Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx”

Getting yet another one back into rotation! And I’ve got to say, I’m pretty happy with how intense the sex scene in this section came out.

If your looking to read the past sections/read it in its current entirety you can go HERE.

Ryvlull moved confidently through the dungeon, passing more pillars and walls covered with obscene, sexually explicit artwork. As she continued forward the depictions began to change, no longer showing just women with huge breasts, but male figures as well. The further forward she pressed the more diverse the images became. For a time the walls and pillars were a cornucopia of varied sexual acts between women with inhumanly large breasts and men with inhumanly large penises.

As she pressed ever forward she could feel a powerful energy gathering around her. As it was drawn to her and coalesced in her body it seemed to clear her muddled mind slightly. She stopped, turning and slowly inhaling the air as she tasted the winds of magic flowing around her. They were strong here, stronger then she’d ever felt them before, stronger even then the winds had been at the college of magic she’d trained at.

“Power…” she whispered, closing her eyes inhaling again. She could feel it, taste it, smell it even. But it wasn’t one single type of magic. It was a mixing of many different kinds, many different forces. She stood, tasting and inhaling the magic until she felt she was able to understand it.

Underneath everything was a current of raw elemental magic. This was something she was very familiar with as it was the kind of magic that fueled most of the spells she knew. It was a kind of magic that was an underlying constant in Alaria, strong or weaker in some places but always present. Here it was strong yet it was simply the background to forces that felt much more important and far more powerful.

The most pressing feeling was one that felt ancient and arcane with perhaps a hint of the divine. It seemed to be flowing from the walls and pressing in on Ryvlull while also trying to force her back the way she came.

She recognized it as the force that she had felt repulsing and pushing her away from the ruins when she had first arrived. At the time she had thought it just some leftover magic from whatever this place had been before becoming ruins. But now she understood what it really was: it was the power that had imprisoned the God she was tasked with releasing. It was the magical force that had kept this mysterious God imprisoned here for unknown ages, the force that kept this place looking fresh and new.

And it was a force that she could feel was fighting a losing battle.

As she turned from side to side and concentrated on the power holding this hidden prison together she was able to actually see it with her mage eyes. It was a pulsing, glowing bluish-white light emanating from every surface around her. But the longer she focused on it, the clearer it became to her eyes, the more she could see cracks and open fissures where sparking red magic was seeping through.

She then focused on that red energy, at first trying to figure out if it was forcing its way into the dungeon or pressing out of it. As she stared and breathed its scent in she realized both those things were happening at the same time. The red energy, whatever it was, seemed to be imprisoned in this dungeon and was slowly seeping out through the cracks in its magical defense. At the same time she could feel the same energy swirling and gathering outside the dungeon, pressing in and breaking down the defenses to free its fellow energy trapped inside.

But what was this sparking red energy? She’d never been aware of it before today. Standing and thinking back on her journey so far she began to recognize its presence there with her from the start. It was a complicated, confusing power. There was a tinge of the divine, of power greater than that of nature or what mortals could wield. Yet there was something primal about… something that she felt was radiating from within her, like her very being was also producing some of this energy.

And then there was the FEEL of it. It was neither good nor evil, but there was a primal recklessness to it and at times there were great gusts of aggression and antagonist desire. It was power that was both exhilarating to consciously breathe in yet something that felt suffocating, like it was clinging to her. Like it was trying to extend tendrils of its will into her very soul and CORRUPT her.

Her mind returned to the aspect of this complicated power that seemed to be radiating out from within her. She focused just on this one aspect, this one ingredient of a larger force. What was it that was coming from her? The Night Elf adventurer closed her eyes, breathing slowly in and out and concentrating on the energy. It was tantalizingly familiar…

Her eyes shot open and she realized it was the energy that had opened the door to the dungeon. It was SEXUAL energy. Things started to click into place in her mind and she reached back out to feel the corrupting power pressing in on this dungeon and struggling to break free. It wasn’t evil but it WAS intensely sexually perverse. That explained why it felt so antagonistic at times, it was a selfish greedy force that wanted to change Alaria and infuse it with its power. It was a sexually corrupting force.

No, it wasn’t A corrupting force it was THE Corruption. The words ran through her mind. The Corruption. She could feel the capitalization of them as she thought them. She tilted her head back, eyes closed as she breathed in The Corruption, able to fully revel in its feel and taste now that she recognized it for what it was.

