,” Julianna declared.

“Azel has accepted your offering,” Taya added quickly, “and shall bless you, your people, and your kingdom as long as you keep faith in him.”

The king had no doubt their words were true. Although he felt he had been left drained he also felt more powerful than ever. What’s more, he felt his kingdom for the first time. It was a strange soft awareness in the back of his mind that illuminated the general thoughts of his citizens and let him feel the strength of his kingdom. The strength of his kingdom was weaker than he would have expected it to be but it was growing.

And it will keep growing, he thought as the two priestesses helped him into his bed. Nothing can stop me now, I shall forge the greatest kingdom ever seen on Alaria!


* * *


Julianna and Taya sat together in a small room high in a peek the king’s main hold resided under. Although the room was small, just big enough for a table that four could sit at, it was lavishly decorated and the Dwarven art built into the walls was nearly as magnificent as what could be seen in the throne room.

The room had only recently been crafted. When Utdat Teddem had claimed his throne one of his first acts was to commission the creation of rooms and small homes all through the Shadow Mountains that were for use only by the king or most trusted members of the royal household. These rooms were still being constructed in residential areas, in granaries and barracks, near every guard post and anywhere else one might need to do more than simply travel past.

He knew perfectly well that even with his long Dwarven life he’d never set foot in more than ten percent of the rooms, but he didn’t care. He wanted his people to see that no matter where he went he’d have a proper, kingly place to hold court in even if it was in a stable or mine. The rooms were a reminder that the king belonged EVERYWHERE.

This room was one nearly everyone knew the king would never use. A large number of the Dwarves that lived in the Shadow Mountains could live their whole lives never seeing actual daylight or even the open skies. They would live their whole lives in the cities and keeps and mines tunneled through the mountains they called him.

To those that lived this way any Dwarf who had to, or worse CHOSE to, leave the cold embrace of the mountain and enter the “outer world” were viewed as lesser Dwarves. They were considered half foreigners by the mountain bound and often distrusted or looked down upon.

Any job that required frequent travels into the outer world left a social stigma in many circles of Dwarven society. A matter would have to be very grave for the king to sully himself with such a stigma, and as such the few young Dwarves who ran the royal raven aviary, where messages to and from the outside world were sent and delivered, expected the small room for the king to never be occupied.

The priestesses had arrived knowing those manning the aviary would be busy in its highest room tending to the birds and collecting and preparing the messages the ravens would take into the outer world. They had left the door open, knowing that eventually one of the Dwarves would come past the room and see them. In the meantime, they discussed the progress of their work.

“The king is already a creature of The Corruption,” Taya proclaimed proudly. “We were able to win him over faster than any we’ve been sent to aid before.”

Julianna nodded in agreement. “This land was already ripe with The Corruption. I suspect he’d have been won over by to The Corruption sooner than later even if we hadn’t been directed here. But with our influence our gods’ will can be more quickly made real than if we were not here. Everything has aligned so well that I even think in a short time we can bring nearly every Dwarf in the Shadow Mountains into the fold.”

“Yes,” Taya agreed. “Now that the king has seen how good our advice is and felt the power of our gods and tasted The Corruption we’ll have whatever we want, at least as long as we continue to play our parts well. Soon we will be able to begin the religious conversions. Before long we may even be able to explain to King Teddem what The Corruption is and reveal that he serves it without even knowing.”

Julianna furrowed her brows at this comment, leaning over the table slightly to be closer to Taya. Doing so left her massive mammaries pooled up on the table in front of her. It was something she was so used to that she barely noticed it anymore and had taken to resting her hands on the exposed parts of her cleavage. When nervous or agitated she’d begin drumming her fingertips on the exposed flesh.

It was a tell that the other priestess had quickly learned to read. “What is bothering you so,” she asked, glancing at Julianna as her fingers nervously tapped at her cleavage, making her breasts jiggle slightly.

“I don’t think we should tell the king everything, at least not any time soon,” the priestess of Ynara replied, still looking concerned. “I do not think he’d react well to being told a higher power is controlling his actions. He is a Dwarf who shattered the traditions of his people to gain the highest station of power he thinks possible. There is no version of him that I can imagine that would ever accept being another’s puppet. He is a puppet of the gods as we all are but we must continue to ensure he does not see the strings controlling him.”

Taya smiled and leaned back in her chair. “Ah, I see. I suppose that’s why we are here?”

“Yes,” Julianna said, sounding less agitated. “We are the strings attached to him, at least the largest ones. If we wish to keep him from discovering this we will need to control the information he is given. He must only be allowed to see the movements of the world around him that we WANT him to see.”

“Control the messengers and you control who gets what messages,” Taya said.

“Or at the very least control the light any messages are read in,” Julianna replied, giving her fellow royal adviser a conspiratorial wink.

Not long after that one of the Dwarves they were waiting for appeared, walking past their room and stopping in surprise when he saw the door open and room occupied. For a moment the Dwarf, young by the look of his features and shortness of his beard, gaped at the two women sitting in the room. Eventually he lifted a hand and pointed at them. “You’re the king’s new advisers!”

Taya and Julianna both stood and beckoned him into the room, telling him he was correct. The fact the Dwarf recognized them was no surprise. There were few Humans in all of the Shadow Mountains and every Dwarven citizen had heard of the king’s new advisers from foreign lands. Much of the whispered talk about the two priestesses was about how they looked: Taya’s scandalously skimpy outfit and Julianna’s unnaturally large breasts. And being Humans that stood at least a foot taller than most dwarves both their exaggerated curves were even more pronounced to the diminutive denizens of the Shadow Mountains. There could be no mistaking them for anyone but who they were.

Both women worked in perfect unison as they began carrying out their plan.

Julianna made sure she was the focus of the young Dwarf’s attention, using the overwhelming size of her breasts to distract him. If he’d been a Human she’d had stood as straight as she could and thrust her chest out to help ensure it was the center of his attention. But being a Dwarf this would have left her breasts almost above his head, meaning he’d not have been able to see her exposed cleavage. So the priestess leaned forward, making it look like she was just trying to get eye to eye with him. In reality she was simply ensuring he could see into the almost hypnotic void of her over-abundant cleavage.

Meanwhile, Taya grabbed her staff and began quietly whispering a quick enchantment. Faint billowing red vapor began to trail out from the glowing gem at the tip of her staff. The smoke fell to the ground and began slowly snaking across the floor till it reached the Dwarf’s feet where it began wrapping around his legs and snaking up his body.

He was so distracted by Julianna and her breasts that he never noticed the vapor, even as it reached his head and began to flow into his mouth, nostrils, and ears. The more of the magical vapor that flowed into him the glassier eyed and transfixed by Julianna’s breasts he became.

Julianna was telling the young Dwarf that any messages for the king needed to be delivered to them before anyone else. She told him this was a direct order form the king and all that worked in the aviary were to know of this command but none outside of those few Dwarves were to be informed. As she instructed him she began opening the front of her dress, slowly exposing more and more of her breasts.

“Do as we say and you will be greatly rewarded,” Julianna said as she finished opening her dress, leaving her massive breasts fully exposed. Bent over the way she was they hung in the youth’s face, dangling tantalizingly before him.

“It’s okay,” Julianna purred, grabbing her hanging tits and pressing them both into the Dwarf’s face. “I said you would be greatly rewarded. Have at my glorious breasts, they are a blessing from the goddess Ynara that you are being allowed to indulge in. Do as you please with them.”

The young Dwarf began to play with her massive tits the instant he was given permission. At first he grabbed them with his thick fingered, meaty hands, grunting quietly in delight as his hands sunk into the soft flesh. He began to grope and grab at them then lifting them up to feel their substantial weight. Before long he began focusing on her large nipples, pinching the nubs then tugging at them before finally grabbing one huge tit in both hands and pressing his face into it as he started sucking on a swollen and engorged nub. As he mauled and sucking her tits Julianna moaned in pleasure, reaching down and pulling her dress up so she could start fingering herself.

Meanwhile, Taya muttered the last of her spell and rested her staff against the wall then climbed up onto the table. She got down on all fours and turned so that her back end was at the edge of the table. Taya then pressed the front of her body down onto the table while raising her ass into the air.

“Come,” Julianna whispered, pulling away from the Dwarf and grabbing him by the hand to drag him towards the table. “I have shown you the glory of the goddess of fat tits, now Taya shall prove her devotion to the god of cock.”

As she spoke she reached down and undid the front of the Dwarf’s pants, reaching into them and pulling his cock out. “Nice and big and thick like all Dwarven cocks,” she purred, stroking it lightly as he finished hardening in her hand. “Truly the entire Dwarven race has been blessed by Azel.”

Still holding his cock, Julianna led the Dwarf to the edge of the table. It had been built for Dwarves so it was low enough that the youngster would be able to fuck Taya on it. “Look at the pussy, wet and waiting for your cock,” Julianna purred, leading him to her cunt then letting go as the man grabbed Taya’s ass and started to slide his cock into her.

As Taya moaned in pleasure as he entered her Julianna climbed up on the table as well. She knelt beside Taya, leaning over her back end so that her massive tits rested on the woman’s ass.

“Gods above,” the Dwarf moaned as he started fucking Taya, “Human pussy is magnificent. I won’t last long!”

Both priestesses smirked.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Julianna said. “In fact why don’t I help you finish the deed so you can cum and feel the ultimate pleasure?” As she spoke she pressed her body down, causing half of her gigantic breasts to spill over the back end of Taya’s ass making it so they pressed in around the top of the Dwarf’s cock as he continued to fuck Taya.

“Too much,” the Dwarf moaned with pleasure so deep it almost seemed as though he was in pain. “Tits so big, ass to thick and firm! I want to cum on them both, not inside her!”

“Then we shall oblige,” Julianna purred, reaching down and grabbing his cock and pulling it out of Taya’s wet cunt. She quickly pulled it up, sliding into the wedge of Taya’s firm ass cheeks and pressing her own tits down over it.

The juices of Taya’s pussy provided more than enough moisture to lubricate his cock as he started thrusting between a firm ass and huge soft tits. He grunted, slamming one last time between then as his cock erupted, shooting out a thick load of Dwarven semen that left Julianna’s tits and Taya’s ass drenched.

As soon as he was done cumming the Dwarf stumbled back, his legs so weak he had to support himself on the nearby wall. “That was incredible,” he said with a sigh of deep satisfaction. “Never felt so drained after fucking…” he added, sounding dazed and confused.

“A true and proper gift for a true and proper Dwarf,” Julianna said as she sat up. As her tits pulled away from Taya’s ass a large amount of thick cum messily dripped down into the cum still oozing between the other priestess’ ass cheeks. “But it is a gift meant not just for you.”

As she spoke Taya quickly got up and grabbed her stuff, muttering another quick enchantment. More of the red vapor began forming around the red gem at the top of her staff. It fell to the ground as if heavier than air, pooling on the floor around her feet.

Julianna leaned against the table, telling the Dwarf that he was to go and gather every other Dwarf that was working in the aviary and bring them to the room so they could be rewarded in the same way he had been. He listened with rapt attention as he pushed his cock back into his britches and buttoning them up.

