Poll Driven Story: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”

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Zomos was finally sitting up. Amitkoa watched as the Giantess used what cloth the Fey warriors had gathered from the camp around them to clean herself up as best she could. One of them pointed off in the distance, telling her that there was a stream nearby. Amitkoa followed after the huge woman as she went to clean herself.

“How… are you?” Amitkoa asked cautiously.

Zomos shrugged as she took huge, slow steps forward. “Shaken,” she finally said, her voice quiet and subdued. “But it’s nothing I haven’t suffered through before. At least my curse will be sated for quite some time. I’ll be free of its limitations for a while, but in time it will return as it always does.” There was bitterness in the woman’s deep voice, but defiance too. It was clear she was trying to push past what had happened and not let it conquer her.

“Well, at least you’ll have a clear head for the battle we’re about to head into,” Amitkoa said, gripping the axe in her hand.

Zomos started to nod then stopped, suddenly standing up as if hearing some far-off call. Looking around Amitkoa could see many of the Fey warriors looking about in the same manner. “What is it?” Amitkoa asked, desperate to know.

“The battle is decided,” a Fey warrior said, fluttering above the two women.

Zomos nodded. “I heard the queen’s voice too. The battle is lost… We’re not to try and come save her, we’ll never reach her in time.”

“What? But… what shall we do?” Amitkoa tried to keep the panic she felt out of her voice. A moment later she was overwhelmed with guilt: if these warriors hadn’t stopped to help her and her friends…

The little Fey woman landed beside Amitkoa, a grave look on her pretty face. “We are to head east and attempt to leave the forest as soon as possible. Once her power fails it won’t be safe for us in the forest. The threats you’ve faced on your journey here are nothing compared to what will be found within these woods without Queen Faeven’s power to keep worse evil and perversion at bay.”

The thought dismayed Amitkoa. Worse then what they had already faced? She didn’t want to linger on the thought. “Why east?” she asked, hoping the answer would give her some sliver of hope.

“West leads into the perverse Elven king’s lands which are already soaked to the core with The Corruption. To the north is the Shadow Mountains, where The Corruption is in the process of taking root. To the east on the other side of this great forest are lands populated by mostly Humans, and although agents of The Corruption are everywhere there are still many pure of heart to resist its influence. And there are many roads to distant lands that run through those towns and cities, from there we’ll be able to head somewhere truly safe.”

“Do not fret, little Nemorvian,” Zomos said, stepping into the stream to quickly wash. “We live to fight another day. This is how The Corruption fights. Not with death but with… what we just lived through. We must go, get to safety, and continue the fight even without Queen Faeven to aid, protect, and lead us.”

Amitkoa bit her lip. “I don’t know if Kilne can travel yet. She is still where we left here, unmoving and not speaking.”

Zomos looked back towards the dead Minotaur’s camp. “I will finish washing and find something to serve as clothing and then I shall carry here if need be. She’ll recover in time, but for not we must move with haste…”




Chapter Seventeen: The God of the Great Forest Arises


All hope was lost, Queen Faeven was finally certain of that inescapable truth. She used her connection with those loyal to her to send a message to the band of troops out in the forest, telling them the battle was over and advising them on where to flee. She hoped that together they’d have the strength to reach the forest’s edge and escape to continue the fight against The Corruption. Hopefully, its forces would care only about her fate and they’d slip away unnoticed.

She stood, looking as regal as she could and prepared for her fate. With all of her defenders subdued she knew the Minor Cock Elementals would hold back from attacking her. She was defeated, there was no need to take her powers quickly. Azel would want to do it himself. She could already see it in her mind, see the vile god’s towering form coming towards her, see him making her kneel and submit to his indecently sized manhood. Would he make her kiss it first? Force her to touch it and thus depower herself?

The myriad ways the god of cock could destroy her power flashed through Queen Faeven’s head. She closed her eyes, trying to fight the flow of disturbing mental images while ignoring the world around her. She’d face her doom the way she’d faced every challenge: with calm stoicism. She let the world around her fade away, waiting for her fate.

A ripple of power exploded from the forest around them, causing her eyes to shoot open. All around her was billowing green energy, flowing from the forest and wrapping around the Minor Cock Elementals. The disgusting little demons were wrenched off of the women they were attacking, pulled off and flung away. The green energy began to take the form of spectral warriors. As they formed they swung long swords at the small demons, cutting them in half. The severed halves fell to the ground, convulsing then dissolving in a steam of sparking red energy.

