Poll Driven Story: “Never Underestimate a Wizard”

The newest section is ready for your pervy eyeballs! If you’re looking to catch up on what has happened in the past or simply read the story in its current entirety head HERE.

Emilee had intended to read the card as it landed on the table, finding out what doom she’d chosen for herself as it was played. But she’d forgotten all about the fact that playing a card would make her cum. As soon as it touched the table she doubled over, moaning in surprised pleasure as a forced orgasm erupted from within her.

Those gathered around chuckled and then began calling out to know what her card said. Emilee was just recovering from the orgasm when Garin grabbed the card from the table and stood. She looked up and saw him turn to the crowd, preparing to read it to them. Her heart sank even deeper, realizing he was going to make this as hard on her as he could.

“It seems,” he began, speaking loudly to the crowd around them, “that I don’t get to take my turn quite yet. I’ve got a task I’m going to be magically compelled to complete first!”

He paused, looking back at Emilee and smirking. His eyes darted down to her slightly enlarged breasts and the smirk increased, twisting with cruel delight. The look made her reach up and hug her naked breasts protectively as her mind raced, trying to remember the details of all the cards dealing with her breasts.

“It seems I’m going to have to help her cum before we can move on,” he declared loudly, looking back out at those gathered around. He paused, waiting for the audience’s reaction. There was a little mumbling but mostly there were lewd cheers. Emilee realized he was seeing how they felt about him having sexual interaction with her. Now that her body was fully female again they seemed excited about it, almost eager to forget the abomination she had temporarily become that had so repulsed them all.

“I’m going to have to play with those,” he said, dramatically turning and pointing to her breasts. The magic of the deck helped make what he meant clear, forcing her to throw her arms out from around her chest, revealing her swollen breasts to the crowd. As everyone stared she wished for the freedom to wrap her arms back around them, to be able to cover and protect them, but she was unable to for the moment.

“It seems I have to play with them till she gets off. And the card stipulates that I will mostly need to do this by sucking on her nipples.”

Someone in the crowd guffawed loudly, calling out a reminder that a previous card was now making her lactate. Reminded, the crowd seemed fixated on this and began shouting out cruel jeers comparing her to a cow that made Emilee immensely fearful for what was about to happen to her breasts. She’d almost been able to forget part of the reason her breasts felt so full and swollen and enlarged was that they were being magically filled with milk.

Once the crowd’s jeers and shouts died down Garin began talking to them again. “Furthermore, the card tells me that if the stupid Low Capatian slut needs help getting off from having her little titties sucked on it will oblige her along. The longer it takes her to get off the faster her tits will grow and the more sensitive they will get.”

At that the crowd cheered happily, pressing in slightly. The slight move in felt like an oppressive, suffocating force to Emilee. The countless pairs of eyes in the room all seemed fixated on her exposed breasts. The attention pained her, made her more aware of them then she had been in time. She could feel them slowly swelling and growing, feel the increasing oddly heavy meat in them feeling tender and sore from the growth. And then there was the maddening feeling of pressure building up in them which clearly was from the milk being produced in them.

For a moment she wondered if that feeling was what women who were naturally lactating felt or if this was purely a magical feeling. The thought, however, was quickly interrupted.

Someone new to the room had pressed forward through the crowd and fallen to their knees at the edge of the pool of semen surrounding the cum-blasted Priestess who still lying sobbing on the floor. The woman, another Priestess, wailed in horror at the sight. “What is this perversion?” she called out, momentarily pulling the attention of the crowd of partygoers away from Garin and Emilee. “Do none of you have the decency to help this poor abused woman of the faith?”

The room was eerily silent as she looked up at those gathered around her, burning judgment in her eyes. “Then I will come to her aid,” she declared angrily, turning back and starting to bend over towards her before quickly stopping. It seemed she understood why no one else had helped the poor woman: she was so covered and soaked in cum no one wanted to touch her. The Priestess fought past the revulsion and finally reached down, wrapping her arms under her fellow Priestess and helping the sobbing woman up.

“Shame,” she called out. “Shame to the Chevalier family for hosting such perversion! Shame for you all for cheering it on! I shall take this poor abused woman of the faith to safety away from this all, but that will not be the end. I will send Paladins of our faith back here to deal with this! You all shall be judged!” The crowd parted to let the two women through, all of them silent and most standing with their eyes downcast and guilt on their faces.

While the eyes in the room were turned away from her Emilee found she was finally able to close her arms back around her breasts. She also felt a change in the room as the new Priestess scolded the crowd. It was like a fresh wind blowing away something stagnant that had been making the air in the room hard to breathe. It felt that the holy woman’s words had nearly broken some power Emilee had not noticed till that time.

