Poll Driven Story: “Fortune city Medical Exams”

A new update to the story, finally getting to some sexy action! If you need to get caught up or want to read the story in its current entirety you can head HERE.


“Alright, Aquatica, let’s begin the physical exam. If you could please step over here, please.” He made a point of keeping eye contact as the naked heroine slowly, and nervously, stood beside him. He knew he needed to make her feel comfortable, convince her he was the professional he was masquerading as and set her mind at ease before he started to take advantage of the situation.

He performed a normal physical, although he conducted it in a way that required far more physical contact then was normally necessary. Whenever he touched her he gave a very professional, and convincing, reason. At first his touches were clinical and brief, exactly as they should have been. But even that slight physical contact on her naked body was enough to get a response that he noticed. Her cheeks had a slight flush and he could tell that the rate of her breathing had picked up.

Soon his touches became longer, less clinic and more soft in some places while becoming firmer and harder in other places. He kept telling her the reasons for why he was doing what he was doing, but the more he touched her and the more aroused she became the less believable he had to make those reasons. Clinic touches became linger, soft caresses and firm gropes.

By the end he had the naked heroine bend over, her perky ass sticking up into the air. He stood behind her, reaching around and groping her small, firm breasts as he gave her some lame excuse as to why this was necessary. As he squeezed her breasts, enjoying just how firm they were, she moaned slightly and pressed her back end into his crotch. A moment later he was running his hands down her sides till he was able to grab and grope her ass. She moaned and rubbed her thighs together. Slowly he started to slide his hands down, around her body, nearing the split between her legs. She was so turned on by that point that he could smell her arousal.

As his hands neared her vulva she started to grind back into him but he made himself pull away, afraid she’d feel how hard he was starting to get. Aquatica was more than worked up enough to have some fun with, but he wanted her more hot and bothered. She might still be clear-headed enough to realize something wasn’t right. He had to play this safe or his whole clandestine operation would be blown.

Dr. Rowe cleared his voice, holding his tablet over his crotch to hide his erection, and told Aquatica to stand up. “Now if you could please get up on the examination table.”

“Yes, doctor,” she replied, breathing heavily as she stood up. She looked at him, her face flush and the expression on her face making it clear she wasn’t thinking straight at the moment. She was too aroused, so horny she might have done nearly anything if asked right. So easy to manipulate, he thought, fighting to hold back a smile. All of that power yet once these women are this horny they’ll do anything to feel sexual release.

“We’ve one last thing to do before I can pass you on to your next test. You’ve finished the physical and everything seems as it should but there is a new test we have to give all of the heroines passing through.” He held the tablet up, his erection safely gone, and pretended to read the device’s screen. There was no new test, everything he was about to tell her was total bullshit, but with as worked up as she was he had no doubt she’d believe him.

“The Agency, knowing about the weaknesses inherent to those with an active P-Gene, wants to test each heroine’s sexual self-control. Although it’s not often acknowledged, we all know how sexually perilous your line of work can be. And it’s known that you most heroines can be depowered by sexual climax. We need to test that you can, when needed, put off sexual release to remain fully powered.”

He watched her closely as he explained. Her eyes had a glassy, distant look to them that had come more in focus when he mentioned sexual release. She was looking at him with an eagerness that suggested if this test had been real that she had a good chance of failing it. “What do you need me to do?” she asked far too eagerly. She quickly realized just how eager she sounded. Aquatica bit her lip and furrowed her brow, taking a deep, calming breath to try and calm herself.

“First I need to know if you are, in fact, depowered by sexual climax,” Dr. Rowe asked, already knowing the answer thanks to her file.

Aquatica nodded. “I am. And not just when I cum but when…” she trailed off, blushing more intensely and looking away before answering. “I also, uh, squirt sometimes. And that weakness my powers too.”

How very interesting, Dr. Rowe thought, that’s not in her file. He had always wondered what happened to heroines that squirted. He knew that medically it wasn’t the same as having an orgasm and was always curious if it also depowered heroines. His first assumption was that Aquatica wasn’t really an answer to this question, suspecting that for her the depowering aspect of squirting came from the loss of fluids as that would be appropriate for her water-based power set.

But now that he had his answer he had to press on before she had a chance to let her head clear. “That is very interesting and I shall make a note in your file about that. But knowing you suffer from this very normal weakness means we must move on to this last test. Are you familiar with the colloquial term ‘edging’?”

The pretty young heroine blushed again, looking down at the floor. “Yes,” she said quietly. A moment later she looked up at him, her eyes wide open. The shocked look on her face made it clear she knew exactly what the test was going to be.

Dr. Rowe nodded, confirming she was right. “I will need you to begin masturbating, ‘edging’ as long as you can to show that you can keep yourself from climaxing. The test will prove you can control your powerful sexual urges when needed.”