The queen stood, looking around and trying to understand what was happening. Across the lake she saw Azel howl in anger, his arms out before him as he sent more of his power into his little demons. But the green ghostly soldiers were cutting them all down, freeing her army one by one!

More of the green winds of power rushed from the forest, blowing over her camp. Every one of her soldiers that was touched by the wind was renewed, their clothing and armor returned and they were left looking as though the Minor Cock Elementals had never as much as touched them! Her army was being saved and their weapons, now infused with flowing green power, were turning and finally fighting back the cock demons!

But how? From whence did this green power come? What force had come to her aid?

Her army cheered as it rallied, charging alongside the green spirits and cutting down the last of the demons. They reached the water’s edge, the army shouting abuse at the vile god who stood on the other side of the lake. Her brave Fey warriors knocked their bows and sent a volley of magically infused arrows flying at the angry god. She watched as his massive looming form snarled, throwing an arm up to create a red field above his head to absorb the magical arrows.

Faeven rose from her stone throne. The god’s forces had been beaten back but her troops would be unable to harm him. She was drained, although the strange green power had refreshed her slightly. Even so, it would take nearly all the power she had left to banish the god’s physical form. If it drained her of all the power she had left that was what she’d do!

But even as she began to walk towards the water’s edge she saw that her power would not be needed. The spectral green ghosts, which she now realized were spirit’s of the primal forest around them, began to turn into flowing green mists of magical power. It flowed together, gathering in a large swirling mass floating above the water before her army. She felt the power from it and knew what, knew who, had saved her!

Queen Faeven had come to this forest because of him. This forest was powerful because it had once housed the grand temple of a mighty forest deity that she had thought had long forgotten by the mortal world. There were none left that worshiped Imeyr, Great God of the Great Forest, and she had thought she was one of the few beings in all of Alaria that even remembered the god’s name. But even forgotten she’d known some of his power would remain in the forest, making it a place that her power could be more easily channeled.

Apparently, she had been wrong. Imeyr still lived!

The green energy swirled together over the water, power from the forest flowing out and gathering together. She saw The Blade of the Queen stand tall, mighty once more and knew the forest god was calling her forward to serve as its chosen champion. Her army grew silent as The Blade stepped out onto the lake, the green power swirling around her and allowing her to walk on the surface of the water. The Blade flexed, the energy flowing in and out of her massive hulking muscles, then she howled a ferocious war cry and charged across the water towards Azel.

As she charged the green energy flowing around her took the form of a gigantic man dressed in armor made of leather and bark. Huge antlers rose from the head of the green shadow-thing and it raised a spectral blade in each hand in the same manner that The Blade held her own weapons, making it look like it was a huge spectral shadow of the charging warrior woman.

Azel stumbled back as The Blade, shadowed by Imeyr the forest god, charged ever closer. He sent a wave of power at her but it broke on the green mist of power wrapped around The Blade and a few moments later she reached the shore, leaping and roaring as she brought her two blades together to cut the head of Azel’s physical form off. The shadow of Imeyr seemed to move into her as she did this, lending the mighty woman his power so she could slay the vile, perverse god’s physical manifestation.

Headless, Azel’s body fell to the ground. It quickly began to sizzled and dissolve into the soil. Red sparking energy flowed out from it, dissipating and leaving a fresh bed of strange red mushrooms behind. As the body disappeared Queen Faeven could feel the perverse god’s power melting away, feel his presence being forced from the physical realm of Alaria and banished back to the aether the gods normally inhabited.

The Blade of the Queen turned back, stepping away from the red mushrooms spreading on the ground and back out into the lake. She held the severed head of Azel up as Queen Faeven’s army cheered. As she slowly walked back across the small lake, the green power of Imeyr still flowing around her, the head she held in her hand began to fade. Its facial features were formless, as if they had never truly taken proper shape. And now as she drew closer to the other side of the water the whole head became a blur, fading quickly from existence as if it had never been there.

When The Blade set foot on the shore she dropped to her knees, the green power flowing out of her. Swirling green energy pushed through the gathered army, the women parting to allow it to approach their queen. Before her the mass of green power took the shape of a man, large and looming tall with the power of a god.