The red mist began slithering across the floor and pooling up around his feet. It was thick now, so thick and red that he should have seen it but the magic at work prevented him from noticing the mist. When he turned to leave the mist followed him, still gathered around his feet. It would work its magic on all the other Dwarven workers as he went and told them of the reward waiting for them below.

Before long the Dwarves were eagerly coming to receive their reward for their promised service to the two priestesses. Julianna and Taya started pleasuring them as soon as they entered the room. Taya reveled in their long thick cocks, sucking some off with intense religious vigor while letting others fuck her while she prayed to her god of cock. Meanwhile, Julianna used her gigantic tits to pleasure the Dwarfs in ways many of the Dwarves had never even imagined.

Eventually they had to leave the confines of the small room and move their orgy out into the hall. There were too many Dwarves crowded around the priestesses to fit in the room. There was also the fact that the small room, and especially the table in it, had quickly become so soiled with various sexual fluids that most of the newer arrivals were too disgusted with the mess to want to get their “reward” in the room.

The orgy in the hall was a wild affair, something unheard of within the Dwarven society of the Shadow Mountains. Normally the act would have been looked on with revulsion and those taking part in it expecting to live the rest of their lives in shame. But the power of Taya’s spell and the blessings of their gods ensured the Dwarves gave themselves over completely to the throes of decedent sexual indulgence.

It was clear this was not the first such encounter either woman had been involved in. They handled the crowd of men and their throbbing hard cocks with deft skill and unmatched enthusiasm. And as much as the Dwarves were enjoying themselves it was the priestesses, especially Julianna, who was clearly enjoying themselves the most.

Julianna had gotten so into things that she had three Dwarves using her giant breasts to pleasure themselves at once. One stood before her, thrusting into her cleavage as he frantically titfucked her. Another stood to the side, his long cock pressed under her heavy breast as he fucked it from the side. On her other side a Dwarf stood pressing his manhood into the bulk of the side of one breast, rubbing his cock on her tit and moaning in pleasure. In both hands she held a cock and greedily turned from dick to the dick sucking one intensely for a few moments then turning and inhaling the other.

When Taya realized how men Dwarves were crowded around Julianna at once and saw how greedily she was servicing them all she laughed. “You and your huge tits are so greedy.”

Julianna slurped noisily on a cock as she pulled it out of her mouth then grinned at Taya with no hint of shame on her face. “It is not me that is greedy, it is Ynara! She always craves more cocks on tits and more cum showered over tits. I am just her vessel and it is through me she sates her needs.”

Taya chuckled then turned her attention went to the Dwarf she was servicing. She knew what Julianna spoke was true for she was the same kind of vessel for her god’s desires. And soon all of the Dwarves of the Shadow Mountains would come to understand their god’s perverse hunger, becoming the same kind of vessels as they were.



Chapter Twenty-Two: The Education of Ghilliana Ermean



King Jennenes Moonlight sat upon his throne, holding court. Ghilliana Ermean of Lyalduinin sat in a place of honor next to him, looking regal and disinterested as the king’s Majordomo read off a list of royal matters, jotting down the king’s commands in response to each. The Elven woman only began to show interest when the two men started talking about the hiring of a large mercenary force.

“You’ve hired the men needed for the task?” King Jennenes asked.

“Yes, sire,” his Majordomo replied.

“And how high was the cost?”

“Far less than I expected it to be,” he replied. “I had honestly expected it to be difficult hiring that many mercenaries with what little money is left in the treasury after all the coin spent to purchase the Nemorvians. But luck seems to be with us. King Teddem of the Shadow Mountains has been selling Dwarven mercenaries at a price so low it’s left a huge number of mercenaries in the region in desperate need of work. In fact many were so desperate for work they took offers so low they would have been unheard of a mere month ago.”

“And have they already left to accomplish their task?”

“Yes, your Majesty. They left this morning and will reach the ruins of Lyalduinin soon to kill the Orcs and claim the emberstone mines. They know they must act fast less some other forces claim the prize before they can.”

“This is news most welcome,” Ghilliana proclaimed in joy. “But the force has already left?” She started to stand. “I must be given your fastest riding horse so that I can join them and lead the battle to retake my lands.”

“Your lands?” King Jennenes said coldly. “No, they are no longer your lands. The Orcs took them from you and what little claim you had after that you’ve given to me as part of our bargain. They are MY lands.”

“Fine,” she said, waving the comment away in annoyance. “They are yours. But I should be there when the lands are retaken. I should-”

“You shall remain here,” the king said firmly, cutting her off. “I will not allow you to leave my palace till what you have promised me is mine. Only AFTER the lands, and the emberstone mines, are under my control will you be allowed to leave.”

“What? But what…” she trailed off, narrowing her eyes. “You’ve more planned for me,” she stated coldly, sitting down and looking away from him.

“Oh yes, I plan to educate you thoroughly in matters you know little about.”

Ghilliana sat in silence, glaring ahead.

“You promised me anything in return for your vengeance. I thought I could trust you to keep your word but now I am left wondering whether that is correct. I am now worried you might try and slip away.” He turned to his Majordomo and clapped his hands. “Bring it to me.”

The man bowed then quickly turned to leave the throne room.

Once they were alone Ghilliana turned, glaring at King Jennenes. “What is it that your filthy little Human adviser is bringing?”

“A simple thing,” the king replied with a smile. “Something pretty that will ensure you remain here till what is owed is mine.”

Ghilliana looked away and once again fell silent.

Before long the Majordomo returned, an ornate box held in his hands. He approached the throne and bowed to the king as he handed him the box.

The king thanked him then turned and presented it to Ghilliana. “Here, a gift for you.”

She begrudgingly took the box and slowly opened it, staring at its contents. He watched her face closely, hoping for some kind of reaction but she showed none. After a few moments she grabbed the item in the box and pulled it out, revealing a sleek black leather collar. “You expect me to put this on?” she asked, holding the thing up with two fingers as though it disgusted her.

“Oh, now, it’s not that ugly. Simple, I’ll give you that, but simple can be elegant.”

“It’s not how it looks,” Ghilliana replied, still holding the thing as though it repulsed her. “It’s the magic within the item I do not care for.”

Jennenes nodded. “As a pure-blooded High Elf you can easily sense its magic far more acutely than even one such as me. But even knowing exactly what it does you WILL put it on. As I said, I no longer feel I can trust you to remain here till I have what is owed me. Put it on.”

She took a deep breath then put the leather collar on. As soon as it was around her neck glowing runes burned into life all around the collar. A moment later the collar shrunk, tightening just enough to cause Ghilliana to gasp in discomfort.

“It’s too tight,” she in annoyance, shifting her body and tugging at it to try and make the collar more comfortable.

“Of course it is,” Jennenes replied with a wicked smile. “I wouldn’t want you to forget you are wearing it. You will not be able to take it off till I have what is owed. Till then it will also prevent you from leaving my palace. It will even ensure you come to me when I wish to summon you.”

She glared at him. “And what will you be summoning me for?”

“I already told you,” he replied, annoyed she didn’t remember. “I plan on educating you in things you know little to nothing about. In fact, your first lesson will be later today.”

Still glaring, she dug a finger under the collar in a vain attempt to loosen it. “It holds other magic you’ve not told me about,” she said accusingly.

“When your first lesson begins I’ll happily reveal the collar’s last surprise.”


* * *


“This is not a place to receive any kind of proper education,” Ghilliana said, glaring coldly at the king’s bedchamber.

“Oh, now, do not play the fool,” King Jennenes replied. “We both know the kind of things I plan on educating you on are not considered ‘proper’, at least not by you. But once your education is complete perhaps you’ll see such things in a new light.”

“I will not,” she declared.

King Jennenes simply shrugged and turned, leaving the beautiful High Elf in the room alone.

Once he was gone she looked around the room, glaring as memories of the last time she was in this place flooded into her mind. Her breathing increased and her cheeks flushed slightly when she looked at the large, ornate bed that took up a large portion of the room.

“Filth,” she muttered, turning away from it and waiting for the king to return.

King Jennenes returned soon, a large chest floating in the air before him. He had one arm outstretched, magical energy glowing around it as he levitated the chest before him. He set the chest down on a table that had been placed in the center of the room.

“What is this?” she asked, eying the large container suspiciously. “More ‘gifts’?”

“A veritable treasure trove,” king Jennenes said with a smile as he opened the chest.

Its opening faced him and not Ghilliana so she was unable to see what was within it. She watched expressionlessly as he rummaged through it, finally pulled out a strip of black silken cloth. “Another enchanted gift designed to enslave me to your perverse whims?” she asked, looking at the cloth with open diastase.

“No. It is but a simple, mundane cloth but one that you will become intimately familiar within the coming days and perhaps even weeks.”

As he spoke he stepped around the table and approached her. She stood still tall and unmoving, fighting not to show any of the fear she felt.

“Hold still,” the king commanded as he stepped behind her and started tying the cloth around her head, covering her eyes. “You are to keep this on till we are done,” he added. “And if it ever gets loose you are to tell me right away so that I can re-tighten it. If I find you peeking there WILL be punishment.”

Ghilliana stood silent and unmoving with stoic indifference, or at least that was what she was trying to project. King Jennenes was able to see the slight tremor in the corner of her lips and almost imperceptible blushing in her cheeks that non-Elven eyes would not have been able to see.

He returned to the chest and noisily started rummaging around in it. “I’ve stashed so many fun toys in here, so many tools to help educate you with. It’s going to take us many sessions to use them all and I suspect that some will need to be used multiple times before you’ve learned the lessons they are here to teach you.” He paused then dropped the item he was holding, smiling when it landed back in the chest with a loud thud that echoed through the room. “But before we begin we must make sure you are dressed properly for your first lesson.”

“It will not be easy for me to change my clothing with this blindfold on,” she spat.

“Oh, you misunderstand,” King Jennenes said as he walked towards her. He lifted a hand up, magical energy beginning to coalesce brightly around it. “I know you think I am a lesser Elf than you, but my mastery of magic is far more advanced then you give me credit for.” He then waved his hand before her, the glowing energy flowing from his hand and enveloping Ghilliana.

She gasped and took a step back, blurting out, “You dare!” She began to raise her arms, magic of her own gathering around her hands as she prepared to counter his spell.

“Do not do that,” the king said firmly. “You will not resist or our deal will be void. I can have a message to the mercenaries telling them to return far before they reach their destination.”

He saw her wince as if he had slapped her. She then took a long, slow breath and let the magic she had begun to summon dissipate. As soon as she had the king’s spell worked its magic, making all of her clothing fade from existence and leaving her standing naked except for the blindfold over her eyes.

“You are so proud of your body, aren’t you?” he asked, stepping up to her and placing a finger on her shoulder then lightly running it down the length of her arm. She shivered and started to pull away from his touch but quickly stopped herself.

“So proud of your pure High Elven blood,” he continued, pulling his finger away. “So proud yet unwilling to accept how dirty, how indecent your body truly is!” He reached up and cupped the bottom of her large, perfectly shaped breasts as he spoke, lifting them as if to weigh them. “These tits of yours, you are barely aware of the amount of sexual pleasure they can bring to you or a partner.” He gave them each a gentle grope then let go of them and backed away.

