Poll Driven Story: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”

The next section is FINALLY done! It took way longer than I thought it would, there was a lot of different parts I needed to flesh out and figure out how to weave together. Hopefully it’s worth the wait! And again, it’s a pretty long entry (around 15,000 words), but hopefully you all enjoy it. And I’m eager to see where the votes take the story next!


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Chapter Twelve: Jennenes’ New Toy


It was done. The various enchantment’s had taken a full day to cast, transforming his new toy into what he wanted it to be. It was finally done and now it was time for Jennenes to inspect his handiwork.

Fuck-Meat stood in the middle of his bedchamber, standing tall with her chest thrust out to put her massive Dwarven breasts prominently on display. Although her breasts still looked unmistakably Dwarven she did not. The spells he had bound into her flesh had left her something that was no longer Dwarven. Fuck-Meat was less than she had been yet she was also so much more.

Jennenes stood before her, staring down into her eyes. They had been intense once and full of deadly intelligence. Now they were larger, open wide as she stared blankly ahead of herself. Those big eyes combined with the expression on her face left her looking… brainless. Like there was no intelligence beyond basic animal instinct left in her.

“I leached all the intelligence form you,” he told her.

She blinked dumbly, cocking her head to the side and smiling stupidly up at him.

“What do you think about that, Fuck-Meat? What do you think about me having siphoned off nearly every drop of intelligence from your mind and leaving you dumb, as dumb a cow?”

She blinked again, straightening her head and responded. “Moo,” replied, not saying the word but mooing it at him as if she really was a cow.

Jennenes nodded, a pleased smile spreading across his lips. “Dumb as a cow,” he said proudly, looking down at the largest physical change he’d made to her. She’d screamed while he used his magic to twist her body. It had taken time but it had been worth it. He reached out and touched one of the two bovine horns extending out from the sides of her head. “Cow horns for a dumb, mindless cow. Isn’t that right, Fuck-Meat?”

She looked up at him, her expression vacant as she replied with a much longer, “Moooo”.

The king nodded in approval and looked down at her massive breasts. He’d spent time weaving magic into them as well. They were even bigger than before, denser and heavier because now they were filled with milk.

He cupped the bottom of one of her breasts and lifted it slightly, appreciating the little gasp of pleasure that slipped from her mouth as he touched her. Then, gently, he started to squeeze the bottom of her breast. She moaned happily as a bead of white milk formed at the tip of her nipple.

“A true cow’s teats you have now,” he declared, squeezing harder and making a stream of milk shoot out onto the elegantly carpeted floor. Fuck-Meat moaned and ground her thick thighs together, the small milking nearly making her cum.

“The spell to make a woman’s breasts lactate for the rest of her life is usually a draining and complicated one, but I found the magic was easy to sew into your flesh,” he told her as he let go of her breast. “So much magic had already been used on your tits that adding more was easy. Although I do fear that all those spells and enchantments mixing together might have some unexpected results eventually. I’ve seen how magic can ferment over time and become more than it was intended to be, especially when different kinds of magic are combined in one vessel.”

“But even if that happens to you I don’t know if I’ll ever find out. I’ve enjoyed destroying what you once were, making you into my obedient little mind-controlled cow. But I suspect I’ll grow bored of you before long. I’ll have a few more weeks or even months fun with these magnificent udders of yours but I fear before long even they will not be enough to keep my sexual attention. When the day comes that I finally grow bored of you and your massive Dwarven cow udders I’ll probably sell you off to one of the brothels in the city. I’m sure I’ll be able to make a large amount of coin on you, that is assuming I don’t break you before then.”

She stared up at him, her expression still blank. “Moo,” she replied when he stopped talking.

He nodded. “That’s right, cow, none of that matters now. What matters is that I’m horny and after a long night of weaving spells I’m ready for some relief.” He started walking slowly around her till he had repositioned himself directly behind her. “But first I need to get warmed up.”

Jennenes reached down and placed his hands on her wide hips and slowly began to run them up her sides. She shivered under his touch and moaned quietly in delight. He slid his hands slowly higher, reaching around her front to cup the bottoms of her overlarge Dwarven breasts.

He held them in his hands, lifting gently as if weighing them. “So much heavier, so much denser now that they are so full of milk,” he whispered. He lifted them higher, sliding his hands under their bulk and grabbing them at their base.

Then he squeezed.

He squeezed tight till streams of milk came squirting out of her nipples. Fuck-Meat moaned and mooed in delight, rubbing her thighs together and wiggling. As she wiggled about, moaning in pleasure, Jennenes’ cock became wedged in between her large, plump ass cheeks. It had already begun to harden when he had started playing with her tits but now, thanks to the feel of her fat ass shaking from side to side, it grew fully erect.

“Such beautiful milk coming from my Fuck-Meat’s udders,” he said, squeezing her tits even harder. His hips had begun to move and he was humping her ass cheeks as he squeezed her tits. She was shaking and shuddering, beginning to cum. He kept working her tits, grinding into her backside and humping her ass cheeks as he did.

“Keep on your feet,” he commanded, knowing her legs would start to grow weak as her orgasm intensified. He’d made a lot of changes to her, making it so her sexual climaxes were far more powerful was just one of them. He hadn’t made the change for her sake. He’d ensured she’d feel every orgasm so intensely, feel so much pleasure that it would nearly pain her.

He squeezed a bit more milk out of her teats then decided his warm-up was finally over. Jennenes let go of her breasts and took a step away from her, turning and sitting in a nearby chair. He leaned back in it, spreading his legs wide open and grabbing his hard cock. “Now come to me, Fuck-Meat. I am ready for you to pleasure me with your huge Dwarven cow udders.”

With her legs still shaking and her orgasm only then starting to die off she turned and stumbled towards the perverse Elven king, dropping to her knees before him. He stroked himself as he watched the way her huge breasts bounced and jiggled as she fell, reveling in the sight of a bit of milk squirting out of each nipple as her breasts fell before bouncing back up slightly.

The sight of the milk put a thought in his head. As she grabbed her breasts and started to lift them up he held up a hand. “Wait,” he commanded. “I need lubrication and I want you to provide it.” She looked up at him, her big eyes lacking all intelligence yet understanding his words. He’d left SOME things in her head, he’d had to if he’d hoped to have her keep his attention for any amount of time. She started to lean down to start sucking him off but he told her, again, to wait. “Not this time. This time I want to use your milk as lube. Grab those udders and drench my cock in your milk, cow.”

She looked up at him, furrowing her brows. Her expression made it clear she was struggling to understand his command but after a few moments she nodded, seemingly having figured it out. Still holding her breasts she moved a bit closer, shifting her hands so she could grab their center mass and point her nipples at his manhood. Then she squeezed, squirting milk all over his cock. She moaned and shuddered as she did, the milking making her cum almost instantly. Only after his entire cock was drenched in milk did she stop.

“Very good,” he cooed, looking down at his dick and watching the milk run down his hard shaft, feeling it dripping down onto his balls and soaking into the fabric cushion of the chair under him. “Now begin, pleasure me with your cow udders,” he barked, eager to begin.

She moved closer, lifting her breasts up as she pressed in between his legs then dropping them down onto his lap.

Jennenes leaned back, closing his eyes to luxuriate in the feel of her breasts so large and heavy resting in his lap. He kept his eyes closed as she shifted her hands and started to press her tits in around his cock. The pressure caused her nipples to start leaking a bit of milk and he knew she’d quickly make a mess in his lap, but that only turned him on more. Sex should be messy, he thought.

She shifted her hands again, half wrapping her arms around her over-large bust then beginning to slowly move them up and down his shaft. Slowly she picked up speed, the milk covering his cock providing ample lubrication to allow her massive breasts to slide smoothly up and down his shaft.

Before long she was bouncing her tits up and down. He kept his eyes closed, concentrating on how good they felt. Her tits were pressed so tightly around his manhood that her tit-meat completely enveloped his cock. He reveled in the pressure of them pressed in around him, of the feel of them bouncing up and down the length of his cock, but most of all he enjoyed the feeling of her heavy breasts slamming back into the bare skin of his lap.

“I left very little in that mind of yours,” he moaned, “but I made sure you retained the ability to pleasure a man with your huge udders. I think the spells I wove into you even improved your knowledge of how to do this. I doubt the stuffy noblewoman that had only ever had her tits fucked twice would have been able to give such an amazing titjob.”

Her only response was a short moo and an increased intensity of working his cock with her tits.

He was curious about what was going on in her head. With his eyes still closed he reached out with his magic, opening her mind to read her surface thoughts. At first all he heard was a series of “moos” but after weaving a minor spell he was able to translate the simple thoughts.

Make Master cum, she was thinking as she mooed to herself in her mind. Will pleasure him with his favorite udders, titfuck all the beautiful cum from his royal cock. Must make him cum! Try titfuck different, see if it makes him cum faster.