Imeyr had taken physical form. He stood larger than life, dressed in a mix of leather and bark. A white hood, its fabric gilded with gold, covered his head. His face was shadowed from sight, only glowing green tattoos on his skin and brightly burning green eyes could be seen. The huge antlers still stood upon his head, growing through the hood.

Queen Faeven knelt before the looming god and as she dropped to her knees so did her army. “You have saved us,” she said, awed by the god’s presence.

“And you have saved me,” his voice boomed, sounding as if it came from every tree of the forest around them. “I was but a sliver of divine power left sleeping in this place, nearly forgotten by the world. But your power and the faith of those loyal to you awakened me and have returned me to much of my former glory.  Your need allowed me to grow strong so that I could use that strength to save you.

“I was one of the ancient gods that led the first battle against The Corruption,” Imeyr continued. “I was one of the gods that helped seal away and imprison most of the other gods who had given themselves to that dark and perverse power. I gave nearly all of my essence to banish The Corruption form Alaria and only its return, and ones such as you fighting against its influence, was enough to bring me back. I thank you for that, for fighting this perverse corrupting power.”

The god reached a hand down towards Queen Faeven. “Stand as if you are my equal,” he commanded, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet. As Queen Faeven stood green energy wrapped around her arm, becoming a bracer of bark. “Wear my boon, let it make your power grow. And come, together we must cleanse the taint of The Corruption from this place.”

Murmuring, the rest of the army rose to its feet and watched as Queen Faeven, hand in hand with a god, walked to the water’s edge.

“Look across the water,” Imeyr boomed, pointing to where Azel’s physical body had been slain. “See the red mushrooms that bloom? They are things of The Corruption, many call them tookabrew mushrooms. If allowed to remain they will slowly spread The Corruption’s taint through my forest and weaken me, you, and your army. Even in defeat The Corruption taints the world and does what it can to win its war to infuse all of Alaria with its perverse essence. The accursed power can lose every battle yet in the end win the war. But together we can cleanse this place and rob it of even this victory.”

He let go of Faeven’s hand, turning the hand palm up and raising it to the sky. Green energy coalesced in his hand. It solidified, becoming a small wooden bowl full of glowing green fluid. “Take this,” he said to Faeven, handing her the bowl. “Kneel at the water’s edge as you and your army pray to me I shall take in your faith and as you pour the contents of that bowl we shall all together cleanse this place.”

Queen Faeven knelt at the water’s edge, staring into the glowing liquid in the bowl. All around her she heard the women of her army begin to mutter prayers to Imeyr and to the forest. The green fluid started to glow more brightly. She bent lower, tipping the bowl and letting the glowing green liquid poor slowly into the water.

The clear water of the lake started to glow green, the power she was pouring into it spreading out in every direction. Under the water’s surface she saw a huge, evil face appear. Red glowing eyes glared at her then the face twisted up in pain, shaking and dissolving from sight as the cleansing power she was pouring into the water chased the evil away.

She looked up as she poured the last of the fluid into the lake, saw the red mushrooms on the other side of the lake sizzling with sparking red energy. That energy slowly became green and the mushrooms melted, replaced by lush green grass, vibrant flowers, and beautiful fluttering butterflies.

“This place is cleansed,” Imeyr declared as the wooden bowl in Queen Faeven’s hand disappeared.

She stood and turned to the god. “We shall forever be in your debt,” she said with a small bow.

He nodded, waving her to rise back up. “Your army will be safe here for a time. I’ve healed them, yet they will still need time to recover from the ordeal. As my power pulls back some might feel what happened to them once more. Luckily the cleansing of this place will make it so the forces of The Corruption are unable to see you for some time. Even Azel, who stood right there, will not know where this place and where you are. Take the time to rest and plan your next move. The forest shall protect you but you cannot hide here forever, for the true fight against The Corruption lays outside my forest’s boundaries.”

“The perverse Elven king,” Faeven muttered.

“Yes,” Imeyr said. “And the new Dwarven king to the north. The Corruption flows around them both and they must be stopped. I will aid you and your forces as I can, and I say to you that although you have gathered an army open warfare is not the only or even best way to defeat these foes.”

Faeven nodded. “How shall we ever repay you?”

“Worship me and worship my forest,” Imeyr said, the trees all around them shaking as if hungry for that praise. “The faith of mortals is what powers me. I will never be one of the greater gods again, able to send my might anywhere in Alaria. I will almost certainly always be restrained to this forest, but with your people’s faith I can grow ever more powerful within my domain. Even now I can feel some within its borders realizing I’ve returned and beginning to pray to me.”