As he began walking back towards the chest he continued talking. “It is time I reveal the secret of the collar you wear. While wearing it the collar will turn pain, after allowing you to experience it for a few moments, into sexual pleasure twice as intense. There is always pleasure in the right kind of pain but I fear you are too naive about such matters to really appreciate such physical delights. The collar will help make your education easier.”

Once he got to the chest he reached in and pulled out a leather whip. As he gripped the handle magical runes began to glow on it, the thong slowly lighting up with the same magical energy. “This tool will be perfect to help you experience the joys that collar will help you experience,” he said, turning to face her. “But I’d like you to guess what it is first.”

“How do you expect me to guess what it is you are holding without being able to see it?” she asked, annoyed.

“Oh, now come on, we both know you’ve other senses. It’s enchanted and you should be able to feel that from where you stand.”

She made a small sound of annoyance then cocked her head to the side as she felt out the item’s power.  A moment later she stiffened, her body tensing in fear. “I… I don’t understand. Are you using magic to muddle my senses? I feel it is a whip, enchanted so that it is easier to use. But that doesn’t make any sense to me. How could a whip be used in a sexual manner?”

King Jennenes chuckled. “I was a fool to think you’d be able to understand. Well, since you can’t figure it out on your own I will educate you.” He flung the whip up then brought it cracking down so that it snapped loudly a foot before Ghilliana.

She yelped in surprise at the sound, hopping back and throwing her arms up protectively around her breasts. “No,” she gasped. “You can’t mean to—”

“Put your hands down,” he barked.

Her hands fell to her sides and her body stiffened as she braced herself for what she now knew was coming next.

As soon as her hands were down he jerked the whip up then sent it whipping out towards her. The thong began to glow more brightly as it shifted, being magically directed to impact the exact point its wielder wished. The tip struck one of Ghilliana’s nipples with a loud “crack” that echoed through the bedchamber.

She began to howl in pain, throwing a hand up to grab her breast but before it reached it her collar pulsed with red energy and her howl of pain turned into a confused moan of pleasure. The way the collar suddenly changed the pain into intense sexual pleasure that was twice as strong instantly forced an orgasm from her body.

Ghilliana, her whole body shaking, fell to her knees as she grabbed the breasts that had been whipped. “C-can’t,” she moaned, her body still convulsing as the powerful orgasm still ran its course.

“You can,” King Jennenes said firmly, taking a few steps closer. “You will stand back up and you will keep your arms down. You will remain on your feet or you will suffer punishment much more intense than this. I could simply take the collar off and let you experience the pain of the whip without its enchantment turning that pain into pleasure. Or maybe I’d do far worse. You don’t want to find out.”

Once her orgasm ended she started to stand back up, her body quivering in fear. “P-please. You don’t have to do this,” she whimpered.

“Of course I don’t,” the king replied happily, “but I WANT to. And should you deny me this pleasure our deal will be voided.”

It took her a moment but she got back up on her feet and tried to stand tall but her body still quaked in fear.

“Is it sore?” the king asked, stepping closer and grabbing the breasts he’d whipped. He groped it then massaged the thick, dense tit-meat before running a fingertip around her nipple.

She sucked in sharply as soon as his finger brushed against her nipple. “Yessss,” she hissed, starting to pull away from his touch but making herself stop, fearing what he’d do if she pulled away.

“Well then, we’ve got to make sure you aren’t off-balance. I don’t want you suffering from just one sore, whipped nipple. That would just be cruel.” He took a few quick steps back, flinging the whip up then brought its glowing tip flying back down to crack her other nipple.

Knowing exactly what was coming made the ordeal worse for her. The pain made her scream louder and then when her collar forcibly turned it into twice as intense sexual pleasure the scream melted into a helpless whimper then moan as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

For a few brief moments she tried to stay on her feet, tried to keep her arms at her sides. But the orgasm that had been whipped from her body was too intense and her legs gave out under her. She fell to the ground, moaning and convulsing as she curled up into a ball, wrapping her arms protectively around her breasts.

King Jennenes stood in silence, waiting till Ghilliana stopped moaning and convulsing. “I told you to remain on your feet,” he said, his voice cold and angry. “Now you have to be punished.” He waited for her response then remembered she was wearing the blindfold. “I’ll use this paddle.”

As he turned and returned to the chest Ghilliana looked up at him, starting to sob. “No, please! No one could have remained on their feet for that. It was too much… And to have such a feeling forced from my body! It’s too—” She stopped mid-sentence, her eyes growing large in fear as she saw him drop the whip back into the chest and pull out a large ornate wooden paddle. “No!” she gasped, turning and starting to scramble away from the king as he began walking towards her.

“Stop right there,” he commanded, his voice booming. “Come take your punishment or else.”

She stopped, sobbing for a moment then slowly getting up onto her knees. She wrapped her arms around her chest, turning slightly so that her breasts were as far away from the king as they could be while she still faced him.

Seeing this he laughed. “You think I’m going to use this on your tits? Oh no, that would be far too much fun for you. We’ve already seen how easily those fat heavy cow’s udders make you cum.” She winced at his words, looking more stung by them than the nipple whippings. “No, this is for spanking. It’s time to see that big ass of yours put to some meaningful use.”

She made no move to get up so the king walked to her and grabbed a handful of her long blue hair and started dragging her across the floor towards his bed. She struggled for a moment then went limp, whimpering as he dragged her naked body across the floor.

Just before they reached his bed he let go of her hair and dropped her to the ground. “Your pathetic whining is irritating me,” he told her, quickly going to the chest and pulling out a ballgag.

“What do you have now?” she asked, sounding mad with fear. The ballgag had no magic in it so she had not even a slight hint at what he had gone to grab.

“Like I said, something to silence your pathetic whining.” He placed the paddle down on the edge of the bed and pulled her up onto her feet then shoved the ball into her mouth, securing the leather straps attached to its sides around the back of her head.

Not understanding what the item was for at first, she began to shout her protestations but they only came out as incomprehensible muffled nonsense.

“That is so much better,” the king said, sounding as pleased as he looked.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and told Ghilliana that she was to come and lay face down over his knees. She hesitated for a just a moment then did as she was told, moving slowly with her hands out to feel for where he sat.

Once draped over his lap he caressed her naked back, moving his hands slowly down her body till he reached her plump, curvaceous ass. For a moment he caressed both her cheeks with his hands then groped them and pulled her ass cheeks open, revealing her pussy and asshole.

Mumbling incomprehensibly through her ballgag she started spewing out more muffled objections.

He ignored her and instead kept holding her cheeks open, staring down at what had been exposed. “It is something you’d never had admitted on your own but you must face reality: even the purest blooded High Elven woman still has two filthy, dirty holes down here. I bet you’ve never let a man see them both so openly and in such good light. From the pathetic sounds you are making and the way you wiggle in my lap I can tell you are ashamed to have them looked at so openly. But if you are to accept what a filthy whore you really are you must get used to men seeing your filthy fuck-holes.”

The king let go of her ass cheeks and picked up the paddle. “I think five spankings are appropriate for your disobedience.”

Her body tensed in fear as she felt him lift his arm.

She flinched in fear as she felt him bring the paddle swinging down.

It landed on her ass cheeks with a loud meaty “thwap” that echoed through the room. “One,” the king said loudly as her body grew even tenser in response to the spanking. He enjoyed the muffled howl of pain she responded to the spanking with, savoring even more the moment the collar turned the pain into pleasure. He felt the tenseness leave her body as she went limp and started to shake, clearly having had an orgasm spanked out of her.

He pulled his arm back up and swatted her ass harder, calling out “Two!” Her body tensed then began to convulse before going limp again. When he brought the paddle back down and declared, “Three,” she barely tensed beforehand, simply convulsing and moaning in pleasure. On the count of, “Four,” she barely responded, her body so limp it was clear she had surrounded totally to the powerful mix of pain and pleasure. After the call of, “Five,” she hung over his lap so limp he wondered for a moment if she had passed out.

Her ass cheeks were covered in bright red angry welts in the shape of the paddle. After putting the paddle down he held a hand over the reddest area, close enough for her to feel the heat from his skin. Her body tensed in his lap, obviously fearing he was going to touch the tender flesh.

Instead, the king moved his hand down between her legs and pushed them apart. Then he took a single finger and ran it up the trench of her pussy, sliding it through her labia then plunging it into her cunt hole. “My my, such a wet fuck hole,” he said happily, fingering her a bit deeper. She wiggled on his lap, moaning in confusion. “I wonder why your pussy is this wet. Was it this wet before I started spanking you? Did the anticipation of the pain and pleasure turn you on? Or did you only get this wet after I spanked five more climaxes out of your slutty, needy little cunt? Or maybe, just maybe, after living a life as long as yours while always being in control the act of such debasing submission and punishment was what got you this wet.”

He pulled his finger out of her, placing it in his mouth where he loudly sucked it clean. “Delicious,” he said. He then unstrapped the ballgag and removed the blindfold. “You may get up now,” he told her, leaning back and resting on her elbows as he watched Ghilliana get to her feet, her legs still shaking. Her cheeks were flush and she looked dazed and weak.

“You are free to remain here,” he told her, waving at his bedchamber. “If you wish you may leave and go anywhere in my palace, but I doubt you will choose to as you are NOT to wear any clothing until our lessons are done.”

She balked at this and began to protest but immediately deflated. “As you wish, Your Majesty. May I at least have a basin of warm water brought to me so that I may bathe and soak my sore flesh?”

The king thought for a moment then shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. A prissy royal bitch like you has probably never been as physically soiled as you are right now. I think you should remain that way, let you feel just how low you’ve fallen in life. Besides, I don’t want you able to soothe your sore flesh, I want it pained and stinging so you can remember your lesson better.”

Again, she started to open her mouth to protest but stopped, her body sagging. “As you wish,” she muttered, sounding utterly defeated. “When will my next lesson be?”

“Soon,” the king replied, getting up and returning the ballgag, the blindfold, and the paddle to the chest before closing and locking it. “I have a few royal matters to attend to that will take a few hours, but once that is done I shall return and we can begin your next lesson.”


* * *


“No blindfold this time?” Ghilliana asked with an upturned lip as King Jennenes began choosing what to pull out of the open chest.

“Hmmmm…” he said, not glancing up as he looked through the items before him. “No, I do not think it will be needed this time. I think I want you to SEE what’s happening play out across your face this time,” he said, grabbing something small and pulling it out of the chest.

As he walked to Ghilliana she stared at his hand with apprehension. Whatever he had grabbed fit in one hand, where he had a fist closed tightly around it giving no hint at what the item could be.

“Stand up straight,” he commanded once he got to her. “Back stiff, chest out.”

She did as she was told, trying not to show the fear and apprehension she felt but doing a poor job of hiding her true feelings.

He held his hand up to her and opened his fist. “Do you know what the purpose of these are?”

Ghilliana looked down, turning her lip up at the two small metal items held in the king’s hand. “They look like some sort of clamps.” As she stared at them she furrowed her brow. “Enchanted to… teach? Teach what?” she asked, looking up at him.

