Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate A Wizard”

Picking another story back up with a new entry! If you’re looking to get caught up or read it in its current entirety head HERE.



Garin slunk down in his chair, trying to ignore what was going on all around him. The noblemen at the gathering were busy fucking all of the noblewomen around them. He knew this was an event that would send repercussions through Capatian society for years, maybe even decades. There was likely to be a bout of house wars and assassination attempts as the noblewomen being so disused strove for vengeance against the men who were doing the things to them, men of other noble family’s or even their own husbands!

Then he realized there would be religious repercussions as well. The Priestess had vowed to bring Paladins back. They’d seek vengeance against him and Emilee at the very least, or perhaps the entire Chevalier house and maybe even every person at this party!

He needed to escape. He needed to get as far away from all of this as he could and never come back.

But first, he needed to make Emilee suffer one last humiliation.

Garin looked through the cards in his hand, looking for one that would both win him the game and make the Low Captain slut pay for ruining everything.

With the perfect card in hand he slammed it down on the table. He couldn’t take his time with this. As soon as the spell on the crowd began to wear off they’d be after his and Emilee’s blood.

The magic flowing from the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck seemed to sense the urgency that Garin felt. Red energy was flowing from the card even before it was fully played. As he pulled his hand away from the card the energy coalesced on the table beside the card, taking the form of an object about the size of his hand, smooth and metallic.

Emilee looked at the item, confused. “What is this?” she asked, sounding exhausted. She couldn’t even bring herself to read the card he had played. The item had a wide, circular flanged base then a sleek almost spike-like top, but rounded and with a wider point near the bottom that tapered in before the base extended out. It looked almost like something designed to be inserted into something, the base large to prevent the item from entering completely.

Before Garin answered magical energy picked Emilee up into the air then pressed her down onto the table on all fours, pulling her back end up and leaving her pussy and asshole in Garin’s face. “What is happening?” she asked, trying to get up but held in place by the deck’s magic. “What is that thing? What are you going to do with it?” She was growing alarmed, afraid of where the item was going to be inserted.

“I win,” he told her, talking fast but speaking with great joy, “as soon as I take this plug and ram it up your arse-hole.”

“No!” Emilee gasped, her asshole clenching instinctively. But then she realized as soon as it was in her the game would be over. She gritted her teeth and tried to relax her asshole so that the thing could at least enter her easily.

Garin picked the butt plug up, popping it into his mouth to get it wet then placing the rounded tip on her asshole.

“Just do it,” Emilee said, letting her body go limp and knowing the deck’s magic would hold her in position till the deed was done. She just wanted it to be over now, no matter what it cost.

Around them the men were starting to finish, noblewomen reeling and bending over to spit up the cum that had been so roughly ejaculated into their mouths or on their faces or exposed breasts. Those that were free of the deck’s magic were seething with anger. At first they were unsure where to point it, but slowly every person in the room began to direct their anger at the two figures that had caused all of this. They were starting to close in, muttering threats.

Garin could see that the deck’s magic was holding them at bay for now, but he doubted that would continue once the game ended. And as they all realized they couldn’t reach either him or Emilee they stood and seethed, explaining in terrifying detail what they would all do to both of them once they had hold of them.

He knew he had to act with perfect timing. He closed his eyes, placing one hand on Emilee’s ass cheek and slowly starting to press the butt plug into her. As he did he started to mutter under his breath, beginning to cast a spell. He’d never been the best wizard, always bumbled his way through things. Everyone had always underestimated him. It was time to prove them all wrong. This spell, he had to time it right. It would need to go off at the exact moment the game ended.

Even as he felt the spell’s power gathering around him he could feel Emilee’s body tensing as he slowly inserted the butt plug up her ass. Part of him hated her and part of him felt sorry for her, knowing this all really was his fault. But he prized his own life far more than hers. She was, after all, only a Low Capatian.

The butt plug reached its widest part. Garin slowed for a moment, knowing that as soon as it went any further it would slip all the way in her ass, only being stopped by the flanged bottom. He muttered the last few words of the spell and pressed, letting go as it slid into her asshole.

Many things happened at once. The game ended as the last of the energy was taken from Emilee’s crystal. The cards all flew up, shuffling themselves then flying into the stone box along with the two now empty crystals. The magic holding the crowd back ended and angry Capatian noblemen and women rushed forward just as Garin’s spell went off, blue magical energy popping into existence around him like an expanding bubble.

The spell would teleport him away, as far away as his magical skill could take him. The moment he felt the spell starting to transport him he began to lift his hand off Emilee’s ass. But he paused, remembering for the first time since it happened that she carried his child in her! He didn’t take his hand off, once again feeling bad for the woman and fearing, for a moment, what would happen to her and his unborn child once he was gone.

A moment later the blue bubble of energy collapsed in on its self, teleporting Garin away. But because his hand had remained on Emilee and his thoughts were of her she was brought along as well. And, because of its own magic, the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck came too. The combination of the deck’s powerful magic, as well as the second unintended person coming along, caused the spell to spiral wildly. It would teleport them both along with the deck, but not to where Garin had intended…



The game is over, but what of its effects on Emilee? (Choose 1 option form this poll)

What off the butt plug in Emilee’s ass? (Choose 1 option from this poll)

The teleportation spell has gone wild. They are not going to end up where Garin wished, but somewhere else. Where? (Choose 6 options from this poll)

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