“We shall do as you ask,” Queen Faeven said with another bow.

“I require one more thing,” the god said, his glowing green eyes suddenly burning brighter.

“Anything,” Faeven replied.

HER,” Imeyr said, throwing an arm up and pointing into the crowd that surrounded them.

Queen Faeven looked to see that Imeyr was pointing at Novaoa, the Nemorvian warrior that had only so recently come to her. “But why?” she asked, confused by the request.

Imeyr began to stride towards Novaoa, the curvaceous warrior looking confused and a little frightened. “My reasons are my own, and a god need not explain his whims even to one as mighty as you, Queen Faeven. She will come with me away from your army and my essence will lead her deep into the forest where I will reveal what I require her for. She will come now or I shall cease protecting you and your army.”

Queen Faeven bit her lip, hesitating to answer. The demand was strange and the manner in which Imeyr was making it stranger still. As he made the request his voice sounded different… Something in her was saying this was not the correct course of action, that something was wrong here.

“I will come with you and do whatever is required of me,” Novaoa said suddenly, stepping towards the god and kneeling before him, still looking afraid but determined.

“I thank you,” Queen Faeven said cautiously, still unsure. But the woman had made up her mind and she was free to do as she wished.

“Then we shall leave at once,” Imeyr said, his physical form beginning to fade. “Make your plans,” he said to Faeven, “fight The Corruption. And I will lead this one to where she is needed.” As he spoke his hooded face was looking down at Novaoa. None could see his face, not even Novaoa as she had her head bowed. But if she had been looking up she would have seen the god’s face, she would have seen the bright green glow of his eyes falter for just a moment as they turned red. But none saw and none knew that Imeyr’s divine purification was perhaps not as thorough as they thought…




Chapter Eighteen: Inside King Moonlight’s Royal Dairy Farm


The large room that had been converted into the Nemorvian dairy farm had a small balcony where Jennenes could stand, allowing him to look down and see all that happens within. Now that the Nemorvian whores of the city were almost all gathered he was enjoying standing and watching, taking in the sight of his great works officially called “The Royal Dairy Farm”.

The newly appointed High Captain of the Dairy Guard, Meedard Dupont, was in the process of “installing” the farm’s newest acquisition. He was a male Human from the kingdom of Capatia, but not one of the tall full figured red-haired “High” Capatians that made up that country’s ruling nobility. He was a “Low” Capatian. Tough, wiry, with jet black hair. He was considered an undesirable in his homeland because of his birth status, and doubly so because he was a man as it was only women that were allowed to rule in that land.

He’d left his homeland in search of a place not just where men ruled over women but where women were mistreated. He’d found Jennenes Moonlight’s little kingdom to be all he’d hoped for and more. At first the man, an able fighter, had taken employ amongst the royal guard. But his skills as a more than able administrator had led to him rising quickly through the ranks. Jennenes had been waiting for a new post such as the one he now filled to come into existence to make the best use of the skilled man.

From his vantage point Jennenes watched him taking the newest Nemorvian to the place she’d live out the rest of her life. The pathetic Nemorvian whore was still protesting, struggling in vain to escape her fate. Her arms were tied behind her back and her legs manacled. Even if Dupont hadn’t been dragging her by one of her horns she’d have had little chance of escaping.

“You really are making such a fuss,” Dupont said to her, his words thick with the Capatian accent. “Look around you at your fellow Nemorvian sisters. They have already settled into their new lives as our dairy cows and most are happy with their lot.”

The woman he dragged by the horn closed her eyes, refusing to look. On either side of her were the milking stalls the other Nemorvians were “installed” in. They were all bent over on all fours, their huge udders hanging below them with devices attached to their nipples. The machines attached to them slowly, but steadily, sucked at their nipples and pumped the precious milk from their breasts. The other members of the Dairy Guard were busy attending to Nemorvian’s already installed, changing casks full of milk, ensuring the Nemorvian’s were fed and healthy, and most importantly fucking them all as often as possible to ensure their milk production remained as high as possible.