She looked to the deck of cards sitting on the table and then to the stone box they lived in. She felt it now that she was aware of it, a greedy antagonistic power emanating from it. Something trying to wrap out and sink its invisible tendrils into everyone in the room. She doubted anyone else was aware of, realizing she was alone in understanding that this vile perverse magical item was trying to control all of them, twisting and corrupting them as it pushed on their emotions and minds. It explained why the crowd had been so drawn to the game, why they had been so excepting of its openly perverse nature.

Thanks to the Priestess in that moment the power from the deck, the influence over those around her, was nearly broken. Emilee’s mind raced, trying to think of what she should do to help break the control all the way. Maybe if freed from the deck’s spell they would realize how awful this all was, that they might even try and save her.

But the corrupt magic infused into the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck was more powerful and more insidious then even she suspected. It felt its sway over the crowd nearly broken and acted to regain their attention and reassert its control over them.

Garin cleared his voice and shouted loud so all could hear him clearly. “Are we all not nobles? What care we what a lowly Priestess has to say! Nothing, that’s what! Forget her, turn back to me, turn back to what I’m about to do to this stupid Low Capatian slut who’s tried so hard to ruin our fun tonight. Does she not deserve to suffer more for our enjoyment?”

And just like that the crowd was pulled back in. They turned to face Emilee once more, cheering Garin on and shouting fresh abuse at her as they all began to laugh with joy once more. The clearing of the air she had felt was gone, the oppressive presence pressing in on her even more intensely than before.

Turning, Garin began walking around the table towards Emilee. “It’s time, slut. Present your tits to me.”

Grinding her teeth, hating every moment of it but knowing if she didn’t do this on her own the deck would force her to, she turned in her seat to face Garin. She looked up at the young noble, burning hatred in her eyes. Gently she reached up and cupped the bottom of her breasts, slowly lifting them up to present them to him. It was a strange feeling for her, their size and weight was as unfamiliar in her hands as it was hanging off her chest. Even more disorienting was the sensitivity of her their tender and sore flesh, just cupping them this way felt strangely good.

For an awkwardly long moment Garin stood above her, staring down happily at her breasts as she held them up to him. They were both aware the crowd was yelling and laughing and cheering, but at that moment neither really heard their words. Emilee stared at him, hating him more then she had thought she’d ever hate another being. She couldn’t believe she’d actually pitied and even found him attractive earlier in the night. And what made her angriest at that moment was that he wasn’t even looking at her, he was looking at her breasts and just her breasts. Like they were something separate from her, something more important than her. It was a humiliating, dehumanizing feeling.

Softly, still staring at her breasts, Garin whispered something. It came out of his mouth so quietly Emilee couldn’t hear it. Then he repeated it, a little louder. “Amazing,” he said, strange childlike awe in his voice. Confused, she looked down then gasped, understanding. In the time he’d been staring her poor breasts had noticeably grown! And now that she saw it she could feel it too, feel that they were slightly heavier in her hands and that they felt fuller, the pressure in them still building up.

“Stand up,” he commanded softly but firmly, his eyes still not pulling away from her breasts.

Emilee did as he wanted, unsure if she was doing it because she was beaten down and had surrendered to her fate or if she was simply being compelled by the deck. She quickly realized the truth didn’t really matter, all that mattered was that she gave in. The thought was strangely liberating, yet filled her with incredible shame. She knew she should be fighting this all but at least for now there was no more fight left in her.

She stood up, taking a step away from her chair. Garin pulled in close then started slowly moving around her. Even though there was a noisy crowd around them they both felt as if they were alone in the large elegantly furnished room, Garin feeling like a predator stalking its prey and Emilee feeling like a helpless animal, frozen in place as it realized its hunter was about to pounce on her.

Slowly Garin moved till he was standing behind Emilee then moved in closer, pressing his body up against the back of hers. As he did this he wrapped his arms around her body, under her arms and then up to her slowly growling breasts. He gently cupped them in his hands much the way she had but he then slowly lifting them up as if testing the feel of their weight.

Emilee shivered, repulsed by his touch and hating how good it felt. She shivered again as he started to move his hands, sliding them up under the bulk of her breasts slightly. His fingertips danced across her tender breast-flesh, sending soft waves of pleasure flowing into her. She had to fight not to let out a soft moan, not wanting him to know how good his touch felt.

Then his fingertips moved in towards her nipples. As they touched her areolas a moan DID slip out of her mouth. It only grew louder as Garin gently grasped each nipple between his fingers, giving them a little pinch then softly rolling the hard nub of flesh between them. The amount of pleasure Emilee felt from this was disorienting and the only clear thought she had was that perhaps this wouldn’t last too long. If THIS felt this good surely she’d reach climax quickly.

With that in mind, she leaned her head back, turning to him slightly and whispering. “You need to suck on them,” she whispered. When she had begun speaking the words she thought she was saying them simply to get this over with. But as she heard herself talk, heard the breathy soft intimacy of the way she whispered them to him, she realized there was sincere longing and desire in her words.

