Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate A Wizard”

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Surprising Emilee and everyone watching, Garin slammed his cards down on the table, pushing his chair back and quickly standing up at the same time. With alarming speed he was up and around the table. As soon as he was within arm’s reach of Emilee he grabbed her, yanking her back from the table and out of her chair as he pulled her to her feet. She flung her head to the side, looking him in the eyes and startled by how mad they looked. They burned with lust and it was clear he had lost all control of himself.

She barely had the time to register this before he had spun her around to face him and then grabbed hold of her waist, tossing her up onto the table. Emilee’s naked ass landed with an audible fleshy “thud” as she let out a startled yelp of surprise. A moment later he had hold of her legs, violently pulling them open then pushing her down onto the table on her back.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, so stunned by this sudden physical bullying that asking the question was all she could manage.

He didn’t answer, at least not with words. His eyes were still on fire, burning with desire that clearly would not be restrained till he had some kind of sexual release. He moved closer to the table, one hand shooting up to grope and grab at her enlarged breasts while the other fell to her pussy.

The frantic gropes at her breasts were clumsy and painful and made her wince, although the pain in her sore and tender breasts melted into pleasure that left her feeling slightly confused and disoriented. But even as her mind began to process this it was distracted. Garin grabbed her cunt, groping her pubic mound and growling like an animal in heat. A moment later he curled his middle finger into her pussy, pressing into her moist hole.

She shuddered and started to press her legs in closed while trying to sit up and wiggle away, intending to push him away from herself so she could escape.

Garin growled something at her that might have been the word “no” but very well could have been simply been an animalistic sound of dominance. He let go of her breast, reaching up and grabbing her neck as she started to sit up. As his hand squeezed tightly around her neck he pressed her back down on to the table while pulling her towards the edge of it. Meanwhile, he pulled his hand away from her pussy, reaching down and frantically fumbling with the front of his pants.

Emilee gasped for air and struggled to breathe as Garin choked her and held her down. She was shocked and scared. Where had this aggressive beast of a man come from? Where was the clumsy awkward young man who she’d been playing the game with all night? The man holding her down was stronger than he had any right to be and so intense that she was intimidated into inaction.

As soon as he had his cock out of his pants he pulled her closer to him, sliding her partially off the edge of the table and ramming it into her pussy with one smooth, aggressive motion. Emilee gasped as he forced himself into her, ashamed at how wet she was and shocked at how hard his dick was.

“Gods above,” someone in the crowd said, a male voice breaking the silence that had broken out when Garin had got up from his seat. “Would you look at how forcefully young Garin is taking the dumb slut? Who knew he had it in him!”

There were muttered responses, most of them female. They were shocked. Men did not treat women with this kind of forceful aggression and dominance in Capatian society, at least not openly. Humiliating her was one thing, but taking her in this manner without the game telling him to? If it hadn’t been so shocking the crowd might have started to turn on Garin. Instead they were too stunned, they stood in near silence and watched.

Garin kept one hand wrapped around Emilee’s neck, using his grip to hold her in place as he savagely pounded into her cunt. He grunted and growled and moaned in pleasure, glaring hungrily at her enlarged breasts as they bounced wildly up and down. Emilee had gone limp, gasping for air and moaning in pleasure as he used her body. There was no fighting this, at least that’s what she thought, so instead she went along with it. And once she had made that decision she began to enjoy it, reveling in the feel of being fucked so hard.

Her initial gasps and yelps of discomfort became half-gasped moans of pleasure. Her body tensed and she started to cum as Garin slammed into her harder than he yet had, his cock penetrating so deep into her it made her throw her head back as her eyes rolled up unto her head. Her vaginal muscles tighten as she came, momentarily forcing his cock out as he pulled away, but he thrust back into her with such ferocity he was able to press past her clenched muscles which only made her cum harder.

