Poll Driven Story: “Fortune City Medical Exams”

Here’s the next part! If you need to get caught up/want to read the story in its entirety head here.

* * *


The door to the exam room opened as a tall woman with a thin but well-muscled body walked in. She had a youthful glow to her beautiful features and wore an infectious smile that lit up the small room. Long black hair ran down to the small of her back, framing her light colored skin and making her bright blues look even brighter. She had on a skin-tight costume, a full body one piece black outfit that had a blue wave-like design striped down the sides. The outfit was completed by a pair of blue high-heeled thigh-high boots and thick blue gloves.

“Good morning, uh, Doctor?” she asked, as she reached out to shake the stranger’s hand.

He was a tall, handsome middle-aged white man with graying hair and a short, well-trimmed beard. The thick glasses he wore and the white lab coat he had on gave him an air of professionalism that matched the serious, but friendly, look on his face.

“I’m Doctor Rowe,” he replied, reaching out to shake her hand. “And you must be…” he trailed off, glancing down at the tablet he held in one hand. “Aquatica?” he asked, looking back up at her.

She lifted her head, grinning with pride. “That’s me: Aquatica, defender of Fortune City’s waterfront!”

The doctor looked back down at his tablet. “I see that you’re in for your biannual Readiness and Certification Test.” He looked back up, giving her an appraising look. “Am I your first stop through the process?”

Aquatica nodded. “You are,” she said, then paused. “Are you new to the facility? I don’t recall ever having seen you before.”

“I am,” he replied with a kind smile.  “This is actually my first day on the job. I was transferred here from a Satellite Center in another state. It’s not the first time I’ve been reassigned and I’ve found each facility does things slightly differently. I wasn’t sure if I was your first stop or not.”

“Well, this is my first stop! Although I must admit, I always find these physicals so pointless. An active P-Gene comes with a mild healing factor that prevents pretty much every mundane ailment. And—”

He raised a hand, silencing her. “I’m well aware. But trust me, these physicals ARE important. There are things unique to the superhuman body that can easily be overlooked and need to be treated early. And there are sometimes shots or tests The Agency needs to be delivered during this time. Now, if you could kindly take your costume off?”

“Right,” she said, turning to begin undressing then pausing and looking back. “I need to undress all the way?”

“Indeed you do. I’m required to perform a rather thorough physical examination.”

Aquatica turned her back on Dr. Rowe, bending down and starting to take her boots off. He held the tablet in his hand up, pretending to look at it while actually watching the young heroine undress.

She’s so trusting, he thought as he watched her pull her boots off. And so confident in her powers, so confident in her strengths! She doesn’t believe she can be outsmarted or defeated, which is probably her greatest weakness.

He pulled his eyes away from the undressing heroine as she began the laborious work of taking the full body, skin-tight outfit off and actually started to read the file on the screen of his tablet.

The first thing he did was look at the detailed description of her power set. She had super strength, enhanced agility, and could fly. But it looked like the longer she went without contact with water the weaker these powers got. On top of those abilities she could also “control” water when she was near it.

Interesting power set, Dr. Rowe thought, glancing back up at her as she began peeling her costume off. Powerful but almost completely useless this far away from the waterfront. I’ll still need to be careful as I begin to have my fun but I won’t have to worry too much about her powers being a potential danger.



Once the physical begins how is he going to have his “fun”?

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