Help Me Start a New Poll Driven “Enchanted Duelist Deck” Story!

“Never Underestimate A Wizard” is still ongoing (and what I’m working on right now) but it’s moved past the Enchanted Duelist Deck being the main focus of the story, so I’d like to get another started!

What you need to know: the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck is a powerful magical artifact. Once begun the card game is magically binding, any stakes offered at the beginning will be won and no one can leave the game till it is over. The person agreeing to play the game DOESN’T know a few things. 1 – The game is rigged so the owner will ALWAYS win. 2 – it is more than a simple card game. The cards can effect the world and especially the players, altering their bodies and minds and compelling them to do specific tasks. 3 – All of the sexual things will favor the deck’s owner.

So what are you all voting on now? Three things: The setting, who the deck owner is, and who the “victim” will be. I will combine the winners from each poll and write out an initial chunk of story introducing the characters and getting the game started. I’m not throwing up a poll for WHY they are playing, that will be determined by what makes sense for all three of the winning results.

The bulk of the story will be their card game, but there could be room for the story to continue after the game is over. It all depends on where things are at that point. I want to leave it as open as possible. The only thing that is certain is that the heroine will be losing.


Where should the story be set? (Choose up to 8 options)

Who should own the deck? (Choose up to 6 options)

Who is the “victim” being tricked into playing the game? (Choose up to 7 options)

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