Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

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Emilee’s eyes moved from card to card, reading every word of text closely. Her face was blank as she did so, giving Garin no hint as to whether her cards would help her win or not. He watched as she began reading her cards a second and then a third time, her face remaining perfectly emotionless.

His own heart started to pound. What did this mean? Did she have a really good hand with multiple cards that would win her the game to choose between? Was she carefully choosing the most humiliating way to defeat him?

He turned and looked at the gathered crowd and saw that they were growing impatient and starting to mutter unhappily. He didn’t want to lose the game. He’d enjoyed their attention and approval and knew if he lost he’d lose that as well.

Inpatient and feeling as if the rest of his life were about to be determined he slammed a fist down on the table, startling Emilee and the crowd around them. “Well?” he demanded, glaring at her.

Slowly she looked up from her cards, letting her eyes meet his. She stared at him, her expression remaining blank as she reached up and began to pull a single card away from the others.

“None of the cards in my hand will win me the game,” she said, her voice flat.

Garin let out a deep breath of release, feeling as though everything was going to be okay. But then he saw the corner of Emilee’s lips begin to pull up into a cruel smile and his heart sank.

“I can’t win, not this turn, but I have this card,” she said, holding the card up. “I’m going to play it. It won’t win me the game, but it will give me revenge.” She was still holding the card up, glaring at Garin and refusing to flip the card over to reveal its text to him. “Revenge on you,” she said and then turned to look at the crowd around her, meeting as many of their eyes as possible. “Revenge on ALL of you.”

They gasped, taking a few steps back.

She turned back to Garin and slowly began placing the card down on the table. “It’s going to make them do something so awful it will never be forgiven. I’m the one playing the card but they are going to blame YOU. You know why? Because I would never have been able to play this card if you hadn’t convinced me to play this game or if you hadn’t bought it and brought it to this party. So you are to blame.” She then turned to the crowd and loudly proclaimed, “Garin is to blame for this. Remember that!”

Then, still staring out at the gathered nobles, she put the card down on the table. It started to glow, its magic already radiating out towards the crowd. They started to pull back, some even turning to try and flee the room, but the magic of the enchanted duelist’s deck was not about to let them escape. Tendrils of red energy that sparked angrily shot out, wrapping around the crowd and preventing them from getting away.

Garin stared open jawed as everyone in the room other than Emilee and him had red energy wrapped around them. The nobles were all muttering, some shaking in fear. “What is happening to them?” he demanded of Emilee, his voice frantic and shaky.

He turned to look down at the card Emilee had placed on the table. She had a single finger on it, holding it down as magic radiated out from it. He tried to read the writing on the card but her hand was in the way, a hand he now noticed was shaking. He looked up and saw her whole body shaking, saw that her muscles were tight and she was biting her lip as she struggled not to moan. She had played a card and that had made her climax but for the first time she looked as though she was sincerely enjoying it.

“All worth it to have revenge on all of you,” she muttered as her orgasm came to a shuddering end. “They will never forgive you for what’s about to happen,” she said louder to Garin. As she said this she looked over at her crystal, watching as the energy she had in it was almost completely drained leaving her as close to losing as Garin was. He looked back at her, stunned she’d played something that had evened their score. “All worth it,” she said again then nodded to the crowd around them.

Garin turned and looked out at the crowd, his heart pounding as he waited to see that the card she played was doing to them. He watched as the women were lifted up a foot or two into their air, most screaming and struggling in vain. The red magic swirling around them grew tighter, clinging to their clothing. Then, all at once, the energy ripped the clothing of every woman in the room off. Most screamed in horror as the magic dropped them back down onto the floor. A moment later they all scream as that power forced every single one of them down onto their knees, their exposed breasts bouncing and jiggling as their knees hit the floor.

“How dare you remove their clothes and expose them so!” Garin declared, turning to Emilee. “There are members here of almost every High Capatian noble family! Those are the matriarchs and favored daughters of those families. They will not forget this treatment and they will never forgive it! You’ve ruined me, you’ve ruined my family!”