As the last thought ran through her head she shifted her hands, continuing to bounce her tits but doing so with each breast out of sync with the other, throwing one breast up while letting the other fall down. His rod was pressed from side to side between her breast-meat and the way her tit-flesh rubbed at it from different angles made him moan in appreciation.

“Getting close,” he grunted, opening his eyes and reaching out to grab her head with both hands. He pressed her down and she understood right away. She pressed her face down into her cleavage, pressing her breasts into his lap so she could start sucking on the tip of his cock. He almost came from the added sensation but managed to hold back, wanting to last a bit longer.

As he watched her he realized she was still cumming occasionally from having her breasts used this way. “Pleasuring cock is all you know now,” he said, speaking the words as if they were self-evident. “That and the pleasure of cumming from using your udders to pleasure cock. You love it, being a piece of happy mindless Fuck-Meat, lost in the bliss of her own huge breasts. You’re a fuck-cow now, a thing not a person.”

He paused, breathing heavily and still fighting not to cum yet. “But I wonder… Is the REAL you still in there somewhere? It was what I intended when I wove my spells, but such things often don’t play out as intended.”

Jennenes closed his eyes again, reaching into her mind once more. The surface thoughts were much the same as they had been but he pushed past those, reaching deeper into her mind. Down deep he probed till he felt a small sliver of proper consciousness. It was walled off from the rest of her mind, a prison that could be seen out of but never escaped. He tapped into it, finding that the real her WAS still there. She was screaming in frustration and terror and horror at what she had become and delicious shame and degradation flowed through the little prison of consciousness.

He savored the feel, proud of what he’d done to this once mighty noblewoman. He savored it and he came, came harder then he’d cum in some time.

Fuck-Meat intensified his climax by continuing to suck his cockhead with animal intensity as his manhood quivered and sent an explosion of semen into her mouth.

By the time he was done cumming and she’d let his cock fall from her mouth he felt drained. He went limp, breathing heavy and still enjoying the feel of her huge breasts resting in his lap. His eyes were closed still and the sound of her swallowing the last of his cum brought a smile to his face.

“So thirsty,” he muttered to his Fuck-Meat. His orgasm had been intense and he was parched. He cursed, realizing she’d probably not understand a command to bring him a glass of water from a nearby table. Then he sat up slowly, opening his eyes lazily and looking down at her. There was a command he knew she would understand that could help satiate his thirst.

“Fuck-Meat, I am thirsty. Stand, bring me one of your teats. I need to drink some of your milk.”

She stood and quickly lifted one massive breast to his face, pressing her nipple into his mouth.

He started sucking, her milk letting down instantly. As soon as the first drop hit his tongue his eyes opened wide in surprise and he began sucking harder. The milk flowed into his mouth and he drank it down with desperate greediness. It was insanely delicious! He’d only ever had one other drink that tasted this good, but it took him a moment to remember what it was.

Nemorvian milk! he thought, shocked. He kept drinking and realized that the milk was not just delicious and not just satiating his thirst. The drained feeling of post-orgasmic exhaustion and laziness was being washed away. He felt refreshed, as if he’d just woken from a long rest. But most importantly his cock was once more rock hard, throbbing and ready to fuck again. Even his balls felt full once more!

He forced himself to stop drinking. “Amazing,” he whispered, staring at the pair of huge breasts in his face. He’d not intended it but the magic woven into this Dwarven woman had made her milk just like that of a Nemorvian! He started to get excited but realized it could have been a strange fluke of the magic. Would her milk revitalize him and his cock after he came again? “This needs to be tested,” he declared.

Jennenes stood, placing his hands together and working his fingers to weave a quick spell. He pulled his hands apart, opening a shimmering image that showed him his majordomo.

The man turned to face Jennenes. “Yes, my liege?” He was not surprised by the appearance of a similar image before floating suddenly in the air before him showing his king. Jennenes often communicated with his majordomo this way, it was a way to give commands directly when urgency was needed.

“Bring me a whore,” he commanded. The brothel owners were all required to station one of their prostitutes in the castle at all times, a pool of sexual talent there for the king to tap into at his whim. “One skilled with her mouth. I have something I need to test. And go fast man, this is urgent!”




Chapter Thirteen: Battle at the Camp


Kilne and Amitkoa walked a bit behind Zomos, knowing the huge woman didn’t feel like talking. The previous night had not gone as any of them had expected.

After making camp the Giantess had taken out the strap-on faux phallus and both Nemorvians had been more than ready to use it to put on a show for their savior. But as the huge woman had started to hand them the device she had stopped, pulling back. Zomos had turned her back to them and hunched over as if a heavy weight was suddenly pressing down on her shoulders.

“I can’t,” she had mumbled. “I can’t ask you to do this.”

“But we don’t mind,” Kilne had quickly said. And she’d meant it. In fact, the more she’d thought about it the more she’d wanted to do this thing. She missed doing things like this, missed many of the parts of her old life of sexual servitude.

She’d started to insist Zomos let them put on the show but Amitkoa had placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her. The younger Nemorvian turned to her friend, confused. “I don’t understand.”

Amitkoa had stared at Zomos’ back, sadness in her eyes. “Sometimes the things our bodies need are the last thing our minds need,” Amitkoa whispered. “She doesn’t want to need this, this curse on her is killing her soul. Can’t you see it? The weight of it on her… Gods above, I wonder long she’s suffered?”

“For far too long,” Zomos replied, obviously having overheard them. “And even Queen Faeven can’t cure me. She says the influence of The Corruption on Alaria is too strong.” She sat up and turned to look at them, the sadness on her face turning to burning anger. “That’s why I want to fight her war. I want to kill every servant of The Corruption to lessen its influence so that one day I can be cured of this foul curse!”

Since the conversation Zomos hadn’t said a word to either of her traveling partners. In the morning the two Nemorvians had woken to find the camp already broken down, just the bedrolls they had slept in needing to be packed away. Zomos had led the way, her huge strides moving her through the forest so fast they had at times struggled to keep up.

As they pressed through the forest the giantess had drawn a massive sword, one so big only a being as large as her could ever hope to wield it. They didn’t know why she had the weapon drawn. Perhaps she thought there was danger nearby, but more likely the two thought she was so angry and felt so powerless that she needed to feel her weapon in her hands. Both Nemorvians understood the feeling all too well.

Suddenly Zomos threw an arm out, signaling for the two women behind her to stop. A moment later the giantess dropped to her knees and crouched down behind some thick underbrush, waving for her companions to come to her. They did as she had, dropping low to the ground then crawling to her as they drew their swords.

“What is it,” Amitkoa whispered nervously.

Zomos pointed through the underbrush they hid behind at the forest ahead of them. “There is a camp up ahead,” she whispered, so quiet they could barely hear her, yet the mix of fear and anger in her voice was perfectly clear. “I only got a glimpse but I saw Minotaurs.”

The two Nemorvians glanced at each other nervously.

“But how?” Amitkoa asked quietly. “We were supposed to be fleeing to safety, not towards danger.”

Zomos furrowed her brow, deep in thought. “It doesn’t make sense. The queen’s protective wards should have kept them away. This isn’t right, something dark is at work here.” She glanced from the small horned women beside her then out towards the Minotaurs’ camp. When she looked back at the Nemorvians her face was full of fierce determination. “They can’t be allowed to find the queen’s encampment. There is no doubt in my mind that The Corruption is using them to try and locate the queen and her army. We have to make sure they never find her.”

Amitkoa peaked over the bushes and quickly dropped back down to the ground, cursing quietly. “There are so many of them! What should we do? Can we try and lead them away? Could we outrun them?”

“No,” Zomos said. “Minotaurs are far too fast. I might be able to get away because of how large my legs are, but they’d catch you too almost immediately. We have no choice, we have to attack them.”

Kilne and Amitkoa’s eyes shot open. “No! We can’t, there are too many of them.”

“We have surprise on our side,” Zomos said, already starting to rise. “We attack now and we slay every one of them.”

The Giantess was on her feet and rushing forward. Amitkoa and Kilne swore but got up, rushing forward with her. The three women readied their weapons and rushed into battle.

Zomos roared as she charged into the Minotaur camp. As the two Nemorvians followed after her they saw that the mercenaries, although caught off guard by the surprise charge, were not wholly unprepared for battle. It looked as though the group had just been preparing to leave their camp to go on some sort of patrol, most likely searching for the Nemorvians, and were all fully armed. The monstrous bullheaded men were able to turn and meet Zomos’ charge, throwing up large axes and war hammers to defend against the massive blade she slashed at them.

A Minotaur leaped towards Amitkoa, swinging a huge double-bladed axe. Kilne saw the attack before Amitkoa did and the young Nemorvian realized her friend wouldn’t see it in time. She screamed, pushing Amitkoa out of the way and swinging her sword up to knock the attack back.

