Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

Another addition to this story! If you need to get caught up or want to read the story in its current entirety go HERE.


The Lust Demon arched its back, reaching up and grabbing her breasts and squeezing them tightly. Ryvlull could feel this was the thing’s moment of release and as she continued to ride its massive cock she reached down to hold the base of its shaft as it started to cum.

She felt it twitch in her hand and as the demon’s balls began to empty. There was a blast of pressure inside her as it came, but she felt more than just its demonic seed exploding and flowing into her. She could feel its very essence being shot out in a torrential flood of release.

The Lust Demon’s arms flew out beside it, twisting around as it clawed the floor. Its back arched further up and it howled in pleasure, its eyes steaming as bright red, sparking energy burned in them. Ryvlull continued to ride the monster as it came, the sexual energy that had created and summoned it flowing back out into the world. The energy flowed into and through her, making her cum so hard she lost all sense of the world around her.

And then there was an explosion and a vacuum of air under her as the Demon, its life force spent, was unmade. It blinked out of reality, causing Ryvlull to fall to the ground.

The world returned to her as her orgasm quickly subsided. For a moment she sat on the ground, dazed and confused, feeling unsure if the demon had really been there. Then she felt the cum oozing out of her pussy and pooling up on the ground below her and knew it had all been real. She crawled to a nearby wall, leaning back against it and sitting as she let her body and mind recover from the ordeal.

As she sat she became aware of something: the Lust Demon had filled her with its seed in a physical, spiritual, and magical sense. Although she was sore from the ordeal she was not tired, in fact she felt vibrant and full of life. Her pool of mana, the fuel for her spells, was fuller than it had ever been before. In fact that pool she had to draw on was then far larger than it had any right to be. For the first time she felt she could cast every spell she knew without having to draw mana from the world around her and still have more left.

“Nothing will be able to stop me now,” she whispered, her eyes glowing faintly red with barely constrained magical power.

After she spoke the words a strange gust of wind blew out from the dungeon ahead of her. As it flowed past her it seemed to carry a whisper on it, words that only she could hear. The strange words were not in any language she knew, yet she still understood their meaning. The words said they were proud of her, that she was clearly the one destined to release it from its prison.

The feeling that a God had faith in her filled her with exuberance and before long Ryvlull was back on her feet, her gear gathered and her staff in hand. She pressed forward, the dungeon moving ever onward and down into the earth. Forward and down it went as she passed through a great number of chambers and rooms.

It seemed as if at once these places must have contained traps and barriers and perhaps even magical guardians that should have been trying to slow or halt her advance forward. But now they all seemed shattered or simply crumbled with age. It was clear that much of the magic keeping the God imprisoned had been broken, although she could not tell how recent this had happened. She thought back to the way The Corruption had flown into her and how drawing it to her had helped it break through the protective walls of the prison. Surely at least some of the shattered protections she passed were destroyed thanks to her.

Eventually she came to a small doorway that led into a room unlike any she had yet to pass through. On the other side of the doorway was a huge rocky cavern, seemingly the end of the carved and manmade dungeon. The cavern had no magically illuminated torches, leaving the open cave before a mystery shrouded in darkness.

She stopped and thought of getting a torch out of her pack but decided against it. She sensed the cavern before her was too large to be lit by a single torch. Instead, she began to mutter a quick enchantment, holding her mage staff out the side as she did and willing it to float in place next to her.

Ryvlull held her hands out before herself with one cupped palm above the other. Cold blue light started to form there, swirling and growing larger and brighter. She had to pull her hands apart to accommodate the swelling light until the orb was as big as her head. Once it was that big she pulled her hands back, holding them before her as if holding the mass of glowing light away from her.

It swirled and spit out snowflakes and gusts of icy air as the cold light emanating from it grew brighter and brighter. Ryvlull kept her hands before her as if she was braced against the magical ice-light, keeping it in place as it grew ever larger and brighter. Then she began to move forward, pressing the light before her as she stepped through the door into the dark cavern.

The ice-light was pressed out in front of her, illuminating the cave and showing that it was even larger than she had first thought. Ryvlull willed the ice-light to move out further away from her, sending it flying up towards the roof of the cavern as it grew even larger and brighter, till it shone like a bight cold blue star illuminating the whole cavern.

With the cavern illuminated she could see that only a few ahead of her the cave floor ended, plunging down into a massive chasm. Grabbing her staff and stepping up to its edge and looking down she saw only darkness, the cold light above unable to illuminate the vast depth below.

