Poll Driven Story: “Ena’s Curse”

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* * *


Ena stood outside the cabin that had been her home for the last few years of her life, ready to leave it behind. She’d returned to it for just a few days, spending most of that time making the clothing that would serve as her new adventurer’s outfit. She still had on the leather skirt, but now wore knee-high leather boots that left only some of her red-skinned legs exposed. She’d gathered various furs and leathers, cutting them in strips and sewing them all together to make a top. It covered and armored her arms, shoulders, and back but the garment only wrapped around the very top and bottom of her front, leaving her chest area fully uncovered.

This left her huge red breasts free and fully exposed. She no longer thought of them as a curse and a weakness that needed to be hidden from others. No, now they were her greatest asset, one she wanted out front and on display so she could wield them like a weapon.

But she knew there would still be times she’d need to cover her breasts. She had decided to become an adventurer again and that meant sometimes traveling at night or up into the cold of tall mountains. She’d used furs to make a large cloak that normally would hang on her shoulders and run down her back nearly to the ground, but it could be adjusted so it instead wrapped around the top half of her torso, covering her breasts from sight.

Under the cloak she had a traveling pack full of supplies with many more stashed in various pouches she had sewed onto her new outfit. She’d stripped the cabin of everything useful she had. With her magic sword hanging at her side she was ready for anything!

She took one last look at her cabin, stepping back towards it and putting a hand on the door. “You protected and hid me well these last years,” she whispered to it. “But it’s time to move on…”

Turning, whistling a happy tune, she began to head out into the woods in search of adventure. She chose the direction she knew would be the shortest path back to civilization.


* * *


“She’s not taking the right path,” Ynara said as she watched Ena move through the forest.

Baedor looked down onto Alaria, furrowing his brow. “You’re right,” he said. “She knows the way out of this forest, at least she should. Are you making her go the wrong direction?”

Ynara put a hand on her chest, just above the swell of her massive breasts. “Me? No! I thought YOU were doing this. I can feel someone’s hand leading her off course.”

“So can I,” Baedor said. He stood tall and looked around at the vast emptiness they floated in. “It seems someone else has begun playing this game with us.”

“Oh my, how interesting!” Ynara said, giggling happily. “I wonder who they might be?” She started looking around, calling out, “Come out, come out, whoever you are!”

No response came and no other god revealed themselves.

“It’s fine,” Baedor said with a wave of dismissal. “They will show themselves eventually. What’s important is that we keep playing our game.”


* * *


“This… isn’t right,” Ena said, coming to a stop and looking around. “I’ve never seen this part of the forest… But how is that possible? I know every inch of this forest for miles around and I’ve only been traveling for a short time. I’m lost, but that shouldn’t be possible.”

She had also lost the feeling of what time of day it was. Instinctively she looked up, hoping to peer through the canopy above and see where the sun was. To her surprise she found that she couldn’t even see past the top of the trees. A heavy mist had rolled in without her noticing, one so thick she could barely tell it was daylight.

Ena looked around and saw a nearby tree that had fallen over and was now covered in thick, soft moss. She went to it, sitting down. “None of this is right,” she mumbled to herself. “I got lost, that on its own is weird. Then I didn’t notice this fog, how is that possible?” She looked up and around the forest. “It’s getting thicker, too! I can barely see fifty feet ahead of me.”

As the fog thickened it brought with it a cold dampness that made Ena shiver. Although she was hesitant to cover her breasts she knew the uncomfortable feeling of the furs covering them would be far less than the chill from the fog that was growing ever thicker around her.

“Need to just press on,” she whispered, standing with determination. “If I just keep heading straight I’ll eventually get out of the forest or at the very least out of this strange part of it…”

As she pressed on the fog continued to increase in thickness, bringing with it an oppressive pressure that she knew wasn’t natural. It was a powerful force trying to force her away or maybe warn her about something ahead. She would have headed the feeling but there was no sense of direction to it, like the magic creating the sense of dread had been muddled and didn’t properly work right anymore.