She succeeded in saving her friend but the Minotaur’s attack was so powerful that it both shattered Kilne’s sword and knocked her to the ground. She landed on her ass, her chest heaving in fear as she looked up at the Minotaur looming above her. As she looked up she realized the beast-man had no pants on and she was left staring at its humongous, dangling cock. The sight of his manhood hit her at once. He eyes opened wide and she gasped then her body locked up.

Amitkoa had gotten back up, turning and seeing that Kilne was in danger. She charged blindly at the Minotaur, hoping to fight it back away from her friend. As she rushed forward she saw Kilne on the ground, looking up at the Minotaur and not moving. Confused, she looked where her friend was staring and far too late realized she was looking at the thing’s exposed manhood. Her charge forward came to a sudden halt. Her arms fell to her sides, the sword falling from her hand and thudding into the dirt below.

The two Nemorvian’s were transfixed, their racial weakness ending their fight just moments after it had begun. They stared, their mouths hanging open and a look of desperate needful lust spreading across their pretty features. Slowly, and in near unison, the two women said a single word. “Cock,” they moaned, the one word a clear request.

Standing off from the action was the largest of the Minotaurs, the gray-haired leader. He stood silently watching the battle he had known was about to begin, knowing it would be short. His head was cocked to the side slightly as if listening to a voice only he could hear.

“The gods led me here to do their work,” he muttered to himself. “And now I get my reward.” He smiled, looking at the cock-stunned Nemorvians. They’d had to hunt them for such a long time, the women evading them to the point of frustration. He’d started to think they’d never find the women in this accursed forest but then the gods had led him here, letting him know when they would appear. He knew not why the gods wanted these cows captured and he didn’t really care. What mattered was that they had a lot to pay for and he’d make sure they paid up before he delivered them to the Elven king.

He turned away from them, knowing he had to wait just a bit more before taking his payment from their bodies. The Giantess was an unexpected challenge. Subduing a woman that large and fierce would have been nearly impossible, but luckily no one was paying him to bring her back alive. His men would simply have to kill her, and if too many of them died in the attempt he’d have to be the one to kill her himself.

The battle around her was fierce. She swung the massive sword she wielded, one so big even a Minotaur would have had trouble wielding it, knocking back every attack sent her way. The Minotaur troop had rarely fought enemies as big as they were and had never faced a sentient foe actually larger than themselves. This allowed Zomos to use her size to her advantage, the mercenaries unsure how to fight her. So they were being cautious, surrounding her and pulling back as soon as she counter attacked. A few times a Minotaur almost got close enough to strike but each time she would do something unexpected, like kicking them back. They were just not used to a foe having the size and strength to do such things.

“I will have to take care of the giantess,” the leader mumbled, tightening his grip on his weapon. But before he could take a step towards her the giantess suddenly came to stop, stumbling back and lowering her weapon.

The Minotaurs surrounding her muttered and raised their weapons, wondering if this was some kind of feint.

“Big…” she called out.

What is this? the leader thought, furrowing his brow. Her voice did not sound right. The ferocity she had displayed only moments ago was gone and the one word was uttered as if her intelligence was no longer that of a fully sentient being, but more like that of a subhuman Troll.

Zomos dropped her sword, raising the hand that had held it and pointing at the dick of the Minotaur directly in front of her. “Big… cocks!” she said, struggling to speak the two simple words.

The mercenaries backed away, even more confused. They looked to their leader as he strode forward, moving around the giantess so he could see her face. Her eyes had a glassy, distant look in them and her mouth hung stupidly open, drool already running out the side as she stared at the manhood of one of his troops.

“Gods be praised,” the leader boomed then began laughing. He looked to his men, smiling. “I’ve seen this curse before. This titan of a woman, one big enough and fierce enough that she may very well have slain us all, has been completely stupefied by the very sight of our mighty Minotaur dicks! We’ve no more to fear from her then we do the little fat uddered Nemorvians.”

His men murmured, still uncertain.

“You doubt me?” he boomed. “Haven’t you all learned never to doubt me? See, our weapons are no longer needed,” he declared, throwing his weapon to the ground. He then confidently walked up to the giantess, reaching up and ripping the front of her clothing open. Her gigantic breasts, their true size compressed and hidden by how tightly wrapped around her torso her clothing had been, came spilling out into the open causing his men to gasp in joy.

The Minotaurs began to mumble eagerly, most dropping their weapons and reaching down to grab their cocks as they began to grow hard.

Zomos saw this, turning her head slowly from side to side. “So… Many… Cocks,” she muttered stupidly. “All so hard. Can’t… think. Too… much!” The towering giantess dropped to her knees while pressing in on her temples. As she hit the ground her massive, gigantic breasts bounced and nearly slammed into the leader of the Minotaurs.

He had to jump back lest they knock him to the ground. He turned, grinning at his troops. “I deliver to you this sexual feast. Mountainous tits the likes of which your mighty cocks have never seen. Come closer, wield them like the powerful weapons they are and see how this gigantic slut reacts.”

As the Minotaurs moved in around Zomos the leader backed away. They held their cocks up, huge hard rods of dark brown flesh covered in throbbing veins that seemed to transfix the bimbofied giantess. Her mouth hung open and she drooled on her huge breasts, moaning in desire as she looked from side to side as the Minotaurs drew closer.

“She could have cut you all in two,” the leader said loudly. “She had the size, strength and martial skill. But this dumb, cursed slut was undone by her cock-lust. Teach her a lesson she’ll never forget! Make sure she knows the moment she attacked us was the stupidest thing she ever did. Use your cocks to teach this giant slut a lesson!

Most of the Minotaurs pressed in around Zomos. They waved their huge cocks at her. Then, as they came closer, they began to slap her in the face with them. She gasped and winced and moaned as huge cock after huge cock slapped onto her face. Meaty, fleshy “swack” sounds echoed through the forest. They crowded closer, cock-slapping her face ever harder and laughing cruelly as they forced her down onto her back.

“So many big cocks,” she called out, simple-minded joy in her voice. “Big cocks give big cummy cum!” she yelled, happily giving in to the swarm of Minotaurs. They pressed her down and began taking turns fucking her. They used her mouth and cunt and asshole and most of all her gigantic breasts. There were enough Minotaurs that every one of her holes, both her hands, and each of her tits would not be without a cock for a very long time.

As the gangbang of the giantess began the leader of the Minotaurs turned from it, happy for his men but knowing he had a much better prize awaiting his cock. A couple of his men stood before the two Nemorvians, stroking their dicks in eager anticipation but not yet acting. They knew not to touch the women they had spent so long hunting down till their leader gave them permission.

He stared at them, smiling. It always amused him what happened to the members of the bovine species when they saw a cock. That initial locking up, and then near total obedience. “If only all women were like this,” he muttered. He stepped closer and spoke louder so the two helpless women could hear him. “On your feet, cows.”

Both Nemorvians jumped up, complying quickly. The surprised look that had been frozen on their faces started to melt away leaving their expressions blank. The leader inspected them, looking from one to the other. He drew close to Amitkoa, the way he stared at her breasts making it clear their larger size was what attracted him to her. “Such big udders,” he said to her, confirming this.

Amitkoa winced, her face coming to life. She had been staring at the leader’s cock, which had grown hard as he stared at her. It was menacingly large, the biggest of all the Minotaur mercenaries. She managed to pull her eyes away from the beastly man’s huge manhood for just a moment, looking up at his face with an angry look of defiance. “D-don’t touch me,” she said, her voice shaking. From the way her muscles twitched it was clear she was trying to back away, but her body refused to do what she wanted it to do.

The Minotaur laughed. “I’m impressed, little cow. But we both know your racial weakness will ensure that you’ll be my happy little fuck-toy for as long as my cock is in sight.” He took a step closer, grabbing her clothes and starting to tear it off. He nodded to one of the other Minotaurs standing beside him and the large man stepped up and started ripping the clothing off of Kilne too.

Amitkoa’s breasts dropped into sight as her clothing was ripped away. “What a lovely pair of ripe fruits just begging to be picked,” the leader said, grabbing her large breasts in his big hands. Amitkoa moaned slightly as he grabbed her then moaned louder as he lifted her tits up and groped them. “They will be a most enjoyable treat.”

“I’ve toiled long and hard tracking you down and I’m going to have a lot of fun with these udders before I bring you back to that Elf king. And we both know I’ll be able to enjoy your cock-hardening cow tits for as long as I want thanks to the precious milk they are filled with.” He squeezed one of her tits painfully hard as he said this, making a bit of milk squirt out. “To get to use a Nemorvian without paying the small fortune it normally costs, and for as long as I wish, well, that’s not something that happens often. And I plan on to do far more than just groping these fat udders of yours.”