Ryvlull was young. She was naive. But she was naturally powerful and attuned to the winds of magic. These facts had mixed together, making her the perfect tool of The Corruption. It had pushed her to come here, knowing she would be weak-willed enough to become a puppet who could use her natural powers and talents to free the Corruption infused God imprisoned here.

At that moment she sensed this, sensed she was a pawn in a greater game. She leaned into it, drunk on the feeling if importance. She let The Corruption flow into her, raising her hands into the air and sucking as much of it into her as she could. For hours now it had been swelling around her, pushing at her mind and body. And the magical “trap” that had swollen her breasts to their gigantic size had only helped increase the swelling of power around her.

She gave in to The Corruption, happily letting it flow to her and greedily sucking it into her being. It flowed through her body, through her mind, even though her soul. It began to change her, to fully corrupt her.

But opening herself up this way, allowing so much of The Corrupting to flow to and into her, did far more than begin to make her a thing of The Corruption. For a moment she was a powerful conduit that allowed The Corruption imprisoned around her to break free. And at the same time it allowed the masses of Corruption swirling outside the dungeon to press in, breaking through and destroying much of the magical energy that was keeping it at bay.

Ryvlull opened her eyes and saw glowing, sparking red energy flowing to her from all directions. It was seeping out of the stonework around her, released from its ancient prison. She saw the fissures and cracks in the bluish-white magic that formed this prison. The imprisoning magic glowed more brightly for a moment then began to fade as whole chunks failed, allowing even more of The Corruption to flow towards her.

She began to cackle in delight as the red sparking power swirled and gathered around her, flowing into her then back out and leaving her changed. She felt giddy, more powerful and important than she ever imagined she’d feel.

The high was short lived. One moment everything was perfect and the next she felt things swelling out of control. There was too much of The Corruption flowing to her, too much sexual energy swirling in and around her. Her magically enlarged breasts seemed to be amplifying it. Suddenly she felt like she was losing control, felt that too much sexual energy was gathered around and inside of her.

She stumbled, staggering back. The energy had reached critical mass and was no longer centered around her, instead it had taken on a life of its own. There was no more room for it to expand so instead as even more of the energy flowed to the space before her it began to become more and more concentrated.

Ryvlull no longer needed her mage eyes to see the swirling mass of sexual energy. It had become a physical thing, a spinning swirling flood of sparking humming magical power. It pulsed, sending out blasts of power that sent her stumbling further back. It grew then was compressed in then grew again then was compressed in further; over and over till it was so gathered up it began to shift from pure energy to something that had begun to take on a physical form.

She further stepped back, awed by the power before her. The energy was taking the form of a massive being that loomed over her. Limbs took shape, legs and arms. A head began to appear and slowly what was swirling compressed magic turned into a single solid being.

There was one final blast of magical energy that knocked Ryvlull back onto her ass. She blinked, feeling the change in the world around her. The swirling mass of sexual energy was gone, having taken the shape of a being that was a pure creation of sexual lust. She looked up a massive red skinned… thing.

Lust Demon.

The words seemed to hiss from the thing’s head as facial features solidified. Ryvlull felt at once that the words were a perfect description of the thing before her. It WAS a Lust Demon.

It stood at least eight feet tall. It was humanoid in shape, with two legs and two arms and a head but its red-skinned body was totally hairless. It was also unmistakably male in its form, with bulging masculine muscles. It was a male “thing”, a demon of pure male sexual lust.

Looking down between its legs she had to blink, not believing what she saw at first. There hanging between its legs was the most massive cock she had ever seen. She glanced at her own magically enlarged and over-sized breasts then back up at the demon’s mind-bogglingly massive dick. Her mind instantly thought of the images that had filled the hall she walked through, she thought about how she had thought those images to be artistic exaggerations of the male and female form that would be impossible in the real world. Yet here she was, tits as big as the rest of her body; and here this demon was, a cock longer than her arm and thicker than her leg.

Her eyes had to move away from the massive cock. It has an overpowering presence, one her mind could barely handle. Greedy savage lust was flowing from it, keeping her pressed down on the ground. She felt helpless and desperate so she looked up to the demon’s face hoping for relief.

