Poll Driven Story: “But I Need It For My Collection!”

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Vicelor shuffled the four cards he held back and forth in his hand as he reread their text, trying to decide which he would play first. He wanted his choice to be perfect, something that would set the tone of the perverse game he’d tricked the annoying little Human into playing yet he wanted her to doubt the card was what it really was. After a moment of indecision he made his choice and placed the card on the table, face up.

The card glowed slightly, rotating around so Eldrida could read it. Vicelor watched her face as her eyes moved from side to side reading each line of text. There was a flash of confusion over her pretty features, then disgust, then disbelief.

She looked up and laughed uncomfortably. “Surely this is some jape at my expense? The deck, it’s a joke, yes? That is the true magic the deck holds?” Vicelor didn’t answer, and after a moment of silence Eldrida continued talking nervously. “No one would make a magical item that would do such a thing! The card says that the closer I get to losing the larger my…” Her voice trailed off and she leaned in to whisper to Vicelor, her cheeks flushed red, “Breasts will get!”

Again she laughed nervously, looking into his Elven eyes desperate to hear that it was all a joke. Vicelor still didn’t answer, instead he looked down at the card, waiting for what he knew was about to happen.

A moment later the red glow around the card intensified then shot out, up into Eldrida’s small breasts. She hopped in her seat, squeaking girlishly in alarm while dropping her cards and grabbing her small breasts. “No,” she whispered, letting go and looking down at them. They didn’t look different, not yet, but she could feel the deck’s magic already at work in them.

Slowly she looked up Vicelor, shaking slightly as all the color drained from her face. “It’s no jape… It’s real!

Vicelor simply nodded and smiled evilly at her. The deck dealt her a card, and as it floated towards her the three cards already part of her hand floated up to join it. Her hand waited patiently for her, floating in the air before her. She blinked, looking down at them and then back up at her opponent.

“It’s your turn,” he said. “And if you don’t take it the deck is likely to either make you take your turn or punish you till you do. And don’t even think about calling out to the rest of the party for help. They can’t, and the deck will keep them out of this room till the game is finished. Their presence here in the dungeon will be… irrelevant to our little game.”

Her hands were still shaking as Eldrida grabbed her cards and looked through them. The expression on her face made it very clear what she was thinking. She had to finish the game as quickly and keep from losing as little energy from her crystal as possible while doing so. With that in mind she quickly chose a card and played it. It was simple but she thought it effective. As she placed it down on the table it siphoned some of the red energy out of the crystal floating beside Vicelor’s head, leaving his crystal about eight-tenths full.

Vicelor seemed unconcerned by the loss and as soon as the deck had dealt him his next card he played one that had already been in his hand. Eldrida shook in fear and quickly grabbed the played card and rotated it towards her so as better to read its text.

At first she was relieved. It was a simple card, almost the same as the one she had just played. It glowed and a small bit of the red energy in her crystal was sucked into the card. As the red energy flowed into the card the writing on it disappeared. Once it was blank it pulled itself out of her grasp and floated over to the discard pile.

As it floated away, however, her breasts began to warm and tingle. She looked down, alarmed as she watched them swell slightly, growing magically before her eyes! They were still small when the growth was done but she could both see and feel the difference. What’s more, as a new card was dealt to her and she shifted to grab it from the air she discovered that her breasts were now not just bigger but more sensitive!

She looked at her crystal and saw that it was about nine-tenths full. Gods above, she thought in sudden alarm, if they are this much bigger and more sensitive from just that little bit of energy lost I do not want to discover what they will be like when that crystal is half full or less!



What happens next in their card game? (Choose up to 12 options from this poll)

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