Poll Driven Story: “Ena’s Curse”

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“Yes, let us,” Ynara said, turning to look up at Baedor. She jumped a little, surprised to see he was no longer there. Her eyes narrowed and she looked back down at Ena, waiting for Baedor’s presence to be felt on the mortal plane of Alaria. “Cleaver…” she whispered, “cleaver and unexpected…”


* * *


Ena moaned and rolled over, feeling confused and disoriented. She couldn’t feel anything under her body and as she rolled over she lost all sense of what was “down” and what was “up”. She moaned again, her mind and body both feeling sluggish and slow to respond. This isn’t right, she thought, struggling to open her eyes to try and get a bearing on the world around her.

At first her mind felt as if it had been shattered into a million pieces, that it had been broken and she’d been left little more than a beast that ran on pure instinct. All intellect was gone and she was but an animal. But as she floated there in that confusing void she felt her mind being stitched together, bit by bit. She felt her mind being slowly repaired, returned eventually to what it once had been. Only after her mind was back to normal did she feel able to actually open her eyes, yet she was still so weak that even that was a struggle.

When she finally did manage the task she found herself staring out into a vast starry void that surrounded her, the vision leaving her more confused than before. Where am I? What is this strange place? She turned and looked in all directions finding the same thing all around her: an empty, star-filled black void.

It was a cold and empty place that made her feel alone in a way she’d never experienced before. And the void stretching out in every direction was both empty yet felt as though it was pressing in on her, creating a feeling that she both didn’t belong and that this place didn’t want here there.

All of the stars were distant and unreachable, except for one. It was close and the light from it seemed to be connected to her, warming her from the inside out and keeping her alive. She turned and looked at the star and had the impression, even though it made little sense, that this star was her home.

“That’s Alaria,” a deep, booming male voice said, startling Ena.

She turned towards it to find a massive, muscular red-skinned monster of a man “standing” nearby. He had curved black horns coming out of his head and stood before her naked, a massive red cock hanging between his legs. Power radiated off the being, power that left Ena feeling small and insignificant.

“W-what are you?” she asked, feeling suffocated by the immense being’s presence. It seemed to be growing larger the longer she looked at it, adding to her sense of insignificance.

“What am I?” it asked, stopping to ponder the question for what felt like an eternity to Ena. “You would say I am a God, although there was a time where the mortals of Alaria called me and those like me ‘Demons’. But that’s a word that is no longer used in the same way.” He paused and chuckled, “funny how malleable mortal language is, how the power of words can falter and disappear as the usage of words change.”

“I don’t understand,” Ena said, confused.

“Of course you don’t. Let me help you,” he said, seeming to remain floating in the same place yet feeling as though he drew nearer. “You should not have asked ‘what’ I am but rather ‘who’ am I. I am Baedor, God of Sexual Indulgence.”

“A God?” Ena asked, stunned. “W-what do you want from me?” she stuttered. She knew the Gods of Alaria were very real, but she also knew how rare it was for one to appear to a mortal. It was even rarer that one would appear to a person who had not devoted themselves to worshipping that god.

Baedor smiled kindly at her, tilting his head slightly. “It is not what I want from you but what I can do for you.” He paused, turning and looking past her.

Ena shifted and looked behind her, seeing that Baedor was looking at the bright star she felt connected to. There was a sudden spark between her and the star and then a moment later she saw a vision of herself in a dimly lit cave, lying between the Grangdrag’s legs and using her huge breasts to pleasure it. The sight made her shiver and all at once everything that had happened to her came rushing into her mind with perfect clarity.

She turned and looked away from the star, the vision disappearing with it. “I don’t want to think about that,” she whispered softly. “I don’t want to go back there, to live that life any longer.”

Baedor placed a hand softly on her shoulder, warmth flowing from him and easing the pain of remembering her recent life. “You have to return,” he told her, “even I cannot prevent that.” Calming warmth continued to flow into her, although now it brought warm tingles of arousal with it that make her cheeks flush and left her feeling damp between her legs. “You must return, but if you let me I can give you the power to escape the doom you now face. In fact, I can give you the power to turn the curse placed on your breasts into a blessing. My blessing.”

