Fortune City Poll Driven Story: “Gigantica”

Here is a new section of the “Gigantica” story below the break. If you want to read the story in its entirety go HERE. And remember to vote on what happens next after giving it a read!


He sighed in satisfaction, pulling away and getting up on his feet as his huge cock started to soften. “Feel so much better,” he mumbled as he started to stumble away. Getting off hadn’t physically weakened him the way orgasms weakened most female supers, instead he was so sated and relaxed now that he barely cared about the world around him. He slowly stumbled about, a content smile on his face, till he came to a couch. He fell onto it, falling asleep almost instantly.

As the supervillain wondered off Silk had been stroking Gigantica’s blond hair. “Good girl,” she whispered. “I like to see my man happy and sated like that. He was pretty backed up, there was no time for release while we made our plans. Of course, we’re both happy to put those plans on hold to have fun with a dumb-titted heroine like you.”

She was still stroking Gigantica’s hair, smiling down at the helpless heroine. “And now we wait,” she said, her face full of eager expectation. “While he naps we will wait and pretty soon you will understand.”

So they waited, Gigantica bound to the floor and Silk stroking her hair smiling down at her.

Gigantica had no idea what they were waiting for nor did she care. The longer she waited the more her body recovered from the orgasms that had depowered her. She could feel her strength slowly returning to her but decided she’d not make a move to break free till ALL of her power had returned to her.

In the meantime she had nothing to do but lay there as the Silk stroked her hair waiting for whatever the villainess expected to happen. The feel of the woman’s fingers running through her hair felt nice and she had to struggle to not let the relaxing, soothing motions distract her. The gentle caress through her hair felt good in a warm, arousing way and the last thing she needed now was getting so worked up and horny that it caused her to do something that would prevent her from escaping.

The few times Gigantica had been in a situation like this, one where she needed to keep from getting aroused, she would try to distract herself by focusing on a feeling or sensation or taste that was more unpleasant then whatever was arousing her. What she decided to focus all of her attention on was Steel’s cum. Its salty, bitter taste still lingered in her mouth, a taste she had always hated.

Such a disgusting taste, she thought. It’s so bitter so… She stopped thinking, confused suddenly as the lingering taste in her mouth seemed to change. That bitter, disgusting taste suddenly wasn’t so bad. And the way its taste lingered in her mouth was suddenly different, there was a slight heat to it. And the heat wasn’t just in her mouth, she felt it in her throat and her stomach, as if everywhere that the villain’s cum had been was starting to tingle and burn. It was a strange sensation but not a bad one.

The heat began to spread, moving out into her body like a slow wave of warm arousal. She started to wiggle slightly, moaning as she felt herself getting hornier and hornier.

Silk began to stroke her hair more softly. “You’re starting to feel it now, aren’t you? Starting to understand just how special my man, and his cum, is.”

Gigantica was confused. With every beat of her heart she was growing more aroused. The heat inside of her was increasing, filling her with a growing desperate need for sexual stimulation. And the stronger that need grew the more it seemed to center in her breasts. Before long she was struggling to break free of the stuff binding her to the ground but not so she could escape, she no longer cared about that. What she needed was to have her hands free so she could start playing with her breasts.

“Looks like you’re ready,” Silk purred, stroking Gigantica’s hair one last time then pulling away. She crawled to Gigantica’s limbs, rubbing the material binding the heroine to ground. It heated then dissolved and soon Gigantica was free.

Gigantica didn’t get up. She didn’t bolt for the door to escape and she didn’t attack her captor. Instead, she grabbed one of her massive breasts and lifted it up towards her face. At the same time she lifted her head up and soon she was pressing her own tit into her face. A moment later her lips were wrapped around her nipple and she was sucking on it, moaning and moving her hips.

She groped and squeezed her other breast with her other hand. She pinched and tugged on her nipple, moaning as she sucked on her nipple. But before long that wasn’t enough. The hand not holding the breast to her face soon stopped playing with her free tit and snaked down the heroine’s body. Gigantica spread her legs wide open, the short skirt of her costume allowing her free access to what was hidden between her legs.

Gigantica had nothing on under the skirt, allowing her hand to move directly to her pussy. She started fingering herself as soon as she could, rubbing her pussy and slipping her fingers into her wet hole and finger banging herself a bit before pulling out to work her clit. As she furiously masturbated she continued to suck on her own nipple, stopping only to switch breasts.

Silk was sitting on the ground not far from Gigantica, watching the massive heroine masturbate. “Yes, what a pretty sight,” she purred, spreading her legs wide open and starting to rub at her own pussy through her costume. “Can’t help yourself, can you? No, of course not. Even if you weren’t a dumb slut my man’s cum would have turned you into one. All you’ll be able to do is diddle yourself and beg to be fucked as long as it’s affecting it.

“Of course, he’ll be napping for a while. Gives you plenty of time to do what you’re doing and gives ME plenty of time to enjoy watching you. Although… It might be fun to do more than just watch… I don’t often join the heroine’s he cums in when they are like this, I normally only fuck super bitches like you when my man is part of the action. But I’m seriously thinking about joining in…”



What happens to Gigantica next? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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