He put his hands on her shoulders and pressed her down onto her knees, leaving her overlarge breasts level with his huge Minotaur cock. Her eyes locked onto it and she shuddered then started to lean forward as if drawn to it, her mouth slowly opening as she drew near.

“The cock lust has already overtaken you completely,” he observed, grabbing his manhood and lifting it up. It looked even bigger held next to her face. He started to rub his cockhead on her face, letting her open her mouth and lick at it as he dragged it from side to side. His shaft was so thick that fitting it into her mouth would be nearly impossible but that didn’t stop her from trying. Amitkoa desperately followed his cock as he moved it back and forth, licking at it and trying to open her mouth wide enough to suck in his cockhead.

“I could make it fit,” he told her with a chuckle. “And maybe I will later, but it’s these tits of yours that I want first.” He dragged his cock down her face, letting it fall off her chin and slap down into her cleavage. “These udders and the milk in them are worth a fortune. They are what make you dumb bovine sluts special, the reason you are so prized. To be able to do with them as one pleases is a great honor and to give them to a man and let him not drink from them but simply use them to sexually pleasure himself is the greatest act of submission for your kind, isn’t that right?”

Amitkoa was already grabbing her breasts and pressing them up around his cock, moving closer to better wrap them around his girthy shaft. “Yesssss,” she cooed, leaning down and salivating on his cockhead for lubrication. “I submit totally to you and your mighty cock,” she moaned, starting to rub her breasts up and down his shaft. She shivered, pleasured by using her sensitive breasts this way. “I need to pleasure this cock…” she muttered. “It’s my temporary god, my reason for existing. I am lost in my cock lust.”

She leaned down as she started bouncing her breasts, giving his huge cock the best tit job she could. Amitkoa licked at his swollen cockhead, sucking on its dark flesh and moaning as she did. Occasionally she’d looked up at him, her eyes glazed over in a haze of pleasured sexual obedience, her tongue hanging out like she was a mindless animal.

One of the Minotaurs standing nearby came forward, holding his cock. “I can’t wait any longer,” he grunted.

The leader looked at him and nodded. “You’ll fit in the slut’s mouth. Go ahead, but her tits are just for me.” He looked to the other Minotaur and nodded to Kilne. “Do as you wish with her.” He turned back, grabbing Amitkoa’s breasts and grabbing them tight to press them around his cock exactly as he liked best. She was no longer giving him a titjob, he was titfucking her. And as he did so the other Minotaur forced his cock into her mouth and started fucking her face.

None of the beings engaged in the orgy took notice of a strange wind that began to blow through the camp at that moment. It carried with it a nearly unseen power, only visible by a few fleeting flickers of red magical energy. As it blew through the forest towards the Minotaur’s camp it washed away the protective magic that radiated out from Queen Faeven’s secret encampment.

It lightly blew into the Minotaur’s camp, first blowing and swirling around the leader of the Minotaurs as if drawn to him. It flowed through him, causing him to inhale deeply and flex, his body suddenly feeling refreshed. The wind of power then tried to flow into Amitkoa but it was unable to touch her. It flowed around her a few times then moved on, gusting past and through some of the other Minotaurs till it reached Kilne.

At first it flowed around her as well, seemingly unable to touch her either. The Minotaur who had been given permission to fuck her suddenly pressed her to the ground on her back and sat on her chest, eagerly slapping his cock down between her large breasts. She gasped and tensed from the feeling of the large beastly man sitting on her and at that moment the wind of power was able to flow into her.

She inhaled the wind and a flicker of red appeared in the irises of her eyes for a moment. When she breathed out the magic flowed out of her body and moved on, but it had left much of its essence inside of her.  She had been tense as the Minotaur had mounted her chest but now her body was relaxed and a calm, a blissful smile spread across her full lips. She looked up at the Minotaur, intense lustful obedience in her eyes. She grabbed her breasts and happily wrapped them around the man’s cock.

The Minotaur grinned down at her, spitting on his cock just as her breasts were pressed around them. He braced his hands in the dirt beside her head and started humping her chest with wild animal abandon, slamming his body into the bottom of her tits and grunting happily.

Kilne grinned up at the man savagely fucking her tits. She helped her breasts tightly around his thrusting cock, leaning her head up and sucking on his cockhead as it popped out of her cleavage to keep it well lubricated. She glowed in joy form the savage tit-pounding, smiling up madly at the man using her.

“Why did I ever want to be free of a man’s control?” she asked herself. The Minotaur didn’t hear her; he was too focused on the pleasure of fucking the young Nemorvian’s large, full breasts. “Life is better this way, giving into my race’s nature. So simple, so easy, and it makes me so happy. I’m so happy to be used by a man’s cock, but I want more!”

She spread her legs open invitingly. One of the Minotaurs standing nearby waiting for a turn at the giantess sniffed the air as the fragrant aroma of her arousal wafted towards him. He turned and saw her legs open and wasted no time in accepting the invitation. He knelt down between his legs, grabbing his cock and rubbing it against her pussy to wet his tip. Kilne Moaned and wrapped her legs around his body, pulling him closer.

As soon as his thick cock started to enter her she began to cum. Her eyes crossed and rolled up slightly into her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she shuddered with pleasure as the orgasm washed over her. It was a strong, but short, orgasm that only served to whet her sexual appetite and left her eager for more.

The two Minotaurs were pounding her, one slamming into her tits one into her cunt. She barked out “yes, yes, yes,” as each man slammed into her body. “Use me,” she moaned deeply. “Fuck me harder,” she begged. “I’m a fuck-toy, I was made to be used this way!”

The Minotaur fucking her tits finally heard the words she was saying. Looking down and seeing the pure, unmistakable joy on her face and hearing her beg for it pushed him over the edge. He slammed into her tits one last time, grunting as he came. There was an explosion of thick cum that shot out and splattered across half her face.

“CUM! Glorious cum,” she shouted, turning her head slightly to cause what had landed near her mouth to drip into it so she could taste it.

As she licked up as much cum as she could the Minotaur that had just gotten off rose up off her chest, momentarily sated and stepping away. The one fucking her pussy grabbed her legs as soon as the other was gone, pressing them up towards her head and pressing them down under him so that her legs framed her torso. This allowed him to lean over her, slamming harder into her cunt as he pressed his muscular chest into her large, thick breasts. He grunted, fucking her harder and watching how happy she looked.

Even though her bare back was being slammed painfully into the forest floor every time the huge man thrust into her she didn’t care. All she cared about was how happy being fucked made her. How happy COCK make her.

“Happy for cock,” she muttered, sounding like she was responding to some voice only she could hear. She panted with joy and nodded. “Yes, I accept you. I accept your changes.” As she spoke the red returned to her irises. “I’m happy for cock, the bigger the better. Thank you for making it so these Minotaurs could meet and tame me!”

When the red faded a moment later she blinked, confused for a moment. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around the Minotaur on top of her and pulled him in closer. “Deeper,” she moaned up at him. “Your cock, so big. Slamming so deep into me. Filling me completely! There is no joy greater than submitting to cock!”

The Minotaur slid his hands down her legs to grab her plump ass. “Need more of this ass,” he grunted. He pulled out of her but before she could start to pout he grabbed her with his strong arms and flipped her over on all fours, grabbing her backend and pulling it up as he slid back into her cunt. He grabbed her large, plump ass cheeks as he started pounding her again, occasionally lifting a hand up to slap a cheek.

Another Minotaur peeled off from the crowd waiting to fuck Zomos and quickly knelt in the dirt before her, slapping its large dark-skinned cock on her face. Kilne needed no instructions. She instantly braced herself with one hand and grabbed his thick, meaty cock with her other. She started licking and sucking on his balls, stroking his shaft as she did. She worked his cock, licking and sucking and jerking it off as if it were her god and she was worshiping it.

She worked it with such vigorous skill that in only a short time the Minotaur came, unloading more cum on her pretty young face. At nearly the same time the one fucking her from behind grunted and filled her insides with his own potent Minotaur seed.

The two pulled away from her at the same time the one using Amitkoa’s mouth had just finished cumming. A few Minotaurs still waiting their turn with Zomos looked over eagerly but the leader shook his head. “I want them both to myself now,” he growled at his men, waving for Kilne to come to him. She quickly got to her feet, raising a hand to gather as much cum from her face with her fingers then sucking them clean.

“Both of you, on your knees before me. Face each other and press your udders together.” The two Nemorvian’s did so, Kilne with eager joy and Amitkoa with jerky hesitation as she tried, and failed, to fight the order. Once they had their breasts pressed together the lead Minotaur knelt, grabbing his cock and pressing it under their breasts as he leaned into their bodies, then pressing it up in between both their breasts. With his cock in place he wrapped his powerful arms around the two women, telling them to start titfucking him at the same time.

Kilne giggled happily. “A double tittyfuck!”

