New Release: “The Only Man in the Bunker Part 1: Mutation!”

You can find the new story on Amazon and Smashwords!

This is a Mutated Post Apocalypse story. Their world ended in a conflagration of atomic war. But the forces that ended the old world did more than cover the planet in atomic glow, a strange mutagen was released and has spread across the globe mutating the survivors of the. Many of the survivors were driven mad by the mutation, becoming something less than human and even twisted into terrifying pulp fiction monstrosities. But even those who physically remained human have been drastically changed and intense sexual mutations now drive their lives in the wasteland.

But this is a story set just after the end of the world and far before the post-apocalyptic wasteland society has begun to form. This is a story about a group of survivors safe within an underground Bunker who are about to find out just what kind of perverse mutations the unlucky survivors on the surface have been dealing with for the few years after the old world ended.

Liam is the only man in Bunker LZ69. The rest of its residents are all women and he is under the impression that this was a crazy mistake. But he is wrong as the only mistake is HIM. The Bunker’s Head Administrator had meant for the Bunker’s door to seal with only women inside and has hated him for ruining her man-free paradise since the door sealed.

Now two years after the world above ended the survivors in LZ69 are having to make some alterations to their home. Liam is convinced these alterations will breach the Bunker’s self-contained systems, letting the mutagens above in. The Head Administrator disagrees, dismissing his concerns because he’s “just a man”.

Soon they are all going to find out just how right Liam is and everyone in the Bunker is going to be left change. After mutating the women are going to wake to find their breasts increased massively in size and their libidos supercharged while Liam is going to find himself MUCH better endowed and quickly discover that he’s become irresistible to the women of the Bunker.

This 13,000+ word one-handed read contains content of graphic sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only!


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