Its large head was almost Human or Elvish in its shape. Its nose was flat, almost as if it hadn’t fully formed. And although its skull was shaped for eyes there were none in the indentations under its brow and beside its flat nose. Yet Ryvlull felt the thing looming before her saw her more clearly than she saw it. But the most unsettling thing about its face wasn’t its eyeless eye sockets, it was its mouth, although Ryvlull thought “mouth” wasn’t the right word. It was too big, too misshapen. “Maw” was much more fitting.

The Lust Demon cocked its head to the side, “looking” down at her. A frightening smile spread across its maw before it opened it. It had sharp, terrifying teeth that added to the sense of its “wrongness”. But most unsettling of all was the huge, long, thin, pointed tongue that came snaking out of the open maw. It dripped and oozed saliva and it extended out then curled up and licked around its strange lips.

“I must have you,” it growled.

The sound of its voice made Ryvlull shiver. It wasn’t right. It didn’t sound natural. She would later find herself unable to properly describe the sound of the Lust Demon’s voice. The closest she would ever get would be that “It sounded as if it didn’t belong in our reality.”

Once it started moving towards her she thought that the way it moved made it look like it didn’t belong in our reality as well. There was a strange jerkiness to its motions, yet also an unnatural smoothness to the way its body moved. The air around it also seemed to shimmer as if in a heat haze, yet at times as she stared up at it the entire thing would seem to shift from side to side as if its body were struggling to remain fully corporal.

Slowly it approached, one menacing step at a time. Each time one of its large feet slapped onto the stone floor she shuddered, its oppressive presence pressing down on her a little more. A few more steps and she was gasping for air, struggling to breathe because its presence was so suffocating.

A few more steps and she became aware of what its presence was doing to her body: her nipples were so hard they hurt, her heart was racing, her cheeks were flushed and every inch of her body tingled with arousal. If she had been able to move she would have been grinding her thighs together. Her pussy ached for attention and was so moist she felt her juices leaking out and running down into her ass crack.

And it wasn’t just her pussy that ached for attention, her massive breasts ached to be touched and her mouth ached to be filled. As the Lust Demon drew nearer her eyes became fixed on its huge, intimidating cock. Her mouth watered as she stared at it, feeling an overpowering craving to take it in her mouth. She also felt a desire to have her massive breasts wrapped around it, to have it rammed in her pussy and even her ass!

Yet these last two desires made her shiver in fear. It was only now starting to swell and grow hard, revealing just how truly thick and long it was as it rose to attention. Her eyes were open wide in terror as she starred at its immense size, certain there was no way something so big could fit in any of her holes. As the demon stepped closer and closer, as its cock grew harder and harder, she had a very real fear that if it tried to fuck her it would end up tearing her small thin body in two.

Ryvlull was lying on the stone floor, flat on her back. Her massive breasts rested on the top of her body, the soft yet thick tit-meat spilling out over the side of her form and resting on the ground. She had to lift her head up to see over them to the demon now standing at her feet. She was terrified yet more aroused then she’d ever felt in her life. Quivering in fear and anticipation, her voice shaky, she looked up at the demon and asked it what it was going to do to her.

“Everything,” it said in its strange, alien voice. Then it started to step closer to her, placing its feet on either side of her body. “But first I must fuck these massive tits.”

It started to lower its self, sitting down on top of Ryvlull. The world seemed to shift and move in a disorienting way around her. When everything snapped back into focus the Lust Demon was sitting on top of her, her massive breasts pushed up so it could sit on her belly. It’s huge, thick cock stretched out over her chest between her mounds of tit-flesh, its swollen red cockhead practically resting on her chin. She pulled her head away from it, feeling she couldn’t yet bring herself to touch it with her face.

Other parts of her body, however, were already touching it. She realized her hands were under the mounds of tit-flesh, pressing them up and around the huge cock. She was amazed at just how much breast she had and even more amazed at how sensitive they were. Where her breasts were pressed up against and around the huge cock resting on her chest she could feel the thick pulsing veins running down its length.

She was breathing fast and heavy, her chest trying to heave up but the demon’s cock was too big, too massive. It literally weighed her down. It terrified her yet she longed for it to be doing more than just resting on her. The demon chuckled and pressed down into her, as if reading her mind. At the same time she felt its cock grow slippery, as if some kind of lubrication were either being secreted from its skin or maybe just being willed into existence by the creature.