They bounced their tits, both leaning forward and letting a large amount of drool fall out of their mouths to help lubricate things. They then looked up at him as they kept bouncing their tits, Kilne smiling happily and Amitkoa glaring.

“A double titjob from two Nemorvians must be a rare thing,” the Minotaur said, then grunted in pleasure, leaning his head back for a moment and closing his eyes to focus on the feel of both their huge breasts pressed around his large cock. After reveling in the feel for a few moments he lifted his head back up and looked down at them. “With as rare as your race is and as spread out as they are I bet few have ever experienced this. Even the largest, richest brothels rarely employ more than one Nemorvian. Tell me, how do you feel about it?”

Kilne answered first. “This is pure bliss. To give in completely to such a large, mighty cock!”

Amitkoa didn’t answer, she simply glared, sweating as she fought against the compulsion to give in as her Nemorvian sister had.

“Your older friend is not so eager to please,” the Minotaur said, chuckling. “But she will give in. It’s your kind’s nature to submit to men such as me. Perhaps you can help her enjoy this more?”

Kilne smiled up at him then turned to face Amitkoa. She leaned across their breasts as they both kept bouncing them up and down the cock between them. Amitkoa started to pull away from Kilne as her lips approached hers, but the Minotaur grabbed the back of her head and pressed her into her friend.

As soon as the two women’s lips touched Amitkoa’s resolve melted away. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, leaning into Kilne. Their tongues darted into each other’s mouths and they started kissing passionately. As they did so the Minotaur grunted in pleasure, his cock exploding with a fountain of cum that blasted up into the bottom of the kissing women’s chins, splashing back down and soaking their breasts.

The leader let out a long, satisfied sigh as he let go of the two Nemorvians. His massive cock began to soften between their cum soaked breasts and they pulled apart, letting it flop down between his legs. He still stood close to them and looked down. “I’m far from done,” he told them, his voice weak from post-orgasmic calm. “Remember, little cows, one only has to drink some of the milk from your teats and they will be more than good to go again.”

Both Nemorvians moved to stand up, grabbing their breasts and starting to lift them up, but the Minotaur waved for them to remain on their knees. “Soon. First I want to savor this moment. But my cock is a cum covered mess. Use your mouths to clean every inch of it. Who knows, maybe you’ll do a good enough that you’ll get me hard and I won’t even need your milk!” He chuckled at his own wit as they pressed their faces together around his cock, Kilne eagerly licking his large hairy balls clean while Amitkoa begrudgingly worked to lick his shaft and cockhead clean.

He stroked their hair and horns as they cleaned his manhood, talking calmly to them. “They say that a Nemorvian always gives birth to other female Nemorvians. Always. I bet many find it strange for a race like yours to exist, made up only of women. But not us Minotaurs. Our race is much the same, any woman we impregnate will always give birth to a full-blooded male Minotaur. There ARE no female Minotaurs.”

Continuing to stroke their hair and horns he paused, letting them think on his statements and see if they connected the two facts the way he had. “So what would happen if a Minotaur got a Nemorvian pregnant?” He let the question hang in the air for a moment as they continued to clean his cock with their mouths.

He looked down at them, an evil grin tugging at the edges of his mouth. “Perhaps before we deliver you to the Elven king we shall fuck you both over and over till our Minotaur seed takes. They say impregnating one of your kind is hard, just another reason you make such great whores. But if we try long enough it’s sure to happen.

“Yes,” he said, nodding, “that’s what we will do. Stay here in these woods fucking till our cocks fall off. With your milk we’ll not even need rest! And the giantess can keep most of the men busy while others take turns with you two. We’ll find out the truth, we’ll impregnate you both.”

Kilne licked and sucked at his balls. The cum was all gone but she was eager to keep going. Between sucks and slurps she looked up and moaned, “Yes! Keep fucking us. Impregnate us!”

Amitkoa pulled away, her job done. She forced herself to look away from the Minotaur’s dick, something much easier now that it was soft. Her face was full of apprehension and fear but as she looked off into the forest something caught her eye, something back behind the Minotaur. She looked up at him, the fear suddenly was gone from her face. “I think not,” she told him defiantly.

A moment later an arrow infused with glowing blue magic burst through the Minotaur leader’s head, coming out of his right eye socket and showering the two Nemorvian’s with blood.

The next few minutes were a blur of violence as a large band of Fey warriors attacked the Minotaurs. Half of the mercenaries were lazing about it post-orgasmic hazes while the rest were still gangbanging Zomos. The first barrage of magical arrows pierced many, slaying a large number of the beastly men before they even knew they were under attack. A moment later the Fey warriors had charged and flown into the camp, decapitating and severing limbs with a ferocity that led to the battle ending within minutes.

Kilne was on her knees, splattered with blood and shaking as she looked at the dead Minotaur before her. She seemed to be in shock and was unable to move. Amitkoa, however, was on her feet and had already fashioned some simple clothing to cover her naked body, using the supplies in the camp around them.

Most of the Fey warriors were busy ensuring all the Minotaurs were dead, but they looked hesitant to take much more time with the task. A Fey Warrior wielding a bow and quiver of glowing arrows fluttered down next to Amitkoa.

The dainty woman’s face was grave as she nodded at the Nemorvian. “We are glad to have saved you from these brutish beasts. You may not feel it but they were all infused with The Corruption. I can taste it in the air, it lingers about them even in death. I’d tell you we need to be away from here even if there weren’t urgent matters requiring us all to move quickly.”

Amitkoa furrowed her brow, bending down to grab an axe small enough for her to wield. “What urgent matter?”

“We were patrol looking for these perverse monsters. We had just found them and were about to attack when we noticed they had captives. We held back, making sure we knew how many innocents were in the camp. During that time Queen Faeven sent a quick message to our minds, a dangerous act that required her to let down the protective wards around the army’s camp for a moment. They are under attack. We know not by who or what, but the queen gave the impression that all are in danger and every sword and bow is needed. We HAD to save you three, but I fear doing so will mean we all reach the queen long after we are needed.”

As she said the last part she looked at Amitkoa with a hint of bitterness. Amitkoa’s cheeks flushed and she looked away in shame. “Well then, we better make saving us worth the time. We will fight for your queen,” she said, looking up with fierce determination on her face.

“Both of you?” the Fey woman asked, raising an eyebrow and looking at Kilne.

Doubt crossed Amitkoa’s face but she pressed it down, trying not to remember how Kilne had been acting. “We WILL,” she declared with false confidence. “And Zomos will more than make up for what we lack.”

But even as she said it she looked over at the giantess and was unsure. She still lay on the ground, Fey around her trying to raise her. Amitkoa could see that the huge woman was covered in cum and that it was leaking out of nearly every hole.

The Fey looked where she was looking then looked back to Amitkoa. “We must take a moment,” she said, looking pained. “Queen Faeven needs us, but before we can help we need to get you three on your feet and in a condition to fight. It may cause us to be late to the battle, but maybe we’ll still manage to arrive in time to help.”




Chapter Fourteen: Discoveries and Plans


Jennenes leaned back in the cushioned, throne-like chair he had a servant bring into his chambers. He had known the experiment he wanted to try would take time and he wanted to spend that time in kingly comfort.

His legs were spread open, a Human whore kneeling before the throne bent over with her head in his lap as she gave him vigorous head. He watched the woman’s head bob up down, enjoyed the feel of her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. He was nearing climax again and she could tell. How could she not? She’d been sucking him off for half the day now, she probably knew the feel of his cock in her mouth better than any she’d ever known before.

A moment later Jennenes groaned, his legs tightening around her body as he began cum. She didn’t pull away, she knew he wanted to cum in her mouth. And she also knew that he wanted her to swallow every single drop of cum he shot into her.

Once she’d swallowed she pulled away, letting his cock fall from her mouth. It was already going soft but he knew that it wouldn’t be that way for long. He raised a hand and snapped his fingers and a moment later Fuck-Meat was standing beside him, leaning over and lifting one of her large breasts to his face. He turned, latching onto her nipple and starting to suck. As her delicious milked flowed into his mouth and then down his throat as he swallowed he felt refreshed, any tiredness in his body washed away as his dick become almost painfully hard.

He pushed Fuck-Meat and her tit away, smacking his lips and savoring the last bit of milk on them before turning and looking at the whore kneeling between his legs. “Again,” he commanded.

She looked up at him and for a moment the king thought the whore was going to tell him she couldn’t. She looked tired, which wasn’t much of a surprise since she’d been giving him nearly non-stop head for half the day! The Nemorvian-like milk he’d been drinking left him feeling fully refreshed after every climax but she’d had no time to rest during the experiment.

“I can’t,” she finally muttered. She held her stomach, looking up at the king. “I need a break, your Majesty. I beg you, let one of the other prostitutes take over for a while. I’m tired and my stomach,” she said, nodding down, “it’s so full it hurts. I don’t think I can swallow any more of your cum.”