“How to use your mouth to pleasure a man,” he replied, smiling wide once her face twisted up in disgust. “Now hold still while I put them on you.”

“Where, exactly, do you intend to put them on me?” she asked, her confusion sincere.

“Here,” he said, running a finger around one of her nipples then rubbing the nub till it began to swell and harden.

A small moan slipped from between her lips as this happened but she quickly recovered her composure. “But won’t this hurt?” she blurted out as he moved to tighten the first clamp on her now hard nipple.

“Perhaps a little,” he said with a chuckle as he started to close the clamp on her nipple. “But your collar will ensure any pain you feel is quickly turned to pleasure, remember?”

She started to reply but was interrupted as she suddenly sucked in air as the clamp was tightened painfully onto her engorged nipple. She winced then quavered as the pain was turned to disorienting pleasure.

“See,” the king said. “Not so bad. Now let’s get the other one on.”

Once both clamps were attached to her nipples small runes began to glow on them. Ghilliana’s eyes opened wide as the knowledge they held was placed in her mind. “Disgusting,” she snarled. “Using one’s mouth in such a way is indescribably filthy! Even a whore would not degrade herself this way!”

The king laughed, hard and long. “Do you really believe that? Of course you do. Ha! You really are a naive fool when it comes to these matters. Trust me, using their mouths this way is something every whore does. And with those clamps on you’ll soon know how to suck cock better than even the most skilled whore. The knowledge will only last while you wear them unless you put that knowledge to use. The more cock you suck while wearing them the more knowledge of how to suck cock will remain with you after they are taken off.”

Jennenes had turned and walked almost all the way back to his chest of toys before Ghilliana understood fully what he was saying. She made a loud sound of disbelief then stuttered out, “You mean? You plan on making me— No! I can’t… I… Disgusting!

“We both know you will,” the king said as he began looking through the chest again. “But teaching you to suck cock isn’t enough. I want you to learn to associate pleasuring men with your own pleasure. Those nipples clamps will help, the low-intensity pain of them tightened on your nipples turning to a steady low thrum of pleasure. But you need something more intense as well, at least for this first educational session.”

He paused, looking at something in the chest then grabbing it and holding it up for her to see. “This should work perfectly!”

Ghilliana shifted uncomfortably as she glared at the item the king held up, instinctively starting to reach up to grab her breasts protectively but stopping once she realized what she was doing. “What is that for?” she asked, nodding to the item he was bringing to her as she tried to ignore the steady flow of pain and pleasure coming from her clamped nipples.

“Of course you’ve never seen one of these,” the king muttered, sounding disappointed she had only responded to the sight of the item with confusion. “Well, let me explain: this phallic-shaped item, with its smooth and firm surface, is intended to be used for sexual penetration. Many women use such items to pleasure themselves while many others enjoy using such items to fuck their female partners. This particular dildo, as they are often called, has a few enchantments on it that make its use a bit more unique.”

Once he was standing before her he held the sleek, obsidian colored item up for her to see more clearly. When she looked down at it runes began to glow all over it. “Once inside your filthy elven cunt its magic will ensure it STAYS inside you until pulled out. This way it can remain in you while your hands are busy elsewhere. Normally the pleasure such an item gives comes mostly from the feeling of it moving in and out of one’s pussy, imitating the motions of a flesh and blood cock. The enchantments on this one, however, ensure that a steady wave of sexual pleasure will flow into you even as the dildo remains unmoving. This way your body will begin to associate a strong feeling of your own sexual delight while using your mouth to give a man pleasure. With enough training you won’t even need a magic dildo jammed up your cunt to get off from sucking off a man.”

She twisted her lip up in disgust. “Revolting! Such perversions are beyond decency!”

“Yet you will endure them,” he replied, handing her the enchanted dildo. “Now shove this in you. The nipple clamps should have you aroused enough for your dirty cunt to be properly lubricated for its entry, but if you wish to ensure its smooth entry I suggest using your mouth to moisten it first.”

For a moment she held the dildo, glaring at it. Then, her short burst of defiance dying, she lifted it to her mouth. She paused for another moment, looking unsure how she should use her mouth on it. A moment later the runes on her nipple clamps burned more intensely and her eyes glassed over. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes while slowly inserting the dildo, wrapping her lips tightly around it then starting to suck on it.

“Very good,” the king said with a pleased smile. “The nipple clamps are already teaching you. Now that it’s nice and wet put it in your other moist fuck hole.”

Ghilliana slowly pulled the dildo out of her mouth, as if savoring the feel of it. Once it was out of her mouth her eyes shot open and she looked at it for a moment in disbelief. Her hand shook. “I do not want this knowledge,” she said quietly, her voice quavering.

King Jennenes simply stared at her. “Do as you have been told.”

She glared at the dildo a moment longer then took a deep breath, bending over slightly and parting her legs. As she began awkwardly pressing it into her King Jennenes waved a glowing hand before himself, making his clothing disappear. Once naked he sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread open, his cock already standing erect.

Ghilliana gasped then moaned as she slid the dildo into herself. Her breathing increased as she pressed it further in then her eyes shot open wider and she dropped to her knees, overtaken by the first wave of pleasure flowing from the magic dildo. As she landed on her knees she moving to keep the dildo from falling out of her only to find it keeping its self buried deep in her sex.

“You’ve fallen into the perfect position,” the king said, grinning eagerly at the busty Elven woman kneeling before him. “Now lean over and suck my cock, the nipple clamps will teach you exactly how to do it.”

Her eyes got glassy again and for a few moments she stared blankly ahead as if in a deep trance. Then, with a lurch, she bent forward and grabbed his legs. He leaned back a bit, taking a deep breath of anticipation.

His cock was rock hard and standing so erect she had no need to grabbing hold of it as she moved her mouth towards it. She hesitated an inch away from his swollen cockhead then opened her mouth wider as she took it in.

Ghilliana closed her eyes as she wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking uncertainly as she pulled her mouth from the middle of his shaft up nearly to the tip. She then paused and moved her head down, taking his shaft deep into her mouth. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat and she started to pull away but the king’s hands flew to her head and held her in place.

“Let yourself be taught,” he said softly.

He let go almost at once, knowing the nipple clamps would have had more than enough time to transfer their knowledge to her mind. A moment later she was bobbing her head up and down his shaft, sucking with so much skill that the king had a hard time remembering this was her first time sucking cock.

“That’s right,” he groaned happily, running a hand through her long blue hair as she went to town on his cock. “Yes, like that! Keep the suction tight. Use your tongue on the underside. Oooh! Yes, perfect,” he moaned as she slid a hand off his leg and cupped his balls, starting to play with them.

She stopped sucking, her body convulsing for a moment.

He chuckled as she came. “See? Such a delightful pleasure! Keep sucking, the better you suck me off the more you’ll cum. And the more you cum the more your mind will open to the knowledge the clamps have to give.”

She stayed kneeling between his legs, bent over giving him intense head cumming every minute or so. By the time the king began cresting towards climax she had cum at least five more times, enough that her body had begun to shake from post-orgasmic weakness.

“Enough,” he groaned, grabbing her head and pulling it off his cock as he struggled to keep from cumming.

She pulled away with a final wet sucking sound and looked up at him, drool dripping out of her mouth. Her expression was distant, her face flush. “More,” she moaned, grinding her thighs together and cumming again.

“You’ve sucked enough for now. It’s my turn to cum, but I don’t want to do it in your mouth. I want to use these,” he said, grabbing her tits and pulling her in closer so that their substantial bulk rested on her thighs. “First, though, I think these have been on long enough.” With her tits resting in his lap he quickly undid the nipple clamps, tossing them on the bed beside him.

Ghilliana sighed in relief as he took them off, looking dazed. The nubs of her nipples were red and irritated where the clamps had been tightly squeezing them.

“You know what I want,” he told her, pressing her breasts in around his cock. “You squeeze them nice and tight around me.”

She did as she was told, still looking dazed.

Once she had her tits pressed tightly around his cock he leaned further back and started moving his hips, thrusting his cock up through her cleavage. Her breasts were large and thick and firm yet he slammed up into them hard enough to make them jiggle in a way he found most pleasing. “Oh yes,” he groaned, “it won’t take me long.”

Just as he started to cum he sat up, knocking her hands away from her tits. He grabbed one of her tits and held it in place as he grabbed his dick with the other hand, pressing his cock into the bulk of the tit he held then began thrusting his cock against the breast. A moment later as he started to cum he made sure his cockhead was on her nipple and pressed it into her tit, ensuring the thick load of semen that came oozing out remained mostly on her nipple.

He sighed with the delight of sexual release and let go of his cock, grabbing the cummy tit with both hands and holding it so the cum stayed mostly on her nipple.

“Sit up straight then bend over,” he told her, “and lick it clean. My royal seed is your reward for a job well done.” When she hesitated he grabbed her head with one hand, gripping her hair tight, then shoved her face down into her own breast. “I said lick it clean,” he growled.

She grunted in disgust but opened her mouth and started licking the cum off her nipple. Her face twisted in displeasure as she got her first taste of the cum. She started to pull away but he gripped her hair tighter and held her head in place. “All of it,” he growled, pressing her face back into her tit. “Every drop.”

Once she was done he let go of her hair and let her pull away. She stayed on her knees, pouting with her tongue hanging out in disgust. “Such a loathsome taste,” she said then grabbed her breasts and began to massage her nipples. “And the pain from the clamps! How long will it last?”

King Jennenes shrugged, getting to his feet and grabbing the clamps from. “None of my concern,” he said, sounding as indifferent as he could. He walked to the chest and returned the clamps, closing the lid.

“Wait,” she said with a moan as the dildo in her sent another wave of pleasure running up through her body. She began to reach down to take it out but Jennenes held a hand up and barked at her to stop.

“You will keep it in you till I have fallen asleep,” he said, opening the chest before walking past her and climbing up into the bed and getting under the covers. “I want you to spend a little more time riding its waves of pleasure.”

“What? You want me to lay next to you naked in bed with this thing still in me?”

“Who said anything about you being invited into my bed?” he asked, sitting up and looking at her with amusement. “I only share my bed with royalty. And you, who no longer has a kingdom, are no longer a queen. No, you are but my fuck pet for the time. You’ll sleep on the floor like the bitch you.”

She scoffed in disbelief, starting to open her mouth to protest but was interrupted as another wave of pleasure was sent up through her body by the magic dildo. She moaned and fell into the side of the bed, her eyes crossing and rolling up into her head as she began to cum.

“See,” King Jennenes chuckled, “such a dirty bitch you’re getting off on being told you are no better than a dog.” He lay down and rolled over, pulling the covers up and getting comfortable. “Don’t take it out till I’m asleep and if I wake to find you laying anywhere but the floor I’ll make sure you regret it.”


* * *


King Jennenes walked around Ghilliana, admiring the skillful way he’d tied the former Elven queen up then suspended her from the ceiling. Her legs and arms were pulled tightly behind her body, her wrists and ankles tied together above her. Her long blue hair had been tied in a knot, a rope attached then running up to the ropes suspending her from the ceiling. It left her body pulled back, her large firm breasts hanging down below her as she slowly rotated around in mid-air.