The added pressure inside her pussy was enough to push Garin over the edge too. He pounded into her a few more times then stopped, groaning deeply as he pressed down into her body. She felt his cock quiver inside her, felt the explosion of pressure as he emptied his balls deep in her cunt. She was still cumming when this happened and the feeling of his seed rushing into her only made her cum harder. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling his body down into hers and at least for a moment feeling she wanted to be one with him.

She might have been lost in the bliss of orgasmic release for some time if not for a strange sensation that began to tingle in her belly almost as soon as he came in her. It had the warm, swirling feel of magic to it and instantly she felt her body being altered. The shock cleared her mind and stopped her orgasm from stretching pleasurably on.

Garin let go of her neck, his body easing as he pulled away from her and sighed in relief. As soon as he had cum the untamed sexual beast he had become was gone. His cock was already becoming soft and it slipped wetly out of her, a bit of cum trickling out of her pussy as he left her.

Someone in the crowd pointed to her pussy and gasped. “He came in her!” they called out.

Emilee’s eyes shot open as the crowd gasped and started to mutter. “No,” she said, sitting up and putting her hands on her belly protectively. The spell the deck had placed on her that had been making her so horny and muddled her mind was gone all at once. She looked down, realizing what the magical feeling inside her had been, remembering what one of the cards Garin had played on her early in the game had said would happen as soon as a man came in her.

“Is it true?” someone called out, stepping forward and looking Emilee in the eye. “Did the magic cards do what they said they would, can you feel it? Have you been impregnated?”

She stared, her eyes wide and unable to speak.

“It’s true!” they said, seeing the shock and despair on her face. They pulled back, turning to the crowd. “It’s true! She’s been instantly impregnated!!!” The crowd exploded, some shouting derisive abuse, others muttering how scandalous this was, while others simply laughed.

Emilee looked down at her belly, her hands still resting on it. She could feel it, feel the magic lingering there. She was pregnant with Garin’s child, there was no doubt. She slunk off the table and pulled her chair back, sitting down as close to the table’s edge as she could. She was naked and exposed and this was the only way she could even slightly hide the sight of her belly from the crowd around her.

Looking up she saw that Garin had sat back down across from her. His face was flush and he looked tired, spent, and a little confused. It was clear that he’d lost control and that the loss of control had shaken him.

For a moment Emilee wondered if he was being manipulated by the deck the same way it was pulling and pushing on her. Then she remembered what he’d just done to her and any sympathy she’d momentarily had was washed away and replaced only with loathing. She’d never once in her life wanted to have a child, especially the child of a High Capatian. She glared at him, barely able to process the amount of hate she felt for him.

Garin looked at her and saw the hate in her eyes, seeing how intense it was, and flinched.  He started to open his mouth to say something but stopped, shrugging instead. It was clear to her he had been about to say “I’m sorry,” but instead had accepted what he had done and simply shrugged it off.

“I still need to take my turn,” he said, reaching for his cards. They slid away from his fingers, surprising everyone. Emilee’s cards slid away from her too, both stacks of cards floating up and shuffling themselves back into the deck. “What is going on?” Garin asked, looking at the stone box the game was kept in.

The image of a giant semi-transparent card was projected up into the air, large enough for all in the room could see. Once more writing began to appear on it, another proclamation from the game. The card said that a penalty was being given to Garin for fucking Emilee without permission instead of taking his turn. He gasped as the energy in his crystal was drained till almost none remained. The deck then shuffled itself and dealt out new cards to both players, five to both of them before declaring Garin had lost his turn.

A sixth card floated up into Emilee’s hand, signifying her turn had begun. She sat for a long time, looking down at the cards and not really reading them. The game continued whether she wanted it to or not. “I just want it to be over,” she muttered and began to actually read her cards. She stopped, glancing up and looking at the floating crystals. Hers was half full and Garin’s almost empty. It should take only one card for her to win and end this. Her eyes returned to her cards, hoping the new hand was more helpful then what she’d used to hold.



A Quick Note: The card game will most likely be ending soon but I want to let you know that will NOT be the end of the story! There are a lot of plot points that need to be resolved and the story will go on till they are all either resolved or become moot.


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