“That’s ridiculous, of course you can swallow more cum,” he said, annoyed. “Now stop your pathetic whining and get back to work.”

There was no fight in the woman. She’d made her protest and knew to push the matter further would only lead to angering the king more than she already had. So she started to lean back down to begin sucking his cock again. But as she did so she gagged, turning from the king and bending over as if sick. She began to vomit, coughing up a whole stomach’s worth of cum and nothing else.

Jennenes was disgusted as she began to throw up, prepared to lash out and punish the woman for ruining his mood. Then he saw what she vomited onto the floor, saw the huge pool of regurgitated cum.

“That all came out of me,” he muttered, amazed. He had never imagined he could ejaculate so much cum in one sitting. He realized then that the test was complete. Fuck-Meat’s milk was just like that of a Nemorvian, perhaps even more potent.

He dismissed the whore, telling his majordomo to call for a maid to come clean the floor. Then, after putting a silk robe on and telling Fuck-Meat to remain in his bedchambers, he quickly headed to his nearby study. “My experiment is over,” he had told Fuck-Meat and his majordomo, “and now I need time to think.”

Jennenes had always known what Nemorvian milk did. But he had never really understood just how potent the stuff was. He’d tried it a few times, but only as a way to sample whores in the brothels of his city. He’d never used their milk to keep getting hard more than two or three times in a row, especially since he knew spells that could do nearly the same thing. He was certain most clients of the brothels would have had the money to try for more, meaning it was unlikely anyone else had discovered how potent the milk really was.

His mind raced, connecting facts. Things he knew but had never been connected before. He ran through all the wonders of Nemorvian milk, wondering just how much of the milk one of the women could produce in a day. He knew that the properties of the milk lingered only for a small amount of time out of their body before the fluid went “bad”. He realized there were enchantments that could keep the substance from going bad, enchantments that could even strengthen its effects.

I could bottle it, he thought. Selling such a potion could make me richer than my city full of brothels ever could. If I could produce enough of the stuff I could send it to every corner of Alaria. But why hasn’t anyone else ever tried something like this?

He didn’t have to ponder the question for very long to realize the answer. Nemorvians were rare. Although most lived the life of a whore he knew there were few cities with more than a handful of brothels in them. And even if someone else had thought to bottle a Nemorvian’s milk it would have made them less money than simply using the woman as a whore. One woman could only produce so much milk, after all.

But Jennenes had access to more than one Nemorvian. There were plenty in the brothels of his city. If he gathered them all together…

He grabbed some parchment and dipped a quill into an inkwell then began to write down his ideas. He listed enchantments he knew, the ones he’d used on Fuck-Meat to turn her into a faux-Nemorvian. Those same enchantments, if used on actual Nemorvians, would almost certainly increase their output of milk. Before long he was sketching devices that could be easily crafted, frames Nemorvian’s could be harnessed in and simple mechanical devices that could be attached to their breasts that would allow them to be milked constantly.

Once he was done writing out all of his plans he summoned his majordomo. “Take these plans and have these devices created as fast as can be done, today if possible. As soon as the first one is finished let me know, we’ll need to test it out right away. Once the smiths and crafters are working on creating these machines I then want you to go and purchase every single Nemorvian in the city.”

The majordomo balked. “But Sire, the cost! Few of the brothel owners will be willing to part with their precious Nemorvians for anything less than a fortune.”

“Then pay them a fortune,” the king barked.

Again, the man protested. “But that would nearly bankrupt the treasury!”

Jennenes smirked. “Perhaps, but we’ll get that coin back and more in almost no time.”




Chapter Fifteen: Perverse Forces Gather


Something immensely powerful moved through the world, heading quickly towards Queen Faeven’s secret encampment. The Corruption swirled around the force, emanating from it. But as it approached the powerful magic of Queen Faeven, the wards and protections she had around her camp, stopped the force from coming too close.

The camp shook and everyone in it felt the energy of the protective magic surrounding them quiver and almost falter. Only Queen Faeven knew what had happened, and she didn’t tell the others lest fear overtake them.

A god had come for her and her magic had repelled it, but only slightly.

Azel, the god of cock, did not retreat far but he did do something he rarely did: he summoned much of the power he gained from those who were faithful to him and started to take physical form. Red energy sparked angrily and swirled in the forest on the other side of the lake near Queen Faeven’s camp. Slowly the form of a huge, tower man started to take shape, a naked man with a HUGE cock.

As Azel’s form solidified and became flesh and blood his body became clear. He was huge and imposing, nearly ten feet tall and massively muscled. His body was naked and male in every way. It had red skin with glowing fissures of brighter red running through it that radiated smoking red energy, as if the power of the god could barely be contained in a flesh and blood body. Any mortal that looked upon Azel would barely be aware of his face, most eyes would only see his huge cock. It was oppressively large and had a hypnotic miasma that surrounded it that would leave any nearby mortal feeling the need to either worship and please it if they were a woman or envy its owner and beg to serve him if they were a man.

But there were no mortals near enough to see the towering god. And those on the other side of the lake were protected from his power by the enchantments keeping the Fey queen, and her troops, safe. He’d need more power to break through and get to the queen, for she was all he cared about at that moment.

He flexed his massive muscles and raised his arms, pulling The Corruption to him.

Normally a god had only their own power to call upon, the power that they gained when mortals worshiped them. But Azel was one of the gods that had given themselves completely to The Corruption. He worked with the others of his kind to help spread the influence of the perverse power through Alaria, and in thanks that power was willing to be used by ones like him.

The region of the world he stood manifest in was soaked in the energy thanks to the perverse Elven king ruling Iphasea and the brothels in his capital city. The Dwarven strongholds to the north and their new king had also begun to give themselves over to the influence of The Corruption, spreading its power even further. And the Humans that lived on the other side of the great forest worshiped many of the Gods given over to the perverse force. Only the forest itself, thanks to Queen Faeven, was mostly free of The Corruption.

That changed as Azel called The Corruption to himself.

In every direction The Corruption that had leached into the world started to send its power out towards him. A gust of magical wind started flowing towards Azel, carrying the power of The Corruption with it. It flowed through the world, leaching up more energy while occasionally blowing through individuals and leaving the taint of The Corruption inside of them. As the winds drew ever nearer to Azel they weakened the protective magic Queen Faeven had put around her camp.

Winds of magic infused with concentrated power of The Corruption from all directions reached Azel at the same time. He inhaled their power, the glowing red cracks in his skin burning brighter. His eyes burned with intense red power and for a moment it seemed his flesh and blood body would not be able to contain so much power.

Azel knew the body he had created would not be able to hold so much power inside of it for very long. As it strained at his insides he stepped through the forest and underbrush that had hidden him from those in the Fey queen’s camp till he stood on the shore directly across from the camp.

He could see one of the Nemorvian’s that had been causing so much trouble kneeling at the water’s edge, washing her face. She saw the god approach, looking up getting to her feet.

Azel stared at her, annoyed he couldn’t connect with her mind and bend her to his will. The protective magic the Fey queen had around her camp was like a bubble his power couldn’t penetrate.

It was only a brief moment before the god knew how he’d beat their defenses. The wards, even weakened, would keep him or any sentient beings serving him out. But the defenses had flaws. Something with little or no intelligence should be able to penetrate the shield. And if something infused with HIS power, that of cock, were to touch the Queen her power would fail completely allowing him to reach her.

Still staring at the Nemorvian, the power inside of him barely contained and about to rip his temporary body apart, Azel began to raise his hands. He let the power he’d gathered inside of his body mix with his own divine powers as the god of cock. He pushed it out of himself, down into the ground create servants simple-minded enough to hopefully get past the protective field around the camp and cock-like enough so if one reached the queen it would cause her power to falter.

The ground around Azel’s feet sparked with magical red energy that a moment later burst into flames that reached up to his knees. The flames quickly died out, but as they receded into the ground they revealed the servants he had created. They were a swarming mass of tentacled creatures. They had no eyes, no mouths, just a length of fleshy body that was tipped with a cock-head.

Azel lowered his arms. “Go,” he said. “Attack the camp. Attack every woman in it and then attack the queen.” The things slithered away from Azel, into the lake and moving swimming towards the camp.


* * *


The room Jennenes stood in was large, big enough to hold all the Nemorvians in the city and then some. His majordomo was still out negotiating the purchase of those in the city, so for now all the king had was Fuck-Meat. He was fine with that, as his smiths and crafters had only built one of the milking machines so far.

Fuck-Meat had only recently been strapped in the device and he was now inspecting it. A frame of metal bars kept Fuck-Meat on her knees, bent forward with her huge teats dangling down like a real cow’s udders. Leather straps keep her tied securely to the frame, ensuring she was unable to move. He knew that would be important, suspecting most of the Nemorvians he was purchasing would be less than enthusiastic to be hooked into these machines.