The ground she walked on was growing less flat. It started to gradually slope upwards and as she moved on she stumbled over more moss-covered rocks. Before long there were large rocky rises jutting up from the ground with trees and roots half hanging off of them as if the rocks had been unnaturally raised up in one instant simply tearing the trees from the ground. The trees began to change as well, more and more they were evergreen trees full of limp sickly looking needles instead of trees covered in thick, lush green leaves. The dark, droopy looking needled branches added to the gloomy feel the fog brought to the world around her.

Up and up the landscape went. “This isn’t right,” Ena mumbled, having to half climb past certain rocky rises. “It should have been over a week’s travel to reach the foothills of Emberstone Peak. I never saw any smaller mountain while I lived in the forest nor on any of the maps of the area I studied before coming here. This shouldn’t be here,” she mumbled. She decided to turn and head back in the direction she had come from but soon found the landscape continuing to grow rockier and move upwards. “This isn’t natural…” she mumbled, having to climb to move on.

Reaching up she grabbed on to the ledge above her, grunting with effort and having to move carefully not to drag her overlarge and hypersensitive breasts on the rocky rise she was climbing. The sight revealed as she pulled herself up was so unexpected that she almost lost her footing and fell. She just barely righted herself and got up on her feet, quickly stepping away from the ledge.

She was standing near the edge of a rocky cliff with only a short distance in front of her before a sheer rock wall rose up into the thick fog. Looking up she couldn’t tell how far the rise went because of the fog. It might have risen only a few more feet or might have gone on for miles. But that wasn’t what had surprised her so much. She looked back down, staring at the stone doors carved into the living rock before her.

There were roughly carved stairs leading up to them. One side of them was smashed into rubble, a boulder that had obviously fallen onto them resting nearby. The stairs were crudely carved but the doors weren’t, although they were heavily aged and worn down from the elements. Two massive, curved, pointed horns were carved into the doors, extending from where the two doors met out of the doors and up off the top of them into the rocks above.

Ena reached up, touching her own horns as she stared at the carvings. “What does this mean?” she whispered.

As if in answer one of the stone doors began to slowly swing open, the sound of stone dragging on stone echoing through the strange silence that surrounded her and being swallowed by the oppressive fog. The door opened just enough for her to get through.

“Something wants me to go in,” she said softly, shifting to cautiously see into the open door.

At first there was only darkness but when she took a step closer torches inside burst to life, green mage-flame flickering and lighting the way forward. She could see the torches coming to life two at a time, lighting the way forward into a short passage that ended not far ahead with halls leading left and right.

“Well, I did leave to take up the life of an adventurer again. And exploring ancient tombs and dungeons are what adventurer’s do best. I think… I think I was meant to find this place, meant to explore it.”

Slowly she started moving up the stone steps, drawing her magic sword as she did. Because of her overlarge breasts she had to squeeze through the door, but once on the other side there was plenty of room.

The flickering green mage-flames burning in the wall scones lit the hall before her, but the light provided was dim and uneven. It was clear the enchanted flames’ magic was old and no longer very strong. Ena held her sword up before her and muttered the word “light” in an Elvish tongue used in a faraway land. The blade started to glow, at first dimly but after a few moments it was a pure clear white light that fully illuminated the hall around her.

With the way clearly lit Ena began moving down the hall. When she got to the t-section she turned from side to side, seeing if one way looked different than the other. They stretched ahead about fifty feet then turned, with no discernible difference between them. After a moment of thought she turned to the right.

As Ena turned and started heading down the passage she felt something, a strange tingling in the air. She slowed, realizing there was a musky smell coming from around the corner she was heading for. It was a strong smell: gross but enticing at the same time, like the body odor of a male lover after vigorous lovemaking. And it was clear to her that the tingle in the air, a feeling that she realized had made her nipples hard and had begun to make her moisten between her legs, was connected to the same thing causing the musky smell.