It was clear why she averted her eyes. She was a Nemorvian and the mere sight of a cock would take all the fight out of her. All around her men were fucking the women being milked. But it wasn’t just the men actively fucking the Nemorvians who she averted her eyes form. The Dairy Guard were both milkmen and protectors, most wore at least some armor and all were armed. If anyone tried to steal Jennenes’ treasures they’d find them well guarded. Yet because they were allowed and encouraged to fuck the Nemorvians as often as they wished most had found it beneficial to alter their armor and clothing so that at most times their manhoods hung free. Even Dupont went about within the farm with his cock hanging free, his codpiece removed and the bit of cloth normally covering his crotch pulled up and tucked out of the way.

The Nemorvian was still struggling when The High Captain had finished dragging her all the way to her new home. “Really, such fuss,” he grumbled, annoyed she still pathetically labored to escape. “But I’ve just the medicine to calm you before you are installed.”

He pulled her up onto her knees and turned her to face him. He was staring at her overlarge breasts as he did, watching the way they shook and jiggled as he roughly handled her. The sight had his cock already growing hard.

She still had her eyes closed and now tried to turn away from the man. He grabbed one of her horns again and forced her to face him, then with his other hand he grabbed his cock. It was already nearly fully erect and he wielded it like it was a weapon, and against a Nemorvian it truly was!

“Look at my cock, cow,” he barked.

“Never!” the woman replied defiantly, keeping her eyes closed tight and still struggling in vain to turn her head away.

Meedard Dupont sighed heavily, saying, “Fine, cow, we’ll do it the hard way.” He pulled her closer to him, holding his cock up then letting it fall on her face.

It landed down beside her nose and over one of her eyes with a meaty “thwump” sound. Even from his vantage point above King Moonlight could see the effect it had on the woman. As soon as the man’s cock hit her face she stopped struggling, convulsing for a moment as she fought the biological impulses her racial weakness would be making her feel. Dupont started rubbing his cock on her face, from side to side and pressing it into her cheek. She quivered then gave in.

She opened the eye that didn’t have a cock being rubbed across it. She moaned at the sight and turned, opening her mouth and letting her tongue snake out to lick the underside of his shaft. A shiver ran through her body, the moment of her total submission to the cock on her face.

The High Captain of the Dairy Guard let the cocknotized Nemorvian lick and then suck on his cock for a bit. But before long he grabbed both her horns and pulled the woman off his dick. “That’s enough to calm you,” he said, his cock still hard and glistening with her saliva. “Before I have any more fun with you I’ve got to start prepping you for your installation.”

He had a satchel slung over one shoulder. He reached into it and pull out a leather collar, the kind most lands made slaves wear, only this one had a cowbell attached to the front. “A cowbell for our newest dairy cow,” he proclaimed as he tightened the collar around the woman’s neck.

Jennenes smiled as he watched. It had been the man’s idea to add the bells to each of the newly acquired slave collars. It was a bit of added humiliation that served to both remind the women what they now were and added to the dehumanization of the women. Jennenes hadn’t thought about how important that would be at first, but Meedard Dupont had insisted it was essential.

“We need the men of the Dairy Guard to not see these Nemorvian cows as women, but as things,the Low Capatian man had insisted. “If not, some might become attached and try and rescue or even make off with them.”

Jennenes had seen the truth of it at once and it had made him certain that he’d chosen the right man to head this operation.

All around Meedard Dupont Nemorvians were moaning as they were milked and fucked. They were all naked, their over-sized udders hanging down and their asses held high to leave their back ends inviting any who passed to take a turn at fucking them. But at that moment it was clear that the man only saw the cow before him that he was busy unbinding. She no longer needed the shackles, his cock had made her perfectly pliant.

He pulled a glass bottle from the satchel he wore and pulled the stopper out, pouring some of the oil contained within onto one of his hands. He quickly closed up the bottle and returned it to his bag then rubbed the oil together between his hands.

“We need to prep you and these milk-filled udders of yours,” Jennenes heard the man say to the Nemorvian as he slowly walked around the woman. Once he was behind her he told her to stand then reached around her body, grabbing her breasts and then beginning to massage the oil on his hands into her thick breast-flesh. She moaned at his sensual touch, her eye crossing and rolling up into her head as her tongue began to loll from her open mouth.

After massaging the oil onto every inch of her large breasts he moved his hands down, pressing her legs open and snaking his fingertips onto her pubic mound. He massaged the oil into her hairless and perfectly smooth outer labia then dipped his finger into her slit, working the oil onto her clit then slowly fingering some into her moist cunt hole.