Strange devices were attached to Fuck-Meat’s nipples, amazing inventions powered by small, strange Dwarven machines. They constantly sucked at Fuck-Meat’s nipples, ensuring a steady stream of precious milk came shooting out. The milk then ran down a tube, emptied into a small cask normally used for holding fine wine. The machine could milk a woman’s tits round the clock, the only real limitation was how much milk a woman could produce in a single day.

Jennenes knew Fuck-Meat’s teats would dry up after a few hours of milking. But if she was like a real Nemorvian, which seemed to be true, he knew a way to keep her body producing enough milk to be pumped all day. Few knew it, but the more a Nemorvian was fucked the more milk she produced.

He’d planned for this. The milking machines left the women installed in them bent over in the perfect position to be fucked from behind. The men who would be manning the devices, ensuring they kept working and changing out milk filled casks with empty ones, would also need to be fucking the women installed in the machines as well. And should the men need a refresher they need only take a sip of the milk they would be helping drain from the Nemorvian’s teats!

He slapped Fuck-Meat’s backside. She mooed, the sound making it clear she was enjoying being milked by the machine. But there was more in the moo. There was carnal longing as well. She wanted to be fucked while she was being milked.

“Don’t worry, someone will be along to fuck you soon,” he told her. “And before long you’ll have plenty of company beside you. Before long I’ll have all the Nemorvian cows in my city being milked and fucked every hour of the day! Every one of them shall be precious. The more Nemorvian cows I have richer I’ll become, and that wealth will be able to buy me anything I desire!”

He stopped, realizing something. “The Nemorvian bandits! Three more for the machines, and I bet their fierce defiance will make their milk taste even sweeter. I must have ravens sent to the Minotaur mercenaries to find out how their hunt goes!”




Chapter Sixteen: The Battle for Queen Faeven


Novaoa knelt by the edge of the lake, leaning over and splashing some water up onto her face. Whatever had shaken the camp had left her jumpy and nervous and the cool water was helping soothe her nerves. As she sat up something moving on the other side of the lake caught her eye. It pushed its way out of the forest to stand on the shore. Even from across the water she could feel the power radiating off the being, yet that power seemed dulled as if passing through some unseen wall.

The thing was a massive man, its red skin covered in cracks filled with burning red magical energy. Her eyes were drawn to the man’s huge cock and only after staring for a moment did she realize looking at it had not triggered the normal subservient state of mind her racial weakness caused. She did feel the weakness trying to assert itself, but it was being suppressed by the memory of the smell and taste of Queen Faeven’s pussy.

Novaoa whispered a quick thanks to Queen Faeven, planning to get to her feet and run to tell the queen about the appearance of the strange, intimidating being across the small lake. But before she could he started to raise his arms. Fire erupted at his feet, quickly receding and leaving behind a swarming mass of what looked to be some kind of large snakes.

They immediately started slithering out into the lake towards the camp. Novaoa got to her feet, drawing the magical sword she’d recently been given. “We’re under attack,” she called out, watching as the snakes quickly swam across the water.

Behind her she heard the queen’s army clamoring as they prepared for the attack. There was confidence at first then one of the small Fey women landed at Novaoa’s side and saw the figure on the other side of the water. “It’s Azel!” she screamed in terror, turning and leaping into the air to fly away. Novaoa turned and saw the woman fly towards the queen’s throne, where other warriors were gathering to protect the queen.

Meanwhile, many of the troops around her were proclaiming in fear. “The cock god has come to destroy us!” many called out. Novaoa didn’t believe it at first. A god manifesting in the flesh? That was a thing that happened in legends or to great heroes.

The snakes swam ever closer. About ten feet before they reached the shore Novaoa stood on the things slammed into some kind of invisible wall. The little beasts gathered up, trying to press pass the point, sparking red energy radiating off their bodies. At the same time flowing blue magical energy appeared before them, making the invisible field protecting the camp momentarily visible.

It was only then, with the creatures close but held at bay, that Novaoa got a clear look at them. She gasped, realizing they were NOT snakes. They each looked like a cock-tipped tentacle, their body looking more disturbingly like a prehensile huge cock-shaft.

“Minor Cock-Elementals,” a nearby Fey warrior called out, shaking with fear.

Novaoa turned to her. “But they can’t get to us, right? The Queen’s magic is holding them back.”

“For now,” the woman said nervously. “But that’s Azel! Even Queen Faeven can’t stand against a god for long. And half of our forces are out in the woods patrolling, with half our strength away from the encampment we’re incredibly vulnerable.”

“Can’t the queen call them back?” Novaoa asked, looking towards the throne the powerful woman sat on.

One could see the throne from everywhere in the camp as it sat atop a small hill. She sat there, serene with the hulking Blade of the Queen beside her, ready to protect her queen. “Return to me,” the queen suddenly called out. “Come back, my warriors. We are attacked and need your aid!”

The words echoed around them. Novaoa felt them change, felt instinctively that they had become a magical message that would go out into the forest and find the warriors, no matter where they were. But for the message to leave the field protecting the camp would need to be opened for a moment.

The Minor Cock-Elementals were all pressed up against the field, trying to get past it. The moment the field was lowered for the message to get out was all most of them needed. The swarm of writhing cock-things came rushing at the camp, slithering and wiggling up onto the shore as the protective field re-sealed behind them.

Novaoa swore, backing up and beginning to slash at the things as they came rushing towards her. The magic blade cut through the slithering penis snakes as they came for her, but it seemed every one she cut was quickly replaced by two more.

Soon they began to grab her legs, wrapping around her like the tentacles of some vile beast. Only they didn’t try to pull her to the ground, instead they coiled around her legs, pulling themselves up her body. She screamed and thrashed, cutting and kicking them off her legs as fast as she could. But there was just too many, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to fend them off properly for much longer and she felt certain their goal was what lay between her legs.

Desperate and starting to panic, she turned to call for aid. What she saw happening in the camp behind her frightened her to the core. Everywhere the Fey queen’s troops were battling the penis tentacles. Female warriors screamed in terror as they tried to fight the things off. The sound of combat was everywhere. But it seemed, for the moment, that the vile creatures had yet managed to start fucking any of the warriors, for there was no doubt Novaoa’s mind that the creatures WOULD fuck them if allowed.

Queen Faeven still sat on her stone throne. The normally serene look she wore was gone, she sat sweating and concentrating on keeping the protective spells around the camp up. They were holding for the moment but if more of the perverse demons were able to get in that would change very quickly.

A ring of female warriors stood around the queen, atop the small hill her throne sat on. Fey archers fluttered in the air shooting magical arrows so quickly Novaoa could barely see them reach into the quivers hanging from their dainty waists before firing again. She saw for the first time some of the other warriors in the Queen’s army, Human women and a handful of Elves. They all seemed to be either mages or druids and were busy using magic to keep the slithering things away from the queen.

Leading them, standing close to the queen yet fighting the hardest, was The Blade of the Queen. The two huge weapons bound to her arms swung at the dirt, cutting swaths of the little perverse demons with such ease it made them seem as though they were made of half melted butter. She roared, sounding more beast than Human, as she led the defense of her queen.

The sight of so many warriors protecting Queen Faeven buoyed Novaoa’s moral, making her feel the fight wasn’t a hopeless one. She screamed out a call of defiance, slashing at the little fleshy monsters coming at her. Her instincts were to try and fight her way to the hill to join the others but the penis tentacles seemed to be driven by more than simple animal instinct. They appeared to be keeping the warriors spread through the camp away from the center mass of warriors protecting the queen. She tried as hard as she could to get closer to the queen but barely made any ground, cursing the god standing on the other side of the lake. Surely he was controlling the vile things.

A Fey warrior fluttered through the air near Novaoa, diving down to a nearby weapon cache to grab another quiver full of arrows. The lithe woman easily slung the strap of the quiver over her shoulder, holding it just right so it didn’t stop her wings from flapping. She quickly nocked an arrow and Novaoa saw it start to glow with blue magic a moment before she let it fly.

But just as the small Fey woman shot the arrow she twisted, looking down at her foot and screaming. Novaoa noticed it just as the woman did: one of the Minor Cock-Elementals had managed to spring up and wrap around her boot when she had swooped down to get the fresh quiver of arrows.

The thing quickly slithered up her leg before the woman could try and knock it off. Novaoa saw it thrust its head into the Fey woman’s small skirt. She had been screaming, but the scream turned to a moan of forced pleasure as the creature forced its way into her pussy. The Fey woman fell to the ground, her wings disappearing from sight as the cock-creature entered her.

As soon as she hit the ground a swarm of the things came at her, wrapping around her limps and neck. The one wrapped around her neck tried to push its cockhead into her mouth. She closed her mouth tight and tried to turn away, denying it entry. A moment later it tightened its body, closing around her neck and beginning to choke her. She had no choice but to open her mouth to gasp for air and that was all it needed to press into her. A moment later it was thrusting in and out of her mouth, making her choke and gag.