“It hurts,” she whined as her head started to go limp only to have her hair pulled painfully by the ropes. “And I can’t feel my hands or my feet.”

“Stop your whining or I’ll shove a ball gag in your mouth again,” King Jennenes growled, walking out of her field of sight so that she wouldn’t see the grin of intense pleasure on his face.

“Fine,” she grunted, gritting her teeth. “You’ve humiliated me again, trussing me up like some pig you’ve butchered all while you gloat naked, forcing me to look at your foul manhood. How long shall you keep me like this before our session is over?”

“Over?” the king asked, stepping back into her field of view. “Oh, but we haven’t even begun!”

Her body slowly rotated so that she couldn’t see him. “What?” she asked, sounding surprised and slightly terrified. “But what else could you have planned?”

“Obviously far more than you can imagine,” he replied, walking away from her.

Her body continued to slowly rotate till she was able to see that he had walked over to the chest full of perverse sex toys. “What now?” she balked, watching him rummage through it.

“This session will center on your breasts,” he told her, picking something up and looking at it closely. The lid of the chest kept his hands and whatever he was holding hidden from her.

“You have a sick perverse obsession with my breasts!” she spat angrily as her body rotated so she could no longer see him again. “It is unnatural!”

“Far from it,” the king replied with a chuckle of amusement. “It is a very natural thing for a man to have a strong sexual obsession with women’s breasts, especially breasts as big, thick, firm and as perfectly shaped as yours. If you were a Human someone seeing your breasts would say there were as firm as a woman who has just attained womanhood. You’ve lived how many hundreds of years and they still remain so firm? It is a miracle of pure Elven blood! And the fact they are so… perfect, well, it makes doing cruel hurtful things to them even more enjoyable.”

When her body finally rotated back around she saw that he was standing within arm’s reach, something hidden in one closed hand. “We shall begin,” he said, reaching out and grabbing hold of her shoulder to stop her from rotating. He then opened his hand and showed her what he was holding: two nipple clamps.

At first she thought they were the same ones he’d used on her when first teaching her how to use her mouth. But after looking at them more closely she saw that they looked slightly different.

She winced in pain as he began tightening the first clamp onto one of her nipples. She breathed in sharply, her face twisting up in pain. “It’s so much tighter than before!” she hissed. Then, as he started to tighten the second one onto her other nipple she hissed again. “They aren’t even enchanted! The pain is so much more pronounced, only dulled by my collar!”

“Indeed,” the king replied as she continued to hiss in pain as he finished tightening the second nipple clamp. “I want you to be able to concentrate on the pain this session,” he said, turning from her and walking back to the chest.

She gritted her teeth, the heavy metal clamps pulling down on her nipples as her breasts dangled in the air below her. “What other perverse depravities shall I have to endure before the session is over?” she asked before moaning slightly as her collar began shifting the pain she was feeling into sexual pleasure.

“That shall depend on you,” he said, pulling something out of the box and walking towards her with the item hid in his hands. “Our session ends when I cum.”

“Fine,” she groaned in pain than pleasure. “Come use my breasts to get off again, you’ve left them hanging at the perfect height for that. I can see that your foul member is already hard and ready.”

“Oh, it won’t be that easy,” he said as he walked back to her. “As I said, this session is about your breasts and about pain.” He opened his hands, revealing a handful of small but heavy-looking weights.

She was confused at first but as she stared she began to realize what was about to happen. The clamps tightened painfully onto her nipples had a bar on the bottom of each. Each weight had a small hook on the top with a bar on the bottom. She realized the weights could be attached to her nipple clamps then more weights added to those already connected.

Ghilliana began to whimper and whine. “Please, no! My breasts, my perfect precious breasts, you just can’t!”

“I can,” he said firmly, reaching up and attaching the smallest weight onto one of her nipples.

She winced and took a deep breath in then whined, “It’s so heavy!”

The king chuckled in response as he attached one that weighed the same as the first to her other nipple. “I suspect you’ll soon look back fondly and wish for this meager weight to be the only thing pulling down on your teats.”

He added weights one at a time to her nipples, each pair of weights a little heavier than the last. Each one left her wincing in pain, her tits pulled more intensely down from her body.

“P-please!” she half cried as he added another set. “It feels like my breasts are going to be ripped off my chest!” Tears were beginning to run down her pretty face as the collar worked its magic, turning the pain she felt into intense sexual pleasure. She shuddered and convulsed then began to cum. The shaking of her body made the weights hanging off her nipples sway form side to side, pulling on her tits even more. She winced and sobbed in pain only for it to be shifted into pleasure a moment later. “I’ll be driven mad,” she cried then gasped and moaned in pleasure.

“Well then,” the king said, grabbing her body and rotating her to face him, “you better start making sure I cum soon.”

He expected her to take a few moments to figure out what he wanted her to do, but the intense pain seemed to ensure she was desperate enough to act on pure instinct. As soon as his cock was near her mouth she inhaled it and started sucking him off. She grunted in pain when she started to bob her head up and down his shaft, the rope tied to her hair pulling painfully every time she moved down his shaft.

The enchanted “teaching” nipple clamps had left her with enough knowledge that she knew how to suck him off, but she did so with much less practiced skill than when she had been wearing them. She sucked and slurped noisily on his cock, thick strings of saliva leaking from her mouth. It ran down his cock and started to drip off his hairless balls.

“Good,” he moaned slightly, “but your tits still need more attention.”

He held a hand by one of her dangling breasts for a moment then slapped the underside of it lightly. Ghilliana pulled her mouth away from his cock and bit down in pain. “Ouch!” she yelped then shuddered as her collar turned the pain to pleasure.

“Put your mouth back to work,” he said firmly. “Don’t pull away again and don’t you dare bite me.”

As soon as her mouth was around his cock he slapped the underside of her other hanging teat. She made another sound of pain but it was muffled as she kept sucking him off. He then slapped her other breasts harder, from this side this time. It sent it swinging sideways into her other tit, the weights swinging even more wildly and yanking on her nipples and they did.

“No teeth,” he hissed, then slapped both her tits in so they slapped together. The dangling weights flew together and became entangled.

King Jennenes sighed in annoyance, pulling his cock out of Ghilliana’s mouth as he stepped back. “What a mess,” he muttered, unhooking the weights then unclamping the nipple clamps. He turned and walked the handful of metal devices back to the chest, dropping them nosily inside.

“Thank you,” Ghilliana sighed in relief. “My nipples will hurt for days,” she half sobbed, “but at least it’s over.”

“Over?” Jennenes asked as he walked back to her. “I haven’t cum yet, so it’s not over. But I’ve grown bored of the ropes,” he said, waving a glowing arm before her.

The ropes sizzled with sparking red magic then disappeared. Ghilliana dropped onto the floor with a squeak of surprise. She landed belly down, her already sore breasts landing under her. She let out a half scream half yelp of pain, rolling over and grabbing her tits then starting to convulse as her collar turned all the pain into enough sexual pleasure to make her cum.

Before she had recovered Jennenes stood over her, using one of his bare feet to roll her over onto her back. “Come on, we’re not done,” he said, leaning down and pushing her arms away from her breasts. He grabbed hold of her nipples tightly enough to make her yelp loudly in pain then yanked up on then, pulling her to her feet. Still holding them as tightly as he could he pulled her screaming in pain to his bed. He sat on the edge, yanking down on her nipples and forcing her down on her knees.

She was sobbing while convulsing in pleasure, her cries and moans melting together till she sounded as though she really was being driven mad by the intense pain and pleasure mixing together.

“You still don’t want to accept it,” Jennenes said as he pulled her to him still pinching her nipples, “but your body was made to be abused this way. You’re no Queen,” he said cruelly, pulling her tits in around his cock finally letting go of her nipples. “You’re a thing. A piece of meat for men to use,” he said, pushing her tits in tighter around his cock then using his thighs to hold them in place.

He grabbed the back of her head and bent her face down into her cleavage and pressed till his cock was in her mouth. He held it deep in her throat until she began to choke and gag. She desperately tried to break free but he held her in place till she had gagged and choked up so much thick and slimy saliva that it was oozing down between her tits around his cock.

When he let go of her head she flung it back, gasping for air. As she inhaled he grabbed hold of her nipples again, pinching them even more painfully tight as he held her tits in place and started thrusting his cock up into her tits. She screamed and moaned and convulsed as he pounded her tits while pinching her nipples as tight as he could, tighter and tighter as he got closer to cumming.

“Need more,” he growled, letting go of her nipples and quickly getting to his feet.

He turned and bent over the bed, bracing his hands on the edge of it leaving him bent over at a nearly ninety-degree angle. As he did his hands and the arcane tattoos running up his arm began to glow, the energy flowing out into Ghilliana. Her body jerked from side to side, repositioning her so that she was pressed up against his backside, her face pressed into his ass cheeks as she grabbed her large breasts from underneath and pressed them up around his cock. He was left positioned so his dick was aimed down into her cleavage and her mouth pressed up against his asshole.

Still magically controlling her body he started to fuck her tits, ensuring she kept them pressed tightly around his cock. Meanwhile, her face was kept pressed into his ass as her mouth was opened and her tongue was forced out. He made her lick his asshole then start to force her tongue into the filthy puckered hole. He kept fucking her tits as she was made to each is ass till he grunted, cumming into her breasts.

He came long and hard, leaving a load of cum so thick it started to ooze and drip down from between her pressed breasts before she was allowed to let go of them. As soon as he released his control of her he collapsed belly down onto the end of the bed, sighing in total release.

“Haven’t cum that hard in ages,” he said into the blankets.

When Ghilliana had been released she had pulled back away from him, turning and dropping down on all fours and gagging with her tongue sticking out. She barely even noticed the oozing cummy mess between her tits, all she could think of was the revolting taste of ass in her mouth.

“That was the worst thing I’ve ever endured,” she spat, turning and licking her arm in a vain attempt to get the taste of ass off of it. “I couldn’t have even imagined such a perverse, foul, disgusting— I can’t even think of words to describe what you just made me do! It didn’t even feel like you were having sex with me. It was like you were just using me like I was a… a…”

“A cum toilet,” King Jennenes said, rolling over onto his back and grinning madly up at the ceiling. “Like your tits were a fleshy toilet for me to empty my balls in with the help of your tongue fucking and cleaning my asshole.”

She fell limp the floor, wailing in despair before melting into a sobbing mess.

“I need a nap after cumming that hard,” he said, climbing up onto the bed and rolling over, not even bothering to pull a blanket over himself. “You can come lay in the bed with me if you wish,” he said, already sounding as if he was drifting off. “You’ve earned the pleasure.”

She sobbed for a few more moments then got up on her knees, trying to regain her composure. Looking down she realized how much cum was between her breasts. “Can I at least use a cloth to clean my breasts off?” she asked, still struggling to stop sobbing.

Jennenes rolled over slightly but didn’t look at her. “If you’d have called them ‘tits’ I would have said yes. But because you said ‘breasts’ the answer is no. But if you really wish them to be cleaned you can use your mouth. Lean down and lick as much clean as you can, swallowing every drop of cum. And what you can’t reach with your tongue I’ll allow you to gather up with your fingers as long as you lick them clean as well. Or not, I don’t care. You just better not soil my blankets.” He then sighed, rolled over, and fell asleep.