Garin leaned in closer to her, his lips gently brushing against her ear as he continued to lightly roll her hard nipples between his fingers. “Fine,” he whispered, his breath tickling her skin, “but I want you to get up on the table. Kneel at the edge so I can suck on your tits while I stand.”

As soon as he let go of her she started to pull away, ashamed at how excited the request had made her. She was turned on, eager to feel his mouth around her nipples. She climbed up on the table, turning and kneeling on the edge. She sat up straight, pressing her chest out and waiting for him.

Then her mind cleared and she blinked, noticing the crowd around them once more and hearing their crude and led jeers. What is happening to me? she thought. How can I be getting so into this humiliating debasement? She had to remind herself that she wasn’t a willing participant in this sick game, that she didn’t want this.

As the thoughts ran through her head Garin moved up to her, grinning happily as he found that her position on the table left her breasts perfectly level with his face. He stepped up, gently grabbing her breasts, them leaning into one of them. His mouth opened and he took one of her nipples into it, closing his lips around it.

All thought left Emilee’s mind as his lips sealed around her nipple and he started to suck on her tit. It was an explosion of pleasure that made the world around her fade away. There was another explosion when the first time he flicked his tongue across the hard fleshy nub in his mouth. He sucked and licked, his hands gently squeezing her breasts as he did so. As the moments slid by Emilee moaned louder and louder, lost in sexual bliss. Garin returned her moans, closing his eyes and pressing his face into her breast as he sucked on it more vigorously.

A moment later he pulled away, gasping for air then lunging at her other breast. He inhaled her nipple, sucking on it with unrestrained carnal hunger. Emilee gasped, surprised by his sudden intensity. As he sucked and licked and squeezed and pressed his face into this new breast he groped her other one. His fingers slid to her nipple and began to pinch and twist it, something made even more pleasurable by all the slippery spit that had been left behind on it.

Emilee felt her face burning red. She knew her mouth was open and she was panting as she moaned pleasure with her eyes half closed and her brow raised up tight in confusion. This felt so good, felt so intense. Yet it had only just begun!

And then everything changed. The milk in her breasts let down and started flowing as Garin sucked vigorously on her nipples, switching from one to the other. He made a small sound of surprise at first but then started sucking even harder, drinking the milk with loud hungry gulps as it began to flow into his mouth. Emilee gasped, stunned by the powerful feeling of release as her milk started to flow. The pressure in her breasts had been steadily building and building and only as it was released did she realize how intense it had grown, but that intensity was nothing compared to the feeling of having that pressure relieved this way.

Her breasts had grown an incredible amount in the short time Garin was sucking on them, nearly doubling in size. Yet even as they kept growing he was drinking her milk faster than her growing breasts could produce it. Much of the perfect, almost unnatural firm roundness her breasts had been gaining as they grew melted away, leaving them seeming softer and saggier. He held both her breasts up, his hands sinking into their now soft flesh as he groped and squeezed the milk out of her while pressing his face into her tits.

It was all too much for Emilee. She threw her head back, her eyes closed and her mouth open in a silent wail of pleasure as she came. Garin moaned, pressing his face deeper into her soft breast as her orgasm shook her body. They were both aware of a momentary squirt of her milk during her climax, the tit in his mouth releasing a short gush of milk while the other one let out a small quirt that the audience noticed.

Garin pulled away just as she finished cumming, sucking hard on her tit and stretching it out till it popped wetly out of his mouth. It fell, bouncing as her nipple squirting a bit of milk. “Amazing,” Garin said, pulling back and placing his hands in front of himself awkwardly as he breathed heavily.

Still reeling from the orgasm, her face bright red and sweat covering her body, Emilee looked down and realized Garin was trying to cover a visible erection under his clothing. She was reminded that while she was naked and fully exposed and had been made to cum so many times she had lost count he had yet to even undress! As she came down from the intense sexual high of what had just happened and crawled down from the table, returning to her seat she became aware of the crowd around her once more. She wondered what Garin would do now. It was, after all, his turn and it was clear that sucking on her tits had turned him on.

A few moments later they were both sitting in their seats. Emilee sat close to the table, her breasts now big enough that when she leaned forward slightly they rested on it. She was vaguely aware of a bit of milk trickling from her nipples but her main focus was under the table. She had her legs open slightly and had her hands between her thighs. Her orgasm had only left her more aroused and she was struggling now not to touch herself.

As she fought against this she watched as Garin picked up his cards, watching as a new card floated up to join the others. She watched as his eyes darted from her to the cards then back to her, lust burning in them.

The game had changed for both of them.

Something had broken in Emilee and her mind seemed not her own anymore, as if the power of the deck had pressed into her and, at least momentarily, made her give in to the overpowering pleasure of the sexual joy it was forcing on her.

For Garin it had stopped being a show that was making the crowd love him. He was turned on and desperately horny, in need of satisfaction and release. And he was very aware that the cards in his hand could not only give him what he felt he needed, but they would also allow him to choose how he got his release.


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