Poll Driven Story: “Gigantica”

Here’s the beginning of another Fortune City poll driven story!



The sidewalk was crowded, with people shoulder to shoulder moving through busy downtown Fortune City. It was a sea of humanity, the metaphorical blood flow of the city. Yet something stood out in the mass of people, one figure that stood many feet above the rest. A giant of a woman striding forward, causing people to muttered and strain to make room for her.

Some made room out of respect, recognizing the looming figure for who she was: the superheroine Gigantica. Others were awed by her immense size, her gigantic form standing over nine feet tall and making them feel like dwarfs. And the fact that she had the exaggerated, voluptuous curves of a mythical Amazonian warrior only made the huge woman look even larger. Even her long, braided blond hair added to her sense of immensity.

Then there were others who were simply afraid the giant striding down the busy sidewalk would accidentally step on them. Gigantica wore a wide smile on her face, an expression of content happiness and focused determination that left her looking as though she might not be either very observant or particularly intelligent. The fact that she was so huge and muscular only added to the sense that a woman like her didn’t need intelligence, pure brute strength was probably enough to get her past most challenges.

The more observant of the individuals afraid of being stepped on also noticed how infrequently Gigantica looked down. And when she did the view of what was directly before and under her, mostly the people within stepping distance of her thickly muscled legs, was hidden under her overlarge breasts. Any normal man or woman standing under their shadow was in severe danger of being stepped on.

Not every person on the sidewalk moved to avoid Gigantica. There were a few who tried to get closer to her as she strode forward, all of them men. It was clear these few daring individuals were eager to get a peek up the heroine’s skirt. Her costume was designed to make her look like a fierce, savage giantess with a leather and fur bikini top and a skirt made of the same material but cut almost indecently short. With as tall as she was, and as short as her skirt was, a daring enough passerby could get a quick glimpse up that skirt if they really wanted to take the risk of being stepped on.

Gigantica didn’t notice when men managed to get a peak. She never did, and especially not at times like this. She had a purpose, a destination and a goal in mind. While few would describe her as being “smart” all who had spent any time with her would admit she made up for her lack of intelligence with pure thick-headed determination. Nothing would stop her from reaching her goal.



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