Ghilliana remained on her knees for a few minutes, holding her breasts up and sobbing as she stared down at the cummy mess between them. Finally, she lifted her tits up and leaned down, sobbing more heavily as she started licking herself clean. What she couldn’t reach with her tongue she gathered up with a fingertip, licking it clean.

By the time she had cleaned her breasts she was no longer sobbing. She had nothing left in her, not even enough to feel shame or humiliation. She just wanted rest and even though she had no desire to be near King Jennenes she needed the comfort of the bed. Slowly, weakly, she climbed up onto the bed, lying as far away from the slumbering king as possible.








Chapter Twenty-Three: The Corruption Deep Within The Great Forest



“We are nearly there,” Meadow said to the party. “There will be a cave soon that we must enter. And within that cave is… some kind of beast. Our quest is to slay it.”

Destine Foy furrowed her brow and looked to the small Fey woman that was leading their party. “You don’t know what the beast is? Did Queen Faeven not tell you?”

“No,” Meadow said, not looking back at the young, pretty Human mage. “She knew only the location and that this beast is the source of The Corruption seeping into this part of the forest.”

“Well, there’s no doubt about that,” Zomos said, pushing the branches of a tree out of the way. “I can feel it in the air. And look all around: the forest here seems sick. The trees droop and are covered in thick dark moss. The underbrush seems to be dying and everywhere there are red mushrooms. I think even if you didn’t know where we are heading we’d be able to find the cave simply by moving in the direction that the forest seems most sick.”

As the giantess Zomos spoke and waved to the forest around them Amitkoa and Destine Foy had slowed their pace to match hers, looking where she pointed and nodding their heads in agreement.

Kilne had taken that moment to move up beside Meadow and begin whispering to her. “Queen Faeven didn’t send us to slay this beast, did she?”

“No,” Meadow replied softly so the others wouldn’t hear her. “I… can’t remember the actual quest we were sent on. But I’ve seen that this cave is where I must lead the party. We must enter the cave and we must ensure the beast defeats us, it is what The Corruption wants.”

“Do you actually know what the beast is?”

Meadow was silent for a moment then began whispering slowly. “No… I’ve seen glimpses of it, red fleshy tentacles and a hunger for women. I got the impression it was huge and that it was not a natural creature. It is something purely of The Corruption. It’s mighty but there is still a chance our party could defeat it. We must ensure that doesn’t happen. Do you understand what I am saying?

Kilne glanced back at the rest of their party. “I understand.”

“What is it you are saying?” Amitkoa asked, moving up to Meadow and Kilne.

“I was saying we are close,” Meadow replied, lying with ease. “We should see the cave soon… We just need to press through this thicket.”

“Be mindful of the mushrooms,” Zomos said as the other women started to cut and press aside thick undergrowth and dense hanging foliage. “I know these mushrooms. If you step on them they will expel a spore cloud that would leave you… Well, just trust me, avoid them.”

“I can help,” Destine Foy said happily. She pressed to the front of the party and muttered a quick incantation. Blue energy flowed from her outstretched hands and split apart, moving towards all the mushrooms nearby. They started to form protective fields of shimmering blue energy around the fungus, making it impossible for them to be touched. Some unseen force pushed at the blue magic causing red sparks to ignite as it tried to break Destine’s magic but her spell held.

Once they finished pressing through the thickest of the foliage they saw the cave. It looked as though someone had torn half a small hill away, revealing an underground cavern system that had never meant to be exposed to the world above. With every step they took closer to the cave’s mouth the darker and fouler the world around them felt.

Meadow and Kilne were the only ones who didn’t slow down. They had to stop and turn around, beckoning the others to keep advancing.

“Meadow, your valor never ceases to amaze me,” Destine Foy said, her voice quavering. “Were I alone I do not think I’d be able to enter a place that felt so… wrong.”

“Even the odor coming from the cave smells wrong,” Zomos adding, squishing her nose in disgust. “It’s so strong and there is something in it that is weirdly familiar… But I can’t seem to place the smell.”

“I can,” Amitkoa said. She had drawn her axe and held it up, prepared for an attack. “There’s a moist swamp-like smell and damp moldiness to this wretched odor. But mixed through it is the musk that reminds me of the rank smell coming off someone’s unwashed manhood. It was a smell I was unhappily familiar with during my time as a whore. When a man is paying for sex he doesn’t bother to clean himself first. Some men even seemed to enjoy making a whore soak up the rank smell of a swampy unwashed cock.”

Zomos blinked, looking from Amitkoa back to the cave. “You are right… This does not bode well.” As she spoke she also drew out her over-sized weapon. “Whatever this beast is it is sure to either be twisted by The Corruption or be a creature entirely of it. We all know that there will be some intensely disturbing perverse aspect to it. We will have to strike fast, especially if it is some kind of male. You Nemorvians have your racial weaknesses and I have my curse.”

“Those of us with no such weaknesses will need to lead the charge,” Meadow said. “Destine and I will remain in the front as we delve into the cave. If it does look male we’ll act to keep anything resembling its manhood out of sight. Destine has her spells and I have my bow and magical arrows. Now let’s enter, the sooner we slay it the better.”

Slowly the party entered the opening to the cave, the forest behind them quickly disappearing from sight. As the light from the outside world began to fade Destine cast a spell that would illuminate there way: a floating ball of blue light that filled the cavern around them with a steady light. It floated above the party, following them as they slowly moved deeper into the cave.

They soon discovered that her spell was not as essential as they had expected, although Destine kept it activated. They encountered bioluminescent fungus that glowed with a dim red light. At first there was just a smattering of the fungi but the deeper they went the thicker it got, growing not just in the rocky corners of the winding cave but on the cavern walls and ceiling. The red light of the fungus mixed with the blue light of Destine’s spell, filling the world around them with a purple hue.

“The smell is getting stronger,” Destine said, sounding disgusted. “I think we are near. Everyone, prepare for battle.”

Destine, her hands glowing with the blue energy of a readied spell, was in the lead with Meadow flying above her with her bow drawn and a glowing arrow knocked and ready. Zomos towered behind Destine with the two Nemorvians following close behind on either side of her. All were ready for battle.

The cave had so far lead in only one direction while slowly going deeper into the earth. Now, though, it leveled off and they could see that not far ahead the narrow cavern passage opened up into a large subterranean cavern so big they couldn’t see the other side of it. As they entered the cavern they saw an underground lake filled the center of the room, the cavern around it mostly flat. Far off on the other side of the water the room narrowed and it looked as though there was a smaller tunnel leading deeper into the earth.

“I don’t see anything,” Destine said quietly. She willed the glowing ball of light she controlled to float up higher into the room, making its light grow in intensity and showing just how tall the cavern was.

“There’s nothing here,” Zomos said. “Should we go around the lake and see where that other tunnel leads?”

“Yes,” replied Meadow, fluttering down closer to Destine. “Clearly the beast isn’t here. I think we can relax a bit.”

Just as the five warriors lowered their weapons something huge erupted from the center of the water, rising till it towered nearly three stories high above them. As it rose the thing had been dense and solid but once it reached its full height it seemed to explode, writhing tendrils swarming out in all directions.

The members of the party screamed, jumping back and readying their weapons as the difficulty of their task was revealed. This monster was huge, far larger than anything any of them had faced before, although its exact size was hard to judge. It seemed to have a massive central mass, but whatever was there was obscured by a staggering, nearly countless swarm of tentacles that extended at first in every direction then began to come towards the five women.

It was immediately clear that the overpowering swampy smell was coming from this beast. As its tentacles flew towards the party the smell grew even stronger. They expected the tentacles to look aquatic, to be covered in scales or some such thing. But as they got a closer look they saw that the flesh of the tentacles looked disturbing like their own skin, only colored red.

The party only had a brief moment to take in what the creature’s tentacles looked and smelled like. The writhing appendages swing at them from all directions. Zomos roared, swinging her weapon over the heads of Meadow and Destine to knock back as many of the tentacles as possible. Destine had quickly thrown her arms up, sending out a wave of blue energy that knocked back the tentacles level with her. Meadow remained close to Destine, fluttering just off the ground and quickly sending arrows shooting out into the swarm of tentacles. Amitkoa and Kilne stayed close to Zomos, using their sword and axe to cut and knock away any of the tentacles reaching for Zomos’ legs.

Even though the creature had surprised them and was immense in size and its tentacles were seemingly endless in number the party was holding their ground. After a few minutes of desperate combat that felt like hours to the five women they even started to press forward, drawing closer to the water’s edge. Between Zomos’ size and Destine’s magic the women felt they had a chance of slaying the thing.

“I think I can stun it,” Destine yelled, slinging waves of magic that were knocking back oncoming tentacles. “I just need a moment to ready the spell.”

Zomos started to step forward, clearly planning on standing in front of the Human mage to protect her as her spell was prepared. Meadow saw this and realized that if Destine was allowed to cast the spell the beast would surely be stunned and then Zomos would be able to leap out at it and cut into it with her huge weapon. If she wanted the party to fail in their faux quest she would need to act at that moment.

“Stay back,” Meadow yelled quickly. “Protect the Nemorvians, I’ll buy Destine the time she needs.”

Meadow was the leader of their party and in the heat of battle there was no time to question her order. Zomos stepped back, leaving Destine and Meadow in the lead.

Looking over her should and seeing that Zomos had fallen back Meadow turned and screamed a war cry as she flew up into the air and charged right towards the center of the tentacle monster. As flew towards it she shot arrow after arrow at the creature but intentionally aimed them to miss.

The other women watched in horror as Meadow’s reckless charge quickly turned to disaster. With none of her arrows knocking tentacles back and her drawing nearer to the beast it easily and quickly grabbed hold of her.

NO!” Zomos screamed as she saw multiple tentacles wrapping around the small Fey woman’s limbs. Her bow was pulled from her hands almost instantly and flung far out of sight. Her quiver was next to be ripped from her body and tossed away then the small light clothing she ware was ripped off, quickly leaving her small body naked and completely exposed.

Destine had started casting the complicated spell that would have stunned the beast. It had taken all of her focus, meaning she couldn’t send any more waves of magic to knock the tentacles away from her. Even the glowing ball of light she had summoned had died as all her focus went to the new spell. Without anyone protecting her she too was quickly entangled in tentacles. As they grabbed hold of her limbs, wrapping their thin ends tightly around her wrists and ankles, it yanked her up into the air. The sudden lunge upwards was enough to disrupt her spell.

“We have to save them!” Zomos screamed, charging forward. The two Nemorvians followed after her, slashing and cutting at every tentacle insight.

Meanwhile, Meadow and Destine were beginning to discover just how perverse the monster truly was. The red tentacles were thick, made of dense muscle. But the tips of them, the last foot or two of fleshy appendage, were much thinner and much more dexterous. They weren’t just able to easily grab and tear away gear and clothing, they were able to wrapped tightly around limbs, pulling arms and legs out and were so strong that neither women had any hope of breaking free.