For a brief moment she stopped, thinking about turning back. But something made her move forward, something outside of her telling her she was meant to face whatever was around the corner. She took a deep breath, gripped her sword tight, then lunged forward, hoping to catch whatever it was off guard.

The creature standing just around the corner was startled by Ena, snarling and taking a few steps back. That gave Ena the time she needed to get a good look at the monstrosity.

It was big and would have stood over seven feet tall if standing straight up, but it was hunched over forward like an ape. Its body was roughly human shaped but it was too thin and the tough wiry muscles covering its body made it look very inhuman. It was completely hairless with leathery looking reddish-purple skin that was covered with throbbing veins. Its feet had only two large clawed toes while its hands had three clawed fingers.

Ena saw that there were six tentacle-like appendages attached to its back that were thrashing about angrily. They were colored more pinkish-red then the rest of its body, and it was clear that they were made of softer flesh. She couldn’t see what was on their tips, partially because of how much they were thrashing about, but mostly because of how distracted she was by the thing’s terrifying face.

The skin covering its face looked as though it had all been pulled back away from its mouth. It had no lips leaving its huge maw of large sharp teeth and pink gums fully exposed as its purple tongue hung out of its mouth. It lacked a nose, ears, and even eyes causing the rest of its head to be mostly smooth, with all that skin being covered in grotesque throbbing veins.

Ena had never seen nor heard of any creature like this. The thing, a Carnal Hunger, had at one point been eradicated from Alaria. It was a demon of The Corruption and now that the perverse power was spreading through Alaria once more the Carnal Hungers were returning. It was a savage beast with little intellect and driven by pure, unrestrained sexual lust.

Ena had surprised it but the Carnal Hunger quickly recovered, taking a few steps back towards her and leaning forward as it snarled and bared its clawed hands in a threatening display of dominance. At the same time the pinkish-red tentacles attached it its back lashed forward to attack Ena.

She screamed, swinging her sword at the incoming appendages. The tentacles curled and pulled away from her glowing blade, the creature clearly unwilling to let them be cut. Ena noticed this and pressed her advantage, lunging forward and slashing at more of the wildly thrashing tentacles. She was able to press forward nearly close enough to try stabbing the beast, but she had forgotten about the claws. It slashed at her and she was only barely able to dodge back out of the way.

Her attack faltered and now it was the Carnal Hunger that was pressing in on her. She slashed her sword wildly to fend off the tentacles while stepping back to keep out of slashing range. The beast pressed her further and further back until she bumped into a wall. Ena quickly looked to her sides and realized she’d let the monster back her into the corner of the passage’s turn.

The Carnal Hunger stood to its full height, looming over her and snarling down at Ena. For just a moment she thought the thing had made a mistake, moving in close enough for her to strike while pausing its attack to snarl at her. The muscles in her arm tensed and she snarled back at the monster, thrusting forward as hard as she could, hoping to impale the thing’s center mass.

If the attack had landed it might have been a killing blow, but the metal of her glowing sword never reached the thing’s flesh. One of the tentacles swung at her hand hard enough to slap it away. The hit was also hard enough to make Ena yelp in pain, dropping her sword and pulling her hand back towards her body. The weapon clattered onto the floor, out of arms reach. At the same time one of the other tentacles smacked her in the side of her head. The blow was enough to daze her.

As Ena struggled to regain her footing after the dazing blow she finally saw what the tentacles were tipped with: on the ends of the foul pinkish-red appendages were all too Human looking penises! As she righted herself her eyes also darted down, truly noticing the dick between the thing’s legs for the first time as well. It no longer hung limply between its legs, but instead stood tall and erect.

