Poll Driven Story: “Little Mischief”

Here’s another Fortune City story off to a running start!

Also someone pointed out that the polls aren’t showing up from everyone. I was using a wordpress plug in thingy for the polls, but it seems adblocker blocks them. I’ll start using direct links to the polls so they show up for everyone.


When night fell the worst criminal elements of Fortune City came out. The heroines of the city knew this and there were many that chose to patrol the city only under the cover of darkness to keep these nocturnal delinquents under control.

Little Mischief was one of these night loving heroines. During her training at The Academy (the superhero university) she had found that she worked best in the dark. Before her powers had activated she’d already considered herself a “child of the night” and had been deeply invested in the Goth subculture. She’d let that fascination influence her training as well as the creation of her superhero persona and as her training progressed she found that even her powers seemed fine-tuned to work at night.

Before the activation of her Power-Gene she’d been a short, petite, pale white girl with dark brown hair. After her P-Gene activated that hair had turned jet black and her skin had become so porcelain white that it almost seemed to glow in dim light. As her powers developed she found that her skin did glow, especially when the lighting around her was dim. But she also discovered that, when she wanted, she could will her skin to dim, a dark shroud seeming to extend out from her dark hair and allowing her to blend into shadows, becoming nearly invisible.

Her costume was designed to not just work with this power, but augment it. She wore a thick cloak that could wrap around her entire body. It was dark purple, but thanks to a few high tech “gems” that seemed to be simple flourishes in her costume (a large one that also functioned as a clip in the front of her cloak, and two more on the backs of her fingerless black gloves) the cloak would become black when her shroud powers were activated.

The cloak she wore had a purpose beyond working with her shadow blending. Her main power was not this blending ability, but rather the ability to throw “mischief bolts”. The blasts of shifting purple arcane energy “hexed” their targets. What happened when something, or someone, was hit with one of her mischief bolts was never the same. But generally something would go wrong for the target, something that benefited Little Mischief. Her bolts could make a criminal’s shoe come untied causing them to trip, it could cause a gun to jam, it could even lead to something falling over and slowing down or even knocking down a foe. The arcane energy of her power was unpredictable but that very unpredictability helped make it nearly impossible to counter.

It was an incredibly potent power but it had one drawback: to be able to throw a mischief bolt her breasts had to be fully exposed. It was because of this that under her cloak she wore only skin-tight black leggings and combat boots. Her cloak allowed her to hide the fact she was topless under it by keeping it wrapped around her body till she needed to throw a mischief bolt.

During her training at The Academy this had taken some getting used to, especially because along with all the other changes her body had gone through when her powers had activated her breasts had grown quite a bit. Before her P-Gene activated her small perky breasts had barely filled B cups. Her breasts were now so big that each was larger than her head, and although they were firm and well shaped for their size no one would call them “perky” anymore. She’d been unhappy with her breasts new size and shape and had struggled with having to expose them for her powers to work, by the time she’d graduated The Academy she had learned to live with it.

At least she thought she had. Now that she had been assigned to active duty in Fortune City and was out on patrol for the first time she was having doubts.

She moved through Low Park, the rundown industrial area of the city. The area had once made Fortune City an industrial hub for the region but the area had slowly been empties as the industry moved elsewhere, leaving plenty of abandoned lots and dilapidated and forgotten warehouses and factories behind. There was a large homeless population in this part of town and the majority of the costumed gangs that operated in the city had their hangouts and headquarters hidden here. The regular police had mostly abandoned patrolling the neighborhood, leaving it up to the city’s heroines to do all the work.

It was one of these gangs that Little Mischief was stalking on her first night on patrol. She knew the general area they hung out in and it assumed whatever functioned as their headquarters was somewhere nearby.

She’d trained for years for this moment but now that it approached she was growing more and more nervous. She kept her cloak wrapped tight around her body, manifesting her shadow blending more intensely than she ever had before. The same thought kept running through her head, an image of the inevitable future that she dreaded the closer it got. When she eventually found the gang and prepared to attack she would appear out of the shadows, her skin suddenly glowing with a dim white light. Then she’d have to throw her cloak open, revealing her large breasts so she could shoot off her mischief bolts. But doing that would only cause her pale white skin to glow brighter, making her breasts appear as fleshy beacons of light in the dark night.

I made my peace with having to show these over-sized monstrosities to my foes, she thought bitterly. There was a large part of her that still hated her breasts, hated how big they were, how heavy and how much they got in the way. Hated how they looked, hated how sensitive they were. And above all hated how people, especially men, looked at them.

And now that she was about to face her first real criminals the thought of the way they were going to look at her breasts filled her with… What? She thought, trying to understand her feelings. Fear? Disgust? Shame? Embarrassment? All of that at once?

I can’t let it stop me, she thought a moment later. Everything has led up to this moment, the moment I become a true superheroine and defeat my first foes! I’ve got to press pass these feelings and just get to it. I could stumble on the gang any moment now. I have to be ready. No, I AM ready!


Choose up to 2 options from this poll:

What is going to happen when she finds the gang, appears from the shadows, and starts attacking them?

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