Reader’s Choice Story: The Game Master’s Inter-dimensional Labyrinth of Peril and Perversion: Gravity Girl (Intro)



Greetings intergalactic and inter-dimensional viewers to this exciting episode of the Game Master’s Inter-dimensional Labyrinth of Peril and Perversion! We’re going to start the way we always start: by explaining the game our “contestant” is going to be ran through for any first-time viewers.

I’m talking to you from the control hub of what can simply be described as a pocket dimension, separate but connected to ALL possible realities. Thanks to unimaginably advanced technology I have the ability to copy, alter, and even create smaller pocket dimensions. Each one of these little realities that I create and control is referred to as “challenge rooms”.

Our contestant will be a powerful, sexy female swiped from her home and placed in a starter room. She will not be aware that her every move here is being filmed for your titillation and enjoyment, but she WILL know that if she wants to go home she’ll need to pass through an unknown number of challenge rooms.

She’ll begin her journey in a room of choice, an octagonal room that contains eight “doors”. On each of these doors will be a single video screen that shows a simple, repeating clip that hints at the challenge the door leads to. She will have to choose which door to activate, and upon doing so she will be ported into the chosen challenge room.

What is in each of these challenge rooms is limitless. Each will provide our contestant with a unique challenge, a test they must pass to move on and get one step closer to being sent home. Yet she will not be told what the test is or the rules. She will have to figure it out all on her own less she be trapped there for eternity!

Many of these challenge rooms contain creatures or beings from the vast cosmos or even the endless multi-verse that must be defeated in combat. Others are larger biomes, a microcosm of some world or unique location full of perverse dangers that must be passed through. Others are more… surreal. Places where the normal rules of reality are altered or even pocket realities where our contestant will be altered!

We also look into each contestant’s mind, drawing inspiration from her fears, her past, her present, and even their potential futures! Recreating them, but altered and made far more perverse for your viewing pleasure. We also make sure challenge rooms inspired by the contestant’s home planet are in heavy rotation, things that maybe she is not personally familiar with but that are inspired by her home none the less.

The contestant will have to pass through at least 3 of these challenge rooms. Once the first challenge is completed she will be ported to another octagonal room with eight more doors leading to more challenges. After the third challenge is completed it will be randomly determined if she has earned her way home. A random number generator shall be “rolled”, displaying a result from one to ten. After the third room a ten will allow her to go home, if any other number is rolled she must pass through another challenge room. And after that the roll shall be made again, but then nine or ten will allow her home. And then eight, and then seven, until her ordeal is over!

So, with the basics out of the way, it’s time to learn about our contestant! Our target today comes from Earth, a fan favorite, beloved for their horny so-called superheroines. We’ve snagged a particularly interesting candidate today, a young and inexperienced yet incredibly powerful heroine who goes by the name of “Gravity Girl”.

You should all be seeing an image of her now. As you can see she’s a petite young woman, so small and dainty she practically looks frail! But don’t be fooled by her appearance. The active Power-Gene that gives her superpowers also makes it so her physical strength and durability is far greater than it looks. Those little twig arms and long slender legs tantalizingly revealed by her skimpy silver costume are MUCH sturdier than they look.

And then there are her powers. Like most human superheroines she has mild super strength and durability as well as an innate healing factor. But what makes this young, and inexperienced, heroine such an interesting candidate is her main superpower. Gravity Girl, as her name suggests, has the power to control a fundamental force of nature itself! She can turn gravity off and back on, altering its effects or intensity or even the direction it flows in the area around her. She uses this ability to “fly” as well as to disorient and even attack her foes!

But this power comes at a potentially great cost. The more often and more intensely she uses her gravity control powers the more her petite almost none existent breasts will GROW. The more she pushes her powers the larger they grow, potentially reaching deliciously inhuman size. What’s more, the larger her breasts grow the weaker her powers will get. This means that if she pushes herself too far she’ll be left not only with breasts so large she’ll barely be able to move, but totally depowered as well!

The longer she goes without using her powers the more her breasts will return to their “natural” tiny size. A good night’s sleep usually does the job, but as any repeat viewers know she’ll not be likely to get a chance to do THAT once the game starts.