Jennenes smiled, watching the man at his work. He was like a great artisan as he prepared the women, attending to them with far more tender care than he would have. The oil was another of Dupont’s ideas. Ewelic oil was a powerful aphrodisiac for most races, affecting the Nemorvian’s with a power that made its effects on other races seem meager. The oil left the women drooling and eager to follow directions even more so than normal as well as leaving them in a state of hyperarousal that left them sexual climax at alarming speeds.

It seemed to increase their initial flow of milk. It was that fact that brought the man’s oil-covered hands up from the Nemorvian’s pussy and back to her over-large breasts. He gave her oiled tits a nice squeeze, expressing some of her milk in pretty little jets of white cream. He then began playing with her nipples, working them between his fingers. Jennenes imagined how slippery they must be, from the oil and the moisture of the milk still leaking from them.

He watched as Dupont slid his hands away from her moist nipples, massaging her breasts till his hands were wrapped near their base. He started to squeeze, causing more milk to come out her nipples. This time it wasn’t small little jets but came out in a messy explosion of milk that sprayed wildly about. She moaned and wigged as he kept squeezing, shuddering as the milking made her cum. She fell back into him for support as her legs grew weak, leaning back and turning her face towards his. Dupont leaned forward and kiss her, long and deep, grinding against her plump backside.

Her body was prepped and he was hot and bothered and clearly in need of sexual release. Yet the man was a true professional. He’d not take his pleasure till his job was finished. He worked quickly to strap her into the milking machine.

As soon as he was done he got behind her, grabbing her wide, fat ass with both hands then running them down the sides of her thick thighs. “Time to break you in,” he said as his hands slid to her inner thighs then up to her pussy. He fingered her for a moment with one hand, stroking his hard cock with the other. A moment later he was ramming his cock into her.

At first he held her fat ass as he pounded her hard and fast. But a minute later he leaned into her body, wrapping his arms under her to grab her hanging udders. He squeezed them, expressing milk into the suction cups that were slowly milking the woman. White fluid exploded into the tubes, filling them faster than the machine could suck it out. She moaned in sexual bliss, shuddering and cumming again. As she did even more milk exploded from her tits, nearly overfilling the cups attached to her nipples.

Jennenes knew his High Captain wouldn’t last long before he came, and as he expected he heard the man groan in pleasure and relief a few moments later. He watched him take a step back, saw his cock, already growing soft, fall from the pussy of the Nemorvian. Cum trickled out, dripping on the floor below her. The king smiled, happy to see his loyal subject rewarded for a job well done and knowing that the sexual pleasures the job came with would do more to buy these men’s loyalty that any coin ever could.

He was thinking about going down to ask the man if there was anything he thought the Royal Dairy Farm needed but just then his Majordomo came onto the balcony. “Sire, I’ve troubling news to report,” he said.

Jennenes turned, frowning. “Well, out with it man!”

“It’s the ravens we sent to the Mercenaries, sire. They’ve… returned.”

“So?” Jennenes asked, confused. “What do the Minotaurs say? Have they gotten any closer to accomplishing their task?”

“There is no reply,” the man said. “They returned with their messages unread. They were either unable to find the mercenaries or…” The man trailed off, suddenly nervous. He knew that Jennenes occasionally took bad news unwell and punished the messenger that brought it to him.

“Or they are no longer among the living,” the king said, finishing the man’s thoughts. He sighed in annoyance. “Must I do everything myself? I’ve had to use so much of my stores of mana recently that I’ve little energy left for even simple spells, but it seems I must tap into my precious reserves to find the truth of this matter.”

He began to mutter a quick spell, the arcane tattoos on his arms glowing brighter. A moment later he took a step back, holding his hands before him then spreading them apart. As his hands spread a small shimmering viewing portal was open, showing him the Minotaurs.

The Majordomo gasped, seeing the mighty men all slaughtered, their camp ransacked. Jennenes, however, was not surprised. In his heart he’d known the annoying Nemorvian bandits had somehow slain the powerful mercenaries.

“This makes little sense,” he muttered, looking at the corpse-littered encampment. “The rumors said there were only three of the Nemorvians, they should have had no chance against these beastly men even if they have somehow figured out a way to throw off their racial weakness.”

“Sire?” the Majordomo suddenly asked, concerned. “Are you… well?”