A bitter smile spread across her lips. “Oh, I know. Seeing a Low Capatian woman treated the way I’ve been treated was one thing. But having even a fraction of that happen to one of these High Capatian nobles? MAYBE if they had just had their bodies exposed you could have been forgiven,” she said, pausing then glaring at them all and adding, “although all these fat-titted bitches are all so proud of their huge breasts.” She practically growled the words, hatred oozing with every word that came from her mouth. “But the card’s magic isn’t done. Try looking at the men, Garin. The men that in Capatia are subservient to women, noblemen who do as their noble wives and mothers and sisters tell them. Look what is happening to them.”

Garin turned and looked, gasping. The red magic was now swirling tightly around their heads, streams of sparking red vapor flowing into them via their mouths and nostrils and even their ears. All of the men started to rise a few inches off the floor, their heads back as they breathed in the magic vapors, their bodies convulsing.

“Make it stop!” Garin cried out, turning and trying to throw a quickly cast spell at the enchanted duelist’s deck. A small fireball flickered into existence and shot forward only to hit a red force field that popped into existence protectively around the deck.

“You can’t stop it,” Emilee said coolly. “I’m sure on your turn you’ll have all sorts of nasty and perverse things to play against me but it won’t matter. You’re going to win, I think the deck has made certain of that from the start. But after the card I just played your win will be a hallow one.”

He turned to look back at the crowd just as all the men were dropped back onto their feet. Their eyes glowed with red energy that steamed and sparked, all of their faces twisted into a look of madness and desperate sexual desire. Helplessly he watched as they all began taking their dicks out, each of them so hard he could see them throbbing even from where he sat.

“No, no, no, no…” Garin was muttering as he watched. This was Capatia, a fully matriarchal society. Women were on top, men subservient to them, especially in public. The norm sexually was for women to be dominant as well. Yes, many in their private lives didn’t follow this expectation but to acknowledge that in public would lead to great shame and social derision. One of the greatest crimes in the kingdom was for a man to take sexual liberties with a woman, and doing so publicly almost always led to a death sentence.

“They can’t!” he gasped, starting to realize what was happening.

All the women were naked and on their knees. Almost all of them were High Capatians with their impressively large breasts now exposed. The men were staring at those breasts, holding their cocks and beginning to move towards them. In near unison the men all lunged at the nearest woman to them, grabbing their heads and forcing their hard cocks into their helpless mouths. The women, magically held in place and unable to do more than choke and gag and moan their displeasure, had their throats forcefully fucked.

“This can’t be happening…” Garin muttered, holding his head as if he felt faint.

“Nothing like this has ever happened in Capatia,” Emilee said in a flat, emotionless voice. “First thought when it’s done is going to be putting all the men in jail or maybe even to death. But they have no more control then the women, so how could such punishment be considered fair? Yet how can these, some of the most powerful Capatian women, hold their standing and allow these men to get off without punishment? And then there is the fact that they are mostly noble men of standing ravishing these women. Below the women, yes, but high enough that they are mostly free from punishment for their wrongs. How will that be dealt with? I don’t know, but I do know you’ll get all the blame.”

Garin didn’t respond. He was watching what was happening in total horror. He saw that there were more men in attendance than women leading to some of the noble women having two or three men crowded around them. He watched as one man stood next to a woman as another fucked her face, holding his hard cock and waiting his turn to use her mouth. The magical lust building up in him started to bubble over and he dropped down onto his knees, aiming that frustration at the woman’s breasts. He started groping her tits, then when that was not enough he started slapping them from underneath to make them bounce up.

“By all the gods, that’s the head of the Trinial family! She’d NEVER let a man abuse breasts so, especially not in public. Who is that man? He’ll pay a dear price when this is over. He’ll— Gods! It’s the husband of the Limintal family matriarch, their closest ally! This will have political reverberations that will shake the noble alliances to the core.”

They both watched as the man using the Trinial woman’s mouth groaned, came in her, then pulled out. He stumbled back, falling weakly to the floor. The man that had been slapping her tits jumped up, grabbing her head and ramming his cock into her mouth.

“She’ll never forgive such use of her body in public,” Garin muttered darkly. “She’ll send assassins to kill both those men no matter what is decided their punishment should be.” He stopped, his eyes opening wide. “She’ll probably send one to kill me as well!”

He turned to Emilee. She simply shrugged, finally taking her finger off the card she had played. It floated over to the discard pile as a new card was dealt to Garin.

“It’s your turn now,” she said, sounding both physically and emotionally exhausted. “Please, just end this.”



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