Regardless of where the lube came from she wasted no time in making use of it. With her hands nearly lost under the bulk of her mounds of breast-flesh she tried to press them in tighter around its cock and then tried moving them up and down the length of its shaft. Her breasts were so massive that she barely managed to do this, doing little more than making the huge soft mounds of flesh jiggle and flow back and forth.

Yet it was enough. Both Ryvlull and the Lust Demon began to moan in pleasure. The Night Elf was stunned by just how good her breasts felt sliding up and around the huge cock. After just a few moments she felt the pleasure building up inside, an orgasm quickly approaching. She would have been content to lie there, pinned to the ground jiggling her mounds of tit-flesh around the huge, heavy cock. But that was not enough for the Lust Demon.

It grunted, leaning forward and causing reality to blur around them. When things cleared it was leaning down towards Ryvlull, its huge hands holding her breasts and helping press them tighter around its cock. It had lifted up off her body slightly, its weight shifted to its knees so it could more easily move its hips. It started to thrust its dick up across her chest, pressing the massive cock up through her pressed breasts and causing it to pop out of them and rub up and over her face.

Ryvlull moaned and shuddered under the demon, beginning to cum. The added pressure of its hands pressing in on her sensitive breasts, the feel of its cock smoothly sliding up through her tits, the feel and smell of its massive cockhead pressing up and then sliding over her face was all too much. It was a disorienting, unnatural feeling orgasm that exploded into existence then steadily hummed inside of her, pleasure flowing out as it stayed at peak intensity, going on and on as the Lust Demon began properly fucking her tits.

Its huge cock pulled back, the underside of it dragging back down her face then disappearing into the pressed mounds of breast-flesh. Then a moment later it thrust back up, out from between her massive tits and pressing into and over her face. Then back down out of sight then popping back out, only now as it was dragged across her face the huge swollen cockhead was leaking precum, smearing it across the side of her mouth and up her cheek and over her eye.

Ryvlull’s orgasm continued, a steady hum of intense sexual pleasure that was neither rising nor falling. It was unnatural, something the presence of the Lust Demon was forcing from her body. It more than anything helped leave Ryvlull feeling disoriented and unsure what was reality. Was any of this real? Was this some strange dream or vision? But it couldn’t be… she felt it so intensely! Yet the world blurred and shifted around her as the demon fucked her tits, humping her chest faster and faster as it grunted louder and louder in pleasure.

The passage of time was hard to keep track of but she had a clear sense of the Lust Demon was building towards climax as it fucked her tits harder and faster, its grunts of pleasure growing more and more animalistic. But just as it seemed near orgasmic release it stopped, the world warping and shifting around her once more.

When reality seemed to snap back into place her breasts were no longer wrapped around the Lust Demon’s cock and the thing was no longer sitting on her in the same place. Its ass now rested on her upper chest, its weight pressing into her huge breasts with its bent knees beside her head. This left its huge cock draped across her face, its massive balls resting on her neck and the underside of the cock running all the way from her chin to above her forehead.

The weight of the staggeringly huge, thick, heavy cock was nearly unbearable. And it was more than just a physical weight; it was a magical and spiritual one that pressed down not just on her head but her very soul.

“Love cock,” the Demon growled. It seemed both a command and a statement of her state of being. She shuddered, realizing at one point she’d stopped cumming only because a small new orgasm exploded into being in her core then quickly faded away. She opened her mouth slightly, gasping as she felt pure love flowing from her into the cock resting on her face. It was a strange, almost spiritual feeling. It wasn’t just THIS cock she loved, but ALL cock. It was a spiritual revelation, a secret meaning of her life finally revealed to her.

She felt the Lust Demon shift and felt reality warp around her again. When things once more snapped back into place the demon was lying on the ground, flat on its back. She was between its knees, her small body on top of her massive breasts and her arms lovingly wrapped around the thing’s huge cock. She was holding it, stroking it, worshiping it. Her face was pressed into its huge swollen cockhead, her mouth open as she licked and sucked on it.

“Cock makes everything better,” the Lust Demon said and as the words echoed inside of her head Ryvlull knew they were true.

She moved closer to the cock that was, at that moment, the center of her world. She lifted her torso up, wrapping her arms and breasts around the huge cock. She hugged and rubbed and jerked it off, trying to use her breasts to pleasure it as well. She licked and sucked on it, working it till precum started to leak from it.