Ena looked up at him, her mind muddled by the waves of calming arousal washing into her through the god’s touch. Even so, she knew gods did not give their blessing freely. “And what do you want in return?”

The kind expression on Baedor’s face melted away, leaving his face blank and unreadable as he spoke his response. “Only that you carry my blessing as a mark on your being, that it wash over you and leave you changed. That you allow me to give you the power you need to escape your current peril and then lead you as you live out the rest of your life.”

For just a moment she paused to wonder what the price would really cost her. Then her mind turned back to her reality and flashes of her imprisonment at the Grangdrag’s feet appeared in her mind. She turned to Baedor and spoke quickly, not caring at that moment what the cost would be. “I agree,” she said. “Give me the power to escape and you can do what you will with me.”

A huge smile appeared across Baedor’s face. “Then it shall be so.”

The calming, warm arousal flowing into Ena’s body through Baedor’s hand intensified. It shifted, growing from calming warmth to burning power. It washed over her body, flowing into every inch of her. It burned her insides with an intensity that wasn’t quite pain but was undeniably not pleasurable.

She screamed, trying to pull away from the God but unable to do so. “What are you doing to me?” she shouted, the burning feeling now so intense she felt it in her soul, sizzling and changing the very essence of her being.

“Placing my blessing upon on you in a manner that can never be removed,” Baedor told her.

Ena felt the truth in his words, knew that whatever was being done to her could not be undone. She tried to look down at her body to see what was being done to her but could no longer see herself. She felt suddenly torn apart from her old self, as if it had been cast out into the endless void and lost forever. In its place was something new forming, something that wasn’t her yet was at the same time was more herself than she had ever been. As if only now was she truly in a form to meet her true destiny.

“Go now,” Baedor said, pulling his hand away from her.

She felt a vacuum of power pulling her to him as he pulled away, then that power swelled and exploded, pressing into her and sending her back towards her mortal body as she left the strange void behind.


* * *


Ena gasped, sitting up and opening her eyes. It felt as is if she had fallen from an immeasurable height and slammed back into her body, causing a ripple of power to explode out from her.

That ripple hadn’t been a physical thing yet the Grangdrag sitting near her had felt it. She realized the monster had been sleeping but now it sat up, surprised awake nearly the same way she had been. Looking up at it she saw the beast was so tired it didn’t even look at her, its eyes shot open then quickly fell back closed. Sleepily it leaned back against the cave wall and yawned, reaching its big green hands up to rub its eyes as it tried to fall back asleep.

Ena doubted the monster would be able to do that, figuring she’d only have a few brief moments to collect herself. She remembered her meeting with the God Baedor more clearly than any even in her life and she knew at once that her mind had been repaired by the meeting. But she also felt her body was changed, and took that time to look down and inspect herself.

She fought against the urge to gasp out loud as she looked down at herself, afraid to draw the Grangdrag’s attention even as what she saw shocked her. Her breasts were still as huge as they had been only now her skin, which had been pale white in color, was now a deep, vibrant red almost identical to Baedor’s. Looking down and inspecting her body further she at first thought it was otherwise unchanged from the neck down: still curvy and thick. Yet as she shifted she could feel that under the thickness were muscles that hadn’t been there before. It seemed she had regained the finely muscled body she had once had, only the plumpness she had gained over the last few years was now layered on top of it.

Leaning back slightly to look past her huge breasts she spread her legs to see if her womanhood was unchanged. Again she fought against the urge to gasp out loud as she saw that she was now hairless down there, just like an Elf. Looking closer at the rest of her body she notices she was completely hairless from the neck down.

Wondering how Elf-like she had become she reached up to her ears. They were now elongated and pointed, although only by a few inches instead of the hand length elongated ear’s full-blooded Elves had. She then pulled some of her hair out before her face to look at it. It seemed to have remained the same length, though it too had become red in color (although a few shades darker than her skin).

As she had pulled her hair out she had felt something strange on her head. She then reached up with both hands to feel it, thinking she knew what it was but wanting to make sure. On both sides of her head, just on the edge of her hairline, extended two hard protrusions. She couldn’t see them but could clearly picture them in her head as she ran her fingers along their length. They were curved, ridged horns; bending back like a ram’s horns and curling around in a circular pattern.