More of the things rubbed up against her small breasts. Novaoa could see that as they did this the ends of their “bodies” began to grow more rigid and hard, making them look even more cock-like. As they rubbed up against her nipples she could see them leaving a slimy trail of some precum-like substance.

Novaoa saw that the small monster that had brought the Fey warrior down was fucking her pussy, but before long it quivered, cumming inside of her. It pulled out, it’s formally rigid body now soft, the thing moving slow and sluggish. It was barely out of the woman before another of the beasts pressed into her now cum oozing pussy and started fucking her.

The Fey warrior went limp as if she’d given up. She stopped struggling and let the penis tentacles have their way with her, letting them use every one of her fuck-holes, letting them cum in and on her as they pleased.

Novaoa saw other warriors brought down, the little cock beasts quickly covering and beginning to fuck them. All around the camp the warriors like her who were on their own were being brought down one by one and fucked into submission. She looked to the hill the queen sat atop, hoping to see her defenders still fighting back the seemingly endless swarm of cock creatures.

A pretty, young Human mage in flowing robes caught her attention. Her hair was blue and the parts of her skin Novaoa could see, her arms and neck, were covered in glowing blue arcane tattoos. She had her arms raised out before her, her palms up towards the sky. Billowing waves of blue energy flowed from her hands, becoming a wind of magical power that flowed out before her, blasting down the hill. The wind glowed and pulsed with blue energy that took the shape of beautiful butterflies made of translucent magic. They fluttered fiercely through the blue wind, diving towards the Minor Cock Elementals before her, pressing them back away from the mage and knocking them down the hill.

It seemed that as long as she could keep casting the spell and the warriors beside her could keep any of the little perverse demons from sneaking up behind or beside her she’d be able to keep them back forever. The young woman smiled and looked to the druid beside her. “We’re battling the forces of The Corruption back! Our purity protects us, just like Queen Faeven said it would!”

She turned back to concentrate on her spell but the smile on her face faltered. She winced then her face twisted in effort. “No! It can’t be,” she yelled, sudden terror in her voice. Novaoa saw her stagger back, still casting the spell. She didn’t understand what was wrong.

Then she saw it, at the very edge of the wave of blue magic: parts of the cascading blue wind of magic was turning red! The glowing butterflies that neared the red areas faltered and faded from sight. The red began to spread, turning more and more of the blue energy red. It was like some force was corrupting the power of the spell!

Soon the mage was pushing back against her own spell, using what remained of the blue energy flowing from her hands to try and battle back the sparking red energy pushing up the hill towards her. And where the winds of magic were red the Minor Cock Elementals were no longer being pushed back. Instead, the red power lifted them up into the air. Soon it looked like a hoard of them was swimming through the air towards the blue haired mage and those beside her!

Before long her spell faltered completely and the writhing mass of penis tentacles reached her and the mages and druids beside her. The others managed to fend off the attack for the moment but the blue haired mage was brought down. The things wrapped around her limbs, pulling her to the ground and ripping her robes off. Soon her legs were pulled open and her pussy and asshole were being fucked. A large one pressed up through her small, perky breasts and forced its way into her mouth, its end growing rigid as it began to fuck her face. The ones fucking her quickly came, pulling out looking soft and slow and replaced almost instantly by other cock-tipped tentacles that fucked her hard.

Again, Novaoa saw the fight go out of the woman almost as soon as the first three fucking her came. Even from where she stood she could see the woman’s eyes rolled up into her head and saw her moaning in pleasure as more fucked and came in her.

It’s the cum, Novaoa thought, realizing what was happening. Something in these foul demons’ cum is subduing them all!

The realization was important but it had distracted her. The creatures she had been fighting against finally managed to wrap around her legs and pull her to the ground. She fell, the pain of the fall making her drop her sword. Almost at once one of the things had wrapped around the hilt and pulled it out of reach.

That was all they needed. Without a weapon Novaoa had almost no way to keep them at bay. They quickly tore her clothing off, leaving her naked on the ground and thrashing to try and keep the swarm of penis tentacles from getting into any of her holes. She grabbed one with each hand, intending to throw them as far away from herself as she could. But as soon as her hands were wrapped around them she felt their bodies grow rigid and discovered just how much like a cock they really felt.

For a moment her racial weakness started to assert itself. But the memory of Queen Faeven’s pussy, the taste and smell, washed through her mind and she shook it off. Still, the moment of weakness was more than the things needed. One pressed into her pussy, another pressing into her asshole as the first started thrusting in and out of her. She could feel that they were both leaking copious amounts of precum that lubricated their entry.

They came almost at once and as their demon seed blasted into her she felt it affect her instantly. She felt tired, weak, and the desire to keep fighting was suddenly dulled. She tried to press past it, rolling over and getting up on all fours to try and crawl away. But it was no good. Another cockheaded little demon thrust into her pussy. She fell to the ground, her huge breasts pressed into the dirt under her. The only thing she managed successfully was keeping any out of her mouth. Which was a very good thing, for looking around it seemed that the demon’s cum did more to subdue a woman when ingested through the mouth.

She kept trying to crawl, managing to make some progress even as the one in her pussy fucked her from behind. Have to get to the hill, have to get to where others are still fighting. The Blade of the Queen, surely she still fights, she thought, looking up at the hulking woman.

The warriors near her still stood, rallied around their general and protected by her. Only because The Blade still stood and fought did the protective ring around the queen hold.

Yet as Novaoa struggled to crawl towards the safety of that ring, keeping any of the cock things from pressing into her mouth even as they fucked her back end, she noticed something odd about the creatures before The Blade. There were so many piled up before her, swarming and trying to attack and fuck her! At first the Nemorvian thought it was just whatever intelligence controlled them attacking the largest threat. But then she noticed it: every one of the vile beasts she cut in two fell to the ground, quivering in pain. But a moment later they healed, each end growing back to its full length leaving two where there had been one!

Novaoa had felt like the things were doubling around her and knew then that she had been right. How can we hope to fight against such perverse foes? she thought, despair threatening to overtake her. What happened next crushed what little hope she still had left.

The massing swarm of cock tentacles before The Blade of the Queen began to spark with magical red energy. A moment later those near her all began to grow! They got longer, their thin tail ends digging into the dirt of the hill. They got fatter, thicker, all growing larger and larger. The Blade howled, cutting the growing shafts apart. But in mere moments after one of her blades sliced through them the severed end would grow a new cockhead and renew its attack as it continued to grow larger. Meanwhile, the severed part would dig into the ground then shoot out, growing larger and adding to the number trying to bring her down.

It didn’t take long for the hulking barbarian general to be overwhelmed. Huge, thick cock tentacles wrapped around her arms, pulling them out and down so she couldn’t fight. More wrapped around her neck, pulling her down to her knees as others started ripping her armor off.

Novaoa couldn’t help but gasp when the armor and clothing covering the woman’s breasts was ripped free. Her breasts had looked incredibly large, but her outfit had obviously done much to hide their true size, maybe even magically so. She knew tapping into the power that made a barbarian grow larger and stronger also made their breasts grow, but she had no idea they could grow THIS large. They were almost the same size of giantess’, each huge sagging tit larger than then Novaoa’s whole torso.

Cock Tentacles started wrapping around her gigantic breasts, squeezing and rubbing against their huge bulk and pressing them together so other cock beasts could thrust between them. The Blade howled and trashed about as others, large and thick, started pressing into her cunt and asshole. She screamed as they started fucking her and that only allowed one to enter her mouth. It muffled her screams as it fucked her throat.

The swarm surrounded her, pulling her down the hill away from the queen and her defenders even as they fucked her. They were already cumming in her, others quickly replacing those as the spent ones pulled away. Yet others rose up, their ends quivering and cumming on her without even touching her. They showered the hulking barbarian with cum as the swarm surrounded her so thickly that Novaoa could no longer see the fierce woman.

Novaoa still struggled to crawl towards the queen and the few women that still defended her, but all hope seemed lost. She looked up and realized the only reason the battle still continued was that none of the cock beasts had reached Queen Faeven yet! But she knew as soon as one did touch her it would be all over, as soon as any cock touched the queen her power would be gone!







What happens to Kilne, Amitkoa, Zomos, and the band of Fey warriors who saved them depends on the choice for what is happening at camp (I’ll use my best judgment on how to fit the two parts of the story together). What YOU will determine is what the event with the Minotaurs has done to our three heroines.


How is Zomos affected by the ordeal? (Select up to 2 options)

How is Kilne affected by the ordeal? (select 1 option)

How is Amitkoa affected by the ordeal? (select 1 option)


What happens next at Queen Faeven’s camp? (select up to 8 options)

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