The cock was so big and the demon such an overpowering force of sexual nature that the “precum” leaking steadily from it was more like a slow bubbling flow of semen. Within seconds more had come out then would have been shot out from three ejaculating Night Elves, yet it kept steadily trickling out. It flowed down the shaft, a thick goopy stream of cum that Ryvlull hungrily lapped after. It tasted amazing, nearly beyond description. Like pure male sexuality, the ambrosia of released lust.

As she lovingly and hungrily licked up the delicious fluid the world shifted and changed. Her position altered so that she was laying across the Demon’s body, her face and arms still wrapped around and pressed up against its cock but with her breasts now pressed into its torso and her legs spread open and her cunt pressed into its face. The Demon had hold of her small legs and its head was lifted up, its maw open and its snaking tongue lapping pleasurably at her pussy.

She moaned, licking and sucking cock as the thing’s slimy tongue slid around her vulva then curled in and snaked over her clit and down into the trench of her pussy. The pointed tip turned again and it started to press into her cunt-hole, wiggling in as the rest of the slimy snake like-tongue worked every other part of her vulva. It feasted on her cunt, lapping up her juices while tongue fucking her and bring her to climax over and over again.

Even as her body shook from repeated orgasms she kept working its cock. She wasn’t just pleasuring it, it was more like she was worshiping it. And it wasn’t just the Lust Demon’s cock she was worshiping, it was ALL cock, the very essence of cock.

At one point the flow of precum became a blast of cum that showered Ryvlull’s face. She opened her mouth and tried to drink as much of it as she could, gulping and gasping for air between swallowing so much cum her stomach soon felt full to bursting. Still, the Demon kept cumming and she kept wanting more. It covered her face, was soaked into every inch of her hair. It was pooling up under her, between her huge breasts and the Lust Demon’s body.

The cum filled her insides, seeping into her very being. It flowed with magic, with pure unrestrained sexual lust and with huge infusions of The Corruption. It filled her then it seeped into her soul, finishing what had begun not long ago. By the time reality shifted again around them the Ryvlull that had set out on her adventure was no more, she was now fully a being of The Corruption, changed in a way that could never be undone.

When the world snapped back into place she was back on the ground on her hands and knees, the Lust Demon lying on its back before her and its legs spread open and resting on her back. She was bent down, her face pressed up under its cock as she licked and lapped at its asshole. She ate the Lust Demon’s ass, reveling in what she had become, empowered by the perverse act she was taking part in. Before that moment it had never even occurred to her that one being could get sexual enjoyment from licking and tonguing another’s asshole. Now she knew it was an act she’d take part in as often as she could, as eagerly eating ass as she would await having her own puckered violet hole eaten.

Reality shifted again but she was no longer disoriented by it. She leaned into it, embracing the way The Corruption warped and twisted the reality of Alaria, adding her own natural power to the pure unrestrained sexual might of the Lust Demon.

Next the demon was standing, Ryvlull’s ass in his hands as it held her in place before itself and thrust its massive cock up into her cunt. She held onto the Demon, howling in pleasure. She knew that it should be physically impossible for a dick that big to fit in her small frame, at least without tearing her in two. But somehow it DID fit in her and with pleasurable ease. They held each other, Ryvlull riding the Lust Demon’s cock as her massive breasts bounced and swayed and jiggled between them.

The world shifted again and the demon was back on the ground, lying on its back with Ryvlull sitting atop it, her small body impaled on its massive cock. She was bouncing up and down, riding him like she had become a demon of lust as well. They both grunted and moaned and howled in delight.

Its hands were pressed up into her massive tits, playing with them as they bounced and flopped about. Soon he was doing more than groping them. The demon slapped them together, mashed them up and down against each other with all its strength. It pulled its hands back then slapped and punched them. It pinched her tits, grabbed her nipples and twisted and yanked them. It tugged her nipples till she screamed in pain and pleasure, then pressed the nubs together and ground them between his fingers.

Ryvlull screamed. The pain from the abuse of her massively enlarged breasts didn’t bother her. It simply melted with the shifting reality around them, morphing into please. But she felt this was important, that the abuse being directed at her tits was really the Lust Demon building towards some kind of climactic release. It had “cum” plenty of times yet climax for this being of pure sexual lust would be something special, but what that was Ryvlull had no idea. All she knew was that in a moment it would happen.


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