“I’m no longer Human,” she whispered, not sure what to think about the changes to her body.

The softly spoken words were enough to wake the Grangdrag up. It shifted, sitting up and rubbing its eyes again before looking down at Ena.

She had started to pull back, instinctively reaching up to try and cover her massive breasts. But something stopped her, like a thought whispered into her head telling her to let the beast see her breasts. So instead of hiding them she sat up more, thrusting her chest out so the sight of her breasts was unavoidable.

As it laid eyes on them she felt the spark of the curse connect them. Only this time it was an altogether different feeling. She saw the red light momentarily flash in its little beady black eyes and could feel its massive cock hardening beside. But she didn’t feel the connection coming back at her and stunning her.

Instead, she felt connected to the beast with a strange sense of control over it. There was an instinctual understanding of this new power and she was able to wield it with ease, concentrating on it and mentally pushing against the Grangdrag’s mind. She couldn’t stop the beast from coming at her, from needing to fuck her tits, but she could manage how it did that.

She realized that Baedor had told the truth, he had changed her and given her the power she’d need to get out of this situation. She shifted and used her new power to make the monster lay back, its arms limp at its side. Soon her breasts were wrapped around its monster cock and she was bouncing them up and down, working it towards orgasm.

Ena found herself enjoying this far more than she expected. It felt good, enough to bring her to the edge of climax herself, yet it was a pleasure she felt in total control over. That feeling of control only intensified as she continued to work the monster’s cock. The closer to release it got the more in control she felt she had over it.

In fact, as it neared climax she felt something else. At first it was a spark connecting something inside of her that hadn’t been there to something deep in the monster that very much had always been part of the creature but that she’d never been able to sense before. As it crested up she felt this energy flowing out towards her. She grabbed onto the energy, feeling she could pull it into her and drain the beast of this energy.

She looked down at its green cockhead poking out of her breasts just as it began to cum. The energy started to flow out before its semen did, an invisible fount of power that flowed into her making her feel strong and powerful. At the same time she felt that pulling this energy form the beast would weaken it and that if she pulled enough out she could even slay the creature this way. She could, it seemed, use her breasts and a male’s orgasm to drain it of its life-energy.

This is the power I’ve been given, how I will escape, she thought. I shall drain it now, leaving it a dead and lifeless husk. I will not just be able to escape, but do so with more power than I’ve ever had!

As the Grangdrag began to cum she felt its life-energy flowing into her, making her stronger as the beast died. Yet she knew that this energy, although it made her powerful, wouldn’t be enough to keep her alive all on its own. It was a fuel for power, and maybe some kind of magic, but it was not sustenance all on its own.

Her mind flashed back to the way the beast’s cum had been enough to keep her alive during her time as its pet. She saw now that this had been because of some temporary magical spell placed on her, although who had placed it she knew not.

For just a moment she thought the spell was gone now that she was to be free of the monster. But then she saw its cum shooting up into her face. A powerful, driving hunger for the fluid flared up inside of her. Even as the Grangdrag shuddered as it finished cumming and the last of its life-energy was drained from it Ena found herself unable to begin licking up every drop of its cum. She knew that cum would no longer sustain her in any meaningful way but she couldn’t help herself. She’d been left totally addicted to it and she’d be unable to avoid consuming all the cum she saw from that day forward.

After the last drop was licked up Ena pulled away from the now dead monster, standing and wiping her mouth clean. She turned from it, free and not wanting to look back.

She walked out of the cave, out into the calm of the forest. She was naked but at that moment she didn’t care. What if someone or something saw her breasts now? She could control them if they did! Her curse seemed no longer like a curse at all, it had given her power. It had become a blessing!


* * *


Above her in the ethereal plane Ynara and Baedor watched. They had both taken part in changing her, their divine magic twisting and reshaping her into something new.

“A new race,” Baedor said. “At least it will be. This is just the beginning though, there is much more to do.”

Ynara turned and looked up at Baedor. “A mortal race made in your image?” she asked.

“Yes. Something mortal yet infused with The Corruption from its creation,” he replied.

“So is our game over?”

“Oh no,” Baedor said, turning to look down at her. “The game continues as we both pull and tug at her and shape this new race. Like I said, this is just the beginning.”


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