Her heart pounded as she remembered what had happened when the last monster she had faced defeated her, how she’d been driven mad by its sexual use of her breasts. Only through the direct intervention of a god had she escaped, but she doubted Baedor would save her a second time…

Then, as she thought about the God of Sexual Indulgence, she remembered how he had turned her curse into a gift. Ena stood tall, grabbing the furs wrapped around the top half of her torso and throwing them back to reveal her huge red-skinned breasts.

Instantly she felt the spark between her breasts and the Carnal Hunger as they worked their magic on the beast. It shivered, its penis-tentacles pulling back as their ends stiffened and grew rigid. It lunged forward, placing its hands on Ena’s shoulders and pinning her to the wall. She let it, feeling partially in control of the creature and sensing that it was only doing this now to better use her huge breasts.

Soon the penis tentacles slithered around and between them. One of them, its cockhead oozing precum, pressed up from below her breasts thrusting up into her tits. She reached up, grabbing the bulk of her breasts and pressing their soft fleshy mass in around the tentacle-cock as it began fucking her tits. Other cock-tentacles pressed up against the side of her breasts, rubbing up against their fleshy bulk or sliding under them. Other’s slithered to her nipples, rubbing their cockheads against them and smearing more precum all over them.

For nearly a minute Ena was in charge and even enjoying herself. Having six of the penis-tentacles rubbing between, under, and against her breasts felt amazing. She even expected to get off before long from the stimulation. But the sense of being in control of the Carnal Hunger soon faltered. Because of the enchantment on her breasts the creature needed to fuck her tits, but it had six penis-tentacles and its own proper cock. It was impossible for all seven dicks to fuck her tits at once, so it started to grow frustrated and more aggressive. That sexual frustration swelled up, becoming sexual aggression that pushed back against Ena’s control of the beast. Its sexual desire turned to rage, growing more intense till she was pushed out of the thing’s mind, losing all control over it.

She had tried to tit-tame the beast and had failed, leaving her weaponless and powerless with the monster already pressing her against a wall. Realizing she was now helpless she opened her mouth to scream but was silenced instantly as one of the cock-tentacles thrust into her mouth, making her gag as it began fucking her throat. She let go of her breasts to try and reach up and yank the thing out of her mouth but before she could two of the other penis-tentacles wrapped around her wrists and pulled her arms to the side.

The Carnal Hunger then grabbed her over-large breasts with its three-fingered hands and pressed her tits up and around the tentacle still titfucking her. As the claws dug painfully into her sensitive breast-flesh she wanted to scream in pain but she was only able to gag as the thing kept fucking her face.

Suddenly it pulled back slightly, grabbing at her and flipping her around then bending her forward. Ena braced her hands against the dungeon wall, leaving her bent over with her massive breasts hanging halfway to the floor. Penis-tentacles wrapped around her, around her thick waist, around her arms and legs, even around her neck. They seemed to have all the length they needed, wrapping around her body and holding her in place even as they slithered out and returned to fucking and rubbing up against her.

One returned to fucking her throat. Another was thrusting in between her hanging breasts, two of the middle sections of other tentacles pressing in on their sides to help press her breasts in around the cock-tentacle titfucking her. She even felt one starting to press into her pussy but realized at once it was much thicker than the others. Her eyes shot open and she tried to turn and look behind her, only able to turn her head just enough to confirm that the monster was mounting her from behind, it’s true cock entering her.

There was nothing she could do so she let her body go limp and stopped fighting. As soon as she did the pleasure her body was feeling overtook her senses. She was being fucked in her pussy and mouth while her tits were fucked. Meanwhile, other cock-tentacles were wrapped around and rubbing against every sensitive part of her body.

The tentacles that had been pressing her breasts together had now wrapped around the base of them, squeezing the tit-meat there. They started sliding down the bulk of her breasts, causing the milk filling them to come squirting out. Jets of thick white fluid shot out of her nipples, wetting the ground below. The forceful milking felt amazing thanks to the enchantments on her breasts. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she reveled in the feeling of being milked.

