Poll Driven Story: “Fortune City Medical Exams”

I’ve had the itch to work on some poll driven stories and wanted to try something a little different. The few heroine ones I’ve done that haven’t petered out real quick all grew in narrative scale rather quickly which eventually made them hard to continue. I want to try and keep the focus of the ones I’m writing smaller, so they don’t get to complex and I am more likely to finish them. I toyed around with a few ideas and decided to try something totally different than what I’ve done before.

All of these I’m starting now will be set in the same city (not Megatropolis, a new city so there is more freedom for the stories and characters) and all of them will be happening at roughly the same time. My hope is that story threads that end up getting abandoned/dropped do to poll choices (it happens a lot) can then be picked up in other stories. And stories/heroines can have bad endings that can then effect other stories or even have two different stories merge at one point.

My intention is after the stories are all finished to combine them into one big Ebook where the stories are broken up into parts to tell one much larger story of an entire city form many points of view. I have no idea if this will work, but there should at least be plenty of dirty sexy fun as we try it out.

Below the break you’ll find begging of our first story! I’ll hopefully get the beginning of a bunch up this weekend then, after votes start coming in, start going through them and adding to them.



Diary Entry #0


I am recording this diary in secret for reasons I do not need to state. If you are reading this you already know why I’m keeping this record of my activities. And if you don’t, well, there’s a reason I’m not typing certain things out in this file.

Today will be my first day on duty at Fortune City’s Academy Satellite Center. Every major city with an active superhero community now has one of these centers. It is run by The Agency, the federal group charged with training superheroes and then keeping track of them once they are out in the world.

Part of their mission is certifying heroes at frequent intervals, and this recertification is what most of the staff at the Satellite Centers spend their time on. The superheroes come in and we test their powers, their combat prowess, their intelligence and knowledge of superhero history and law. And most importantly, to me at least, an in depth physical exam is given. I will now be the one conducting the majority of these exams on a near daily basis (there are, after all, a great many superheroines active in this city).

I’ve been inside The Agency long enough to know that these recertification tests aren’t always what they are said to be. Some of the tests given are not really for the sake of making sure active heroes are still able to perform their duties. Instead, some of the “tests” are in fact secret experiments being done on the superhuman population of the United States without the powered community’s knowledge.

After all, it would be irresponsible for the government to not prepare for the worse: a mass uprising of superpowered individuals. Right now the “villains” are kept busy by the heroes. But what if they stopped playing good guy and bad guy? What if they turned on normal people? Well, the government is preparing for that, but hoping it never happens. Of course, the secret preparations got a lot easier after The Agency and the Academy system was set up.

These secret experiments have, rather quickly, drawn a certain kind of person to want to staff the Satellite Centers and take part in these recertification “tests”. Many of the individuals here testing the heroines (cause in reality over ninety percent of all active superheroines are female) take great joy in… well, taking liberties with the test subjects. There is a general attitude that staff members should mind their business, look the other way when they see something “improper” going on, and that individuals should even enable some of the most perverse impulses, habits, and outright addictions the staff has.

All of this means I’ll be able to do what I’ve been tasked with doing with little to no worry of the rest of the staff stopping me or even becoming suspicious that my activities might have a deeper purpose other than my own perverse self gratification. In short, I’m about the have a lot of fun with a lot of trusting, unsuspecting heroines and there is very little chance of anything stopping me or anyone realizing what I’m REALLY doing here.



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