She took a step back from the potentially bottomless and pit and instead looked out to the other side. Across the vast pit she could see a similar ledge to the one she stood on, with a small and distant door seeming to lead back into the dungeon. It was a long way away and if she had been without magic the distance would surely have been insurmountable. Looking up and around at the cave walls and ceilings she was certain crossing in a mundane way would be impossible, even the most adept and prepared climber could not make their way around or over this chasm and jagged rock walls.

But Ryvlull was a powerful ice mage and this seemingly insurmountable hurdle was nothing to her, especially with the way the Lust Demon had left her store of mana overflowing. On top of that The Corruption that had changed her had increased her natural magical talents, leaving her to feel any spell she summoned would be cast at twice its former strength.

At that moment she had no doubt she could use her magic to cross.

She took a step back, holding her staff out before her. The blue crystal on top of it began to glow brightly and then there was an explosion of icy wind from it that blasted out before Ryvlull. It coalesced at the edge of the pit before her, ice starting to form on the rocky cliff. The blasting frost-winds flowing from the staff began to press forward out into the put, taking the shape of a bridge that began to stretch out up and over the expanse before her.

For a few moments this bridge started to take physical shape, the ice that had begun to build up on the edge of the cliff growing and crystallizing up through the blasting cold wind flowing from her staff. But after a few feet of the ice bridge had been formed glowing blue glyphs began to appear in the air around it. They popped into reality, powerful magic emanating from them that pushed Ryvlull’s magic back. The glow of the crystal on her staff started to falter, dimming and than the light starting to flicker off. A moment later the gust of icy wind flowing from it died down then sputtered out completely, the partially formed ice bridge cracking instantly and crumbling down into the seemingly never-ending pit.

The magical wards pressed forward, forming a transparent wall before Ryvlull at the edge of the cliff and pushing her back. She stumbled, dropping her staff and fell back into the wall behind her.

For a moment she leaned against the wall, her breathing heavy. She’d never encountered magical wards as powerful as these. They hadn’t just countered her spell as she cast it, they had actively pushed back on her as if not just her magic but her very presence was being warded away.

“What do I do now?” she asked, not sure who exactly she was speaking to. Her voice echoed around her, leaving her feeling hauntingly alone. She knew other spells that would allow her to cross but she was certain the wards would prevent them from working in the same or an even more violent manner than the ice bridge had been dispelled. She felt despair, helpless and unsure how to continue.

Before standing she paused to grab her staff, holding it to her enlarged breasts for comfort as she pondered what to do. Just as she seriously started to think what turning back would mean she noticed something moving in the deep chasm below her. She stood and moved closer to the ledge to better look down. Down below at the edge of the illumination cast by her ice-light was something rising up towards her.

As it floated up into the light it took shape, a large floating rock that looked just big enough for a single being to climb on top of. As it rose closer it became clear the top was covered in a mass of something green, vines of some kind perhaps? The closer it got the more clear the strange mass covering it became. They moved and writhed slightly and now that she could see them more clearly she saw that they were fleshy and alive, not plants but some creature that was wrapped around the top of the floating chunk.

“No,” she whispered, narrowing her eyes and watching as it rose ever further up, “not on it but sprouting from the rock.”

It rose until it floated level with the ledge she stood on, then began to come towards her. She moved back, suddenly afraid. There were many monsters in Alaria covered in swarms of tentacles and few were a pleasure to deal with. But as she stared at the rock before her she realized whatever these green tentacles were they looked like no beast she’d ever faced or even heard of. There was the strange way they seemed to sprout from the rock, and now that she looked closer she realized she couldn’t see the tips of any of the fleshy writhing things. If there were ends they were currently tucked in and hidden.

Eventually the tentacle-covered rock moved all the way up to the ledge before her, slowing and gently coming to stop resting against it. She stared, watching the mass of green things move and shift. The top, thanks both to the tentacles and the shape of the rock, was not flat. Instead it was raised up in a slight dome shape. Sitting on it would be nearly impossible but she could easily lay stomach down on it with her legs spread out while leaning forward and grasping onto the front, she even thought she would be able to tuck her feet and hands into the tentacles to help hold on better.

It was clear why this was here: she was meant to get on and ride it across the chasm. But she held back from moving to get on the rock. What was the trick? This place had been created to keep the God ahead imprisoned, why would who or whatever created this place leave such an easy way to cross this seemingly uncrossable pit?

There seemed two possible answers to Ryvlull.

The first being that the creators might have wanted or needed a way to get back through the dungeon they had created. If that was true then this way across would have some spell upon it that prevented someone trying to free the imprisoned God from using it.