She stared at him, her eyes still wide open in shock. “H-how long will I need to… continue the test?”

He made a production of looking down at his tablet and scrolling the screen as if searching for the answer. “It seems I’m not allowed to tell you.” He looked up at her, flashing a reassuring smile. “There IS a time limit you just aren’t allowed to know.” He kept smiling at her, internally proud of the bullshit he was making up to support his bogus test. In reality the test would go as long as he wanted it to, ending when it was most amusing and beneficial to him to end it.

The naked heroine took a deep breath, scooting back on the examination table and leaning against the wall the table was pressed up against. “Okay,” she said, “do I just do it right here?” She sounded nervous but her body betrayed how anxious she was to start. Before the Doctor answered she was already starting to spread her legs open, one of her hands resting on her leg starting to creep towards her vulva.

“That’s correct, I need you to self-pleasure right there where I can observe you.” He turned and sat down on a stool, placing his tablet in his lap. “As soon as you begin I shall start the timer.”

Aquatica hesitated for just a moment, biting her lip again, then leaned back further and slowly spread legs wide open. The view let Dr. Rowe admire her pussy in all its glory for the first time. Like nearly everyone with an active P-Gene, she was hairless from the neck down and her pussy was completely smooth. It was pink and already glistening with arousal.

She had a hand on her thigh as she spread her legs open and before they were open all the way she was sliding it towards her vulva. Once she reached her pussy she ran her fingers around it, tracing its outline then running them down over her clit and her into her slit. She dipped a few of her fingers into her wet hole, pulling them back out quickly. Using the fresh moisture on her fingers she started to gently rub herself.

“Yessssss,” she sighed, leaning further back into the wall as she reached up with her free hand to gently caressed one of her breasts. She softly groped it then rolled her nipple between her fingertips before moving on to the other breast, caressing and groping it as well. She moaned softly as she played with her breasts, rubbing herself a bit faster and closing her eyes slightly as she cooed in delight.

A few moments later and she was groping her tits more vigorously, rubbing her pussy faster and harder. Her hand slipped from her breasts as she arched her back, moaning loudly. She placed the hand on the examination table, pressing down as she started thrusting her hips and moan louder.

It was clear to the doctor that she was starting to crest towards orgasm and he was disappointed the show would be over so quickly. But she surprised him, showing far more self-control then he expected. She suddenly stopped, pulling her hand away from her pussy as her eyes shot open. She was gasping for air and still thrusting her hips, yet it was clear she was managing to keep control of herself and work herself back down.

“The test parameters say you must not stop touching yourself,” the Doctor said firmly. “You don’t have to be actively masturbating every moment, but you MUST be touching yourself in some sensual manner until the timer is up or you will fail the test.” It was all bullshit but he wanted to see what she’d do. She’d shown more self-control then he thought possible for the young and very easily aroused heroine. He was now eager to see how much self-control she really had.

She nodded, still breathing heavily, and reached up to start playing with one of her nipples. She rolled the hard nubs between her fingers and lightly pinched and tugged at it as she tried to calm down, working hard to slow her breathing. Only once she felt she was in control did she reach back down and start rubbing at her pussy again.

Her hand rubbed at her pussy slowly at first but she quickly picked up speed. Before long she was rubbing herself vigorously again, panting and staring at the Doctor. As she furiously rubbed herself it made her firm little titties shake and jiggle slightly, a sight the Doctor found highly arousing. The heroine was putting on a good show and he already felt his first day on the job had paid more than enough reward for the hard work it had taken to infiltrate the facility.

Suddenly Aquatica gasped, pulling her hand up from her between her legs. She moved it quickly up to one of her breasts, grabbing her tits with both hands and squeezing them tightly as she closed legs and began rubbing her thighs together. She shuddered slightly, her eyes rolling up into her head as she moaning deep then bit her lower lip as she struggled to keep from cumming.

She managed to succeed, calming down after some light breast play. Before long her legs were spread back open and she was playing with her pussy with both hands. Her whole body was animated with nearly uncontrolled arousal. She was wiggling nearly every part of her body, grinding her hips into the table under her and pressing her back into the wall. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning and gasping and biting her lips as she thrashed about struggling not to cum.

Her hands moved to her thighs as she shuddered and ground herself into the table, gasping “no, not yet,” as she tried desperately to get control of herself. She managed to pull back and stop herself from cumming but a moment later one hand was back at her pussy and she was playing with herself again.

Aquatica held her hand in place up against her cunt, grinding her vulva against it. As she rubbed herself against her hand she opened her eyes and stared at the Doctor. She was panting, drooling on herself and staring into his eyes with an expression that made it clear how much she was struggling not to cum. Her eyes were pleading with him for permission to be allowed to get off.

She’s ready, he thought, staring back into her eyes.



What does Dr. Rowe do now that Aquatica is so worked up and desperate to cum? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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