Jennenes didn’t respond at first. He was clammy and shaky and struggling to keep the viewing portal open. Even though his mana stores were so drained it should not have been as trying to keep the simple enchantment open.

“Some power works against me,” he said, his voice quivering from the effort of keeping the spell active. He stumbled back, the spell broken. He looked weak and sick, his face showing the confusion he felt. “I must return to my study,” he said, sounding tired. “I must rest and think on what I saw…”





Chapter Nineteen: Many Paths


“War band, to arms!” the leader of the Fey warriors called out, drawing her bow and knocking a magical, glowing arrow so fast her arms were a blur.

Zomos drew a huge double-bladed axe she’d taken from the corpse of a Minotaur and beside her the two Nemorvians drew their weapons. Amitkoa glanced at Kilne, watching her younger companion. She’d been… strange since shaking off the shock of the battle. She seemed changed and distant and if they were about to be attacked she wanted to protect her should a new battle put her back into the state of shock she’d been so hard to wake from.

“Lower your weapons,” a musical female voice called out as a small Fey woman fluttered into view. “I come with messages from Queen Faeven!”

“She still lives?” the leader of their band called out, quivering her arrow and storing her bow. “Tell us the news of the great battle! Her message made it seem all hope was lost.”

The new arrival, a Fey woman who introduced herself as Meadow, explained how the ancient forest god had arrived just in time to save not just the queen but her entire army!

“The mighty Queen Faeven is not just undefeated but more powerful than ever!” a pretty, young Human woman said, appearing out of the forest behind Meadow. She wore flowing green and blue robes and had long blue hair that ran down nearly to her waist, with two wrapped buns of blue hair on either side of her head. “We’ve won this battle against The Corruption and she wishes to press on with the war. It’s no longer time to just gather her powers, she says. It’s time we go to take the battle to The Corruption and begin to send its influence fleeing from this world!”

“What does she wish of us?” the Fey woman leading the band of warriors said, smiling at the revelation that things were far better than she thought.

“You are to take your force back to the hidden encampment,” Meadow told her. “She has need of numbers there. Meanwhile, I shall lead a smaller force on an important side quest.” She landed on the ground, here wings fluttering for a moment then disappearing. “Destine Foy, the mage that has come with me, shall be joined by the two Nemorvians and the giantess on this quest.”

Amitkoa pressed forward. “We are eager to serve the queen,” she said quickly, “but please, has there been word of our friend Novaoa?”

Meadow nodded. “Yes,” she said, her face suddenly grave. “She arrived at the camp just before the battle began. She proved her worth defending Queen Faeven but…” Her voice trailed off and she looked uncertain. “Imeyr, the mighty forest god that saved us all, he demanded she leave with him. Novaoa went willing with the god but to what purpose no one knows.”

“But she is well?” Amitkoa asked.

Meadow nodded. “Yes, she is. And if all goes well you three Nemorvians shall all meet again seen. But for now Queen Faeven requires that your reunion wait. The quest the queen sends us on must come first.”

“What is this quest?” Zomos asked eagerly.

Meadow looked up at the huge woman. “A matter of great importance but one that must remain secret even from our allies for now.” She looked to the other Fey warriors. “In time I shall reveal all.”


* * *


Jennenes growled in anger and frustration, knocking the metal bowl before him to the floor. As it fell the water inside of it splashed, the glowing magical energy it had been infused with sparking then dissipating.

“Why can I not scry the location of the Nemorvian bandits?” he said, leaning back in his chair and rubbing at his temples. “Some magic hides them from my sight and it vexes me so. I feel that even were my manna not so drained I’d still be having the same problem. I need to break past whatever protects and hides them… but how?”

He looked around his study, glancing at the many tomes of magical knowledge sitting on his shelves. There were countless ways to try but which would serve him best at this moment?




How will King Jennenes Moonlight try to scry the Nemorvians? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

Will his attempt succeed and if so will it show him all three or just one group of them, and if so who? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

What happens to the newly formed party of adventurers (Zomos, the two Nemorvians, Meadow and the blue haired Human mage) next we see them? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

What happens to Novaoa now that she has been taken by Imeyr? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

I want the Dwarfs of the Shadow Mountains to play a bigger role in the story, so they are going to get some kind of story line that will make that so. But what? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

What piece of story happens with Queen Faeven and those at her camp? (choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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