That seemed the most obvious answer to the mystery of the thing before her. But she thought there was a second answer, one less obvious but more likely to be true. She’d seen that the power of the imprisoned God had not just worked to break down the walls and enchantments of it its prison, but that it seemed to have corrupted and changed parts of the dungeon. Now that she could sense The Corruption she could tell it had warped parts of this place.

Thinking of this she concentrated on the tentacle covered rock before her, inhaling the winds of magic coming off of it and trying to see if it was infused with The Corruption. Her eyes shot open and she reeled back, overwhelmed by how thick and intense The Corruption was gathered around the thing before her. Either this thing was not placed her by the prison’s creators or The Corruption had so twisted it that it clearly no longer served their purpose.

It would help her across, that she was certain of now.

Ryvlull started to move forward, eager now to climb on but then stopped. Something flowed from the rock into her mind leaving her with the impression she should not climb on till she was naked. She looked down at what little clothing she still had on that fit her and started taking it off. In the end she was left only with her staff and her pack stuffed with any and all of her useful gear. She secured her staff on side of her pack then made sure the pack was fitted tightly to her back. This left her standing naked but her gear still with her.

She stepped up to the edge of the cliff and took a deep breath then began climbing out onto the tentacle covered rock. As soon as she came into contact with the mass of tentacles it began to writhe and move more vigorously than it had been a moment ago, parting around her hands and feet so that she could grab hold of and then brace herself on the rock under them. At the same time they rose up slightly and started to wrap around her limbs, supporting her and keeping her from falling off.

As she climbed to the top of the rock and grabbed on as tightly as she could she looked down, watching the tentacles wrap around her. They felt fleshy and soft and were spongy when she grabbed hold of them, although she noticed that the more she touched them the firmer they seemed to get. She was trying to catch a glimpse of their tips but they seemed to know where her gaze was pointed and were intentionally keeping their tips out of sight. All she managed to glimpse was that near their ends the green flesh started to turn pink.

Ryvlull ended up on top of the rock belly down, her massive breasts underneath her with the tentacles swarming and writhing under and around them. Her legs were spread wide open and braced down the sides, her feet having found grooves in the rock that seemed carved for that purpose. She was also leaning forward, her arms out before her as she gripped the front sides of the rock.

Once in position the tentacles which till that time had only been lightly wrapping around and supporting her became far more active. She felt them snaking tightly around her legs and pulling her tight to the rock. They did the same to her arms, although not as tightly making it so she’d be able to easily move her arms or even pull them free if she wanted.

She felt held tightly in place, certain she’d not fall off, yet the rock remained where it was. She began to wonder what she needed to do to make it move when the writhing tentacles grew even more active, many more slithering out from the rock as their numbers seemed to double. For the first time some sprang up away from the mass clinging to the rock and to her, their ends exposed as they reached out all around her.

Ryvlull gasped as she finally saw one their tips. The green flesh turned pink then deep read as the shaft of flesh took on the shape of a penis. Her head darted from side to side seeing now that ALL of the tentacles were like this: cock-tipped shafts of undulating muscles.

Remembering how the tentacles had seemed to stiffen in her hand she decided to try something out. She grabbed tentacles with both her hands, gently squeezing them in a pulsing manner. They responded to her touch, growing firmer. She started to move her hands up and down their length and felt them shiver then grow even stiffer.

The tentacles she was “working” with her hands pulled up and away from the other tentacles, standing up and growing thicker and more erect, the end with the red cock-heads hard enough to look like an erect penis. She saw that the tips had also begun to ooze thick precum.

“Oh my,” she mumbled. It was clear that The Corruption had mutated this rock and turned it into something sexually perverse. But what did she need to do to get it to move? She had hoped stimulating some of the tentacle-dicks would get it moving but it still floated in place up against the ledge.

“What am I meant to do?” she asked, looking down at the dick-tentacles wrapping around her.

They seemed to respond, writhing about more vigorously with their tips starting to slither towards her. She gasped as she felt nearly all of them starting to harden. The ends of more dick-tentacles then she could count started to press up against her body, thrusting up through her massive breasts, sliding up between her perky ass cheeks, and coming at her face from nearly every direction. The hard cockheads were all leaking precum, smearing it across her body and then her face as they pressed into her.

She winced in annoyance as multiple tentacle-cocks pressed against her face, pressing up under her chin and against her cheeks and over her eyes. “Ugh! Stop! I can barely breathe!” she snarled in annoyance as she gasped for air. Some pulled away, giving her the space she needed. But a few remained, rubbing up against her face and neck.

