Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

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Eldrida shuffled through the cards in her hand, trying to decide which was the most beneficial to play and wondering why none of her cards did the same kind of things her opponents did. As she pondered this she also questioned whether it was a blessing or curse to not have cards that did such… perverse things.

Finally, she decided on the card that did the most to his score while doing none to hers. She played the card down, watching it siphon off some of the energy in Vicelor’s crystal. Once it was done the text on the card faded from sight and then the card floated over to join the other cards in the slowly growing discard pile. A moment later she was watching in trepidation as a new card floated up into Vicelor’s hand. What new perverse horrors has he just been given access to? she wondered

Vicelor read his new card then shuffled through the others in his hand. She watched his Elven face, searching for some hint of what he was about to play. I’ll never truly be used to the way an Elf’s face looks, she thought. Both inhumanly youthful yet full of wise maturity at the same time, and every curve of those features beautiful in a soft yet hard way no Human is ever born with.

He looked up at her, pulling one of the cards from his hand. “We’ve time to do this right,” he told her, his voice calm. “All the time in the world, really. The deck will ensure that. I want to savor this; I don’t want to rush it.”

Vicelor still held back from playing the card. “I despise you,” he said bluntly.

The comment shocked her. She’d always thought the man as fond of her and the collection of items that aided them in their adventures as the rest of their party was.

“Such greed fills your pathetic little Human heart,” he went on. “You’ll live, what, a mere hundred years at best? And near twenty of that is spent in youthful uselessness and the by your forty or fiftieth year your youth and physical strength will be all but spent. The way you lesser races age has always disgusted me. And the last few decades of your life, if you even last that long, you’ll have only your mind to make use of. Even the greatest of Human intellects pales in comparison to that of a High Elf’s mind. And we have never to fear the pathetic ‘second childhood’ you Humans must fear as you age.”

“But even though I detest you,” he added after a short pause, “I cannot say in your youth you Human women have no charms. You’re attractive enough for an evening or afternoon of carnal distraction, although I never understand the Elves who take you meager Humans as romantic or sexual partners for longer than that.”

She glared at him, not knowing how to respond.

He smiled back at her look, amused and seeming as if her feelings were truly nothing to him. “I’ll have fun playing with that youthful body of yours, but I think it needs a little further alteration before I begin.” He started to lay the card down then paused for a moment to add, “Assuming the deck gives me the cards to do so.”

Eldrida barely heard the last comment, failing to hear the obvious lie in it. She was too focused on the card he had placed face up on the table, too eager to read its text. As soon as his fingers were off it the card helpfully rotated and slid towards her to better let her read it. As her eyes darted from side to side reading the text her eyes opened wider in surprise and horror.

The card started to glow and for a moment she thought of pushing her chair back and trying to flee from the card’s influence before it could do what it said it was to do to her. But the ethereal chain of pure red energy attached to her ankle tightened, as if the magic of the deck knew her thoughts. Her body went limp and she let the card work its perverse magic on her without resistance.

A moment later the glow around the card shot out, flowing into her chest. For an instant the glow lingered there then quickly moved south, gathering at her crotch. She didn’t need to look down to know the moment the glow faded and the magic took hold of her body for she felt the moment most clearly.

The card had said that for the rest of the game that the fleshy little bead of pleasure that sat near the top of her womanhood would be hypersensitive, ensuring any stimulation there would bring her to quick and intense sexual climax. As the magic began to work she felt her womanhood throb and start to moisten, the suddenly added sensitivity to her clit already arousing her body. She shifted slightly in her chair and had to fight not to moan form the simple pleasure of her body rubbing against its self and her clothing. She opened her legs to try and keep anything from touching her clit and thought about perhaps slipping the small garment she wore under her skirt off. But looking up and seeing the eager look on Vicelor’s face she decided against it, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

With his turn done, a new card floated up from the deck into her hand. It was her turn. She looked at her crystal. It was still nine-tenths full. She looked at Vicelor’s. It was now about seventh-tenths full. She was winning. Yet it didn’t feel that way…


What happens next in their card game? (Choose up to 16 options from this poll)

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