We’ve snagged Gravity Girl from Earth just as she started her day, her breasts their natural size. She’ll be starting the game at peak efficiency!

As any repeat viewers know when each contestant is snatched from their home a very basic explanation of what is happening to them is implanted in their mind. They do not know they are being watched, but they are made to understand they are in a pocket dimension and that the only way home is to go through and defeat the unique challenges before them. They also know that the number of rooms they must go through is semi-randomized, a nice added level of stress that always seems to throw them off.

And now, with the introductions out of the way, onto our show!


Choosing Room One


Gravity Girl woke with a start, sitting up and gasping as she looked around the strange room she was in. This can’t be real, she thought. This can’t be happening! It’s a bad dream… Any minute now I’m going to wake up. But as the moments passed it became more and more clear that this WAS real.

She rose to her feet, smoothing the silver fabric of her costume out nervously as she stood. Slowly she began to turn, taking in her surroundings. The room she was in was metallic and well lit but she couldn’t see where the illumination was coming from. The room was octagonal shaped, with eight even length well segments, each containing a door in their center. On each of the doors was a small monitor, all of them playing different but repeating little videos.

“I have to choose one to go through,” she whispered, moving cautiously to one at random. “I have to… face the challenge on the other side if I want to get home.”

She stopped a few steps away from the door before her, watching the strange video being repeated on it. It was not a live-action recording, instead it was a stylized animation, the artwork simple yet easy to understand. The video showed what she thought was a small office, a humanoid figure sitting on a chair with their legs crossed and a notebook in their lap with another figure sitting on a couch before them. They appeared to be talking, although there was no audio playing.

“It looks… like a therapy session,” she whispered, confused. She watched it run through its repeating cycle a few more times then turned and headed to the next door.

As soon as she saw the next video she gasped, taking a step back and placing a hand on her mouth. The animation clearly showed a naked woman, bound and suspended from the ceiling, being lowered onto what looked disturbingly like a large dildo. Beside her was a female figure holding a control, her head being thrown back in laughter.

Disturbed, she quickly moved on to the next door.

She had to stare at the next video for a few cycles before she felt she understood what was being conveyed. At first she thought it showed a giant fighting off a swarm of smaller beings, but on closer inspection she realized the “giant” was supposed to be a normal sized human woman and the creatures around her small aliens with green skin.

“Little green men?” she mumbled. “Well… why not. Something alien MUST have brought me here and created this whole thing!” She started to walk to the next door but stopped, looking around. She felt intensely that she was being watched, yet there was no one else in the room or any video cameras in view.

Shaking the feeling off she continued to the next door. This one showed a muscular humanoid figure rising up and flexing its powerful arms, its eyes glowing red. At first its body was only a green silhouette but when the eyes began to glow the shape of its face came into focus, revealing a swarm of small undulating tentacle-like appendages where the lower part of its face should be.

Shuddering at the image she quickly moved on to the next door. The repeating image on this door seemed to show a running female figure rushing past shadowed figures that were shooting or blasting something at her. At first the woman dodged, but eventually was hit. It was then that the animation would start over, making it seem the woman was stuck in some loop until she could dodge all the blasts coming at her.

Not sure what to make of this she moved on. The next video was the most mysterious so far. She saw a woman walk into a room, empty except for a small orb sitting on the ground. There was then a flash and the animation started over.  Puzzled, she pressed on.

At the next door another woman was shown bound, this time to a pillar of some kind. Ropes ran around it and then up off the monitor, with a single rope running back down with what was clearly a weight of some kind attached. The bound figure seemed to be struggling in a vain, ever repeating attempt to break free.

“I… don’t like the looks of that,” she whispered and moved on to the final door.

The final video made her stomach sink. The artwork was simple, showing a female figure moving down a hall, entering a never-ending series of doors, going in and coming out and moving on to the next one. It was simple artwork yet the hall and the doors were intimately familiar to her: it was clearly the hall of the dormitory at The Academy, the superhero university that she had so recently graduated from!

She backed away, all the way to the center of the room. She stood, biting her lower lip and looking back at all the doors. She didn’t know what any of them really meant, didn’t feel she could choose. So instead she closed her eyes, spun around till she was dizzy, and lunged forward choosing one of the doors at random.



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