Now that they had pulled back slightly and she could breathe easily she started to enjoy what they were doing to the rest of her body. A countless number of dick-things were rubbing up against her, smearing precum along nearly every inch of her skin. The precum was making her skin tingle, making it more sensitive and increasing how good the rubbing felt.

Her massive breasts under her body were, for the moment, receiving the most attention. Multiple dick-tentacles thrust up between them, rubbing up against the sides of their bulk, under them, around them, and even just pressing into their huge soft fleshy bulk. It felt as though separate swarms were concentrating on her nipples, pressing in and rubbing at them from all directions, smearing more and more precum on them which only heightened their sensitivity.

Ryvlull began to moan, moving her body up against the undulating, thrusting tentacle-cocks rubbing against her. It felt so good she started to lose herself in the pleasure, tilting her head back and letting her eyes roll up into her head. Her mouth fell open and she moaned long and loud, a sound that echoed through the cavern.

She stopped caring why she was on the rock. It felt amazing, sexual pleasure covering nearly every inch of her body. What other reason did she need to be here?

But as the sexual pleasure spread and her body started to slowly crest towards orgasm she realized this mass rubbing against her wouldn’t be enough to get her off, no matter how long she let it work her body. What she needed was penetration and realizing that she began to wonder why none of the dick-tentacles had tried to enter her. They were rubbing up against every part of her body, smearing precum over her lips, up through her ass cheeks across her puckered asshole, and even rubbing up through the trench of her vulva, but none stopped to try and press into her holes as they ached to be filled.

Starting to become desperate, needing to be filled, she leaned into the tentacle rubbing its cockhead on her face, licking it. “Enter me,” she moaned before starting to suck on it. It hardened further and started to press into her mouth. She turned, opening wide and taking it in, starting to suck it off.

That seemed to be what the swarm of dick-tentacles needed. They shifted, beginning to press into her. She felt one pressing into her pussy, finding her hole more than wet enough to make its entry smooth and easy. Another pressed up against her asshole, softly at first. In and out, little by little using the precum leaking from it to lubricate its entry. Ryvlull moaned around the now thrusting tentacle-cock in her mouth, overwhelmed as one entered her ass fully. The feeling of having all her fuck-holes filled at once pushed her over the edge and she started to cum, her body convulsing with pleasure.

The moment her orgasm began the floating rocked jerked and began to move forward. As the tentacles fucked her in all her holes, thrusting and pounding till they came and pulled away only to be replaced by another cock-tipped tentacle, the rock moved slowly across the bottomless void.

Ryvlull was so lost in pleasure she was only vaguely aware of the platform’s movement. It floated through the air slowly, taking a long time to reach the other side. She didn’t care. She moaned and moved her body, reveling in the feel of the dick-tentacles fucking her, rubbing up against her, covering her inside and out with the amazing cum that made her body tingle so pleasurably, inside and out.

She came over and over till she started to feel weak. Yet even as she realized that it wouldn’t take much more to cause her to pass out she didn’t do anything to make it stop, the pleasure was too intense, too satisfying.

Finally, when she was barely able to open her eyes, she felt the floating rock shake and realized it had reached the other side. Part of her knew she needed to get off and move on but she couldn’t pull herself away, couldn’t choose to let this pleasure end.

Luckily the dick-tentacles were as tired as she was. Although each one had been able to cum many times as it used her body they were now having a difficult time remaining hard and rigid. They shuddered, desperate for a break. Using the last of their energy the swarm wrapped around Ryvlull, lifting her up as they pulled out of her cum leaking fuck-holes. They carried her to the rocky ground of the ledge, rolling the cum covered Night Elf away from it and pulling back.

Ryvlull rolled over on her side, moaning in satisfaction and feeling happily exhausted. She saw the dick-tentacles pulling back into the rock, saw the rock float away then go down, disappearing back into the bottomless void.

She was tired, her body exhausted and sore from pleasure. She had to struggle to keep her eyes open, fighting to use the last of her energy to turn her head and look at the door standing before her. Through it was more of the dungeon, green mage light having sprung into light illuminating the way forward.

“I made it,” she whispered. “But I need a rest before I go on…” She took a deep breath, gathering what strength she had and crawled away from the ledge, managing to get through the door so she could lay against the dungeon wall.

She was vaguely aware of the trail of cum she left behind her as she had crawled through the door. She was covered in it from head to toe and it was still leaking from her pussy and asshole like a small river. As she lay down, using her cum soaked pack as a pillow, she closed her eyes and smiled, luxuriating in the perverse feel of so much cum covering and leaking out of her.

“Just a short rest,” she whispered, sleep already overtaking her…



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