Most Ebooks Leaving Smashwords

Since I’m no longer doing the Patreon there isn’t really a good reason not to have as many stories as possible in KU. So if your a Smashwords user this means my library there has been cut by about two thirds, but if you use KU the number of my titles you can get for free as part of your subscription to that service has increased significantly.

Going forward most of my stuff will probably become Amazon exclusives. There will be a few kinds of stories that I can’t put in KU, like any interactive stories or things too taboo for Amazon.

4 responses to “Most Ebooks Leaving Smashwords

  • Zed

    Any chance you might be ablemto tell us what titles won’t make the crossing and when the move is going to happen?


  • Zed

    That is a little disappointing to hear, I was so looking forward to at least get a chance to purchase “Bovine Justice vs The CEO”. Just going to have to miss out I guess, just have too much money invested in Amazon to warrant an account on Smashwords.


    • philohunter

      That’s one of those books I never tried to post to Amazon. I was and still am pretty sure it would get flagged by their censors. Any time that happens you risk getting yourself banned from publishing on Amazon for life.

      Setting up an account on Smashwords is pretty easy and you can download Ebooks from them in almost any format, but I totally get wanting to have your E-library all in one place. Send me an E-Mail at and we can talk about another way to get you the book.


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