Once both women were naked and held in place in the air other tentacles began approaching. It quickly became clear that these were different than the ones they had been so far fighting. Their tips looked moist as if they were secreting some kind of natural lubrication. Once they were within reach of their targets their tips started to glow with pinkish magical energy that radiated a strange, disorienting heat.

Meadow was the first to have one of these glowing tentacles touch her. It slithered behind her, the tentacles holding her in place repositioning her body so that her ass stuck up in the air and her legs were pulled wide apart, exposing her pussy and asshole. The first glowing tentacle to reach her slithered onto her ass crack, rubbing up and down the trench between her cheeks and leaving a trail of thick slimy something. It then repositioned, its tip touching her puckered asshole and started slowing pressing into her.

The magic radiating from the tip sent waves of warm overpowering pleasure into her body so intense that as soon as it started to press into her asshole she began to cum. Another wrapped around her thigh then reached up to rubbed against her cunt before pressing into it, making her cum even harder. She opened her mouth and howled in pleasure but the sound was quickly silenced as another of the glowing tentacles thrust into her mouth. The three appendages started fucking her, their ends growing more stiff and rigid as they slid in and out of her three holes.

Destine’s spell had been interrupted but even though the tentacles were immensely strong there were much simpler spells she could cast to break free of the creature, she’d only need her hands to trace the right arcane symbols as she muttered the proper words. If the creature had been a mindless beast she would have almost certainly been able to do what she needed to cast a spell to break free but this creature was controlled by a force and will that knew exactly what Destine was attempting to do.

As soon as her fingers started to trace symbols in the air and she began to mutter the words the tentacles went into action. A tentacle quickly wrapped around her hands, squeezing her fingers together so that Destine could not move them. At the same time another tentacle snaked its length around her neck a few times then began to tighten till she choked and had to start gasping for air.

Stopping her from casting a spell to break free wasn’t enough for the tentacle beast. As soon as it knew she was helpless new tentacles arrived with glowing pink tips. Her legs were pulled apart as one pressed into her cunt. She let out a scream as it entered her then screamed even harder with her eyes shooting wide open as another started to press into her asshole. Judging by the intensity of her screams and the way she wildly thrashed to break free it was clear nothing had ever entered her ass.

Her screams, however, were quickly silenced. The tentacle that was coiled around her neck tightened to the point that she could no longer breathe. Only after Destine’s body went limp did it loosen and allow her to draw in air. By that point all fight had gone out of the pretty young Human mage. She hung limply in their air, tentacles fucking each of her holes.

The three remaining party members could see what was happening to their compatriots. They knew a similar fate was in store for them should they let the tentacle beast get the upper hand. With two of their party out of action a retreat would probably have been best but none of the women remaining fighting would leave the others to their fate.

“We have to cut them free!” Zomos shouted, knocking a swath of tentacles out of the way before her as she prepared to charge.

Kilne knew the giantess would be nearly unbeatable if she was allowed to build up momentum so before Zomos could begin her charge she dashed ahead of her, making a charge of her own. The Nemorvian woman was quickly besieged by tentacles on all sides and Zomos had to abandon her charge to stop and protect her fellow party member.

Amitkoa surged forward beside Zomos to save her fellow Nemorvian. Once again they fought to a standstill, battling fiercely enough to keep the swarming mass of tentacles back but making no forward movement. Given just a bit more time they would have once more regained the upper hand and been able to press their attack to try and save the others but the perverse forces at work in the cave ensured that did not happen.

Through the mass of swinging and lunging tentacles pushed tentacles unlike any they had yet seen. They were thicker around at the ends with skin that looked tougher than the others. All of the other tentacles had narrow, pointed tips that moved with dexterous skill but these ones ended in thick nubs that looked almost as if their tips had been cut off.

The new arrivals were so much different looking that the three warriors couldn’t help but notice them. They shifted, keeping their weapons ready to fend off some new kind of attack but as the melee continued it didn’t come. The thick tentacles held in place just out of reach of their weapons. Their strange tips kept level with the three women’s faces, giving the odd impression they were being watched by them.

Then, all at once, the tentacles revealed their hidden secret. The nub-like tip opened and peeled back, something pink and fleshy sliding out. There was no mistaking it: it was a large, thick, hard cock!

The three women had been totally unprepared to have such a sight revealed before them. Almost in total unison the three fierce warriors stopped fighting, their weaknesses asserting themselves. The two Nemorvian’s froze in place, shaking at the sight of a hard cock. Zomos had gasped then dropped her weapon, her arms falling limply to her side.

They were all helpless but the mass of tentacles they had been battling kept their distance, in fact they pulled back to allow the new cock-tipped ones to move forward on their own.

Zomos’ mouth hung stupidly half open and she had already begun to drool as she stared at the large pink-skinned cock slowly moving towards her.

“Thick big hard cock,” she muttered, sounding as though nearly all intelligence had been leeched from her mind. “Big hard pink cock! Zomos want. Cocks make Zomos cum. Need Cummy-cum!”

As she spoke to the cock she remained motionless, her arms hanging limply by her sides. The bimbofication curse that had asserted itself kept her unable to move yet the longer she stared, drooling at the cock coming slowly towards her, the more desperate she got for sexual stimulation. “Need cummy-cum,” she whined pathetically, louder and louder.

The tentacle-cock coming towards her moved slowly while other tentacle-cocks had arrived, their tips still closed. They began to wrap around the giantess, coiling around her legs while others wrapped around her belly, pinning her arms at her sides. As they slithered around her they pushed and ripped off her clothing. Once they began to rub up against bare skin their ends started to stiffen, the pink cocks pushing out into sight.

All of the cock-tentacles in contact with her skin started to ooze a slow but steady stream of thick messy semen-like fluid. While snaking around her body and rubbing up against her the cock-tentacles left thick enough trails of the cum that it started running messily down her body.

One of the tentacle-cocks had wrapped around her waist a few times before twisting and pressing down into the top of her thick, plump ass cheeks. As soon as it started to press into them the amount of cum leaking from it increased. The cock-tentacle pressed down through the crevice of her ass cheeks till it reached her taint. It then began to slide back up the trench of her ass, leaving even more of the thick cum behind. Once it reached the top it plunged back down, starting to fuck her now cum-dripping ass cheeks. It kept fucking her ass cheeks but made no move to press into her asshole.

Elsewhere the ones that had wrapped around her torso to trap her arms in place at her sides moved towards her giant breasts. Their tips were soon oozing even more cum than the one fucking her ass cheeks. They smeared the stuff up and then down the side of her tits, pressing her breasts in together as they did.

They wrapped in a way that not just pushed them together but lifted them up slightly. Once they had accomplished this there cum-oozing cockheads slithered towards her large nipples. As they neared her nipples even MORE cum oozed from them. They smeared it on her nipples, sliding back and forth and up and down, stimulating her nipples and making her moan in pleasure.

As two rubbed against her nipples, leaking enough cum that her tits were soon so covered in cum it looked as though someone had dumped buckets of the stuff on them, another larger one wrapped around her waist. It coiled a few times then began to slither up the front of her body, leaving a trail of cum that oozed down over her bellybutton. Once it reached the underside of her breasts it grew more rigid and pressed up into her breasts. The other cock-tentacles kept them pressed together tightly as this new one pressed up through her mounds of giantess tit till it popped out the top of her cleavage.

Zomos looked down at it, drooling on the thick pink cockhead. She opened her mouth wider, inviting it in. When it made no move to enter her mouth she whined at it. “Want to taste pink cock. Want delicious cum from cocks in mouth! Want to taste cum. Taste will give Zomos cummy-cums!”

The cock-tentacle pulled down, disappearing into her cleavage and leaving a trail of oozing cum behind. Zomos groaned in disappointment as it disappeared from sight then gasped in delight as it thrust back up and popped back into sight. It started fucking her tits, gradually faster and faster. The cum oozing from its tip started to pool up in between her cleavage making a small lake of cum that it would plunge messily up out of every time it thrust up.

Zomos let out a roar of frustration. “Why no cocks in Zomos? Why no cock let Zomos taste their delicious cum! Need cocks in pussy in asshole in mouth,” she rambled dumbly. “Need cocks in me for cummy-cum!”

None moved to enter her but the one fucking her tits did give her some of what she wanted. It was no longer just leaking a stream of monster semen, it was spurting it out every time it thrust up and appeared out of her pressed breasts. With each thrust up it “came” a bit harder, blasting cum up into Zomos’ faces. She cackled in joy, opening her mouth and trying to get as much in her as possible. Gurgling and trying to swallow as much as she could she proclaimed loudly that she wanted more cum. “Shower Zomos in cum,” she blurted out. “Cover all her body in dripping joy-juice!”

The creature seemed to understand, sending more cock-tipped tentacles towards the giantess. The new arrivals snaked to the back of her body, their cocks already revealed, rigid, and leaking cum. They pressed into the back of her arms, sliding in under her armpits. With her arms held tight to her sides by other tentacles these new arrivals were able to start fucking her armpits, pressing out onto the top of her giant tits where they started spurting thick loads of cum that oozed heavily down her already cum-covered tits.

“So much pretty tasty cum,” Zomos yelled happily after swallowing another mouthful. “Zomos want more. Zomos never want it to stop. But why no cock in Zomos fuck-holes?”

The only answer the tentacle-cocks gave was to keep fucking her the way they already were, oozing an ever-increasing amount of cum all over her giant frame and thick curves.

As the tentacle-cocks had begun having their way with Zomos the two that had unfurled their cock-tips in front of the two Nemorvians held back. Both women stood locked place in the exact pose they had been in when the cocks had first revealed themselves. They stared at them, their eyes wide open and their expressions blank.

The two tentacle-cocks began moving closer at a painfully slow pace. Both women’s huge breasts heaved up and down as they shook with desire for the dicks coming towards them. Even though they were thoroughly cocknotized their ever-growing desire for dick slowly started to win out. Quivering, they each started to reach out an arm to grab the cock approaching them. When their hands finally reached it they slowly wrapped their fingers around the pink fleshy cock, finding it so thick their fingertips couldn’t meet once gripped tightly.

As the other three women were being ravished by the tentacles the two Nemorvians stood, holding a cock before them and staring for a long time. Someone watching might have gotten the sense that the cock-tentacles were somehow staring back at them, holding back and waiting for some unknown something.

Then, without warning, a swarm of regular tentacles and some tipped with the warm pleasure magic shot out and entangled the two Nemorvians. Their clothing was ripped off and their weapons tossed away then they were pulled to the floor and made to sit back to back on the ground.

The cock-tentacles that had initially entranced them had remained positioned in front of their faces, moving in closer once they were sitting so that they could begin oozing cum down on their breasts. Their legs were both pulled open than the main cock-tentacles before them twisted and began to move towards their exposed pussies.

Tentacles tipped with glowing pleasure-magic wrapped around the base of both their tits, squeezing them once they were coiled completely around them. The combination of the sudden tight squeezing of their tits and the forced pleasure form the magic tips caused both Nemorvians to cum hard. They howled in pleasure and their tits, being squeezed tight, exploded thick sprays of milk.