She was staring down, watching the milk that was being squirted out of her breasts pool on the stone floor below her. Tilting her head slightly gave her a clear view of her hanging breasts, of the cock-tentacle thrusting between then as other tentacles wrapped around them, squeezing their meat as they milked her like a cow. It was a deliciously perverse sight that brought her a surprising amount of joy. It pushed her over the edge and she started to cum. As her vaginal muscles contracted she became fully aware of the thick cock slamming in and out of her cunt, intensifying the orgasm.

As she reached climax something inside of the Carnal Hunger connected with her, a powerful primal magical force that intensified her orgasm. As she came her whole body pulsed with pleasure and she felt the power of the creature connected to her trying to do something to her mind. It was like the beast was trying to melt her mind. It didn’t, instead the power was repulsed. She realized the changes Baedor had made to her body protected her from this creature’s perverse magic, stopping it from melting her mind.

The Carnal Hunger responded to being pushed out of her mind by grabbing her thick waist, pulling her closer to itself, and fucking her harder. As it slammed into her backside Ena could feel ripples running up through the thick flesh of her large ass and lower back every time it slammed into her. She was just starting to crest towards a second orgasm when the thing pressed deep into her, holding its cock in place and shuddering as it came in her.

It let go of her waist and pulled away a bit, its cock sliding wetly out of her cunt. She sighed, enjoying the hollow feeling its cock left inside of her, a feeling that made her aware of just how thick the monster’s cock was.

She also felt its seed trickling out of her, running down the red, soft skin of her inner thighs. She could picture it’s cum so clearly, and mentally picturing it filled her with a desperate need to lap it up and consume every drop. Just then two more of the cock-tentacles pressed into her mouth as if the thing could sense her hunger for its cum. She started sucking and slurping on the three cocks as they crowded her mouth, greedily hoping they would all cum at once.

The Carnal Hunger moaned in appreciation, grabbing her ass and pressing into her backside once more. She was happily surprised to feel that its thick cock was still hard. It started humping her ass, the length of its cock sliding up through her fat ass cheeks. It was slippery, covered in a mixture of its own cum and her vaginal juices. As it humped her ass cheeks it pressed them in tightly around its cock, thrusting harder and faster.

As it picked up speed it forced Ena down onto all fours like an animal, tucking its hands under her and pulling her ass up so it pointed up in the air. As it did this it shifted, pulling back slightly and aiming its hard cockhead towards her puckered asshole. Her eyes opened wide in shock as she felt the monster start to press into her tight hole.

She’d never had a man take her there, although she knew it was a thing some enjoyed. It pressed in firmly but slowly and at first there was pain as her hole was stretched wide enough to take its full girth. But once it was past the tight opening it was able to slide easily into her. By the time it started really fucking her ass almost all of the pain was gone, replaced only with pleasure.

Amazing, she thought as she continued to hungrily slurp at the three cocks pressing into her mouth. I didn’t know being fucked up the ass could feel so good!

The experience was new and felt surprisingly good. Since she had already been close to getting off it was more than enough to push her over the edge into climax.

As she started to cum she felt the Carnal Hunger connect with her mind again, its power trying to melt her mental faculties once again. She was not caught off guard this time and instead of instinctively pushing the creature back out of her mind she grabbed hold of the connection and turned things around.

She was now in control of the beast. Except she still craved its cum, craved it so much that the moment she had control she made it cum with all of its cocks. She felt it ejaculate in her ass, felt the tentacle-cock fucking her tits spray cum between them, even felt the few holding her down cum. But mostly she felt her mouth filled by the three cock-tentacles that had been pressed into it.

Ena drank the cum as it sprayed into her mouth then forced the Carnal Hunger to pull away from her so she could bend down and start licking all of the spilled cum off the ground. As she licked it up, bent over on all fours like a wild animal, she muttered to herself. “I can never say no to cum,” she repeated, over and over.



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