Some of it sprayed onto the large cock-tentacles that had been heading down towards their cunts. They shivered as the milk splashed on them, stopping then twisting to point up towards their tits. The tentacles wrapped around their breasts squeezed tightly again, making both women cum once more and causing another thick spray of milk to come shooting out towards the cock-tentacles. Once again the cock-tentacles shivered, reacting strongly to the milk spraying over their pink flesh.

The tentacles that held them in place suddenly pulled them up into the air, flipping their bodies over and leaving them dangling in the air looking down at the ground. The milk-covered cock-tentacles moved so they were under the Nemorvian’s large, dense hanging tits. Once more the tentacles wrapped around their breasts constricted, squeezing a thick spray of milk out that showered down over the quivering cock-tentacles below.

New cock-tipped tentacles arrived as the defeated women were slowly pulled up further into the air and closer to the center of the room where the beast’s central body was. These new cock-tentacles began entering any fuck-holes that lay open, plunging cum oozing cockheads into mouths and pussies and assholes. The tentacles undulated and thrust, fucking the women in every way imaginable.

The lengths of the cock-tentacles fucking each woman’s pussy started to move strangely, the ends still hard and plunging into the women’s wet holes, but the rest undulating like a snake moving across the ground. Why they were doing this soon become apparent: something that made the tentacles bulge was being moved down their length towards the women. Whatever the thick lump was, once it reached them it would be fucked or cum into each of them. Till the slow-moving lump reached them the tentacles would continue to fuck and cum all over the defeated women, forcing orgasm after orgasm from them…


* * *


Novaoa was pregnant, her belly massive and heavy with child.

Her whole body was thicker than it had been when she had entered the strange forest temple. She’d eaten with a voracious hunger since Imeyr had impregnated her, feasting on the fruit that seemed to suddenly grow on the branches around her whenever she felt hungry. She’d put on weight everywhere as the thing inside of her grew but nowhere as much as her breasts. They were larger, denser, and heavier, always resting on her extended belly with their increased weight and bulk adding to the difficulty she had in moving.

As a Nemorvian she’d been lactating since she’d come of age, but now the amount of milk she produced dwarfed what she’d once produced. Her breasts felt ever more tender and overfilled to the point that her engorged nipples were almost always leaking a small trickle of milk. She’d tasted it and found it different than it used to be and expected her body was now producing something that would nourish the child inside of her instead of her milk’s former purpose, although this was only an assumption.

She longed to ask Imeyr about her milk. She longed to ask the god many questions, the most important being what was growing in her stomach. She’d never been pregnant but she could feel on a spiritual level that the thing inside of her was not… normal.

It wasn’t that Imeyr refused to answer her questions but rather she hadn’t been able to ask them. After he’d cum inside of her and they had both passed out she’d woken to find herself alone in the bed.

She’d searched the temple for days looking for the god or some sign of where he’d gone. All she had discovered was that there was no way out of the temple. The halls and rooms made of overgrown trees and greenery seemed to go on forever, twisting confusingly and seemingly changing and shifting as she moved through them. After giving up searching for Imeyr she’d spent months searching for a way out but there seemed not to be one. The doorway they’d entered through was gone and eventually as the loneliness began to drive her mad she started to doubt it had ever existed.

For nearly nine months she’d been locked in the temple alone. All of her physicals needs were met by the magical place. When she grew thirsty she’d find a pool of perfectly clear water in whatever room or hall she was in. When she grew hungry she’d turn to find a branch grown out from the wall bearing fruit. It never looked or tasted the same but was always delicious and left her feeling full and nourished.

The loneliness of those nearly nine months might have driven her insane if not for the strange way time seemed to move in the temple. There were times when moments seemed to last days and times when a month went by in the blink of an eye.

For a long while she’d given up all hope of Imeyr returning or even of finding a way out of the temple. She accepted that she would forever dwell in the strange magical forest temple, sometimes wondering if she had ever had an existence outside of its green walls. But as she grew progressively heavier with child and as she felt it moving inside of her more she began to anxiously worry what would happen when she went into labor.

Even though walking was a struggle she began once again to search for either Imeyr or a way out. Her belly and breasts were so big and heavy that she was only able to waddle slowly and she’d grow tired quickly as she wondered the confusing twists and turns of the green halls.

Finally, there came a day when she turned a corner and saw the doorway leading out of the temple. She stood for a long time simply staring at it in disbelief, one arm wrapped protectively around her pregnant belly while she used her other to rest on a nearby wall. She stared so long in disbelief not just because she’d found the door but that it was open to the world outside.

“It’s a dream,” she whispered, speaking for the first time in months. Her voice sounded strange to her. The breeze blowing in from the forest outside the temple felt even stranger. There was a quality to it that made it feel as if it came from another world. Slowly she realized she had it backward, the temple she’d lived alone in these many months was the thing that felt otherworldly.

Novaoa pushed off from the wall and began slowly waddling towards the open door, one arm still wrapped around her belly and the other wrapped around her breasts.

She stopped, realizing she was naked. There had been no need for clothes. The temple was always the perfect temperature and as a Nemorvian she’d always found wearing clothes uncomfortable. With no one else around she’d stopped dressing only a few days into her time in the strange place.

Back in the bedroom where Imeyr had impregnated her there was a chest with the gear she’d been wearing when she entered the temple. There was clothing and a weapon. She longed to turn and go back for it but realized there was no point. She was so large with child, her body and breasts so much thicker that none of the clothing would fit her. Even the weapon would have been of little use, she was to weak form the pregnancy to put up any kind of fight should she face danger. Finally, she feared that if she let the door out of her sight she may never find it again.

“If I intend to leave I have to do it now,” she whispered, her voice still sounding strange to her ears.

She’d wanted this moment to come for nearly nine months but now that she was faced with it she found herself hesitant. Her time in the temple had been lonely but for the first time in her life she had always been comfortable and free from the sexual needs of others. It had been a peaceful time the likes of which she had never thought possible for herself, a time free all sexual servitude, free of danger or strife or any suffering other than the loneliness.

There was a part of her that wanted to remain in the temple forever but as she stared out into the forest she realized she needed someone. Childbirth terrified her and it was not something she wanted to face alone. And maybe if she left the temple she’d discover what had happened to Imeyr all those months ago…

With her mind made up she started walking towards the door again, aware danger might dwell in the forest out there but knowing she couldn’t remain alone forever.

After stepping outside the temple she stood for a very long time simply taking in the scents and feel of the real world. Then, feeling re-acclimated to the world around her, she turned to take one last look into the temple.

It was gone.

There was only forest behind her, thick and overgrown but not dense enough to hide the temple. She turned around one way and then the other, holding her belly and breasts as she did, but there was no sign of the temple. For a few moments she wondered if she was dreaming. Then, realizing everything felt too real to be a dream, she wondered if she’d gone mad.

“I don’t feel mad,” she said, starting to grow comfortable with the sound of her voice once more. “But if I was truly mad would I be able to feel it? Maybe. Regardless, this all feels too real. It was all real and I am pregnant with whatever Imeyr impregnated me with. I just need to move on and try and find someone… anyone.”

She started making her slow way through the forest, choosing a direction at random. It was slow going. Novaoa couldn’t move very fast and had to stop frequently to rest. She quickly began to wish she had some kind of footwear on. The old forest was full of hidden rocks and poky twigs that were uncomfortable to walk over barefoot. Not long after that she began to wish for some clothes. It was summer but the breeze blowing through the forest was chilly and the thick canopy overhead blocked any warmth the sun might provide.

Suddenly Novaoa stopped, looking up at the green leaves of the canopy above her. “The leaves are green,” she whispered as she looked up at them. “That can’t be… If nearly nine months have passed it should not be summer. Unless… perhaps I was in the temple far longer than I thought?”

She looked down at her belly. A woman took nine months normally before she gave birth and she had assumed that was nearly how much time had passed. But maybe whatever Imeyr had impregnated her with had taken more than nine months to grow this large. Perhaps she’d been in the temple for nearly a year. Her eyes widened as she realized it might be even more than that, many years could have passed!

“Novaoa?” a voice called out from above. “Is that you?”

Startled, Novaoa almost tipped over. She righted herself on a nearby tree and looked up to see a Fey woman above her, her wings fluttering as she hovered in place just below the forest canopy.

“I know you,” Novaoa said slowly. “Your name is… Onve?”

“Yes,” the dainty warrior said as she landed next to Novaoa, staring at her belly in disbelief.

It took Novaoa a moment to notice it but the Fey warrior had placed her hand on the hilt of her sword as if prepared for an attack. “What is wrong?” the Nemorvian asked, confused as to why the Fey woman was standing as if she expected Novaoa to attack her.

YOU,” the small woman said, nodding to Novaoa. “Are you truly Novaoa? You can’t be! You must be some servant of The Corruption sent to fool us.” She started to draw her sword as she spoke, glaring at Novaoa.

Novaoa took a step back, wrapping both arms around her belly and turning slightly in a pathetic attempt to protect the thing inside of her. She was naked, unarmed, and weak. If this small warrior woman wanted to do her harm she’d not be able to stop her.

“I’m not a servant of the enemy,” Novaoa wailed, starting to cry. “I’m me! I swear. Why do you not believe it is me? Is it because I have been missing for so long? I thought nine months at most but I must have been wrong. Has it been years?” She was rambling and knew she sounded half-mad as she spoke, stopping every few words to sob.

“Years?” Onve asked. “No, it’s been only a few days since you left with Imeyr! So you can’t be…” She trailed off, looking down at Novaoa’s pregnant belly.

Novaoa blinked. “What? No… No, it can’t have been just a few days. I was in his temple for months… Long enough for his seed to grow nearly to fruition,” she added, patting her overlarge belly.

Onve’s eyes grew large. “Imery’s… seed? You mean that baby—”

“I don’t know what it is,” Novaoa said quickly, cutting the woman off. “When Imeyr finished inside of me we both passed out. When I woke he was gone. I was lost in his temple for months and maybe longer. How… how can it have been just days?”

The Fey woman was staring at her belly. “Imeyr’s seed…” She looked up, furrowing her brow. “I think you are telling the truth but it will be for others to truly decide. Come, I shall lead you back to the camp and Queen Faeven shall discover the truth of the matter. Come, Novaoa, it isn’t far.” Onve turned and jumped into the air, her wings unfurling and beginning to flutter as she took to the air.

“Wait,” Novaoa called. “I can’t fly! And in my state I would never be able to keep up with you. Please, land and walk with me?”

Onve looked down and realized her mistake, quickly landing next to Novaoa. She moved to wrap an arm around Novaoa to support her but stopped, pulling her arm back.

She’s afraid to touch me, Novaoa thought bitterly. She’s still afraid I’m some evil doppelganger or that I’m tainted in some way by the thing in my belly and for all I know she may be right.

The two women began to walk through the forest slowly and stopping often so Novaoa could rest. Novaoa wanted to talk to the Fey woman, to ask her what had happened over the last few days or just to hear someone else’s voice. But it was pretty clear Onve had little interest in speaking so the two went on, slowly and silently heading towards Queen Faeven’s camp.




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